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you need more staff

Have visited Polo Loco on San Pedro by 410, the place is extremely busy, employees extremely friendly but they can't keep up.

GMO'S & msg

Please be one of many companies who are going GMOs free I love your food but like many want to eat healty at the same time.. Say no to Gmos and you'll have me and many as long time customer....

wing lovers

every time I go to one of your stores I cant seem to get a wing lovers. I am always told there are no wings available why advertise and el pollo loco does not deliver. some thing needs to be done. I look at the grill and there is a load of chicken on the grill and I am still denied my order WING LOVERS....

Broken ATM card

The store on Foothill and Cedar Ave in Rialto, CA needs to retrain their employees on the use of the ATM cards that are used to Make a purchase. Tonite the cashier took my ATM card and slid it through the machine and broke it in half. I heard it break. The card is not old as I just got it in March. Perhaps a recheck of your swipe machines and retraining will prevent this from happening. Now, I've got to call my bank and order a new card and wait 7-10 business days to get a new one!!!!! Never again!

Down Hill Fast

Went there to get lunch and as I order one of the employee received a phone in Spanish and it was a personal call from a relative that did not live in the city. She was on the phone for good 20 to 25 mins. I saw people come in and they just stood around and waited for service and no helped them and left. I use to remember it was very good place and the chicken is so dry it not funny. Do any check up them? In Goleta CA.

chicken to dry

We have had many delicious family meals at El Pollo Loco but tonight's meal was so disappointing. Each piece of chicken was drier than the last. This has never happened before. We had taken it home and could hardly finish it. The two large sides were both salad which had an odor to it as if it was bagged a long time and never rinsed. We wanted the family meal as you have had in the past. However, the last time there were not very good enchiladas. Please restore the quality at your San Juan Capistrano restaurant. The salsas were quite good and the staff efficient and pleasant.

We love the El Pollo Loco in Ocean Ranch (Dana Point). The quality of the food is very good and it has recently been remodeled and looks great. The menu has expanded considerably and there are a variety of healthy products on the menu.

Terrible drive thru service

We waited in line at a drive thru for literally 30 minutes stuck because we had cars behind us and in front and the person working there had the nerve to be rude on top of that.


Visited this restaurant at 2801 Crenshaw Blvd.I was told they didn't have the wing lover special so I had to order something else as I waited for my food,someone Hispanic order the wing lover special and they gave it to them.I'll never patronize this restaurant again!!!!!

Hair in Mac and cheese

store 3715 in apple valley ca. We i had my boyfriend purchase a mac and cheese from el pollo loco are 11:35am. I was eating and found a hair i figured i could have been mine since it was at the surface, but when i continue eat i find 3 additional hairs in the mac. I call to complain and see if i can get a replacement since its a pretty good distance from where im at i live by hwy18 by the walmart. The lady i spoke to on the phone...VERY unprofessional. Her words and i quote, "Oh you want a replacement?" With a very sarcastic attitude.Im just leaving my experience here.

Poor Customer Service!

This rating is specifically for store 5902 EVERY time I go and I mean EVERY time ( i go twice a week) they have a rude drive through personnel and if that is not enough they ALWAYS mess up my orders. I know why do I continue to go if the service is so poor you may ask? well because that one is the closet to my work!!! I am super angry at the poor management this store has, and I truly hope that one day they can boost up there quality of customer satisfaction.

When i go in elp the mananger they work there workers to hard i like to see hard working people but epl works there people to much all u see when u go in epl is there mananger tellin them to do everything but the mananger does nothing but tell there coworkers to do this do that i sat in your store for one hour and the coworkers run around working like a chicken with there head cut off its not cool.u dont stress ur coworkers out and when i go in epl the mananger stresss the coworkers out .

i like the coworker laura c.at the downtown long beach epl

My name is tom i love the coworker laura c. at store 5969 she always gives the food out on time never gotta come in and say she for got my meal she makes sure everythin is in the bag.she is very helpful .and expained the menu where i can understand it

Pico Cyn Newhall

Service was really bad burrito was cold didn't have skinless chicken breast Combo Just overall bad service also didn't have ice in the machine and they forgot my chips with my combo never coming back to this location it's really bad.

Dishonest Practices

Ordered a three piece chicken meal and what I got was one whole piece and two quarter breast pieces cut into squares. They should call it the 1.5 piece meal for $8. Called the customer service number during business hours and of course it said they were not open.


I ordered and paid for a 3 piece meal got home and found it was 2 pieces I tried calling the store and surprise no answer the store is on E. Charleston Blvd in Las Vegas if this keeps going on you will get rich quick I think consumer affairs should know about this

Had dinner at your aliso Viejo store on October 29th. My wife found a steel pin about an inch long in her food.H Had she swallowed it she would have ended up in ER or possibly died. I suggest you investigate and check out which employee was so careless.

I just had the worst time after work- the girl in the drive thru got my order wrong- I had already sat in the car 15 minutes then had to go back inside and stand in line for another 5- 8 minutes- she over charged me and I had to pay for sides that should have come with the meal-- It was horrible service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bad service

everytime i go to the drive thru at the pomona,ca location on holt ave,there is almost always somthing wrong. they close at 1030. each time between 930-10 pm, when i order..they always say they are out of many things. for example...no mashes potatoes, corn, wings or thighs, coleslaw, etc. they usually just have rice and bean and certain chicken pieces readily available when i believe it should be the full menu until close. i understand that the cleaning and evrything is a hassle towards the end of the night and people just want to go home,but tslling ur customer 1 hr to half an hour before close that u dont have nuch is not good for business. i have not been satisfied with this locations service at all and will go else where.

BAD Salad

Family is out of town for the week and I stopped at your new Las Vegas location on Ft. Apache tonight for dinner. I had intended to order your taco's, but the photo of your salads made me change my mind. The platter piled high with fresh veggies and chicken was amazing, imagine my surprise when I received a half full plastic container of roughly torn lettuce and a few bits of corn, and hard tough chicken on the bottom. REALLY? I owned a spa and if I had advertised a service with graphic pictures and than provided the complete opposite, I would have been sued for false advertising. You should be ashamed and I don't know how your getting by with your photo and description of items. I would have been better off making a salad out of the week old lettuce in my fridge. Total waste of money.

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