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empty shelves

The one in Bakersville n.c has all the product in carts not being put out always empty shelves!!! Were the stuff is you need is always out. could make a lot of money from that store.

I live in Wichita Falls TX and have shopped at MY Dollar Store since 2001 ( on SWParkway) I want to brag on the people who work there. They are very helpful very friendly and always ready to show me where something I am looking for is located. They are GREAT.


Stupid employees overprice

The Dollar General store in Benton (Salem Community) on Salem road is awesome .Great people ,always helpful and friendly

Waited in line for 15 minutes while employees trying To get your check machine to work and ok check. Get with the times !!!! At Dollar Tree stores you can Give them a check not filled out and ok'd in 2 seconds. The store at Pawleys Island, SC 29585 is obsolute. Need to improve your cash registers. In the store Every week but no more Going to Dollar Tree !!! N

Dog in store

Store 12734 Asheville hwy tn. Dog was carried through store by customer and associates played with dog, associates didn't care that dog was in store. Food and groceries are sold at this store that's disgusting

Unsafe & cluttered

The store in Holden, Mo....... The aisles are so cluttered with boxes and stacks of pop, a large person or a wheelchair cannot get through. The outside is trashy by their smoking area picnic table, The debit card machine doesnt work, you have to stand in line to check out FOREVER while two other employees are standing there talking. Just a matter of time before someone gets hurt and sues this company !!!!!!!

The dollar general in Leslie, Michigan has a front door that remains opened all day due to mechanical problems. It is getting quite cold outside and when I go in to shop, it makes it very uncomfortable to shop there, plus I feel for the workers that have to put up with this problem. Please get their front door operating, it's been a month or more since they have notified you. Won't shop much there till the problem is fixed.

Disgusted with Star City WV store

This store was filthy. There was trash and product littering the aisle. There was papers of new product sitting at the end of each isle. When I said something to one off 3 people standing behind the counter, one man said they were about To go to lunch. Really this store was awful......I will never go back!

Lost A Loyal Shoppet

WAS a loyal customer until emploee offf the clock told me I could not smell an opened bottle of perfume and perceded to defame me to a cashier with a line of people behind her. will never shop at the store @ 717 Washington Boulevard Baltimore Md 21230. I wil take my business to another business with a better. class of employees who knows the value of customer service

Lack of leadership at the local level. Store Manager admitted having no formal training. Store is in a mess . District manager that handles stores in shawneetown, il needs to step up and be a problem solver instead of using the excuse I have 19 stores to take of and her bosses need to find out why things aren't being improved for the customers and dollar general. The bottom line is there are no excuses for what is going on...

will lose customers soon

Calhoun City Ms. Even with customers standing outside the door, they rarely open on time and don't have the cash drawer in place. As one man commented outside, when the new Walmart opens down the street they are going to lose most of their business. I have seen the manager stand in the door refusing to let people in because it was 30 more seconds until 8am. 8 weeks til Walmart opens in this town.

I recently moved from Somerset Ky to Jones Oklahoma. The stores in ky are great compared to the one in Jones. I am a loyal dollar general shopper and I urge you to check on these stores being complained about. This story is nasty and rarely has what you want. I haven't applied to work there yet but you desperately need a manager that cares. It is the ONLY place to shop in Jones. PLEASE help this store!

Henrietta, Tx. store has an old lady who talks all about her life and looks like death just came over her..I just want to check out and leave..friendly is fine but not every one cares to express their life..is this the best you can do with customer service cashiers, its a freakin Joke?

very unprofessional

Don't ever go into Dollar General in Lordsburg, NM with your kids when 2 managers are there. They are unprofessional. Store manager girl/guy is rude. They shouldn't allow managers to have relationships. Very disgusting the way they acted, haven't gone in there in months.

I like shopping at Dollar General . But I have problem with the coupon policy . I shop at the stores in Bossier City , La . You can by the exact item that the coupon has on it and if the register don't except the coupon , the manager always says that she cant do anything about it . But I can still buy the item but can't use coupon . There should be something that they could do , override it or whatever . Thanks

wrongfully made me buy something

Bought a pack of cigarettes, the casher rang up wrong kind, told them they were wrong, casher had to get the management, management told me that by federal law, I couldn't return them for my brand, I had to take them, very upset, always stopped 3 to 4 times a week, now never going back, sorry dg, always like going there!

Dollar general store 2458 is losing its business due to the unnecessary fire of damn good employees and extremely rude new employees. I WILL NOT shop there again!

Shelves never stocked

The Dollar General store located on Rutledge Pike in Mascot Tennessee started out really good when it was built a couple years ago....it slowly went down hill. It seems that the employees they hire are either lazy or overworked....they never have the shelves stocked. I really don't know why I am writing this because your stores have been this way for years and you have had bad reviews for year and have done nothing about it? What a joke your headquarters is.


the store in north las vegas lake mead is always empty and looks like no one cares

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