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Terrible Customer Service

The customer service at eBay is the absolute worst I have ever faced. The professional level is at the lowest.

Custome Service

The customer service is the worst I have ever had with an online company. They no interest in your problem and just want to get rid of you as soon as they can. I have even been hung up on.

worst customer service ever

Ebay is completely unresponsive to customer needs or simple problems. There is no where to contact for true resolution to problems. They only have overseas representatives who have no real authority or authorization to remedy a problem. They are rude and completely unhelpful.

customer service the worst

The hold times to get someone that knows what they are talking about are ridiculous....an average of 30 minutes, then they have to transfer you and you keep hearing "Your call is very important to us" and I want to scream NO ITS NOT. I've been on hold now for 2 hours and have spoken to a human for less than 15 minutes of that time.

Remove Wendy's kids meal toys off the ebay

I don't buy Wendy's kids meal toys from bad sellers. Remove Wendy's kids meal off the ebay.

Remove money back and ebay deals ad off the ebay site. The ad come form the bad ebay sales people. It's a scam


Very bad customer service. Mosly representative lies. They said your problem is solved but still their after month.

Nest of FAKE products

Most of products I purchased & paid at eBay website were FAKE & JUNK so I have no choice but to return them & opened quite a few of eBay buyers protection case. Because of these eBay Suspended my account noting "I abused their eBay buyers protection program". I spent hundreds of dollars for return shipping, also all negative feedback to those sellers were removed or lifted from sellers account. I feel that eBay tolerates these scammers. I lost my respect & trust to eBay. Suspended account is a good thing for me, their lost!

Ebay Disgusts Me

This is not their number! There is no one there to take your call, it asks for a 5 digit extension and the hangs up on you. now i know why people rip them off...

Poor Service

I purchased an item via Ebay which I never received. Ebay "found in favor of the SELLER!?!" Don't believe Ebay's consumer protections.


The fact that another US based company has outsourced its work is frustrating. I am calling for a boycott of eBay and other companies that use outsourcing to maximize corporate profits. This is the first time I attempted selling on EBAY and I must say the last! The work I have to go thru to get a item that was supposed to have sold fixed by a outsourced employees because some moron can't read the shipping instructions is almost unbearable. We need our USA based corporations to bring their money back to the States. We need our government to lower the tax rate for companies like EBAY so that they want to bring that money back here. But what we really need is a corporation to lead by example and not by profit margin for once.

THEY give out your personal info

eBay provides outside companies with your personal information. Buyers & sellers beware!,,,,


Ebay should call their Buyer Protection Plan the "almost protected plan". I purchased something by mistake and the seller would not refund my money. Ebay allowed this scammer to keep $215 of my money because "mistakes are not covered". They are the only "corporation" out there that does not cover a wrong purchase. This person knew it and used it to his advantage. Sucks!


Ebay gets hacked and requires us to reset our password but fails to allow us to reset the password. The option they offer to call in does not work as they put you through to customer service staff that rudely advise you to create a new account. I even asked to talk to a supervisor who was rude, unprofessional and did nothing to help keep me as a customer. Time for Ebay to go Buh-bye!

Remove disney photos off the ebay listing

I don't buy disney photos on ebay from the bad sellers. It's a scam. Remove the disney photo off the eBay listing.

Remove the Universal Studios Orlando Name Tag: Terry off the ebay listing

I don't buy Universal Studios Orlando Name Tag: Terry From the bad Seller : tj-2000 (3962 ) . Remove the Universal Studios Orlando Name Tag: Terry Off the ebay listing. tj-2000 (3962 ) is the bad seller

For the last three plus weeks I have been locked out of my account forcing me to call the Philippine almost daily. The ladies are helpful and I get into my account. But why do I have to do this every since day. Before this started happening I just log in and did my business. I am not very upset with this site. I have been a seller and buy for over 8 years and only know am I thinking you are making it hard on me. Do I have to keep calling every since day just to use my account?

Don't sell on ebay

I would not recommend selling on ebay at all. They don't stand up for there sellers, which are making them money. They are a horrible company..

Disappointed eBay customer

I purchased a damaged item through EBay and eBay asked me to send it back. After sending the item back the seller refused to refund my money, when I contacted eBay with tracking number and a receipt from the post office that the seller signed when he picked up the item. eBay continued making excuses. I will NEVER buy anything on eBay again!!

Ebay sucks!! Horrible service.. Stock answers

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