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We where waiting to be seating in a both for 45 minutes, and the receptionist Skip us, given preference to other couple ahead of us, we are Disappointed since we are a customer of Denny's for many Years

Fried cheese melt

Bring back the fried cheese melt!!!

Ive always loved dennys

Ive been to all of the Dennys in San Antonio, Texas and i have never had a bad experience...even the crack house one downtown...everybody works hard, service is great, and the food always comes out prompt, correct, and delicious...thats sad that so many people have had bad experiences :(

Bad Mismanagement

Frazier Park, Ca. This is the worst case of poor management I have ever seen anywhere. !!!!! Ordereda meal ( chicken & sasausage quesadila ) took 45 minutes before manager came around telling everyone they were short handed. Finally got meal and it was all wrong and cold also. Wont come here again.

Store # 0485 - Hollywood Fl. Restaurant was so dirty, I am sorry we didn't leave before the food arrived. Food was terrible, not what was expected. Service poor. Never go to Denny's again

Bad leadership

I come every morning for thirty years to Denny's never have I seen the manager leave to resturant at 4:00 in the morning to go outside and sit in a car for a half hr I think it's unprofessional and has been going on for so long Vineland Denny's needs to get there act together and quick about the people they hire

Denny's is great in Okc

I saw all these bad reviews so I had to write a good one because I love the Denny's here in Oklahoma City !!!:-) great food and wonderful service !!! Very friendly staff !!!

corporate idiots

contacted the corporate office they claim they are not in that department and have no effect on the franchisee behavior. franchisee are left to run amuk . ie marketing and development this is a messed up organization

san marcos ca

I went dinner last night at dennys in 731 san marcos ca the restaurant was close because they don't have cook and the general manager didt show up ... is dennys open 24 hours 7 days a week?

San Marcos CA..I feel sorry for this poor restaurant .it have unprofessional general manager.

toledo oh location

I had not eaten a a denny's for yrs because of poor service but when a new restaurant opened near our home on central ave in toledo, we gave it a try again, big mistake the service was extremely poor, the food was mediocre and the manager didnt seem to care, what a shame and disappointment.

why general manager is server too at dennys 731 san marcos blvd san marcos ca if somebody don't tip her she said stupid people why they came to eat here ... I never came back

very bad company

Dennys is a very bad campny to work for This people work for dennys for 20yrs 25 yrs 30 yrs and then the restaurant is closed for good and they only get 560$ seperation pay. Its unbelievable so sad after you spend all your life to serve the company.

They hire illegal immigrants

I've talked to the manager many times yet he won't do anything about it. They participate in the E- verify so why haven't they fired them! Store in San Clemente, CA

bad people

Recently I went to the dannys on 44th and division in grandrapids michigan was not pleased I was hit on in front of my wife by a waitress named brittany I didn't like the language she used and my wife refused to go back till she get fired

manager service was horrible

Manager service was unprofessional, sorry for the servers that have to work next to her the server was so busy she was just hanging doing nothing this service was on 4500s 420w in salt lake city Utah, around midnight.

Great Food Great Service

We had the pleasure of visiting store #1773 for breakfast. The service was great by Valerie. Also noticed you have a manager, Jackie, that worked with her crew not just watch them. Over all a nice experience.

Wait Staff

Denny's need to train wait staff to be prompt and smile when they wait on customers. I would be very disappointed if I had a staff who were too busy talking to each other than waiting on the customers. Also the length of time it takes for the food to arrive at your table is poor. This was at the Denny's in Delaware, OH at the intersection of I-71 and St. Rt. 36.

Shouldn't have to print coupons

I don't have a printer and it's not convenient for me to utilize Denny's online coupons. Please make coupons that can be scanned directly from a smartphone or they need to upload to an account like CVS does. I'd be more tempted to dine at Denny's if I had better access to the coupons. Please keep up with modern technology! Also, please add more vegetarian and vegan options to your menu.

overly priced for what they serve

My company eats morning breakfast 3-4 times a week and we decided to eat Denny's for the first time. Well looking at their menu and the option of food they sell doesn't match the price of what the food should be sold for. Example , you get 2eggs 2 bacon, French toast for $9.99. You do the math and comparison to other breakfast restaurant such as village inn or Perkins. All I say is charge a fair price and not be overly priced. There is a reason why people don't eat at your restaurant, you not a reasonably fair price!

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