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Horrible Service

Dish Network is not stable and has horrible customer service. When you try to contact their corporate office you are transferred back to their customer service location, because they do not want to hear from their customers. There product is not stable and when calling customer service you have to remain on hold for ever.



I have had it

You have replaced everything I have had electronic run a separate power for the room the tv is in having the same trouble again please come get the hopper and put the old sym back in I have had it

Bad Customer Service

I talked with a service rep. and a Supervisor and was never talked to like this before from any company. Would not listen to my problem and kept interrupting me. I finally had to just hang up. Very bad business .

here l go again

About ever 3 to 4 mo. I have to call with same problem you come out change equipment put on new connection replace spliter say water has gotten in spliter I lik DISH BUT AFTER A WHILE THIS GET OID

Liars and thieves

over a year now with no resolution to damage and frozen pipes caused by thier installer removing insulation, along with items stolen from rooms they entered with out any reason to be in there. Going to court!

the whole company

they have ran my name with the credit bureau Equifax without my permission 5 times that is hard hits on my credit report.. I have tried to call them don't get anywhere. I have sent them letter. no responses... if they don't stop doing this... I am going to take them to court....

lousy programing and termination

the programming is terribly overpriced and very limited in scope unless you want cartoon, shopping and religion. the termination is a crime. Customer service is a JOKE- its customer bullyiong

They add services to my account I specifically told them I do not want. After calling to have them stopped they continued to charge me. I was repeatedly hung up on and transferred from one person to another. Was threatened by a super that he was tiling a report that I was making crank calls.

Constant Advertising

Keep calling to get off their mailing list. Almost useless task.Upon talking to a supervisor, found out they have 30 group trying to annoy you for your business. Overkill !!!!!!!!!!!


Paid my bill on jan 8 for 30 days pre pay and it's the 26th of jan And I've been turned off.! When I call I get put on hold for over 36 min. Twice ! I have to get nasty to even get to talk to a super And I'm told I can't talk to corporate office no number for them. There willing to credit me 2 weeks but won't turn it back on for 21/2 days till I pay it on payday! Ignorant at its finest ! This company hides behind customer NO service! Shady way of doing business .


Very upset that you can just take money out of my account without billing me and a supervisor (beth id QQP) telling she can see the bill and there is nothing I can do. I received no help. I have liked at billing account is there is nothing for these charges. Please send me a bill showing what I am being charged for. In the future I would suggest that you bill the customer for the charges before pulling out of their account. I paid $160.11 on 1/27/14 and on 1/30/14 an additional $12.12 was taken but no bill for the charges.

Worst customer service I have ever received. A supervisor told me to "Get a loan to pay your bills" and hung up on me.

The Stole my money

They took money out of my bank account without my permission on January 17, 2014. Every time I call to get them to put my money back they just keep trying to sell me their service. I am highly upset I want my money and they keep putting it off and I'm close to suing them. I just want my money back

Big Liars and Thiefs

They expect me to pay to get their equipment back. What liars and thieves they are!!!!! Glad i have free tv now. Never pay for tv again

Horrible Customer Service

I woke up to my service being shut off. Mind you I called 3 weeks ago concerning a 300 dollar bill. I was assured I would be credited for the errors made and I could pay the remainder of the bill on the 24th. Now I have no service and after calling 4 times am more frustrated than when I first called. Was lied to and talked to very rudely. I will be filing a complaintwith the bbb and whoever else I can complain to. Do youraelf a favor and go someplace else.

billing bullcrap

I have been trying to reaolve a billing issue because dish took money out of an account i dont use putting that account at a negative balance they refused to fix the problem but only credit my bill what the acoount was put in the hole suspending my service since i had topay the bank the money to fix the account then the wont extend to pay because they want their money they treat people disrespectfully and belittle people then say their mess up is your fault i have contacted attorney general about them

They are liars!!!!! Also charged my account when they weren't supposed too!

I was lied too and my account was charged!!! Direct TV is the way to go!!!

Dish customer service

Worst company ever to try to resolve problems. As a retired Branch Mgr in sales I always tried to make sure the customer was satisfied . This company seems to only care about money not taking care of their customers who are in fact what keeps this company in business!!!

They Lie and Steal your Money

Cancelled my Service on 11/24 as of today per their CS Rep they have not sent shipping boxes (to return "Their" equipment) so according to them they can't refund the balance of monthly service. Lets think about this I can't get my money because they won't send me the boxes to return their equipment! Did I mention I was a customer of 10+ years. Never ever again and Yes I'm telling everyone how nice Free HD over the air programming is!

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