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dirty resturant

Went into Denny's restaurant and the place was dirty.The silverware had to be sent back and the carpet was dirty and the nats were flying everywhere,etc.If the health inspector came by they would not pass at all.The place needs to be closed down for a day or two to give it a go cleaning.But the one in Hanover,MD is very clean.

Denny's #8190 Denton, TX

Went to the Denton, TX, Denny's for breakfast only to discover that they were out of bacon at 7 a.m. in the morning. There was one waitress on duty. The experience left a "won't-be-coming-back" feeling. This is not the Denny's I remembered in the past. Perhaps a total corporate restructure is in order. Consider taking a page from Cracker Barrel.

poor managenent

Waited 40 minutes for our food and everything was wrong, tried to speak with msnager on duty ms Lee, but she was very rude and told us to wait till she finished cooking. Waited another 40 min and she was still in kitchen. Not coming here ever again. Dennys #214577 in south hulen ft worth

cleanliness and kids meal

Went to Denny's in Adelanto, CA., floor was dirty like I never seen before ,,as if they did not care and the kids chicken dinosaurs, you only got four and a small dish of yogurt so we order some bacon for our grandson and it turn out to be pre-made bacon like you get at the store for back packers. It is getting to be like they just don't care any more, maybe they need to check out some of the other Denny's in our area, some thing is bring our Denny's down.


After reading your reviews I believe you should not even rate yourself, because I do not believe there is a rating under O, I don't care how many people you pay off to write good reviews.


I went to the Denny's on University Ave, in Riverside, CA. Walked in with mariachi music playing. I get very nervous when I don't understand what is being said. Is this Mexico or United States. I was very offended.

Dennys Grapevine California

I was not happy with the service but the conditions of the restaurant bathroom facilities was deplorable. Sink that had backfilled with sign that had been up for some time but not cleaned up. The facilities had not been serviced in some time. Three stalls with two not working properly. Very disgusting!

Just wondering how Denny's in Monroe WA Have all these illegal workers work there but people With papers and citizens get denied a JOB!

Nvr again!!!!

The worst experience ever... waiters had pants hanging off their buttocks...I observed a easier grabbing a cheesecake with bare hands and placing it on a plate for someone eating in...I was in shock in how my food came out...I will never, never, eat again at Denny's!! Especially at Hallandale Beach, Fl


I sat for 10 mins before I got a drink then I waited over 45 mins for my food and there were more employees working than customers in the restaurant. ? Then I had to wait another 15 mins just to pay.. no apologies, no nothing.. I work 14hrs a day and to snd my day with the crappy service and experience I will never return to this location again.. store 8598

no bueno

I work for Denny's concord nc and there are multiple bus boys are taking our tips off the tables despite all the camera's nothing has been done... Rating poor...


We where waiting to be seating in a both for 45 minutes, and the receptionist Skip us, given preference to other couple ahead of us, we are Disappointed since we are a customer of Denny's for many Years

Fried cheese melt

Bring back the fried cheese melt!!!

Ive always loved dennys

Ive been to all of the Dennys in San Antonio, Texas and i have never had a bad experience...even the crack house one downtown...everybody works hard, service is great, and the food always comes out prompt, correct, and delicious...thats sad that so many people have had bad experiences :(

Bad Mismanagement

Frazier Park, Ca. This is the worst case of poor management I have ever seen anywhere. !!!!! Ordereda meal ( chicken & sasausage quesadila ) took 45 minutes before manager came around telling everyone they were short handed. Finally got meal and it was all wrong and cold also. Wont come here again.

Store # 0485 - Hollywood Fl. Restaurant was so dirty, I am sorry we didn't leave before the food arrived. Food was terrible, not what was expected. Service poor. Never go to Denny's again

Bad leadership

I come every morning for thirty years to Denny's never have I seen the manager leave to resturant at 4:00 in the morning to go outside and sit in a car for a half hr I think it's unprofessional and has been going on for so long Vineland Denny's needs to get there act together and quick about the people they hire

Denny's is great in Okc

I saw all these bad reviews so I had to write a good one because I love the Denny's here in Oklahoma City !!!:-) great food and wonderful service !!! Very friendly staff !!!

corporate idiots

contacted the corporate office they claim they are not in that department and have no effect on the franchisee behavior. franchisee are left to run amuk . ie marketing and development this is a messed up organization

san marcos ca

I went dinner last night at dennys in 731 san marcos ca the restaurant was close because they don't have cook and the general manager didt show up ... is dennys open 24 hours 7 days a week?

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