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overly priced for what they serve

My company eats morning breakfast 3-4 times a week and we decided to eat Denny's for the first time. Well looking at their menu and the option of food they sell doesn't match the price of what the food should be sold for. Example , you get 2eggs 2 bacon, French toast for $9.99. You do the math and comparison to other breakfast restaurant such as village inn or Perkins. All I say is charge a fair price and not be overly priced. There is a reason why people don't eat at your restaurant, you not a reasonably fair price!

no manager

I was drinking coffee when customer wanted to check out but couldn't because manager was not there to cash him out. He was told he had to wait and they did not know when manager will show up so customer walked out

AARP coffee disc.

I was suprised to see yesterday, dennys in monnona wi is no longer offering an AARP discount for coffee. is this a company police or just the local franchise holders policy? if so i will change my coffee drinking spot after 30 years

Not Happy

Saturday Jan. 11,2014 my fiance' & I went to Denny's Royse City Tx for a long over due breakfast for 2. We were seated right away but we waited over 10 minutes to be acknowledged with numerous waiters & waitresses passing us by without one word of acknowledgement as in .... Have you been helped or do you need any coffee....not one word. I have been in the restaurant business as a waitress & never would I have passed a table by without asking if they had been helped especially if I passed by them more than twice & they still had no water or coffee!!!

House wife

I went to Denny's one afternoon as the sun shined in and I saw on the windows dirt . I have never known a Denny's that looked like that , also I walked in it had nasty floors. They were nopt friendly at all. Thank God I didn't asked for nother different or even another cup of coffee. Speaking of coffee it was not good I stayed in the bathroom when I got home. The company needs to go there un announced you will be giving out pink slips.

House wife

Sorry I forgot to put where the restrant was located. It's in Mississsippi in a little town called Pearl, Ms


Up here in Palestine Texas .... Order my classic burger and fries well done.... It's like playing Russia roulette .... I don't know who's the cook is but he /she does not know what we'll done is..... When your fries is lymph when you pick It up.... It's definitely not even cook .... This has happen in more then one occasion ....

The manager at the Jacksonville nc location needs to be retrained we were there on Christmas day and he was yelling thru the store for a waitress that was in the back to have her take a person's order that was standing in front of him he was also calling our waitress away toseat people the food was cold to sum it all up the waitress was amazing but the manager needs work thank you


I ate Denny's located in Smithton Pa on Dec 24th an 25th around 8 pm the food an service was great both nights I had the same waitress her name was Kara..She was theee most friendly waitress I ever had at a Denny's the food was great I can't say enough about this place..I stopped going to Denny's Bcause of the service I got.. I can honestly say that's the best Denny's I ever been to..Bcause I m a truck driver I used to eat at lot of Denny's..They got my vote for being the best..

Denny's Danvers ma

The worst service of a Denny's I have been to and filthy dirty. Bathrooms were disgusting. And we have driven cross country and love Denny's won't go here agaim

Fire The Cook!!

This was the worst breakfast in 54 years of my life! I ordered the "Fit Slam" on 12/21/13 in Southington CT and it had so much butter and grease on the plate, it kind of defeated the whole purpose of a "fit" meal! My husband ordered lumberjack slam and had so much butter on his eggs "over easy" that we needed to use 2 napkins to mop up the grease & butter! Better get your cholesterol checked. Fire the cook!

Service is HORRIBLE!

Both Denny's locations in Spartanburg SC are always so slow! I like the food, but never eat there for this reason. My daughter and her boyfriend waited over 30 minutes for their drink order the other day, and ended up leaving, hungry and very annoyed. Ironically, Spartanburg is the home office for Denny's. These people just don't get it.


Waited 40+ min for food that never came in a restaurant leaking water is NOT my idea of fun! We finally walked out when tables that arrived 15 min after us got their food. FYI, there was only two of us, the restaurant wasn't busy, and we ordered breakfast! Seriously! We just went to Jack in the box. This was in Edwardsville, IL

Sea-tac washington 188th Dennys

Im here from out of state and staying at a local hotel.So all my meals are dennys , i go in there saturday morning and the first thing i hear is a lady talking very bad to employees.this went on way to long after we sat i asked for the manager to make a complaint.thats when a lady name Sue walked up and introduced herself as the manager .i told her how inappropriate she was only for her to say she was the manager and she was handling a problem . She was so rude

Horrible Manager and never waited on

My child and I go to Denys at least once a week. I went to the Dennys on Lebanon Church Road in West Mifflin, Pa on 11/14/13 @ 11:40 a.m. We say there at our table for 20 minutes watching new customers come in and get waited on. After 20 minutes I told the manager we were leaving and told him what happened and the only thing I got was oh, sorry and he walked away.....I will never go there again and I will tell all my family and friends not to go there. And believe me, they won't. It's a horrible restaurant anyway. It smells dirty and the tables and silverware are always nasty and I have to request them to be cleaned.

Horrible Manager

Denny's need to teach their Mangers how to treat people and their employes. Some people are good at paper work,but not that good with people skills. The General Manager at 911 Jefferson Rd, Rochester ny. He could use a class in people skills and how you should talk to you employes. Please do something with him, he is so rued.

Worst experience ever!

My friend and I went to the Hermitage, Pa restaurant about 11:30 am for lunch. The place was filled with many people and not enough help. I am a diabetic and it took 1 1/2 hours before we got our meal. I asked the waitress for boxes and the check because my friend had a doctor's appointment in fifteen minutes so we had no time to eat our food. The fries were fried to the point that they were burnt. She offered us soup or salad. Big deal! They never should have been brought to the table in the first place. I will never eat here again.


We frequent Denny's, in Anthem Arizona, at least 3-5 times per week. We look forward to the holiday season when they introduce the turkey dinners. The turkey is usually very moist and wonderfully tasteful. Last night, the turkey was thin, seemed to be cut from a compressed turkey breast, dry and tasteless. So too went the dressing. We were so very disappointed in being served grilled turkey breast. We may try it one more time, but if they serve us the same type of turkey meal Denny's will have lost two very frequent diners. The meal was very very far from satisfactory.

bad bad bad

I used to work at dennys and they were a great company I though then one Saturday morning I was in and the only one on the floor ..... wich is normal for me kinda used to it but this morning was very busy mabey 35 to 40 customers and no help so I asked my manager to help she told me she was eating and didn't have time so after customers started walking out I told her to get off her but and do her job she fierd me I used to run atleast 3,000 a week by my self and this is how I get treated for telling MY BOSS to do her job dennys sucks they do not no how to treat there employes

My wife and I had breakfast at the Denny's in downtown Redlands, California today. I ordered the waffle with eggs and bacon. While the eggs and bacon were great, the waffle was terrible. It was undercooked and tasteless. A cardboard box with syrup on it would have tasted better. I complained to the manager will paying my bill and he walked away laughing at me, so I laughed back at him. I would also like to say the place was much too cold. We often eat at the Denny's in Calimesa, Ca. and the food is always good and the manager is a sweetheart..

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