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Horrible Customer Service

Save your self time and frustration and pay the extra money and go with a provider with customer service. I was lied to multiple times, hung up on and if you plan on putting in a customer complaint be prepared to be transferred out of the country. Wow what does that say for a company?????

Horrible experience

We had Direct TV installed on 9-6-14. Installer left with us having no picture. Said having problem with new installs. We never got anything until 5-6 hours later and could not get all our TV's up and running. Our main (new 60") TV would not work with their remote, had a customer service rep on line over an hour and still nothing. Very unhappy with the way we were left hanging, no pics and no instructions. This is not the way to do business. Technician left without even seeing if we had any pictures on our 4 TV's

rates to high for rerun all summer

we had to pay over one hundred dollars for nothing but reruns all summer this is so wrong why cant our senators do something about this we are paying for nothing but reruns all summer long

The worst customer service ever

My bill is always high and when I call customer service for them to explain to me why they can never answer the question and they hang up on me because and I keep calling back to speak with a supervisor they say they are transferring me to a supervisor and they either hang up again or transfer me back to the automated system

direct tv sucks the worst service ever

Dnt get direct t.v. tell your family and friends to stay away.. They lie to you and take money out if your account without authorization..no help at all nothing but problems with them.. I hope they go under..piece if garbage cimpany..

customer since 2007

I am writing this complaint to you because I am very displeased with the turn around time on equipment being serviced come on 5 days before they can come fix it and nobody cares or wants to help.Very sorry I found out I re- uped with you guys This is how you treat loyalty and 190.00 per month and I am one of your originals Thanks alot!

piss poor service

You lie, and you cheat seniors out of their limited income by running multiple accounts at a time and then continuing to charge on accounts that are closed.

Contacting the BBB

Everyone who has been lied to by Direct TV needs to contact the BBB. Don't sign any contracts with Direct TV. They will not honor their agreement with you.


I have had Directv for about 2 years had no problems until I started to move. Call and I was told that someone could take over my account so I would not have to pay and early termination. So I paid my bill. So I paid my bill when I call back they to set it up they said no I could not do that. They had my credit card on file and took all my money out of my account because I had not paid the early termination fees and return the cable boxes for which I was paying for each month. I have no respect for Directv and would not remend it to anyone


I have had service from Direct TV for over 12 years, but, left their service for 2 months, because of financial reasons....when I came back I was treated as a "brand new " customer and charged accordingly. We purchased another house after returning to them and moved 4 months later....I was then charged over $250 to move the service to another city in the same state. I just called for an additional receiver...and found out that even though the cable is run in the living room for another TV, I have to be charged for installation anyway!!! What is going on with Direct TV?? They used to put emphasis on service..now everything is money, money, money...I am thoroughly disgusted! So I told them to forget it ... I will use the receiver from my other room and watch DVD's on the one that does not have a receiver!

customer service

disgusting customer service... morons without a clue!!!!


they all lie to get your service

Horrible SERVICE

Direct TV is horrible! Don't waste your time. Equipment over this last two years has been the worst ever! Have been a direct TV customer off and on but never again after this experience. I have had more outages than service. Storms anything it is gone! Corporate is a waste of time! They are worse than the call center! They don't care!Takes two days for a technician to come out even with a service plan! Installers try to leave without having things setup properly. Go with cable or U-verse. Someone needs to take legal action against them! God help anyone who signs up with them now! You would be lucky to get a remote control!

Local Channels Request

Have tried in vain to get DirecTV to change my local channels. The ones I receive are some 100 miles away (one is 25 but doesn't broadcast 24 hours). I live within 25 miles of the Charleston, WV based local channels which I need. I subscribe to the Charleston newspaper, I shop in Charleston, my doctors and hospital are in Charleston, my family lives in the Charleston area, all of my cultural events are in Charleston, and everything else I do is there. Nielsen Ratings tell me that DirecTV could offer the channels I want, but DirecTV says "No" Customer service????

Worst cable company ever!

I had Direct TV about 8 years ago with ok service! I am moving again and thought to reconsider trying them out. I have spent about 2-3 hours just on the phone trying to set up service. All to find out that I had $105.00 dollar balance from 8 years ago that is uncollectible by there standards. Now for them to establish service you need to pay for all your equipment in which they will never will refund your money by making payments on time. I have experienced horrible customer service from most the people I talked too!! I am not sure what kind of business they are trying to run because they have defiantly lost me as a customer for life!!!! Don't waste your time with this company!!!

Their product is fine - their service is way beyond miserable. Can't get to a real person and when you can they have no knowledge.

horrible service, defective euipment

no resolve to a remote that gets stuck and the boxes have a slow response. cust svs says there is nothing wrong with equipment and there is no resolve. he speaks like a robot and has nothing else to say. they know they are being bought out and nobody cares about quality. Its really quite unbelievable. Left on hold, called corporate, left on hold. Wont be long and we will dump Direct tv.


Plz contact me ASAP very upset direct tv is very unporfectionl teck was out had to leave manager very rude also Superviser to plz contact me at 1586 789-5645 thank u for ur time also plz contact my husband the account holder at 248 866-1564 I had the worst exspriance ever so upset n discousted


Their is a third party company that is scamming their customers, we'll let me rephrase that their cheating their way around directv corporate headquarters, using other people social agents using their debit or credit card for the sale. Shame on directv as a whole for the fraudulent thing taking place right under your nose

Direct TV Is Horrible

I've been a customer for 10 years and cancelled yesterday after being on the phone for over 2 hours, talking with multiple people, getting conflicting information and dealing with people that simply don't care about customer service. This is not the first time I've had issues with Direct TV but have stayed with them just because it is easier than changing service. No more, I'm fed up with them and they have lost my business.

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