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Horrible Service

Went in store #1797 on 2104 Henderson Mill in Atlanta, GA. Anita and Flora was at the register neither greeted me as I walked in. I went to check out and Anita never gave me eye contact or greeted me. I returned my items and gave Kroger my business. I will never buy from Dollar Tree again.

So disappointed.

What's the point of corporate number if you never can get through I'm highly upset with dollar tree store and corporate and if I have to take it farther I will!!! Worst employees EVER!!!


What's happening to your store in Falmouth on Cape Cod? Shelves not stocked, dirty store, cartons on floor, and not enough employees.I 'm sorry to say that I have decided to shop at Walmart and Job Lot. It's only recently that this has been happening.This store was good at one time.


Well, I applied for a position at one of the new stores back in July 2013. I was hired, but never worked a moment for them. I received a W-2 form from them today. How did I get a W-2 form when I was never employed, nor did I get a check......hmmm..sounds pretty scammy to me............

David Manager Races

I was a shopper on friday and got treated horrible by the manager in the Redlands store. Its like he hates black people, over a return for $2.50 with my receipt after 5 mins. I was just exchanging not asking any more back. Are there more blacks out there that have had the same problem with David? He can can less if I ever come back to the store. Im a kind loving person I wasn't even acting a fool or causing any trouble. But I wish I would have told him off for making me look foolish like a thief it was very racial I was shocked never have I been treated like that.

Poor Company to work for

Store 913 in Culpeper, Va has such a poor management team, I've never seen anything like it! No associate will ever succeed working under management like this one. The store manager doesn't seem to know how to run that store. Rediculas.... All stores need strong leaders and this one is lacking that!

ugly manager

manager was very ugly his name is Javier he told me that he was not going to order acetaminophen P,M. because they steal it!!!!!!!

mean and nasty

I lost my scarf at store 1159 west springfield ma. So I called them n manager said yes she found it . I told her I would b there as soon as I could . I don't have a car so had to wait till someone could bring me. Two weeks later I went back to get my scarf , only to b told by the manager that she threw it away !!!!! She said I took to long . Then she just turned her back to me to finish what she was doing , no sorry nothing ! Who does something as awful as that. She was so rude ,I loved that scarf. Don't know what I should do ,she shouldn't get away with that.

Why they only hire white people!

Satisfied Grateful

I always enjoy my visit to the the Dollar Tree store, no matter what state I am in. The stores always look clean and neat and I have always found what I was looking for. I especially appreciate Dollar Tree Stores carrying Christian religious materials,religious cards childrens books, coloring books, bible crosswords and bibles. I will shop a retail store, that in this anti-Christ world, lets be politically correct world,will sell openly Christian materials. Thank You Dollar Tree Stores. Catherine

I brought some items from dollar tree and the items didn't fix and i tried to exchange it for something else i didn't want the money back, i just wanted to purchase something else and the manager at dollar tree told me that she couldnt take thr items back because it had been open, and the thing isi it i didnt open the items how would i know if it fit or not, please explain that to me

Rude Manager

I have shopped at Dollar Tree store no# 898 for many years and it was a pleasant experience. Until they changed their manager she don't even know you are exist when you are shopping unless you are a personal friend or a family member of hers. she completely blows you off like you are nothing. I asked her the other day if she had any more of those big puzzle boxes in the back. and she replied with well if you don't see any more then I guess they all must be gone. she was to lazy to even go and check for me. Then when she walked off one of her cashiers motioned to her register and she had some I guess she was hiding for someone else. well all I have to say is I pushed my shopping cart which was full to the top off to the side and I left it and I will never shop there again as long as she is the one in charge.


The cashiers in shelbyville Indiana are rude, and when you call and complain, the manager doesn't care

customers pay for dollar store employee mistake

Memphis, Tn...store 5310 ...Me and my husband shopped in this store once before no problems. But this night we checked out husband looked at receipt. Was charged 3 times for one item. Told cashier he went to manager she got a attitude and said no refund. I said why the cashier over charged us. She refused and told us we have to find something in the store. I was so angry and was gonna kick her in her behind because she was so smart about it and the principle..it was the store error. Check yo receipt before paying if u gonna shop there. They overcharging ..there is no telling how many people have been overcharged especially those customers with big orders.


Dollar tree stores are nothing but a thief. DONOT ever order anything on line. or pay with a card. They will just keep charging you over and over for the same item. When you tell them of thier mistake they say we don't give refunds. I paid for a product twice and they do not want to fix their mistake. Order it online and they decided to charge my card twice. Now they refuse to fix the problem. All they will tell me is "we don't give refunds"

Why Did I Get Fired

Why Did I Get Fired I Did Everything That Tina Roberts Asked Me To Do And She Fired Me Without Telling Me And I Wanna Know Where My Final Check Is And I'm Willing To Get My Job Back Soon

Store #4310. Little River Sc. The employees are the best at this store. They are very courteous & always have a smile on their fact. The store is so clean. A big kudos to this store. They always welcome you with Welcome to the Dollar Tree.

Poor Management

Poor Management At Store #3117 At Globe Store I Have Been With The Company For 3 Month And Everytime I Would Do Something Else Tina Roberts Would Write Me A Written Warning And She Has A Bad Temper In Public And You Can't Not Have An Attitude In Public And Its Poor Management And I Asked Tina Roberts When I Work Again And She Told Me That She Would Call Me And I Wanna Know Where Are My 3 Checks Are. At This It I'm Done Working For You Guys And EveryTime I Would Do Something Tina Roberts Would Yell At Me

Rude cashier and manager

I went to dollar tree in florida pembroke pines university 10/9/2013 at 2 or 3 and I just came from the bank so I told the teller to give me hundred. I waited on line for 45 minutes then the cashier told me very nasty they do not accept $100 dollar bill and ask him if he had a pen or machine to check the money very nasty tone and body language refer me to manager.The manager was extremely nasty as the cashier was loud and everyone looking worst place to go Ivwill stick with family dollar

phoenixviille PA

the staff and management at phoenixville dollar store are very inconsiderate and have poor customer service skills. i was at a register which had the light turned on, got to the register and put all my items down, then the cashier said to me go to register 2, i said there was no one there and he responded someone will be there soon. I asked, are you closed, he said i am going to be closing and shut off his light. I went to register 2 paid for my purchases then left. about 5 mins i returned to the store, his light was back on.

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