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Horrible Service

Did I say horrible?? I meant non-existent!!! I have attempted to contact this company 3 times in the past two days and they hang up on you! Keep looking if you want customer service with your cards! And if I could have, they would have gotten a minus 1000 stars, but this site makes you choose one!

I get it!

If you understand the usage terms and agree to them, American Express is the way to go. I have had an American Express Card since 2006 and I Love It. I have accumulated almost 500K points and a few months ago, I purchased a Nikon 5200D camera worth over $1500 and it was sent to me for free. Thanks, American Express...keep up the good work!!!

AmEx is ruining your credit

I just discovered that you are lowering your credit rating every month you use AmEx. Their policy is to post the balance on your bill to the credit agencies as the bill is generated. When you make a payment, that is NOT posted. The AmEx card looks like a revolving charge card which is never paid off. Other companies like Discover and Capital One post both balances and payments to the agencies in real time. Over time, this is very destructive to your credit score with all agencies, in particular, FICO. I am going to stop using it and I recommend you stop as well.

Cancelled my account using excuses to deny me close to 100,000 points

With the most abusive custumer (dis)service I have been object of ever, American Express cancelled my account using the most ridiculous, offensive and difamatory excuses in their books. Nothing but racism from a rasist institution, to stump all over my rights as a minority and to deny my rights to about one hundred points due to me. The banking industry is having their cake and eating it too.

Geez....If you ever need to file a charge dispute with American Express -don't bother. I filed a dispute regarding an internet 'computer repair' service company-had a virus on my computer they were supposed to remove remotely. Yeah, they removed it alright...in the process removed half of my operating system too. They left the computer totally inoperable. I had to take it to Staples the next day to have it diagnosed and repaired; now having to paying for a second repair for Staples. American Express contacted the 'computer repair' company and was told 'we removed the virus as requested'; I guess I assumed the computer would be working properly after the 'computer repair' company was done with it. Well, I am done with American Express. They NEVER support their customers regarding disputes.

Credit Balance

I have been a very loyal customer, using my platinum card for everything and making payments thru out the months. Now that I have a large credit balance on my account and requested a check back for the credit it has been a nightmare. I am still trying to get my money back... they are giving me the run around. In the meantime I have not used my card in over a month. For now, I am still working on getting that check... I am told it's on the way.. than I call back and they have canceled the request.. it's always a different story each and every day

no review for obvious mistake

i called for a hotel reservation and thought i was calling the hotel never told it was expedia. i cancelled two later and still was billed by amex even tho i did cancel expedia had the wrong email address and never sent email for cancellation the hotel never got a penny and never charged me expedia got it all even tho they did nothing . amex would not back me up after 48 years of membership. wow.

Who's Answering the Phone...

Recently, I placed a call to the telephone number on the back of my American Express card and guess what I got? Solicited by unethical/ethical solicitors wishing to "give" me a $100 gift if I would "try" their preferred magazine service and USA Benefit for 15 days for $1.95. If you do not cancel within 15 days, the credit card used to collect the $1.95 will be charged $39.95 a month and $29.95 a month respectively, and oh, by the way, we don't take American Express!! Also, when you request American Express's new telephone number, they give you the number of another 800- telephone information scammer so they can get you for another $10 or $15 for a supposedly "free" long-distance telephone call. Can you believe it? This is the telephone number that is printed on the back of thousands of American Express cards!!! I am still in shock! Whether ethical or unethical, how could ANY corporation sell its telephone number to such solitors!!! And this company's card is supposedly carried by some of our nation's wealthiest people! I agree with those above, that I'm taking steps to eliminate my American Express card FOR GOOD!


A payment to my "Pre-Paid" account was made but not credited by AMX. You can't imagine the time and aggravation trying to get this resolved. Not resolved to date. I can't get anyone in the Pre-Paid division to fathom what I'm talking about.

Really Pissed Off

I've been an Amex card holder since 1971. Not after today. Received a letter telling me that because they have not received my May payment (which was scheduled thru their website) my rate is jumping to the "bad boy" rate of 27.24% from the current 17+%. Speaking to 2 different anal orifices today only convinced me that Amex is going down and I have cancelled my account, paid off the balance, and give them the one finger salute. If that is the new normal for Amex they don't need loyal customers or business es who accept American Express.

you don't get what they promise

I have been a platinum cardholder for 25 years, never asked for them to dispute a charge. I recently used my card for services and asked for a refund and American Express simply wrote letters and finally said that it is too long(less than 10 months) and they can no longer do anything to help

Former customer since 1996

On May 13, 2013, I paid off my Amex Gold balance of $13,400.00. I brought this account to zero balance. Amex appreciation for my paying off the balance is $111.56. On the other hand, I paid off Chase Visa and Stein Mart Mastercard. They both appreciated my payments, even Chase issued a credit back to me in check form. My above explanations show the benefits of being customers of Visa and Mastercard, and never go back with Amex. Plus, Amex is not accepted overseas. I travel internationally, and it is the non-sense credit card to carry around. Goodbye Amex forever and ever!!!

Former customer since 1996

On May 13, 2013, I paid off my Amex Gold balance of $13,400.00. I brought this account to zero balance. Amex appreciation for my paying off the balance is $111.56. On the other hand, I paid off Chase Visa and Stein Mart Mastercard. They both appreciated my payments, even Chase issued a credit back to me in check form. My above explanations show the benefits of being customers of Visa and Mastercard, and never go back with Amex. Plus, Amex is not accepted overseas. I travel internationally, and it is the non-sense credit card to carry around.

VP of Operations

After many many years of doing business with American Express and one late payment because of a error with a new person in our billing department our rate was jacked up to 27% and our limit reduces over night. No call into customer service would change anything and they said they would review it after a year at this rate. Good Bye American Express.

CEO Arotech Corporation

There is no email contact for consumer complaints on your website. There is no way to communicate to the CEO of lousy service without going on a phone safari. First with a series of electronic personnel and finally when after a long time you reach a human they cant help you but need to transfer you to someone else who in the end cant help either.


Tried to make a call with observation of service that I felt was out of character for Amex. This was not a complaint but constructive feedback. Was told by two divisions that all communications must be in writing or I could leave message but not to expect any callback. I was dumbstruck after years of good experience.

Exemplary Member

I aspired as a college graduate to obtain an American Express card. My aspiration was realized. I became a member of American Express in 1980. I have been an exemplary member. I have recommeded thousands of consumers. I was always proud to be a consumer of such a fine company. In September, one of my cards amount was reduced for charges by 98%...I am still in shock. As other consumers stated...I never missed a payment, have never been late, have paid off large balances and made more than required payments. I would like a true explanation for the changes...I have not gotten an answer...My credit reporting agencies state that I can get anything that I desire...This is not true with American Express. I am not famous. I am not wealthy. I am a child of GOD. I know that he will someday handle this situation. i know that at the end of one's life...GOD will be the judge for all of us. I will not call American Express again...I will not reapply for the card I cancelled, again. I know that my husband died for his fellow Americans. I know that both of my sons are disabled veterans for our fellow Americans. I know that I taught and counsel special need students...both overseas and stateside. i have put my life at risk for my country as a civilian and military wife overseas. I am a perpetual volunteer. And I am disappointed and hurt that I have contributed so much to a company that could dehumanize and assasinate my credit worthiness...no one should ever have to write a review for American Express, such as this one...I know that others, as I deserve better...


The worst customer service I've ever experienced!! Was on the phone for 30 minutes, couldn't understand the people in India, and they were rude on top of no resolution to my query. Never using American Express if that is the kind of help I will recieve.

Credit reduction Thief

I took my kids college money out of the bank and pt in on my two Amex cards that i have had since 1985 and when i went to pay the tuition i was told without warning that my limit has been reduced. Organized crime is still alive and well. When i called for help i was told that i have to provide my financial records as if i was some kind of dead beat. I have never paid the bill late ever. What a great way to treat a loyal customer. Yes i will contact the CEO until i get my daughters college money back. Signed Robbed

Costco AMEX card.

The Costco American Express card is useless for foreign travel. I travel to England and Ireland usually twice a year yet AMEX keeps refusing most attempts to charge. I suspect that the COSTCO AMEX card is a very much downgraded version of their other cards. Fortunately my back up card, Citibank, never refuses such charges and always comes to the rescue. In future, I intend to use the Costco AMEX card only when buying gas at Costco Locations. as it can't be trusted for travel.

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