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customer service

What happened to customer service? This is the worst store I have ever been in. The manager is rude, the clerks talk on the phone loud with lots of people in line. I would rather drive a mile down the street than walk a half a block to the circle k. This is the store on Eraste Landry Rd. Lafayette, La 70506.

Ex worker

It kind of felt like working at a zoo,and I keep trying get head contact information nasty store have pictures and a great lawyer


they need to control their temer


The Columbiana, Ohio store has become nothing but a highschool classroom full of drama!!! I can't catch management there no matter what time of day i go in to even voice my opinion!!! I have followed the rest of the town over to Marathon to give them my business!!!

Price Deception

I am a regular customer at the circle K located at 1940 Union Rd. in south St. Louis County. There bottle soda is clearly marked $1.59 at the case. When you say something about it nothing is done. No price correction, nothing. This has been going on for months. It can not be a legal practice. How many other people have been over charged by this practice.

1710 wooster rd. barberton, oh. just want to compliment the people who work at that store. always nice. always nice to talk to. just the personality of the store is better than any in the area.

Budweiser false Rebate offer

You are advertising a rebate offer on certain packs of Budweiser beer, but not all stores can provide the customer with the necessary coupon to apply for the rebate. This is false advertising. How can you claim that the customer can get a rebate without giving them the proper documents needed?

rude employee

Rude service at 782 s. Rowe Ter Lecanto Fl 34461 circle k Mobil by Andy. This person should be fired. This guy comes to work with a bad attitude and treats customers like he's doing them a favor waiting on them.

Poorly Managed Store

Circle K recently purchased a store @ 109 E Hwy 192, Kissimmee FL They constantly run out of my brand of cigarettes. It was previously a RaceTrac and I never had problems with them over this issue for several years.


A picture is aviable for veiwing . This was purchased at one of you stores yesterday morning in Tallahassee Florida. The customer service was unbelievable refused to give me my money back and told me to just get another sandwich. In 24 hours I am going to paste this picture on my facebook and call the health dept.

Your new store in poincana fl 34758 is a mess. Hair was on where the fountin drinks are no cups 5 people in line waiting one person waiting on them the other worker there at the time was standing around doing nothing. I will never go back there again

e; Circle k station #309437

I have been using my Mobil Speedpass at this location for years. Since Circle K took over I have experienced an increasing number of pumps that are defective regarding acceptance of the Speedpass. Over half the pumps are now defective. I have complained to on site employees numerous times with no results.

Employess aren't able to wear coats to work in & FREEZE!

I find it ridiculous that the ladies that work the register, that stand in from of the large open windows and next to the door opening and closing are NOT allowed to wear jackets or have space heaters by them. I am speaking of the Circle K located in Byrnes Mill, MO off of Hwy W. To top it off, they do not have control of the thermostat! Do something to solve this problem!!

horrible service

I worked at a circle k for ahwile good job enjoyed working with customers. But today I went into a circle k and I had the worst service ever. The lady was so rude and not helpful at all. She was lazy and didn't want to answer my question or help. I wish there had been a manager on duty. I know if that was me when I worked at circle k I would have been in trouble for treating a customer that way.

undercover boss

This company needs to really step back and see how badly they treat their employees. Circle k needs to have mystery people to follow the upper management around where the little peons work to see lack of help these stores have.

unhappy with paying a the pump

I was charged 165.00 over the amount that I had paid. Which was a total inconvenience. I now have bills unpaid because of this situation, I feel you should have some type of disclaimer letting patrons know that paying by debt card will cost you an additional double amount.

Diesel Pumps

20920 Bear Valley Road Apple Valley, ca. The Diesel pumps have not worked properly since last Summer, the Manager. Does not care about anything, looks very bad for Circle K store

Former Employee

I just want to say I loved working for Circle K. HOWEVER I was pushed out and forced to quit against my will. I had scheduled off almost 53 days in advance and was sent in a text message 3 days before the date that my request would not be accepted for time off. I do not feel this is fair at all. And will be contacting someone in reference to the laws about this particular matter.

Clerk tried to scam me

Store #8080 208080 - Clerk said my $20.00 bill I just received from the bank was counterfeit and tried to confiscate it. I went back to the bank to confirm that it was real. I'm disgusted that such dishonest people represent any company. This occurred on 01/06/2014 at 14:54 - the time of my gas pump receipt. I hope the jerk working the register and his accomplice whose register was closed but confirmed that it was their policy are fired. At no time did they threaten to call police for my "counterfeit" bill.


I recently 6 neuro sonic beverages on Hamilton Ave. in Cincinnati, along with 2 monsters. The monsters came to 5.53. The neuro sonic beverages are advertised as 2/$5. When the cashier had finished with my order, the total came to $24.68. The 6 neuro sonics should have been $15 +tax. So roughly $21.60. I'm not sure how this particular cashier ended up with this total, but he was convinced that it was right, despite simple, logical addition proving otherwise. His demeanor was despondent and rather unpleasant. Not to mention, he bagged 8 beverages into one, single bag. That is downright preposterous. Thanks, Circle K.

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