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your store in athens, pa is the dirtest store ever!!!, just to let you know we turned it to the department of health,

Store conitions

This store was filthy. There was trash and product littering the aisle. There was papers of new product sitting at the end of each isle.


just left the store in galena ks. 10 people in line and only 1 cashier. I called for another and was ignored. when I finally found the other one in the store, she was talking. 2 people had walked out throwing their stuff on floor. both in store are teenagers. cant believe 2 young girls in charge of a store. this store never has shelves full and almost always out of frozen and dairy things. I can understand why this store is looking $1000.00 to thief a week. the front of store is not so inviting either. Cig butts and trash everywhere. no trash cans by doors. would love to have an answer why you let this go on in your stores.j I guess the supervisor don't care either. she comes and goes with nothing happening steven jenkins

2 of the 3 Dollar General stores in Duncan, OK are very messy! There is merchandise sitting in the aisles & the customers have difficulty navigating them.

Why is the dollar general store closed today see if y'all would get people that wants and needs a job y'all would not be losing money and this store is in Bassfield ms

Dollar general in Bassfield ms

The store is always dirty and they don't hire white people and the management sucks I have stopped spend my cash there

No public bathrooms

There are two Dollar Generals in Leesville, LA, and neither one of them have a public bathroom. This is unacceptable for a "family" store. Your competition, Family Dollar, has a nice bathroom for its shoppers. Therefore, my family will shop at the friendly Family Dollar.

Your store in Piedmont OK has really gone downhill. It use to be very clean, friendly & fully stocked! Now the shelves are empty! I was very proud of our store! Now I try my best NOT to shop there!


The store on 2nd Ave in Kearney Nebraska is a constant mess. There are always carts with merchandise on them to be stocked blocking aisles. There is usually only one cashier working so the checkout is completly backed up. They haven't mowed the lawn yet this year. It's at least two feet high.

being carded

I am 73 yrs old, I am being carded by this one cashier when I buy cigarettes, this is the only place in town that cards me. I questioned the cashier yest. he replied they are tightening up on us.

store in rockport tx.

One of the most trashy stores I have seen.employees sit out front smoking.obvious that they have no ambition.lack of care for the store an their jobs.no doubt lack of leadership.

Messy store

I go to the dg in reno nv , on stead blvd the store is always a mess never open on time expired foods on the shelf the floors are always dirty like no one mops and the district manager is rude . Cant find prices on things half the time they need to do something or I'll stop shopping there

claim money

Many stores in Indiana have money to claim from the Indianaunclaimed.gov website. May want to tell your stores to view this website.


Save mart closing for sale

Not worth a Chit Now

The dollar general in winfield ks 67156 - used to be a nice place to go too - now they seldom have anything atocked - store is dirty - trip over things pilled in the isles - and check out is - like trying to get out of hell - nearly imposible...

store has no heat

Store #11657, Mifflintown PA has no heat. Not only is this uncomfortable for shoppers, but employees are suffering as well. The outside temp right now is 3 degrees. FIX IT!

I was in dollar general today

I was in dollar general today and they had no Amazon gift cards, no Xbox 360 for one year there. By the way I think you need to stock more gift cards at the dollar general in pine bush ny. And just to let you know that someone should be running the front at all times Ben L

Messy store

This store is always a mess! Rude Mgr!Why does dollar general keep people like this running their store? Rude Rude Rude,never shop there again


The store in Horatio,Ar has the most rude,arrogant people working there . You can at any given time walk in amd hear them complain about their jobs or the public they are there to serve. Its the worst store i have been to and you will not be getting anymore of my money !!!

So disappointed in one store manager and in corporate for not responding to my complaint. The manager is rude every time I go there and this last visit Jan 14th 2015 she embarrassed me in the store, downgraded me and had no cares that I was going to report her behavior. Now I know why, Dollar General seems to be ok with having these types of employees working for them.

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