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Bad service

Last night, I was at the Burger King in Atoka. I felt so bad for the young adults just trying to work. The manager that was on duty kept just yelling and giving her employees the hardest time. The girl on front counter even started crying from her nagging on her in front of guest. I'm sure that was an embarrassment. Also, the manager on duty seemed over angry. Something needs to be done about this Burger King. The hound adults were working as hard as the could. Overall, the children had a better attitude that the Manager . Until something is changed I will not be back to see these kids get mistreated.

Your employees need training

Went through the drive-through at 1935 E Joppa Rd. Baltimore, Maryland 21236 and bought a chicken sandwich asking for extra mayonnaise and it was almost dry, my hamburger at hardley any fixings on it, and no straw for my soda.

Not happy with BK

Stopped at BK in church point La order #3 it comes with egg and cheese we'll I it was cold and no egg and no cheese mgr was in bathroom the girl who picked up the phone was not nice at all told me to call back in 5 mins we'll when I called back the same girl picked up the phone told mgr there was someone on the phone for her she told the girl why she picked up the phone I stayed on the phone for 22 mins and no one came to the phone


Ordered chicken junior,,was not cooked

good food horrible service

It's a shame that 2:15 am when everything else is closed that my order was rite buy the food was jus thrown in the bag. The sandwich buns were all discombobulated. The onion rings where jus sling in the bag. Wasn't asked for sauce. The attendent who worked both Windows wasn't happy with her. Maybe she needs another. I'm dissatisfied with the service. The order was correct. To the t. The Nuggets cold and probably old. As usual to much mayo. I as the consumer should satisfied. Not in distaste. Unfortunately for me it's close to my house.

BK won't pay USA taxes

Moving to avoid US taxes, another customer lost because I won't EVER be eating at BK again, you traitors!


love your food. won't be stopping by anymore unless you change your canadian plans and stand up like an american corporation and pay your taxes. shame on you.

learn to respect!

burger king 02264..never have I ever seen so much disrespect!!!! I believe someone needs to come show manangers how to treat their employees!! next time I go there and the black lady is the mananger I am taking my money elsewhere

Stupidest commercial ever!

Change a US five dollar bill? Why don't you try and change a Canadian bill? You have lost the trust and confidence of the American people, and now are trying to further disenfranchise the entire nation with this stupid commercial. Your merchandising office is run by idiots, who know nothing of how to market your product to hard working American people. You are moving your corporate offices to Canada, why not move your whole company? America does not need your franchise and with these assenting commercials want your corporation or product contaminating our air waves!

corporate headquarters

I do like your burgers but if you move to Canada you will no longer be a USA citizen and I will not buy at your stores. You can not turned your back on this USA for additional profits. you oue it it the USA that made it possible.

We always get old burgers whenever we go threw the drivethru, today on lunch break tried Burger King again after not eating there for months only to be disappointed with a very dry old double bacon cheeseburger . The line was long and I only had a short lunch break so I didn't have time to go inside or back threw the line.sorry to say I will not be going back there. Burger King ,Ludlow Ma. 01156.


is this the actual burger king corporate number

Jacob Garcia

This person is under investigation for Arson. They are looking for him. He works at your Florida store

Corect icing

I wish Corporate would teach their managers how to write 50 cents correctly. Te Burger King in Shorwood, IL is advertising ice cream cones for .50c, which is fifty hundredths of a cent which reduces to one-half cent. I've tried to enlihten the manager but the sign remains. I've been a math teacher or 43 years and this ignorance drives me nuts.

cold food and now you don,t want to pay american taxes

went to burger king drive thru yesterday only one car infront of me took 15 minites to get my order worst both wooper and wooper jr were cold only ff were hot .today I read about your new tax plan to duck some american tax want to make more money serve hot food give good service care about america bye bye berger king hello mc donalds

How that Burger King is moving to Canada and not paying US taxes I will no longer eating there ....

Running Away

No problem, you don't want to pay taxes in the US then I do not need to buy any food from your company! Pretty soon you won't have to pay taxes even in Canada because you will not have any revenue! Good luck with your decision!


I just watched only part of a video showing the cruelty the animals at one of your Burger King Dairy Suppliers are subjected to. I couldn't watch more than about minute-and-a-half of it because I was crying and retching at the same time. If you cannot police your suppliers any better than this, you don't deserve my business nor the business of any of my friends or very large extensive family.

BK blows out of the country

BK can run out on their tax's to the U.S. and I'll never ever buy anything from them. The "KING IS DEAD" long live the QUEEN "WENDY'S

You Go BK

Anything you can do (let me take a bite of my Whopper) to keep this inefficient US Government from "extorting" more money (gulp my BK drink) gets a thumbs up from me. (Yum, fries). I will be sure to make an additional trip each week to (another bite of my Whopper) support my local BK. At least you'll stop them from (dip my onion ring in the zesty sauce) building yet another turtle bridge somewhere in California. Would you like to make that a large? For each negative you receive remember there are about 10,000 silent folks that support your decision.

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