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I purchased a defective wireless range extender. I returned it and the item was a few days over their 15 day return policy they would not credit my Discover card. Not a good place to shop

Store 293

Very poor, almost non-existent customer service from almost every sales associate and management.

Hot Springs, Arkansas store has no customer service

I have bought my last item from best buy. No customer service. Could not even give me my balance so I could pay it off. Totally incompetent general manager. No one seems to be able to do anything in a timely manner

Age Discrimination

In my opinion, Best Buy doesn't hire older people...especially in Texas

reward program

the worst customer service. purchased over $5,000 in merchandise and my account was empty. terrible not helpful

laptop warrenty

poor, they provide poor customer service for product under warrenty. i drive over the road commercial truck driver. i can not take product back to same store. and an put on forever hold on phone, then more excuses and more excuses. poor poor poor, circuit city did a better job then you do and you are headed in that direction with your poor customer service!

Support Complaint

I purchased an Asus Laptop from Lex,KY store last April 14, 2013. Have had continuous problems with Windows 8 and restarted the computer to its original settings. I lost the product key in the restart. Microsoft has told me that BB purchased product keys and they could easily give me one, nevertheless, the store refuses to do so. Needles to say, I am an unhappy customer.


Store # 465, Wilmington, DE is the worst...Had a stove delivered, installers left toxic cleaner in the oven and left my home with the oven on.....Started a fire and released toxic gas...Ruined my living room carpet from muddie feet....Nobody appears to be in any hurry to satisfy this customer...I will never enter a Best Buy again nor will any of the 183 peoplethat I work with from Wilmington , Delaware.

Loosing the Customer Service War

This company will not go down due to its products or competitve pricing, it will go down due to Customer Service. Wal-mart will continue to prevail due to its no hassle return policy. Made a purchase, box looked as if it was tampered with to begin with, the next day came to returen with all documentation from purchase in hand. Was told they will not take back a TV for two screws no being in the box, that was never there to begin with.

Best Buy Survey

Few weeks ago I was asked to take a survey by Best Buy to rate its services. When completed I was give a choice of free products, I selected a coffe bean extract. To my chagrin I received a bottle of the extract with an $83.47 charge Why is Best Buy exposing us to this ordeal?

Worst company ever to do any business with. Renewed an anti virus software on line yesterday. Did not get an activation code. Spent whole making phone calls and got transferred from one person to next with long hold times and disconnections. Geek squad guy could not complete the installation as he used the old activation code. This morning can't even get to cancel the order. I called corporate headquarters and after being put on hold multiple times, he called back and I am still waiting to get the order cancelled. THIS COMPANY SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS.


In about three months I returned five items. Two HP laptops for dead pixels, one camera wouldn't auto focus, kindle would keep trapping wifi and a tripod for that was cheaply made for my needs wouldn't support the camera and lens "made of plastic. All but the tripod were defective but when I returned the last item the kindle a warning came up to many returns wouldn't be able to return any items for ninety days this is a bad practice.

Unethical Store Behavior

If you purchase ant product at Best Buy be sure to get any return information in writing or pay the price. I purchased a Rosseta Stone program as a gift. It was too much for the person. They wanted to return it to get a less detailed version. The store manager refused the return saying it was Rosseta Stone policy. I called Rosseta Stone they they said they accept returns provided it is in 30 days. The store manager either was lazy and didn't know or used it to blow smoke at me. I will never purchase another product from this company. The store is located in Mission Viejo Ca.

Best buy in muncie Indiana usa

I went to best buy in muncie indiana 47304 on dec 21 2013 I was get very bad service there , her name is Ana wells ,she was mad and angry to the customer she was very very bad to the customer , she need to more training or go back to the factory and work there ,she do not have any experience to work with any retail store. Or public I don't want any happen again to the customer

Savings coupon joke

Worst post sales experience ever. Just called BB to let them know that the savings coupon code that was sent to me had an expiration date that preceded the purchase date, i.e. item purchased 12/2/13, coupon expiration date 11/2/13. Call center is in the Philippines; couldn't understand them they couldn't understand me. Called corporate and they couldn't have cared less. This company needs to go out of business. In future I'll stick with Amazon.

Ineffective overseas call centers for customer service

I've tried nearly 8 weeks from their Indian call centers to get a receipt for Kaspersky renewal. I've spoken with US counterparts who say they can't find receipts if you call in for an order which is the only way to get renewals. I've even asked for autorenewal to end and was given a confirmation number for that but I feel I'm going to have to dispute this last charge and future charges.

Best Buy Prescott

Been on the phone all morning trying to get best buy to fix my computer. Although it's under warranty I can get no satisfaction. I have even called customer support and got nothing but the run around. They wont even give me the number to the corporate office.They are the worst company I have ever had to deal with!

Tech Support RIP OFF

Don't buy their Tech Support package. You will wait for help forever. You can get better help faster from small shops. And they cannot tell you anything about how long it takes. I personally feel that the techs are playing around. I have waited 7 hours for online help now. I want a refund!


Best buy is by far the worst retailer in the marketplace today. And as for corporate you'd be betting off blowing your brains out than to be talking to these brain dead people.

Zero Customer service

Best Buy switched banks to handle their Best Buy credit card and caused a nightmare of problems for their customers. They have FAILED in so many ways to find a resolution to the problem they caused for me. This is at all levels and parties involved, Geek squad, Store manager, Capital One, and especially their back office and Corporate office. A complete nightmare!...and the problem has still not been resolved.

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