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The cricle K on gulf beach hwy & fairfield drive in pensacloa florida... they have a disgusting, ungroomed, unprofessinal & hateful over weight man named Darrel that works there store, I suggest to anyone that pulls up & see's him there to LEAVE EMEDANTLY!! He is abosolutly gross!! he is un clean ,always has on a drity uniform with leftover food on it, what looks like lice in his hair & never is pleasent !! If thats not bad enogh he smells bad too!! like old grease,or sourdough!! he for the third time has had me wait in a dark parking lot @ 5am,while he smokes his cig & then says 'well, it'll be atleast 10mins before I can go inside, cause I gotta stick the gas tanks', ok everyone has bad days, BUT EVERYDAY?? & why should I wait on him to smoke when he has work to do, Im calling corperate today & by God they better do something or Im going to!! there is no reason AT ALL FOR HIS BEHAVIOR & RUDENESS!!beside's they are people everywhere dieing for a job that will apperciate the job, & do it better & CLEAN!!If they dont get rid of him, I will have a protest in there f***ing parking lot, I work with law enforcement & believe me I know enough people to make a big STINK, just like him!! I DEMAND RESULTS!!!!!!!

I went to Circle K on Live Oak and Ninth in Arcadia CA. As me and my wife were walking up the gas station worker asked if we could wait outside for a few mins because he was doing something outside. I looked in the store and there was a local customer in there. I thought to myself why do we have to stand in the cold? Maybe cause he thinks im going to steal? I live in the same street and have been going there since the store first opened. I saw discrimination and favoritizim. I told him im no thief and he told me "I have to do what I have to do". So im doing what I have to do like calling coorporate office and reporting my experience with their idiot employee.

Iwas in circleK in semmes Al. at Lott Rd at mcrary . I left my wallet on the counter when I returned to get it the clerk said no wallet ease left I returned several times over the next six hours and she still insists it was not there. Then she calls me 7 hours later and says someone found it in the restroom. Well the next morning on the camera shows her pick my wallet up as soon as I left and lied to me everytime I came in for 6 hours and the manager said at least you got your wallet back its he is not responsible for his employee actions. What is your qualification for management here.

Someone needs to do something about the Circle K located on Bardstown Road and Watterson Trail and Hurstbourne store in Louisville, KY. Employees have bad attitudes and I heard two of them talking about how bad Management was. Circle K you need to take out the trash on these stores.

I just saw the article about Mr. Eric Henderson's firing for stopping a robbery and saving his own life. Circle K, you have no balls, and you have no customer any longer. Shame, shame on Circle K. You must be owned by some radical group too.

I am contacting you regarding your termination an employee who defended himself against what he reasonably percieved as an immediate threat to his life. As a 30 year law enforcement/security officer and trainer I understand policies aimed at preventing employees from resisting robberies of goods due to the increased risk/liability. However, any policy must be tempured with some sense of proportion and understanding of situations. Countless store clerks across the country have been murdered in just the situation your employee found himself in. As Americans we have a constitutional and inalienable right of self defense when we feel threatened. I think you should re-consider your decision.

I just heard that Circle K fired Cric Henderson (Sicola Fl)for defending himself during a robbery. Shame on them, He was being robbed at gunpoint. Everyone has a right to defend theirself, would it have been better if he was shoot. Would that please Circle K. I will never step foot inside a Circle K again and will advise all I know to do the same.

To Inconito, especially. Any corporation that will use a thinly veiled 'legal technicality', which doesn't require a city or state law enforcing it, to gather demographic and quite possibly personal information (what all enters their computer when your id is swiped?),is simply taking advantage of its customers. This "policy" conveniently removes all other methods of determining the [age] of a customer, including an obvious one, date of birth clearly depicted on the id, and do the simple math. No, the policy specifically requires entering (by swiping your id through a magnetic scanner) your id information into their computer system. Nobody wants our children to have access to alcohol and tobacco products, and any measure to prevent that is reasonable; however, good ole common sense will tell you that a 60yr old man who buys beer and cigarettes at the same store every day, is familiar with all the employees, doesn't need to have his id swiped to determine if he's old enough. In effect, that 60yr old man's privacy is being compromised, not as a safeguard, but as a sneaky under-handed way of collecting demographic information, and who knows what else. Whatever Circle K tells you, is about 5% reasonable and 95% percent covering their ass.

Hmmm ... seems my last was just a little too 'touchy' for corporate. They didn't post my comments. I don't blame them, I'd hide things I pointed out too. Some people can live with the shame of it.

December 12, 2011 6:45 a.m. Auburn, WA South 288th Circle K - My daughter ran into Cicle K to grab me a Coke 0 and herself a pack of smokes. I had just woken her up and she may have been a bit grumpy. The clerk refused to sell my daughter the Cigarettes because her ID was expired. I understand that, so I went back into buy them. The two clerks were inside bad mouthing my daughter and really talking badly. I think talking bad about any customer is rude and uncalled for. Still I selected the Coke Zero and asked to purchase the cigarettes and the clerk told me no specifically "not if they are for HER" I said the coke is for ME and she said rudely I don't believe YOU. I left your store and I will never shop at Circle K again, not for gas, not for milk not for anything. Neither will my family. I will also let my neighbors know of your poor service. Sadly at a time when so many businesses are struggling to hang on - Your employees feel above good customer service.

Since Circle K has taken over the stores of Irving Fuel,Several times there had been uncalled for attitudes by the employees of circle K. I used to go to CK alot in Texas and Arizona without a problem. this time I bought cigars in the Hooksett store over a week now. I opened the package and saw that they were molded. I went back in to the store, not a half hour later, and the "Manager in charge" told me it was store policy that tobacco items were not to be returned. I wrote to the store via the net and it states that I will get a answer in two days. Well the manager has not returned my call, no email from circle K, been a week now. I will call the towns and state health dept. as well as A.T.F., dept, where they get their licences to sell tobacco. Last time I visit Circle K! too many Cumberland Farms and Seven 11 around

Corporate, I am writing this e-mail as a point-of-contact. I am the Education Char. for the local NAACP. Some of my duties include fundraising for varies 'projects' that help to keep our troubled Scholars off of the streets & in an environment of 'fun' learning. We strive to assist ALL Scholars to find themselves by combining academics with their passion(s). This is a 'passion' of mine to get Scholars, who otherwise, would run the streets &/or 'ditch' school, more often than not. We need to develop them into well-rounded consumers. 'Knowledge is POWER'. These Scholars have not come to realize just how powerful & smart they are already. Therefore, with a little practice, studying,& Positive Thinking, they will be great at whatever they choose to be. None of their daily routine needs to include 'negative' actions or re-actions to life situations. All of this said,I am requesting that you be a Sponsor for my education 'projects'

I recently had an issue with a Circle K store and tried to contact corporate about the issue and a guy by the name of Kevin Sweeney contacted me about my issue and I told him what had happened and he never contacted me back. I really don't think they care too much about their customers because they won't ever get this one back again and I went there a few times a week...here is what happened: I pulled into the Circle K about a week ago around 7:15 and pulled up to pump 10. I went inside, grabbed a fountain soda, then went to the register to check out and told the older gentleman at the register that I wanted to put $20.00 on pump #10. He then asked if I was paying with cash. I told him no, I will be paying with a debit card. He then shouted Oh my god we are going to be here all f****** day. I said is there a problem with the debit card machine. He just ignored me and ran my card. It took about 30 seconds for the whole transaction to be completed (so I really don't know why he was saying he would be there all day). He handed me the receipt (not a thank you, have a great day, or anything). I started to walk out the door and he shouted again at me. Apparently the lady behind me told him she wanted to put $20.00 in gas on pump #9. He shouted at me she just f****** told me she wanted gas on pump #9. I said no, i told you pump #10. He said oh my god you all don't even know what you are talking about and was freaking out on me and the lady who checked out after me. Once the other store clerk helped him and everything was finally fixed I left. I can honestly say I will never step foot inside a Circle K store again or spend any more money here. I was disgusted with how I was treated by the employee of this store.

I am posting a follow up to my situation I had at CIRCLE K on AlbermarlR. in Charlotte, NC. I didn't have any milk for my coffe and I knew I wanted to make it t the store (circle k) before manager scott got their; but I ended up behind a school bus which I ended up being behind for every stop on the strt. I prayed as entered the section where I can se if his car was there. I was I gasped and #!$^%&^&* the whole time while pulling up. As I entered the store he was no where in sight and I asked the other cashier that if he can help me; didn't want any parts, or even look at scott while I was their. I was approached by scott and he was "Begging " for my forgiveness I still would not look at him, he kept saying I don't know what possessed me to say that to you. I expressed how he made me feel and that how it made me mentlly, emotionally and embarrassing insane! He then proceeded to the back and asked the cashier to help me. I will not allow this to happen again!

I was very embarrassed and humiliated when I visited the Circle K store on Albermarle rd, in Charlotte, NC. I visit the store 1-2 x's a week. I am in the medical field; so anyway the uniform I had on that day had baby monkies on it. And mind you the store had about 10-12 customers at the time, he looked at my shirt and he said are those nkies on your shirt I said yes; he then proceeded to ask me was Ithe mother of those monkies on my shirt. I left the store in complete AWE !@#@#$$. As I was leaving out the store; a customer came to me and stated " DID HE JUST SAY WHAT I THOUGHT HE SAID" I said yes he did, I couldn't believe what had just happened to me. I will be contacting someone Monday when I am off work and can concentrate on getting him out the public using racial epithets againts customers/people.

Store # 8169 at 6025 w. 70th street,clerk went back and forth with me about a purchase instead of attempting to correct the situation. Instead Erin gave me a lecture about not needing her job.It took for me to pull out my phone and calculate the balance and I still don't have a receipt...please feel free to contact me it is 2:29 a.m. central time. Erin stated the system rebooted and there was no way to retrieve my information. This is a very unprofessional atmosphere where clerks have to serve the public. If it was up to me I would opt to choose no stars.....

Hello Folks, I am writing to tell you how pleased we were to get the new Circle K in our neighborhood. It is located at 425 West Centennial Parkway in North Las Vegas Nevada. Your initial manager; "Gary" was an amazing guy, friendly, helpful, and all the things that make a manager pleasant to do business with. While under his care, the aforementioned store was kept up to a very high standard, always clean and orderly. Yesterday (09/27/2011) at approx 10:00 AM we visited the store, which we do quite often. Upon our arrival, my wife and I both commented on the total lack of care that seems to have accompanied the new manager. There was litter scattered all around the outside of the place, the walkways were and are atrocious, dirty as if they have never seen a hose or power washer. If you expect to keep this store productive you better have a long talk with management. We have decided that we will not go there again till we can visibly see an improvement. We have many friends and associates who frequent that store as well. The store is in a "Good" neighborhood. Please keep the store up so as to not become an eyesore to our neighborhood. We visit the store in Maricopa Arizona, as we have family there. That store is always in tip top shape. If you need a manager that will make your store an appealing site in our neighborhood, I would offer my services, as I have experience in Convenience store service. as well as fast food management.

In phx az at43rd n cacus in phx this girl at the store has been rude throwing my money on the floor treating me bad the manager will not help no idea what to do?

The people who own&operate these stores should be shot. I hope the average person,who reads this&been ripped of by you basards,will realize the only way2 fix this situation is to start being more militant&hold the owners&their family responsible when they treat people like this.If the people who run this bussiness&their family know they will be beat2 death when they rob you,it will stop happening.Trust me.I will start posting the corporation owners personal address&info So you can get2 know them a little better :-)

on 9/18/11 i went to c.k. located in wauchula hills fla. to buy my beer as usual were i have been buying my beer for the past few years when the cashier decides to card me. ive been buying there for years from the same cashier all this time and she decides to card me. i say to her are u kidding me she says no im not. so i go back out and get my i.d. and she says i steel cant sell it to u. you know i thougt this cashier was my friend. she turn out to be just another c.k. back staber. people like that shoult not work at c.k. i am 47 years old. and have never been so humiliated in my life will some one do something about people like that. like fire her ass... my name is peter and thats the way i feel about this particuler emplyee thank you...........................................................................

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