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i bought spice at the store in Boardman Ohio please do not buy dollar tree or deals spice it was wood in it and it cut my throat when i contacted the store they finally got the corporate number they pulled it off shelf in the meantime they would mot fill out accident report,please please dont buy their spice it will cut your throat. tthen the nasty distrtict manager called me and said they were not responsible.

early closing

I was shop at the Deals in St. Louis Mo. Store 3331 tonight I went there with my grandson and of course they are closed at 9:45 the sigh on the door says 9:00 but this happens a the time! As I am standing there outside I started knocking the door. Another customer came up and said are they closed early again. Then another car pulls up and figure they were closed. The 2 employees did not know I was still there and came out of hidding laughing as they closed out there register. Can you believe this they would not let me in but still had a register opened. I have never seen this type of store management in all my 32 years of customer service. I guess the store hours sign should say 9a.m. til 9p.m. The 9'p.m. meaning the associates must be in their cars and ready to go. So Sad that a business is being ran this way.


On Saturday September6th I bought two items which came to $2.12 total. I gave the clerk a $20.00 bill and a quarter the same time my wife told the clerk to place my items in her bag of items she just bought. The clerk hand me back $8.13. I stood there and told her she didn't give me back correct change expecting a $10 dollar bill. A manager came out with a scale but first took care of the other customers in line. Afterwards he weight all the bills and change in the clerks drawer. He wouldn't give me my change due. When I called the Monday following to report this they at the headquarters won't take my call. To leave an e-mail cannot be done because the person mailbox is full. It seems no one wants to hear the customer's concern. I bet someone won't read this compliant or even respond.

san carlos CA -- employees worthless

went in to buy a few items. no one was helpful. talked about partying and using profanity! Not sure why $$ tree feels its necessary to hire unskilled and unprofessional people! May be the employees just don't like European Americans!

Horrible Store Manager

The current manager at the Dollar Tree on Fairbanks St. located in El Paso, Texas is the absolute worst ever. She lacks customer service skills and is ignorant of her own store policies. It is beyond my understanding how people like her, who are rude, aggressive, and ignorant, get placed into mgr positions. Corporate mgt needs to seriously reevaluate this woman's position. She even refused to provide me with corporate's # and instead gave me the sweepstakes #. I didnt get her name but she is the one that wears odd gold contacts and has lipstick all over her teeth. Gross!!

I live in Yulee fla 32097 and I think its great I have never bee mistreated in any way thestore is always great abd they greet you when you step in their door. maybesome custmers should look in the mirrow it could be them that are mean thank you

Poor company to work for

Unfortunately, this store has a manager who is lacking professional ways in which to speak to subordinates. His tactics border abuse and are a form of harassment. On top of it, the local Walmart refused to cash their payroll check under $50. Not a good experience AT ALL from someone who has worked more than 30 yrs in the retail business.


I was thinking today of how much I value Dollar Tree. I would like to give a very special thanks to the person (s) who developed this concept. I am so thankful that this wonderful store is available. It is very crucial for those of us who are retired and on a fixed-income. I have found that I can purchase so many of the things I need and the quality is good. I can't believe that Dollar Tree has not seen an enormous amount of publicity for the service it provides. In today's economy, it is a life-saver.

Read the receipt.

I work at a dollar tree and there is nothing more frustrating then people not reading the back of the receipt. It's a dollar, if everyone is returning opened items (that we can't resell) bc it "didn't work" or "didn't fit their needs"... And we get yelled at if we give back cash by upper management (district and regional). There is nothing we can do, and yelling at us isn't going to help because it's out of our hands. But we gladly exchange unopened merchandise in store with the receipt. And if so many people didn't STEAL FROM DOLLAR TREE we could probably be a little less lenient about that too. But unfortunately rules are rules, and we get paid to do as corporate tells us.

you suck big time

you sell trash and your employes are trash and over charge and no cash refunds we don't want the cheep trash you sell the toys are trash and the owners are trash Arlington tx 76010

I want my check

I got fired and I want my check wrost place I have ever worked at in Monroe La!!!!! Mangers are so unprofessional only one really cared about the employees

Bogus policy

Manager said it was policy could not give me money back I had to get something else in the store.told her I didn't want anything else just wanted money back she told me no. Berryville Arkansas

The store located at 6466 103rd st Jacksonville Florida has been open less than two months and the workers need to clean not lean your store is nasty, parking lot is full of trash, your making our neighborhood look bad, clean, clean, clean


best dollar tree in Prescott Valley, AZ terrific manager, great employees always willing to help, friendly, love this store

Horrible Service

Went in store #1797 on 2104 Henderson Mill in Atlanta, GA. Anita and Flora was at the register neither greeted me as I walked in. I went to check out and Anita never gave me eye contact or greeted me. I returned my items and gave Kroger my business. I will never buy from Dollar Tree again.

So disappointed.

What's the point of corporate number if you never can get through I'm highly upset with dollar tree store and corporate and if I have to take it farther I will!!! Worst employees EVER!!!


What's happening to your store in Falmouth on Cape Cod? Shelves not stocked, dirty store, cartons on floor, and not enough employees.I 'm sorry to say that I have decided to shop at Walmart and Job Lot. It's only recently that this has been happening.This store was good at one time.


Well, I applied for a position at one of the new stores back in July 2013. I was hired, but never worked a moment for them. I received a W-2 form from them today. How did I get a W-2 form when I was never employed, nor did I get a check......hmmm..sounds pretty scammy to me............

David Manager Races

I was a shopper on friday and got treated horrible by the manager in the Redlands store. Its like he hates black people, over a return for $2.50 with my receipt after 5 mins. I was just exchanging not asking any more back. Are there more blacks out there that have had the same problem with David? He can can less if I ever come back to the store. Im a kind loving person I wasn't even acting a fool or causing any trouble. But I wish I would have told him off for making me look foolish like a thief it was very racial I was shocked never have I been treated like that.

Poor Company to work for

Store 913 in Culpeper, Va has such a poor management team, I've never seen anything like it! No associate will ever succeed working under management like this one. The store manager doesn't seem to know how to run that store. Rediculas.... All stores need strong leaders and this one is lacking that!

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