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Milatary day

Food was great as usual and you could not find any better or more friendly staff. you just think it and it is done at the Greeley store # 584 on 23 ave . Great job and thank you all!!


I wish Golden Corral would not add jalapenos to the Guacamole, not everyone likes spicy.

unattractive food...disappointing

Upon visiting Golden Corral on Rte 41...Shererville,Indiana. My wife and I were very disappointed in the cleanliness of the restaurant and the lack of fresh, warm food. Upon visiting Golden Corral in North Carolina we were shocked at the difference in food quality...selection...and taste.


the food was good we had to drive100 miles and they quit lomain noodle was very un happy when will you put it back on the meun.

I just had a whole tray of drinks spilled on me at the Golden Corral on Creighton Road in Pensacola Florida. The waitress said sorry and then disappeared. And another said it happens . I mentioned it to the management and they wont even give me a discount since I had to eat my meal soaking wet I WILL be calling headquarters Monday

Veterans Day

Golden corral should serve free meals on veterans day, It's only the right thing to do. This is the day when all veterans are honored. I, can't understand why this isn't done. Everything is possible. I,'ll post more on Facebook ok clowns.

Direct Deposit

I think its ridiculous that I have to order checks just to set up my direct deposit, so I have to waste $30 just to get my money, I think its ridiculous. Please fix this! The Golden Corral in savannah Georgia.

Golden Corral on s Semoran blvd in Orlando is the worst I experienced last night the store was highly a mess . The female manager was in the back screaming at employees . I will never be back . I am very disappointed .

new G C in Coeur d'alene Idaho

Either dried up or empty food trays of many dishes for over the 50 min I was there with not a single food line server in sight! Manager I spoke to about it was sullen and unapologetic. An employee (a guy) who worked the food line actually came up to me as he was leaving for the day and made a rude comment to me (which he said was on behalf of all the food line servers) for having asked the food to be refilled! Extremely poor attention to refilling the dishes, lax and unconcerned management and rude, undisciplined food line servers!

Worst Experience

I must say I am highly disappointed and disgusted with the Golden Coral in Waldorf MD on Crain HWY. I have always been a Golden Coral fan up until Tuesday September 16, 2014. That night, my boyfriend visited that restuaraunt and saw dirty floors, unmaintained food, terrible terrible TERRIBLE customer service, not to mention after the visit I became sick that night and have been sick for two days. I have not been able to hold down any food or drinks since my visit there. I would NEVER recommend this place to Anyone nor will I ever visit a Golden Coral establishment again.

Great Food - Friendly Employees

Since 2002, my Christmas Charity has bused over 1000 homeless souls to the Golden Corral in Garland, Texas on Christmas Eve. They was served their very best meal of the entire year at Golden Corral. Always, a most friendly staff and the food was always hot, tasty and the grand variety available is nothing short of awesome. This restaurant IS corporate owned and managed so maybe that's WHY it has always been a 5 star experience for the Angelic Christmas Crusade on Christmas Eve,


hermitage, pa. ive ate at this restaurant since it opened. always good food at a reasonable price. all managers did great job except the new general manager. he don't know how to cook and he fired longtime great employees. food isn't as good and losing customers at alarming rate since he came there. if he stays any longer I see a closed sign coming. food bins empty often and soup the same. I like this place and hope he goes soon so it can remain open.

contaminated food

twice now I have gone to Golden Corral in the state of Arizona and had found hair in my food kitchen staff. it was so disgusting that I literally lost my appetite I cannot stand that. none of the kitchen staff was wearing hair nets expescially the women with the long hair their hair was hanging all over the place. the food was bad all around tasted funnythe salad was sour and wilted and brownnone of it had any seasoning on it whatsoever was very bland and disgusting

Golden Corral in Grove City, Ohio

Poor service - food is never hot - workers are often rude - place is dirty - salad bar is rarely filled when empty - place will be reported to the Ohio Health Department today by me as I am fed up with this - serious issues in this place

Customer Service

This was by far the worse waitress I have ever encounterd.The Food was awsome. We talked to the manager and all she said was sorry and walked away. THIS RESURANT WAS u35 Raleigh nc.

omaha, neb on 72nd st

We stopped at this restaurant yesterday on the way back to South Dakota. The food was hot and good. The different choices was awesome. I could only wish they would build one in Sioux Falls, SD. why haven't you. The waitress or assistant (Erin) was very helpful and very polite. Thank you

Worst managment ever Tinley Park IL

This was the worst management team I have ever experienced . Very rude refused to let certain groups in, treated my family like thieves. I will never go back and will let ever one else know how bad experience I had.

U...S.O.B !

The restaurant here in Boardman Ohio has since it opened been a "go to" place to eat if you were looking for 5 star meals at a bargain prices. Staff is always courteous, smiling and friendly. Go early if you want a little elbow room... well that was then.. it's closed now because some s.o.b had it closed... probably for numbers or for budget cuts that benefit his pocket.. whatever "corporate reason" was it wasn't for lack of customers!

it appears all Golden Corral mgnt needs training in customer service. Especially when it come to the way it treats employees.

Nasty attitude of managers in Waldorf,Maryland

Went to Golden Corral at 9:30 pm located in Crain Highway Waldorf Md.i been a regular guest for 5 years,but last night,Super Bowl night the restaurant was closed (9:30)MR.B the closing manager told us he can close the restaurant even it's not 10:00 as long the restaurant is slow.this problem to be fixed ASAP.(Feb.02,2014)

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