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Worst store ever!!

The Dollar Tree in Eufaula, AL is the worst Dollar Tree in the U.S. don't ever shop the the management team there is very bad.

Early Closing

The sign on door says 10 pm we needed toilet paper because that's what we could afford till pay day but had to go some where else this store is in Rapid City South Dakota it closed at 9 pm

The manager at the Midwest city store I think is on drugs she hired me had me work never put me in the computer and everytime I call I get the run around so it's been a month and I still have Not been paid

Bellingham Massachusetts regional manager ruins the morale of its workers which reflects in the formally pleasant atmosphere.


Pineville La. Manager needs training.


the manager needs training

Stores are dirty and rodent dropping the freezer cases

Stores sucks - filthy - merchandise is garage not worth on penny.

Store 5050 located @ 4750 Sunrise Hwy in Bohemia NY is by far the neatest! The staff is to be commended.

horrible store manger

I went to dollar tree in San Pedro Ca and my cashier was great and pleasant but the manager on duty has horrible customer service skills and need to learn how to communicate with people.

Rude managers

We spend our money in your stores and we deserve to have good customer service if you want people to continue to spend money in your businesses I recommend that you take the time to teach your employees good customer services. Even your managers are rude and that's ridiculous.

Human Resource Dept

I need an email address for HR Dept. As I'm applying for a full time job with the county school Board. They need an email address before they will look at my application. Sincerely, Patricia Booher

i live in lawrence ks, and the dollar tree store needs to be vacuum. it looks like garbage field. the store manager needs to get the vacuum out and clean it up!!!!!!!!!!!

Customer service skills need attention

Went to one in Texas. Manager was more concerned about speed than customers and was very rude. Your store won't be in business if you treat customers that way. I highly suggest that you overhaul management and train them better. Additionally another employee swatted another one in front of customers. She was doing it in jest, but it was offensive.


Manager of Opelika, Alabama office was very professional and industrious. Thanks Robert Guy

Great employees horrible management

I went to dollar tree in Ferguson mo and my cashier was great and pleasant but the manager on duty has horrible customer service skills and need to learn how to communicate with people. He is also allowing his employees 10 minute breaks which by law you're supposed to get at least 15. I will be reporting this to the mo department of labor. If this is what dollar tree stand for I will never shop at dollar tree again.


I just shopped store 1124 in Beckley Wv. I was infuriated when I seen a sign at the check out that said the store will be open on Thanksgiving! I can't believe you are making your employees work instead of letting them spend the day with their families!!! On top of being unethical, it's bad business, you won't have enough customers to generate worthwhile revenue. Greed is destroying our society!


I went to the Stephenville, Texas Dollar Tree today and there was only one person working as a cashier. All of the other associates were outside talking to each other the manager included. The cashier was having a hard time dealing with the long line and the other workers wouldn't even come inside the whole time I was there even with a lot of customers coming in the door. I don't know about the polices but I know that is not how it suppose to be. Someone should check up on this.

the store in all

this store in maryland was the worst store to work for head quarters tell you do do one thing that takes time to do then a week later they change there minds wanted to do it another way just one of many ill be here all week also i see people saying about customers stealing let me tell u the employees are stealing more then customers n i mean top employers

I'm in Douglas Az and it's 11am with 25 people in line. Do you people have any employee working at any of your stores? Why do we always have to wait in line!!!

rude manager mesquite texas

went to buy some items at store. I saw register open with manager running do ask if he was open he replied in a smart voice I guess I am. ask if he had any more religious candles he said I do not know maybe I ask could he check he said no in a rude voice. I than told him he was a very rude person. with that he shooed me out of the store. I am a lady of age. these stores need to hire people who will keep customers to come back. do not hire the failures from other buisnesses. expect what you are willing to inspect. hopefully you can get your stores sold.

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