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Direct TV Is Horrible

I've been a customer for 10 years and cancelled yesterday after being on the phone for over 2 hours, talking with multiple people, getting conflicting information and dealing with people that simply don't care about customer service. This is not the first time I've had issues with Direct TV but have stayed with them just because it is easier than changing service. No more, I'm fed up with them and they have lost my business.

problem with bill my bill has listed I have 4 reciver & 1 dvr. I have 3 receiver & 1 dvr if this is the case then my bill should show it as a dvr /receiver & not the 4 receiver as showen. 14702489

Happy Customer

I have DirectTV and I love it.


You guys are nothing but a bunch of crooks. I hope one day you will learn how to people and stop ripping people off.

A suggestion

I love Directtv but could you consider putting In an option of being able to sort movies by those that are free to watch and then list the ones that cost.


I spoke to a gentleman whom is a supervisor and made me repeat myself over and over. On top of this I was told to i can send my receivers back and I only got 1 small box to mail 5 receivers. This same thing happen to my sister. I was refused anymore shipping boxes!

Legal Action

I have a step father that signed up for direct TV on some rental properties we own and have been using the service for several years. The Direct TV SS came to our business and we are forced to pay a$12,000.00 fine for not using it in the right places. Getting up the legal avenue to Direct is VERY difficult at the least.

poor service and customer service

i was so unhappy with the service i have last feb 12 and very rude technician and unproffesional staff over the phone i will not recommend directtv to all my friends families and co workers,unsatisfied services i recieved amd job is not being done so shame yo be 1 of directtv customer if theres no contract i will switch to cox as soon as i finish my contract from diresttv!!! poor company


Called Directv to cancel my service. was told my early termination fee was only $40.00. i recieved a bill stating otherwise. $200.77. i called and they said i am wrong. but that it does show 40 bucks on their notes. but it is incorrect. i have recording and chat script of cancellation fee.

direct is a rip off

Direct has dropped the weather channel and not going to drop my local abc channel. I had to sign an agreement, but these people can do as they please.


I contacted Direct TV to find out if they were able to service my address. I was told that my address failed their credit screening (I have an A++ credit score) and that I would have to give them my social security number before they would tell me whether or not they could service me. I refused to give them my social security number and the sales rep said "it was nice talking to you. Thanks for wasting my time." Needless to say, I would never do business with a company who treats prospective customers like that

DirectTV problems

Since I switched my service from Dish to DirectTv, my internet connection as been poor and I am unable to record movies that I choose to purchase successfully. I also received information that my monthly service charge is being increased after I was promised a price for 3 years without an increase. Sadly, when I cancelled with Dish, they told me DirectTv would do this to me. I didn't believe them, but I have now found out this to be true.

Forgot to schedule your installation

Very Very Poor. Sign you up, yes we can schedule your installation for 01 Feb except that the sales folks did not schedule the installation, Sorry about That! We can schedule you for another time. Here I was cancelling my cable tv and waiting for an installation that would never come. 1ST actual contact with Direct TV: welcome to Direct TV. Only down hill from here. Maybe I made a huge mistake! Now I am paying a premium for cable & hoping I get to see the Super Bowl! UN SATISFACTORY! ZERO STARS!

Business Owner

I own a business in Killeen, TX. One of your installers that drives a green pickup (think Ford) dumped a box at my business. This is illegal in TX. Your supervisors down here say they can't do anything. I want this person to contact me and go get his garbage. Please put out in memo don't dump at businesses. Take to their house or dump.

The WORST in customer service

From day 1, I had nothing but problems, issues, concerns. They way they conduct business is despicable. I have never been treated worse by a company in my life. EVERY SINGLE TIME I called customer service i was hung up and sometimes 2 or 3 times. I would not recommend Direct TV to anyone!!!!

channel interference

Had my service 13 months. Every since first day certain channels don't work. Still to this day, they still don't work. But, hey can u unplug the back of receiver. NO, I CAN NOT!!!! How about fixing this problem, once and for all. I pay my bill but can't watch all channels. Plus your bill goes from 40 to 90 once first year over.

Get it together!

Every time I pay my bill, there is a different amount that they say I need to pay versus what the Direct TV site says. I have been told to pay one amount, and then I have paid it. Then get another call stating I didn't pay enough to avoid service interruption when they (Customer Service) were the ones whom let me know what I needed to pay, which was totally different from what the previous CS rep said and what it stated on the site. I am so sick of the rude CS reps chomping on gum and eating in my ear and laughing when I call to complain about how I have been treated! Where did you get these non educated rude people? I am calling corporate. If they do not do something I will switch my service elsewhere.


What they do is they give the homeowners the worst deal, but if you're stuck in a Condo, you get whatever service the Condo has signed up for (as a whole). therefore the deal for the condo itself is 30% better than the homeowners. This is clear discrimination and illegal, but corporate giants get away with things like this. take their core business away, and they will come to the party, but far too late for me. I have had it, and will have my entire family opt out of their service no matter what happens

Dropping the Weather Channel

That Direct would even consider dropping the Weather Channel, is beyond belief. I would have to say, if they would do that, we can have NO confidence in any of their programming!! We WILL be changing services!!

Pissed off they suck

Direct tv they are the biggest thieves out there and there customer service sucks some non speaking Americans who are jerk offs.

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