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What a mess!

The Dollar General In East Prairie Missouri is horrible. It is dirty, merchandise is scattered all over the floor and the workers don't seem to care. The employees are rude, lines are to long and this morning I was standing in line, putting my things on the counter, when one of your employees walked right by me and went out the front door, I am assuming to take a break. I waited a while longer and finally someone came up to check me out. The store used to be clean and the worker's took pride in what they were doing but not anymore. Please do something about this or you will lose customers.


WOW! While thinking how ignorant the last store manager of Olla, La. was; ha! They actually bring another "manager" in that cannot find his rear w both hands attached to it!! The shelves are half empty while the all dollys are literally filled w boxes and every rack in that store is blocked w boxes!! Instead of going to a diff dollar general, I'm just going to drive 10mls, and go to FREDS!!! YALL SUCK!!

Unbelievably cluttered!

Both my Mom and I decided today to do business with the other dollar store in Brazoria, TX. Every time we go into the DG here, it gets junkier, more cluttered and dirtier. The employees are standing around talking when so much needs to be done. Corporate must not care and we don't either - we'll shop at Family Dollar instead.


love your store in colton, ca-but the closing crew is not professional. 9-24 14 9:43pm or so. the cashier girl did not greet or make eye contact, she seemed upset that and shoved my item in the bag, change was not counted back to me, did not end transaction with closing greeting. lights were turned out at 9:45. which should be 9:55pm.


dollar general is a abusive company ! they mistreat there employees and there district managers especially tampa area are bullies ! they have a store manager spring hill area store is a thief! they plot against there employees that complain or call to report abuse ! you people all need to stand up and do something or it will continue! you have rights don't let them get away with this

grimley tn please clean up

We have a new store in grimsley tn. Thank you! No matter when I have gone in there, you can not get thru any isle with a buggy! Why does no one take pride in there business anymore?

I have a newer DG in my area #12868 and every time I go in there I'm completely mortified at the lack of customer service! I use a few coupons for things that I usually donate to the homeless shelter and this store in particular NEVER accepts ANY coupons I use. There will be people behind me in line and I will have to put all items back or pay full price. However, I will drive 15 minutes out of my way to another DG and they are beautiful and don't have a problem with coupons. I will not go back to store #12868 and I will discourage anyone else from going there. Completely embarrassed by the way I was treated!!!?

No service dogs

My wife and I got the cops called on us for taking my service dog inside.

waiting line

the dollar general #03029 only one cashier, at first than the girl cashier started cashing and at that point she knew it was a line of people waiting, she said I take the next one in line ok fine than a man had been looking around got what he wanted and just hope in front of the people waiting and I just spoke up and said the line were here he said it were two registers ok but the line is here and the cashier said she didn't see that there were a line but you walk right by the line to open up your station. didn't say I'm sorry or anything. I guess my business will go direct to wal-mart .

I have noticed the Dollar General that I love is very short handed lately. The last three times during the afternoon checkout was slow, because only one person was there. I asked where his help was and he said they were coming in at five.

Out of date products

I shop the Alma Michigan store quite a lot and have recently been finding more and more outdated products on the shelf. Sometimes being in a hurry to grab something to snack on for work I don't always look at the date because I hope people are doing their jobs and pulling outdated products.Since the month of June I have found / bought 6 outdated products. At first I just mentioned it to workers but this is really getting ridiculous. I know for a fact that the truck comes Saturday and in haste to put it up the products are not being checked and or rotated properly. This is a must in any retail setting that sells food products to properly rotate and pull outdated products. I know I work retail.

Weedsport NY store

I would never shop in the Weedsport NY store again since there is BLACK mold all over that store. We breath it and it also on the clothes not to mention the food in there. And also the cashier in there are rude and nasty. I don't know how it passes health inspection?

Terrible Store

The store here in Bushnell is a joke, Isles are full of stock carts,empty stock carts, you can't get down them,Floors are filthy,Check-out counter is loaded with junk, trash setting in the checkout area. What has happened to people. Stock shelves after hours, clean floors every night.When i worked,you had to make sure everything was tidy before you left . Also need more than 1 checker.

Usually, there is only one person checking out customers. Today, we had six to nine people in line so I asked the lady where her help was and she said, one is at lunch, and the other just went home. Dollar General needs more employees especially on Saturday at three o clock in the afternoon! The service is going down because the extra person is stocking shelves while leaving only one register to check customers out, instead of two registers? Hire more people! I always register the survey numbers and never win? Where do you post your winners?

Bad Cashier.

You need to hire cashiers that arent rude. I just had surgery and the cashier accused me of stealing and demanded that I take my cast off. Id rather spend the extra money to go to walmart or drive the extra five minuets to family dollar. That was bull. And I was a weekly customer ,in fact thats were I did most of my shopping.

WOW - Surprised!

I was really surprised at the items available in your new store (Eldred, Pa) The place was very big and roomy. The items were things I could use without going to Walmart or Kmart. Everyday items that could and will be used at the house or office were available. The only problem is attendance at the check out - you will need to wait for someone to show up at times to check you out.

Carroll Iowa

The manger is always smoking, when I am there. They hire people with prescription drug violation.

Middletown Ohio University Blvd Store

That store is so nasty dirty and the manager is a real joke she is a loud mouth that is always talking bad about her employees and the the way Dollar General is to their employees in front of customers, I personally don't want to hear it. And the AC never works it is always so hot in there in turn makes the store smell bad. I wont shop there ever again. Sure hope something is done but by your ratings shown here nothing will be done.

Never the correct price

Just about everytime I go to the dollar store I have to go to cashier to ask what the price is on an item because they are never where they should be so its never the correct price. This time it really made me angry because the item was a little over $4.00 higher than what price tag stated. I even checked the numbers to make sure it matched bar code and it did yet it rung up higher. Plus the cashier couldn't figure out how to make the 5 dollar off coupon work so needless to say I will be shopping elsewhere.

Byrdstown store

The store in Byrdstown Tn has a very very serious inventory control problem. There has never been a time that I have been able to buy all the items I have needed. These are not speciality items but items like bread, dog good, coke, first aid supplies, cereal, milk etc. The store usually has many carts full of merchandise to be stocked in the isles all the time. Management doesn't seem to care. I will start shopping at the Family Dollar across gather street if your store doesn't improve. Thanks in advance for your attention,

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