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Save mart closing for sale

Not worth a Chit Now

The dollar general in winfield ks 67156 - used to be a nice place to go too - now they seldom have anything atocked - store is dirty - trip over things pilled in the isles - and check out is - like trying to get out of hell - nearly imposible...

store has no heat

Store #11657, Mifflintown PA has no heat. Not only is this uncomfortable for shoppers, but employees are suffering as well. The outside temp right now is 3 degrees. FIX IT!

I was in dollar general today

I was in dollar general today and they had no Amazon gift cards, no Xbox 360 for one year there. By the way I think you need to stock more gift cards at the dollar general in pine bush ny. And just to let you know that someone should be running the front at all times Ben L

Messy store

This store is always a mess! Rude Mgr!Why does dollar general keep people like this running their store? Rude Rude Rude,never shop there again


The store in Horatio,Ar has the most rude,arrogant people working there . You can at any given time walk in amd hear them complain about their jobs or the public they are there to serve. Its the worst store i have been to and you will not be getting anymore of my money !!!

So disappointed in one store manager and in corporate for not responding to my complaint. The manager is rude every time I go there and this last visit Jan 14th 2015 she embarrassed me in the store, downgraded me and had no cares that I was going to report her behavior. Now I know why, Dollar General seems to be ok with having these types of employees working for them.


The Dollar General in Pleasant View, Tn is a great store. The employees are always friendly and helpful. The store is clean I enjoy shopping there.

Good people good service

Location 1800 s cicero in cicero il. The store was so organized and clean I asked for the manager to tell her GREAT JOB

not enough people

I was at dollar general on south main st Lexington nc why do you have one person. On the floor you no people stealing one can not control your store Do you give a dam or what

Angry at the way my son was treated

my autistic son went into 14652 and was treated horrible by the manager. He is autistic and doesnt look at people eye to eye and she treated him like a criminal although he was purchasing items in the store.followed him around the store and made him feel extremely uncomfortable. My son and I will never give business to your company again.

The store on w county road and 16th in odessa tx is falling apart. The weather is very bad here and the ceiling in this store is falling in. Do y'all care about ur customers and employees?

store filth

I was in the San Saba Tx dollar general store last night and it was very dirty. There was merchandise and trash on the floors. There were stocking carts full of boxes every where. The employees had a so what attitude. This store is always like this. Must be poor management.

Not an adult

I was in the Paola, Kansas store buying a gift for a 5 year old. It was a movie titled "Bailey Christmas Hero." I am over 50 and was carded to purchase a movie, when I can take the same 5year old to a PG movie in theaters and no questions asked. I live in America, not a communist country.. If I have to be carded for everything I purchase at this store from movies, to medicines or what ever else they feel the need to card you for, I will go to Wal-Mart.

empty shelves

The one in Bakersville n.c has all the product in carts not being put out always empty shelves!!! Were the stuff is you need is always out. could make a lot of money from that store.

I live in Wichita Falls TX and have shopped at MY Dollar Store since 2001 ( on SWParkway) I want to brag on the people who work there. They are very helpful very friendly and always ready to show me where something I am looking for is located. They are GREAT.


Stupid employees overprice

The Dollar General store in Benton (Salem Community) on Salem road is awesome .Great people ,always helpful and friendly

Waited in line for 15 minutes while employees trying To get your check machine to work and ok check. Get with the times !!!! At Dollar Tree stores you can Give them a check not filled out and ok'd in 2 seconds. The store at Pawleys Island, SC 29585 is obsolute. Need to improve your cash registers. In the store Every week but no more Going to Dollar Tree !!! N

Dog in store

Store 12734 Asheville hwy tn. Dog was carried through store by customer and associates played with dog, associates didn't care that dog was in store. Food and groceries are sold at this store that's disgusting

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