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excellent super great

I have a 2000 chevrolet suburban that just turned over to 325000 miles with only a few minor repairs but runs good and has same engine I thought you would like to kmow how great this chevrolet was put together and has been remarkably well designed car

Outstanding vehicles

I'm on my 8 GM product and have loved every single one of them. GM's designs are like no other. GM strong!

2005 Saturn Ion

I bought this car in 2007. Car went dead in 2013, took it to have it repaired cost me almost 2,000. In 2014 GM sent me a letter about the ignition recall. Dealer supposed to fix , but it looks like a faulty ignition because now my alarm system will not work. Lost one of the new auto keys in flood and GM dealer in Forest Park, IL, and corporate office says I cannot get another key until all the recalls for the ignitions have been done. Meanwhile I have no remote security on my auto.Afraid to drive it.

power steering going out off and on and when u shut off ingine it is ok

The Chev.office stated cant find what is causing this. I do not feel safe in my HHR 2007 What can i do. My recal has been fixed so they say and do not know if this is part of the recal problem or not. What can i do.

ignition switch

ive had the worst experiance so far with ivory chevrolet in union city, i had the ignition switch done on my car they replace the ignition and gave me two brand new keys for my car.... however when i got home and locked my doors i realized that the keys do not even unlock my car door and ive been locked out of my car since sat. i called the dealership they say they have the old key and they cannot give it to me its not an option because they have to send all parts back to gm and have them destroyed.. they did tell me i could call gm and tell them to call them and tell them how to proceed... i have 3 kids i work and kids have sports drs appt and church to attend.. this is such an inconvience. my whole family has worked for gm and have retired this is crazy.


GM is pathetic daughter got an acadia after 2 months transmission jerks,dvd player and air quit working at times and traction control lights,check engine light plus more if my 7 mo pregnant daughter and 3 yo grdaughter get hurt r worse gm want have enough money left to ever sell another bad vehicle.you get no rental car and can take months to get it fixed..shame on you GM


Poor reviews happen when you buy economy cars for MPG. I bought my Camaro 2014,raced it,nitrous,burnouts and drag racing. It has 10,000 miles and not one single problem. Next time don't buy a vehicle they built to get good MPG and sales. Get the be hole for performance and your little engine problems won't happen.


Had my 2013 in twice for a water leak near the back window, the truck has 8177 miles and was bought new on Mothers ay of 2013, not sure how many times I will have to take it back before it is fixed right. The dealer said it came from the factory that way and there's not much they can do, thinking on buying a Ford or Dodge, GM lost my respect.

How I lost my Car

I brought my car in for their ignition recall the dealership here in FL kept it almost four months, put it on a junker lot, didn't start it everyday like the ones they do on their lot, then blamed GM for not getting the parts to them faster, When I called GM, about the things that were wrong with the car after I got it back, like the air conditioner only work on one speed and the speakers in back didn't work and the gouge in the back, and that they lost our keys, all I got told, "Well the car is safe to drive!" I said yes but what about the trade in vvalue it just went in the toilet.. They didn't care

Ignition Switch

My HHR has had a recall since April. When is GM going to get their act together and get it fixed. Stop producing faulty cars.After supporting GM for 45 years I would never buy another.

2012 chevy malibu

purchased the car january 2014 with 37,000m. It has given me problems since i had the car. Have taken to several chevy dealers and not a one can tell me whats going on with the car. So frustrated, trying to get to headquarters but no getting thru..Never again will i ever purchase anything from them

Concerned for Safety

I really thought I was fortunate to have such a great car deal until I began experiencing warning light issues for my tires. The dealer never documented the resets but I have had it reset about 8 times already. I recently got a recall letter for the air bags and two days ago I was making a right turn and the car started to stall or pull another way... What the heck??!! I drive my kid all the time and other peoples kids...I need out quick...

Buick Commercial

Why would you try to sell cars by saying they don't look like the cars your trying to sell. Not only that, they do look like Buicks.

Ingition Recall

We order the replacement ignition switch in late April 2014 and to date it has not been sent to the dealer for installation. Hey Lady CEO get your stuff together or buy my car back.

shitty service

I bought a 08 cobalt with 19,890 miles since I drove it home nothing but problems with it between ignition every control module going out lights turning on and off all the time they wont do a damn thing about it. will never buy a pos gm product again will switch to ford

2011 Cruze

I have never had a car or company that is as poor as GM. I have had trouble with my cruze almost from day one. GM from the top right down to the dealer enjoys selling junk. When you try to talk to some one other than those who answer the phone you get no where. I did every thing GM asked me to do. Then when they still could not fix my car, we started over. This was my first new GM, and now my very last.


want to know have you an agents in yemen republic, confirme mail info@raja -alsuhaimi group.com

security system

when you get locked out of your house theres a way in but when you get locked out of your car cause of security system theres nothing we can do I have a 1999 buick lasabre and the security light stays on and wont let the car start I cant afford to take it to the dealer so then what do I do

March 25 2014

Although our daughter total the 2009 cobolt and air bags did not deploy; she was able to walk away. The front of the car was unfortunately destroyed, some how never triggered the airbags to deploy. An angel was with her.


I am constantly hearing family friends complaining about how cold the steering wheel is. I was thinking that u should put some type of heating in the steering wheel

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