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no good

Went in yesterday to pick up my dress. 9 days before my wedding. I paid for alterations that weren't done. Then discover there is now a stain or my dress that I haven't even wore yet. Will never do business with them again.

Greensboro location

Since when does a bride get charged for a slip, tiara, bra/torsolette and preservation kit? When she specifically told the consultant she wanted the dress & veil only....That's it? Talking about taking advantage of a young girl! Will be calling corporate headquarters tomorrow!

Insulting Comments

While picking up a Bridesmaid dress, an employee of David's looked at the Bride and said " Really she is your Bridesmaid, thin Brides usually have thin Bridesmaids" The Bridesmaid is also getting married in ten (10) months - will we use David's? NOOOOOO


Military unfriendly and the manager at the Springfield PA store was very disrespectful ! She should be fire ! Horrible attitude


so disappointed in David's Bridal in Jacksonville Fl. I went there with my 2 brides maids we had an appointment and when we got there they just told us to start looking. Really??? No help nothing.. very rude as well when we 1st walked in. I rather go shopping at Dillard's. Actually that is where we went after only 5 mins of being in David's. Not telling anyone to go to your store. Learn some manners .

Went to David's Bridal in Robinson Township, PA to help my niece look for a Homecoming dress. She picked a jr bridesmaid dress. The rack said $20 off so when I went to pay for it I could not get the $20 off because it was not part of a bridal party. A manager was contacted and would not honor the $20 off. I would have left the dress there if my niece was not in love with the dress. A decent amount of money was spent there with the dress and shoe purchase. This was my 1st and last time purchasing anything from David's Bridal. All those dresses sold there and they could not honor the $20 off. Poor customer service!

Disappointed Bride To Be

I purchased a gown from the David's Bridal store in East Brunswick, NJ. When my gown was delivered to the store, I was told that I had to come pick it up before my alterations appointment, and hold onto it because they "didnt have room to hold it". When I got there, the gown had black splotch marks on the bodice and the beading was hanging on by a thread! We were furious that my gown came this way! It was re-ordered. I made it clear SEVERAL times to the store manager and the associates that my gown is NOT to be shipped to my home, but to be held there until I personally come get it with my mother. THEY SHIPPED IT ANYWAY!! It arrived in a dirty, rained-on, UPS box and was left unsigned for and completely unprotected. Disgusting and inexcusable service! To treat brides this way during their special, but stressful time is horrible. My bridal party will NOT be getting their dresses there now.


Horrible custom service and lack of communicate with the store in clackamas oregon. I will never go to another David's bridal again. The have hidden fees for alteration and the managers are not willing to help in any way. Do not go if you are wanting custom service for you or your family.

This company steals money from you. Customer service is poor and their employees are unprofessional and rude. David's Bridal needs to be investigated and shut down!


I think you need to be more considerate when it comes to your customers, I paid cash for a dress got into a car accident, was disabled for about a year and a half ( have the doctor's note to prove it) called several times after I recuperated, one store consultant told me everything is ok, and now I hear that the dress was given to charity and that I won't get my money back.... I leave overseas and I work very hard for my money and your company cannot even make a consideration? In life you need to be fair, and you have treated me unfairly.... I leave you who your conscience.

shipping fees

Ordered a dress totaled at 229.00 today at the Tupelo MS store; on David Bridal website it states: free shipping on all orders $99 or more, no code required, i was charged $20.00 dollars for shipping the dress is to be shipped to the store in Tupelo, MS in two weeks, Just need someone to clarify this for me. Thank you.

bad service

Brought a dress in February it didn't get there until a month later I tried it on and it's too big the dress was sent back and now I'm still waiting for it's return and it's been two months! why I'm i still waiting? the wedding date is a month away I will Never go there for anything again.


Horrible and poorly trained staff. It's obviously not just a retail store issue but part of the overall company culture.


Independence MO store misqoutes alterations and when you purchase a dress and size based on that and then you find out it will be 3 to 4 times that amount. Now I am stuck with a dress that doesn't fit and since I got a good deal on the dress they told me there wasn't anything that they could do.

Rude & Poorly Ran

Bought a dress at full price, one week later it went on clearance and my dress wont arrive for 2 months!! Not to mention the lady that was helping me was attending to 3 other "brides" and cancelled my bridesmaid appointment due to needing a lunch break.


This is the worst place to go if you are getting married. They make a so many mistakes and only have an excuse after excuse for themselves. The online invitations I ordered came wrong, not only in store is horrible so are the online services!!!


Can you treat women this way? How can you treat us this way days before our weddings? How can you make transaction errors and scam us!

Worst service ever!!!!!!!!!!

Worst service I have ever had in my life. Will never ever go there again. Had to pay 2x the amount of the dress to have it altered and they are rudest people I have ever met! Never again!!!!!

Zero customer service

Tried calling corporate office for help with billing issue and was hung up on by the rudest person that clearly had no manners or training. When I called back and asked for manager or corporate president name, and she then refused to speak. What company acts like this? Do they not see these reviews? I can't give a zero so forced to give one star. Trust me they don't deserve that.

Terrible Customer Service

My daughter purchased her wedding dress at the Fort Collins CO store and she bought her current size, well, she has lost weight and is continuing to lose weight so the dress does not fit. She went into the store and was told that she would have to lose 20 pounds for the dress to be unalterable as you can only go down 2 sizes and then they can't alter if you go below that. She was put in a dressing room and nobody came to her, she put the dress on and had to have another customer zip her up and then the store manager never came and when she did finally come she said my daughter smelled like cigarette smoke and so did the dress and they wouldn't exchange it. She treated my daughter like she was trash. DO NOT BUY YOUR WEDDING DRESS/BRIDAL PARTY DRESSES AT DAVID'S BRIDAL.

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