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I went to the Denny's in New Caney Texas, and was in the smoking section with my husband. The dark haired Manager was yelling at a employee that was off duty and the employee was finishing her breakfast at the counter, when the Manager with dark hair yelled at the employee if she wanted to keep her job she need to leave after her shift.. I guess the employee is not allowed to eat at Denny's after her shift? Very tacky for a manager to deal with her employees. Sorry that is the last time I will go there......

Dennys located at Flying J in Franklin Kentucky (exit4) It was 11am and not very busy. My hunbadn ordered breakfast and a glass of milk with his meal. I ordered a senior club sandwhich. It took 20 minutes to get our food, and when we did my husbands toast was burnt, no milk. Mine club sandwhich consisted of turkey,nearly no tomato or lettuce and no bacon. Both of our meals were too cold to eat. The sadest part was the manager was too busy to come and hear our complaints because he sent the waitress to tell us he was too busy cooking in the kitchen. Apparently he not only can't manage a restaraunt, but he can't cook either. This is the worst experience we have ever had, and if it had been our first we would never eat at another Dennys

Roswell New Mexio the store was a filthy mess. Dirty dishes food took 45min to come out and was cold. We got up and left. The manager said "THIS IS NOT A FAST FOOD REASTURANT' Never got the hole order out waited for toast and pancakes that we never got. I have never seen anything like it before. How can a denny's operate under these conditions 'SHAME ON THEM' WILL NEVER AGAIN GO TO ONE. BEWARE11111 The manager should be fired to run a establishment like that. Close it down.....

There is an employee that is working for Dennys in Amherst oh that is in the process of court appearance because people have film of him going in to banks and taking money out of old peoples accounts. The police have been to the amherst dennys twice. Once he ran out the back door, the second time they got him. That one was for speeding tickets. You should really do a back ground check on all your employees. If you should try to wonder if this is true just check with the FBI.

My family and I went to the Denny's at 302 N. Academy Blvd. In Colorado Springs, Co. My 17 year old son ordered a burger and fries and I ordered a burger and onion rings. When our order came out we both were very shocked to see that my sons meal only had 10 french fries and they were not even whole fries they looked like they had been broke in half before they were cooked. My meal was just as bad I only got 6 quarter size onion rings. When we asked the server if that was a whole order she stated that they had change the portion size. WTH! The price did not get changed it went up. My husband and my other son ordered breakfast and their meals were fine. None of us were even given a refill on our drinks. When the bill came it was $50.00. Here they tried to charge for everything by it's self instead of the meal price on my sons breakfast meal. So I know my family will not be going back to that Denny's again they ripped us off! I can just imagine how many other families they have ripped off. I think the news media would like to hear about how Denny's is ripping military families off in Colorado Springs.

I visit dennys resturant after a Dr.visit and the food plate had chewing gum on it.

hi everyone....... i like dennys. its a family place, a date place, friend place to hang out and talk but also you have to remember.... that its not 5 star place. if they are busy... chilll be nice ,understanding. the waiters are always very nice.

My husband and I were very excited to hear about a Denny's in our area, so we decided we would try it. when we got there the wait to get in to be seated was not that long it just seemed normaly busy. When we were seated I noticed that people were not looking very happy did not think much of it. When the waitress came to tkae our order it was ok then about five to ten minutes later she brought the drinks back and took our order. We waited another hour for our food. I have nver had to wait that long ever for my food and i have always had good experiences with Denny's in te past. The management was not very good, they were very rude and and when we told them that our food was not good and our service was not good they made excuses and were not reluctant to do anything about it. It was the worst experience we have ever had Denny"S and I will Probably never eat at that location again.I really hope that corporate can get the probalem resolved. location was cannonsburg, ky

Huntington Beach,Edinger Ave waiters are very rude and manager is not there to supervise employees. Had two waiters one was slow an they were not busy and the other one was rude and used foul laungage towards us and the other few customers herd him we were not the only familys in there there were about 4 tables around us an with small kids.This waiters mouth needs to be rinsed out and be turminated from his job. wheres the customer service,customer relations training going. shocked and angry at how we were treated.

Dennys in Huntington Beach, california off Edinger ave two waiters on Jan 26th 2011 were very rude and slow and getting our food and even used foul language where all of the customers could hear him cussing us out from the kitchen area. No manager on property and when he did show up not sure anything was even done to the waiters he said soory and i will let my supervisor know an they will call you...Well no one called and something should be done with these persons cause i have never been talked to in that manner ever for no reason and everyone had waited 45 mins or so for there food and they were not busy. whatever never going back to Dennys

I went to the Fredonia ny Dennys on Sun Feb 6 and had a server named Chris. She was rude, unprofessional and when i asked if I could have a refill she looked over at my husband and said sure they forgot to give me KY jelly at the door today. My children were there and I have never witnessed such a horrible rude waitress in my life. This was 11:00 on a Sunday morning n less, resturant wasn't that bust but it ws obvious there was a Church crowd. How can Denny's have someone like ger working for them, we will never go back

The second I walked into the door, I was judged and harassed by the security guard. From that point on, everything went awfully. I am nineteen and got asked several times by the guard why I was out so late. Saying several times that me and the group I was with looked like we were 15. Soon after, we got kicked out for being too loud. We were never asked to quiet down. No politeness was once put into action at any time of our visit. After talking to the manager about what we had to pay for, he gave up ( I wasn't trying to pay for food that I wasn't going to be able to sit down and eat). He told us we didn't have to pay and get out. I was completely disgusted with how I was treated and how my friends were treated. After already being told we didn't have to pay, my friend realized that he left his phone inside the building. Now since they had something we needed, they completely changed there story and made us pay the bill before getting the phone back. After paying for food that was at this point was cold and disgusting; we then realize that the phone had been searched through and his parents had been called. That's invasion of privacy. After giving up and just wanting to get the heck out of there, we return to my house to find that they didn't even give us all of our food. Paying 50 dollars, after being discriminated and humiliated, for barely half of our order. This was my first experience ever at Denny's and I promise I will never go there again. Worse night of my life.

We went to Denny's tonight 2-3-11 at about 7pm, #1 The sidewalks were completely iced over, (isn't the manager supposed to take care of that?) #2 EVERYTIME we ordered something the response was "Im sorry were out of that", We ordered Chips and Salsa The chips were Flimsy...? Not crispy at all! The Cheeseburger my daughter ordered was TINY the size of a 50 Cent piece. The Chicken sandwich that we ordered... The chicken was COVERED in Grease it was like biting in to a grease bucket, The tomato was Mushy, The lettuce was brown, and the bread was stale ! The only thing that was okay was the eggs. Also My 5 year old daughter ordered hot chocolate and Burned her mouth, My husband tried it and he burned his mouth!! Your not supposed to serve a CHILDS Hot Chocolate that hot! Not to mention the manager was RUDE! He kept saying its NOT his Fault!! AND we had to pay for this crappy service! WE WILL NEVER GO HERE AGAIN

I am NOT surprised by all the above statements. The employees are NOT treated right by their managements. Managements suck and need to be replaced in Florida. I will not be surprised if Dennys is shut down for good. It NEEDS to be shut down. A lot of customers complain how badly the employees are treated by their managers and general managers. Is it a surprise if we customers get bad service???


The Dennys in Turnersville NJ(Washington TWP) was the best Dennys I ever been to.The food was served hot,ample amounts,my ice tea glass was always filled before it was empty and the staff and management treated you like family.Never ever had a problem.The place was clean,I went in there for over 25 years,many regulars ate there.Sadly it closed up this year,hopefully it will reopen.I never seen such hard working servers and cooks.

I was just in the Denny's on 128th in Everett Washington. I asked for the 2 4 6 8 menu they said that they do not do it on the weekends. They have the sign in the window that said all day everyday.... When I finally got a menu they threw on the table and said fine. I got up and left will not go back there agian.... What happened to service? Almost none of the peop;e there could speak english and I got the feeling they were afraid for there jobs... I do not know if this is a corporate store or not but they shoud loose thier franchise if not if they are there should be some intervention by corprate...

Dear denny's, You have got to be the joke of all restuarants! Every location should be thoroughly inspected by the health dept and then shut down!

I was in Denny's in Houston, TX located @ 7707 Veterans Memorial on last night and for the second time in my last 3 visits had the same waitress. Needless to say, even though the food was great, the service was ridiculous. And the manager last night did not make it any better. This waitress (5025 Tiey D) was more intereseted in being on her phone and smoking than the needs of her patrons. The first visit last week I gave her the benefit of the doubt because my daughter told me too. Well a few nights later, I went back and recieved fantastic service from someone different. But last night I got the same server again. In an hour and a half visit I drank 2 glasses of tea. And that was because my glass was empty most of the visit. I had to wait for my ticket to leave. Well after 15 minutes, I got up and asked the manager was my dinner free, since my was so bad and I did not have my ticket yet. I told him that I had to wait for refills as well as the ticket. He asked who was my server. COME ON I KNOW that servers are assigned tables, he knew who my server was. It was like he was condoning her lack of caring. In a world of service oriented jobs, folks seem to forget what that means. TIPS ARE PREDICATED ON QUALITY OF SERVICE. Last time I will ever eat at THAT Denny's.

On 1/15/11 - we patronized the Denny's at 1 Center Road, North East MD. We placed a carryout order. After patiently waiting on our order, we were told it was ready. We grab it and go. Seems easy enough right? We get to our destination around 20 mins away just to find out that our order is not at all complete. I immediately find my receipt to call and ask for a manager. A manager comes on the line named "Hassan" and he ask me what is the problem. I tell him what items I'm missing. He said no problem, you come back and we will fix for you and give you extra! I didn't ask for extra but if he's trying to build bonus points for customer service so be it. My husband drives back to Denny's and after receiving the items, he notices that its still not right so he brings this matter to the manager and he choses to debate with my husband over this. After getting nowhere with this manager, my husband decides to leave everything there and walks out. Poor customer service!!!!!!! We will not patronize another Denny's anywhere!!!!

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