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cannot ever get threw on phone

i been told 3 hour wait time, call another number on phone for 2 hours totally disgusted


Groupon is the worst service ever created. They do not care about customers. They provide no easy way to contact them. No email address or phone number unless you hunt it down. I am posting on every site I not to use them. They sell to venders who get overwhelmed by new business and then we get frustrated trying to get a service for the money we spent. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH GROUPON OR WINK SPALON AGAIN. Where else can I post poor review for Groupon???????????

Worse service ever!!! they are sooo incompetent!!!

Beware! The worst of the worst!

Made a purchase from Groupon and a couple weeks later the identical item went on "sale" for a significantly lower price. I called "customer service" and they said that nothing could be done, no consideration, absolutely nothing, asked to speak with a "supervisor" and they just said sorry. Well that sums it up, Groupon is Sorry! I will never ever buy anything from this sorry excuse of a company again!

Customer Service non-existent

I place an order and it was duplicated. I contacted "customer support" and they applied a credit to GrouponBucks. I sent 5 emails requesting the credit to be applied against the credit card. No response. I tried sending an email to corporate office and the text editor won't accept my email address. Customer service is non-existent!!

so pissed

I received a damaged product! Was promised one thing, got a rude customer service " manager" and he changed what I was offered and I have had hell ever sense! They need better customer service training! !! They don't care about customer satisfaction!!!!

No satisfaction

Place an order last night on some tickets it was a problem with my card placed a call to customer service was told since the deal had expired I wouldn't be able to correct the issue its not like I was trying to reorder the tickets it was already an order placed I'm very very disappointed to say the least this company has no love for the customer nor respect!!!

Customer disatisfaction

The web site is designed to put barriers in the way of returning goods. there is no telephone number and the label will not print. If this is customer service count me out! I will get satisfaction even if I have to drive up to the returns address direct!!!!!!!!

Horrible customer service

Sold me something from a company I could not get a hold of. They blame me for everything. Kept sending form email going for months now. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE No One there will help or even try

Samba Brazillian Steakhouse

My son bought two coupons for the restaurant and the family went for my birthday. We had a great time and the coupons were truly worth it.


Whether my husband and I are getting an item physically delivered to our home or using the Groupon app, we have always received service as expected. We rate Groupon as well worth using.

tip off artists and illiterate nasty fools

I have been trying to get a refund for a year now . I have never delt with a worse bunch of nasty aliens and crooks. do not eve4r buy from them as you will regret it . the BBB has thousands of complaints about groupon.

corp reliability

if i were to be reimbursed for the time i have spent trying to get the deals i paid for i would be losing a lot of money, not saving a dime. once you give GROUPON your money you may NEVER see it again they send you a dozen e-mails over a dozen weeks telling you they are going to work it out for you, but they dont this is my third bad experience with them in one year. I'm gone.

Groupon Sucks

Sent me the wrong item and now are basically telling me "well you got what you ordered, so yeah, we're not goinmg to do anything for you"


my son bought me a $25 gift card for groupon for Christmas and paid for it with cash. I tried to use it for an online purchase as there are no groupon businesses here locally, I could not make the purchase as I refuse to give a credit card to online businesses now due to security issues. I talked to customer service and asked for a refund of my $25. they said the wont do it, they stole my money. I have complained to the better business bureau as per my advise given by the FBI who took my complaint also. I want my $25.

Groupon sucks

I bought a Groupon for a restaurant called Tequilla Bar and Grill. Every time I went the place was closed. I paid 10.00 for it and Groupon only refunded me $5.00 which I believe they should have credited me 20.00 which is the amount of the Groupon. Their promise is to make it right. They should remove that statement, give you a refund. That is true. They give you what they want will allowing you to buy voucher for places that are not credible. Groupon gives and they take away. This is how they treat their customers.

DIsappearing Credits

Groupon is a JOKE! They are the most unprofessional and unethical company I have had any dealings with. I had two credits totalling almost $75.00. At first they seem to have deleted my account. I contacted their Customer Service Dept. and they reactivated the account, but then the credits were missing. I was first told that the credits had expired, but one of them was eventually reinstated. However, now that I'm trying to log in again, it seems that my account has once again been deactivated/closed. I sent another email to the Customer Service Department on Dec. 7th, but so far no acknowledgement of receipt. I will now try to contact the Corporate office for assistance.

No way to reach someone interested in helping

They seem interested in placating problems without fixing them. I am currently missing a significant amount of Groupon credit that disappeared from my account. No one to write to except people copying from a script. No way to get past them.

I been called so many time for Pittsburg agents , he never answer back, horrible severs ! Groupon you need training you employes!!!!!

Not happy

I have sent returns back and have gotten no refunds on a lot of merchandise .. I have paid my own postage and have not received a refund because I didn't use your return label .. I sent copies of postal receipts and I was asked by person investigating to tell them what return belonged to what receipt .. How am I supposed to do that .. I am a good customer and I expect better service done shopping on this site

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