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Rude service/ cold food

Went through the drive food and the Food was cold and very old! Called to speak to the manager and she didn't care! I told her I would call their head quarters to let them know and all she said was "okay"! Will never stop again!


The Burger King on Trenton and 23rd St. In Mcallen, tx, has one of arrogant supervisors. Always has a mad face on, " I don't Want to be here" attditude. ITS NOT THE COUSTOMERS FAULT SHE WORKS THERE.. if she can't handle the crowd then GET OUT OF THE WAY. let someone else take over.


i just acquired possession of burger king's cows being abused. it is very disturbing, 2 say the least. is this accepted behavior? they were screaming in pain is that how u want bk represented? very sick.


people are nasty bk on maple ave Burlington nc no gloves, slow service ,rude, cold food, they re-drop the fries.

Bought my food and got home 5 min laters the fries were stone cold l. Tried to call that store but phone was busy for 20 min. I dont expect it to be fine dinning but I expect my food to be edible at least. Burger king at gewat in Cincinnati is the worst burger king ive been to. You should prolly get that store straightened out. Horrible

Open 24 hours- NOT!!!

Every time I go by Burger King in Vidalia at night, someone is inside and they refuse to answer the drive through. This place is ridiculous! When you do get service, they're slow and rude.


The burger king on Lapalco in Marrero Louisiana is terrible. Store is filthy. Service is poor and appear to have lack of manager supervision doing the day. Very unpleasant experience. Left frustrated. Will not return.

Store 5325 Oakland, California, Horrible Service from Manager

We were treated so badly by the manager, because we were using coupons that was issued by Burger King, I say Burger King if you don't want to honor the coupons do give them. above this the service was terrible and we felt disrespected never again.

Oxford Mi BK

The parking lot is totally ridiculous! Cars are getting stuck in the giant ice/ slush sink holes. What a joke of a business they need to be shut down until they can fix the parking lot!!! I will Never be back there!!!

serving raw food

BK is now trying to kill customers by serving raw chicken. After serving raw food then state they can't refund me my money because he is not authorized.

I will never go to a Burger King again. They repeatedly tell me there are out of sauce for things and it's getting ridiculous. If your a big corporation like you are you should never run out things on a daily basis.

customer service

Thank you for hiring people who speak English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am tired of going to fast food places where they only speak Spanish and they laugh at you after they you place and order

Slowest Burger in Town

Burger King # 15343 in Magnolia Texashas the worst service of ANY fast food restaurant I have ever been to. I understand on occasion that there will be a delay on a particular order. However, I have yet to receive an order at this location in an timely manner. My order number was 31 purchased Mar 01 2014 @7:48pm.

nasty food

the big king was dry and plain and nasty. Albemarle rd. off of lawyers in charlotte, nc. the fries were cold and the lettuce was wilted. no more burger king for me and my family.

have it our way

Ooltewah Tn burger king have it your way is a joke! Ordered 2 milkshakes rib sandwich and burger no mustard. Got 2 cones, shake machine was clean, no rib patties ready so we were given chicken, burger was made mustard only. Management was rude and not dressed for slumming! Other than that no problems in a 25 min drive thru experience!

bad food/ GM attitude

the burger on Hiawassee location is the worst place to eat at.

Lousy customer service?

They should send out the CEO to check out the Burger Kings in their locations like undercover boss. Some of the Burger King places are nasty are not well-kept customer service is lousy... Where is the courtesy and like in the commercials and make it look so fabulous. I will never go to another Burger King ever again.

out of biscuits

sick of waiting in line at drive thru and finding out an hour before they stop breakfast food-no biscuits. This has happened often. Going to McDonalds from now on. This happened at the Allegan, Michigan store.

Latest Visit

Greetings-- No wonder there's never a line at BK, Whopper w/cheese, sm. fries, sm. Coke = $7.69 ! Mgr. took the order, was not offered a value meal, asked for ketchup & napkins, no ketchup in bag. Store #1159 Time: 9:11pm Avenel, N.J. I'm not one to contact anyone about a drive-thru order at a fast food restaurant, but there have been other occasions where the cheese was slapped on un-melted. Sincerely, Mike Haley

happy meal

Yall should have Dragon Ball Z toys in your happy meal because lots of kids all around the world love thecartoon Dragon Ball Z!!!!!

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