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Never again will i ever recommend or get another card from this guys they never follow up with customers or even know what the hell they are talking about


I am so upset. Even though on the back of gift cards it states that it will be replaced if lost or stolen, don't believe it. You can only talk to someone in India, and all they give you is the run around. I have been a customer since 1983 and have never made a claim before. I purchased two American Express gift cards on my American Express card and put them in the mail. They were never received. I have been getting that I need the number on the cards that were lost. The store where I bought it does not keep the number on file for obvious reasons. I give them an F for misrepresentation. 3155

Da Pain, Da Pain!

An account holder since 1983, I made a huge mistake by holding my Amex card in my company name, of which I am the sole proprietor. My AMEX card has a 10,000 USD limit, and I have never been late and paid the balance every month in full and on time. Recently as I hit Social Security retirement age, and after reading that Costco is dumping American Express, I determined I should get a new AMEX card not related to Costco. I about fell over when AMEX repeatedly denied my applications for a replacement card, even though my company card (remember I own the company 100% in my own name) is STILL ACTIVE. I tried sending mail to Mr. Chenault, I think much like their offshore "support", Amex has dumped common sense in the toilet in favor of pressing for higher profits. Losing my business is not going to change life for AMEX, but as many here have repeatedly stated, if ENOUGH folks squawk, the NEXT person may go somewhere ELSE for their credit card requirements. I'm 66 years old with a 25+ year job (still work there) for the SAME employer, and have substantial and verifiable liquid assets, but AMEX relies on the credit bureaus. Ready for this? They do NOT report "company" credit cards to Equifax, Experian or Transunion. Thus my 20+ years with a 10,000 limit with AMEX means NADA, even to AMEX themselves. Wow, how stupid. But then, this isn't Russia - it's America - and why am I shocked?

they have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. corporate seems not to care to respond to any inquiries that you send to them so they get an F.

inquiry on asking by a location

is there somekind of office that belongs to the main company here located here please 1908 sw 152st ave miramar florida 33027 with much crucks in this office there , or used names as they did to me here

this company has the worse customer service i have ever experienced. the get a big fat F. The people answering the phone do not speak good english and it's hard to understand them.

Customer Service

I hate getting service from overseas when calling like the next guy but if I am ever late with a payment I expect to pay the late charges posted.

Less protection than competition

Here it is brass tacks. American Express will put the vendor's interest ahead of yours. You can get fraud perpetrated against you, but if it means compromising the relationship with one of their accounts. You will lose. Use VISA/MasterCard. I had 1 problem, it was solved in my favor in 1 week. Working with AMEX is a joke.

excellent customer service

Thank you, to the American Express executive offices who came to our rescue.

I have been a customer since 1991 and have never been late with a payment. In fact, sometimes I pay twice in one month. Recently I missed a payment date (but paid 2 payments month prior) and when I called and asked for a courtesy credit because of my exemplary history, I was told NO CAN DO but the agent suggested that I use my Reward dollars to wash out the late charge. Get your hands out of my pockets! I will be cancelling my account and going to Bank of America Mastercard.

Customer Service

First time using American Express I called them about my cards they were VERY VERY helpful and friendly first time I've ever seen a caring helpful credit card company I love using my cards and I will always tell friends and family get AMEX thank you guys so much your amazing credit card company I wanna give you 25 star rating if I could

Horrible Customer Service

I have been a AMEX customer for over 19 years and have an outstanding payment history. Over the last two months, I was late 2 days with a $25 balence (over holiday weekend) and was late the following month due to vacation ($57 bill) and plan old oversight. When i called to request a courtesy waiver of the 2 late fees, the agent, supervisor and manager only wanted to discuss the validity of teh charges. Not once did they acknowledge my outstanding payment history or that I was a valued 19 year customer. Their position was "i screwed up and the late fees are valid". Well, i really dont need to be associated with a company like that so after 19 years and after spending over $45K, i'll just "take my business elsewhere". Thanks AMEX!!!

Get refund from AMX

I can say horrible!! I meant non-existent!!! AMX get a money that my account was over paid by $81, so to claim that money is next to impossible, I called to AMX and I had to deal with Off-Shore located in India and they like to have 5 personal ID information and when I told them that I live in California and I can give you only 4 ID information to be safe from stolen ID they say sorry I can't provide you your refund, so what next .... (at the mean time I am canceled/closed my credit card too)

e-mail address

can you advise the e-mail address for edward p. gilligan, president american express?

Horrible Service

Did I say horrible?? I meant non-existent!!! I have attempted to contact this company 3 times in the past two days and they hang up on you! Keep looking if you want customer service with your cards! And if I could have, they would have gotten a minus 1000 stars, but this site makes you choose one!

I get it!

If you understand the usage terms and agree to them, American Express is the way to go. I have had an American Express Card since 2006 and I Love It. I have accumulated almost 500K points and a few months ago, I purchased a Nikon 5200D camera worth over $1500 and it was sent to me for free. Thanks, American Express...keep up the good work!!!

AmEx is ruining your credit

I just discovered that you are lowering your credit rating every month you use AmEx. Their policy is to post the balance on your bill to the credit agencies as the bill is generated. When you make a payment, that is NOT posted. The AmEx card looks like a revolving charge card which is never paid off. Other companies like Discover and Capital One post both balances and payments to the agencies in real time. Over time, this is very destructive to your credit score with all agencies, in particular, FICO. I am going to stop using it and I recommend you stop as well.

Cancelled my account using excuses to deny me close to 100,000 points

With the most abusive custumer (dis)service I have been object of ever, American Express cancelled my account using the most ridiculous, offensive and difamatory excuses in their books. Nothing but racism from a rasist institution, to stump all over my rights as a minority and to deny my rights to about one hundred points due to me. The banking industry is having their cake and eating it too.

Geez....If you ever need to file a charge dispute with American Express -don't bother. I filed a dispute regarding an internet 'computer repair' service company-had a virus on my computer they were supposed to remove remotely. Yeah, they removed it alright...in the process removed half of my operating system too. They left the computer totally inoperable. I had to take it to Staples the next day to have it diagnosed and repaired; now having to paying for a second repair for Staples. American Express contacted the 'computer repair' company and was told 'we removed the virus as requested'; I guess I assumed the computer would be working properly after the 'computer repair' company was done with it. Well, I am done with American Express. They NEVER support their customers regarding disputes.

Credit Balance

I have been a very loyal customer, using my platinum card for everything and making payments thru out the months. Now that I have a large credit balance on my account and requested a check back for the credit it has been a nightmare. I am still trying to get my money back... they are giving me the run around. In the meantime I have not used my card in over a month. For now, I am still working on getting that check... I am told it's on the way.. than I call back and they have canceled the request.. it's always a different story each and every day

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