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A new Denny's just opened up in Tye, Texas and the service if horrible, the smoking section is pretty much with everyone else. And when I asked for water at dinner time, the manager brought me a small orange juice glass filled with water. I asked for large glass of water to eat my dinner with. Who gives someone a small glass with dinner? After getting the food our waitress never came back and the manager is there also just standing there walking around. Every time we order they forget to bring our bread no matter what time of day. And I have to ask for silverware every time also. And it needs to be cleaned. I will not be going back until I hear better things about it.

My sister from Jacksonville and my cousin decided to have breakfast at one of your Denny's restaurants. This particular one was location on Orange Avenue #7954. I purchased the ultimate omelette, in which I received the western omelette. Also, coffee, hash browns and wheat toast. Everything was either warm or cold. The coffee seems as though it was old and not hot at all. The omelette was a fluff of eggs and filled with Hugh chunks on green peppers and onions and hartly and meat and no melted cheese. When I brought this to their attention. I was then given a small bowl of cold shredded cheese to put on top of the already cold omelette was was already falling apart. We had to replace our order at least three times. But, was still unsatisfied. And to top this off I noticed a white lady working on the counter first,and then proceed to the back grill to cook our food. She and her staff was not wearing any hair nets. I learned she was the manager of the store. the food had absolutely no taste and was cold. They would bring portions at a time. you would either get your eggs and later comes the other part to your meal. I eaten at many Denny's before which the food was awesome. I don't know what happen to this one. Our time of visit was 12:15. On the flip side of this. Your server Sammy was very patient was us and catered to our every need. Even Though some things he had no control over. In my opinion, he should be promoted, his customer service was the best so far. A large tip was left in our appreciation for his service. ABSOLUTELY NOT THE FOOD!!!! Food totaling $35.00

I will not go back to Denny's 3 dinners all cold. My husband said his burger tasted like the grill needed cleaned! The chicken tenders tasted like too much black pepper. The fish dinner was not good! The service was very very poor!!

To whom this pay concern' I was at your location at belvedere and austrailin. Our server Richard was absolutey rude and compleatly unprofessional. It was a very horrible experience and i will never ever come back here and eat again ! The resteraunt looked like a mess. It was horrible !

I ate at a Denny's and wound up with severe food poisoning. I called the manager at the restaurant and also to ocrporate office and did I get a I'm sorry nope not neither person I talked to uttered an apology to me. I was sick for two days and hospitalized. We will never eat at a Denny's again.

I was at the Denny's Located at: # 1601 Martinsburg Pike, Winchester, Va. My visit there was fine, and the food was fair, But took a bit to long to come to the table. The server "Julie H." was more concerned with conversating with her boy friends rather then to take care of her customers it seemed. This young lady definitely needs to be retrained in customer service policies for sure. Not to mention she was really kind of rude to say the least. And chewing gum and when speaking it was sort of slurred. I do believe to, that as un-managed as her long hair was, I would like to see her wearing a hair net, instead of her long hair touching the plates of food when being delivered to the table. I hope the Denny's Corporation, will take this seriously and to really examine this situation before it attempts to put another blemish on its Restaurants reputation. Thank You

I have been eating at Denny's for years, usually after a late night of partying we would meet at Denny's. It was a long standing joke about the food being trash, but honestly it wasn't about the food. I still eat at Denny's when it's late and were out running around and I have to say they have really stepped up there food. I usually end up at the Denny's in Reseda, Ca and have had no complaints abut the food. All this negative on your comment wall so I thought I would add some positive.

I was a waitress for the corporate Denny's for over 20 years at the Denny's in Rowland Heights, California. Then! with only 1 week's notice- our Denny's was sold to a franchise owner, Medhat Bechay who at that time had bought 16 Denny's franchises. I wanted to give it a try, but it was a whole new world. Corporate Denny's can be fun to work for; Medhat required that we sign a no joking (at all) policy. I knew that I could not keep that promise- especially with the regular counter customers and the fun drunk customers at 3 a.m. (How would I keep them happy?) Medhat demanded that we speak English- only in the front of the restaurant. His General Manager, Elena, broke this policy; she would speak Spanish to employees that spoke English (as well as Spanish).Also- Elena drastically cut the schedule hours of the longtime Asian and Caucasian employees and still gives the hours to predominantly Hispanic employees. You know- racism can go the other way, too. I called Corporate Denny's. I was told that franchise owner, Medhat, could do whatever he wanted as long as he had the same menu and followed their Brand Standards Manuel. I told Corporate that some employees at the Denny's in Rowland Heights filed a discrimination lawsuit with EEOC, but that I was not involved with the lawsuit. I was told that Corporate Denny's was not responsible for the lawsuits at their franchises. Now- I understand one of the reasons why they are selling their Corporate restaurants. Additionally, our Denny's in Rowland Heights, California was a management training restaurant for the Denny's Corporation. The franchise General Manager, Elena, wrote me up for something that I did that was a corporate policy- which I did not know was banned by Medhat and she threatened that I could loose my job. She is not a patient teacher. Too- I do not like being threatened especially after the Corporate Manager that still worked there had signed his name on the customers' check- the same way we had always done it for Corporate. ALSO- Corporate Denny's supplied us with accident(but not Medical) and great Dental benefits, paid holidays, and a 401K plan... Medhat offered us no benefits at all- plus severely cut our hours so he would not be required to pay the benefits. How much deprivation, discrimination, and disrespect can a person take before they declare that they need to "get out of Dodge" to maintain their dignity and sanity? Corporate Denny's sees it as a victory that they have sold most of their Denny's restaurants to franchise owners. I cannot speak about any other Denny's franchise owners, but in the specific case of changing it to a franchise is a DEFINITE DEFEAT for many of the employees. When a restaurant staff is seriously unhappy- this is translated to the customers who come to a restaurant for a pleasant experience. If a restaurant owner sees people that eat there as only a dollar sign and the employees as "the necessary evil" that takes away from his profits... then human rights are at risk and genuine caring for the well-being of others can be jeopardized. How does a restaurant owner expect his restaurant to be a place that folks are excited about coming to when in actuality it is a battle zone? I had some great/fun times when I worked for Corporate Denny's...because they do not check and control franchise owners using their Denny's logo- they will become a menagerie. Our country has decayed to where it has become fashionable to make people loose their jobs/ homes/ dignity/ education/ families/ etc. When people lives are all said and done- what will they have to say for themselves? What will we be known for? Will anyone know that we cared about them? I hope the customers I had at the Denny's in Rowland Heights knew that I did genuinely care about them... I sincerely miss my regular customers of so many years... I deeply apologize for abandoning you, but I hope and pray with all my heart that you will forgive me for leaving many, many of you without saying goodbye.

I'm sitting in dennys right now it took about an hour to get our food. Most of the people that got here after us are all gone. Now I've sat here 20 more minutes waiting for the check. Oh and letter me tell you about the food. I might as well just got a frozen dinner out of my fridge and taken a bite out of it. Don't go to dennys in boynton beach florida.

I went to the Denny's in New Caney Texas, and was in the smoking section with my husband. The dark haired Manager was yelling at a employee that was off duty and the employee was finishing her breakfast at the counter, when the Manager with dark hair yelled at the employee if she wanted to keep her job she need to leave after her shift.. I guess the employee is not allowed to eat at Denny's after her shift? Very tacky for a manager to deal with her employees. Sorry that is the last time I will go there......

Dennys located at Flying J in Franklin Kentucky (exit4) It was 11am and not very busy. My hunbadn ordered breakfast and a glass of milk with his meal. I ordered a senior club sandwhich. It took 20 minutes to get our food, and when we did my husbands toast was burnt, no milk. Mine club sandwhich consisted of turkey,nearly no tomato or lettuce and no bacon. Both of our meals were too cold to eat. The sadest part was the manager was too busy to come and hear our complaints because he sent the waitress to tell us he was too busy cooking in the kitchen. Apparently he not only can't manage a restaraunt, but he can't cook either. This is the worst experience we have ever had, and if it had been our first we would never eat at another Dennys

Roswell New Mexio the store was a filthy mess. Dirty dishes food took 45min to come out and was cold. We got up and left. The manager said "THIS IS NOT A FAST FOOD REASTURANT' Never got the hole order out waited for toast and pancakes that we never got. I have never seen anything like it before. How can a denny's operate under these conditions 'SHAME ON THEM' WILL NEVER AGAIN GO TO ONE. BEWARE11111 The manager should be fired to run a establishment like that. Close it down.....

There is an employee that is working for Dennys in Amherst oh that is in the process of court appearance because people have film of him going in to banks and taking money out of old peoples accounts. The police have been to the amherst dennys twice. Once he ran out the back door, the second time they got him. That one was for speeding tickets. You should really do a back ground check on all your employees. If you should try to wonder if this is true just check with the FBI.

My family and I went to the Denny's at 302 N. Academy Blvd. In Colorado Springs, Co. My 17 year old son ordered a burger and fries and I ordered a burger and onion rings. When our order came out we both were very shocked to see that my sons meal only had 10 french fries and they were not even whole fries they looked like they had been broke in half before they were cooked. My meal was just as bad I only got 6 quarter size onion rings. When we asked the server if that was a whole order she stated that they had change the portion size. WTH! The price did not get changed it went up. My husband and my other son ordered breakfast and their meals were fine. None of us were even given a refill on our drinks. When the bill came it was $50.00. Here they tried to charge for everything by it's self instead of the meal price on my sons breakfast meal. So I know my family will not be going back to that Denny's again they ripped us off! I can just imagine how many other families they have ripped off. I think the news media would like to hear about how Denny's is ripping military families off in Colorado Springs.

I visit dennys resturant after a Dr.visit and the food plate had chewing gum on it.

hi everyone....... i like dennys. its a family place, a date place, friend place to hang out and talk but also you have to remember.... that its not 5 star place. if they are busy... chilll be nice ,understanding. the waiters are always very nice.

My husband and I were very excited to hear about a Denny's in our area, so we decided we would try it. when we got there the wait to get in to be seated was not that long it just seemed normaly busy. When we were seated I noticed that people were not looking very happy did not think much of it. When the waitress came to tkae our order it was ok then about five to ten minutes later she brought the drinks back and took our order. We waited another hour for our food. I have nver had to wait that long ever for my food and i have always had good experiences with Denny's in te past. The management was not very good, they were very rude and and when we told them that our food was not good and our service was not good they made excuses and were not reluctant to do anything about it. It was the worst experience we have ever had Denny"S and I will Probably never eat at that location again.I really hope that corporate can get the probalem resolved. location was cannonsburg, ky

Huntington Beach,Edinger Ave waiters are very rude and manager is not there to supervise employees. Had two waiters one was slow an they were not busy and the other one was rude and used foul laungage towards us and the other few customers herd him we were not the only familys in there there were about 4 tables around us an with small kids.This waiters mouth needs to be rinsed out and be turminated from his job. wheres the customer service,customer relations training going. shocked and angry at how we were treated.

Dennys in Huntington Beach, california off Edinger ave two waiters on Jan 26th 2011 were very rude and slow and getting our food and even used foul language where all of the customers could hear him cussing us out from the kitchen area. No manager on property and when he did show up not sure anything was even done to the waiters he said soory and i will let my supervisor know an they will call you...Well no one called and something should be done with these persons cause i have never been talked to in that manner ever for no reason and everyone had waited 45 mins or so for there food and they were not busy. whatever never going back to Dennys

I went to the Fredonia ny Dennys on Sun Feb 6 and had a server named Chris. She was rude, unprofessional and when i asked if I could have a refill she looked over at my husband and said sure they forgot to give me KY jelly at the door today. My children were there and I have never witnessed such a horrible rude waitress in my life. This was 11:00 on a Sunday morning n less, resturant wasn't that bust but it ws obvious there was a Church crowd. How can Denny's have someone like ger working for them, we will never go back

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