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How To Steal At Amazon

One: buy something and wait. Two: whine about 'not getting it'. You got it. Three: A to Z will ALWAYS give you your (the merchant's) money. Does not matter how much proof the other guy can pony up, Amazon LOVES thieves!!! Four : Enjoy your new prosperity

I absolutely LOVE Amazon! I have never had any problems with customer service, or shipping. I would like to make one suggestion for the amazon kindle though. You should make it so the books are marked or checked after they have been read. I have read over a thousand books, and when i preorder books, i don't know which ones i have already read. i have tried archiving them, but half the time, the new books are put there. It would be a great idea to think about. Thank you!

amazon has failed

My entire family and I loved shopping Amazon until 2014. It has been a terrible experience for everyone since Amazon began trying to extort money from customers by giving such lousy service and poor shipping and delivery service to customers who choose NOT to buy a Prime account. Whoever started this miserable campaign should not be fired, they should be executed because they have murdered Amazon.com. This will not post without a "star" rating and since one star is the lowest I can mark that's what it's got.

Amazon go out of business

I don't shop movies on amazon. Amazon steals hollywood video. Amazon go out of business.


I posted a comment this afternoon and it went through....see your Message sent successfully! Thank you for posting a review on eCorporateOffices.com but I don't see it...what happened to it.

Abuse of Amazon Associates

Apparently now Amazon thinks they are above the law. When Amazon enters into a relationship with an Amazon associate it is a contractual relationship that requires them to give notice before closing an Associates account based on alleged noncompliance. They do not give notice and an opportunity to remedy in violation of contractual law. Instead, they just cancel your account based on ambiguous and unclear policies. You have to fight to figure out what rule you violated and even if you do fix it, they will not restore your account. Instead, they close your account and take any money you have in there. It is about time someone filed a lawsuit against Amazon because it is clear they think they are above the law.

Specious business practices

As a longtime buyer on Amazon? The number of sellers in the past year who have misrepresented product information IS GROWING. I was "burned" once again this month and this time? Amazon blocked my ability to leave feedback for the seller. The seller sold me a product dating from 1999 (Port Au Prince) and considered that a "mistake" and wanted me to return it. No offer of a refund was made. The whole experience is specious beyond words and even more disconcerting? AMAZON'S blockage of my basic feedback about the experience, as well as others this past year that point to not screening their sellers well enough.

Poor service

This has been one of thee worst experiences in my life. Fighting with Amazon since March and it is now mid August for a refund that I was told over & over would be in my account and is not. I have pages of e-mails telling me what they will do along with a time line and still to no avail.The only thing they can seem to get right is a constant "not my department, please hold while I transfer you". I am completely frustrated with the very process they say is so simple and will be remedied with in 24-48 hrs. I will NOT participate with AMAZON.COM or KINDLE EVER AGAIN. Thanks for nothing and by the way, my lines are recorded too. Wish you luck when my lawyers chime in.

run far away

customer service is nothing but a joke.

NEVER be a seller here

as a seller...we get the same third world customer "service" and, of course, no phone numbers.

Awful Customer Service

I loaded some gift cards on to my account equally over $100. When I went to log into my account to use it, my account all of a sudden was closed. I have been trying to get it fixed for 16 months now and no one is able to fix it or help resolve the issue. Keeping telling me I have to call on the phone and when I do they tell me ok it is fixed, I hang up and it still is not fixed. They have very poor customer service.


Bought my wedding band from AMAZON. Apparently they subcontract out items. I really purchased from "I wedding". Wedding in 5 days. No ring. It can't be found. Amazon won't refund my money. It already shipped.. I am a regular who will not return.

Amazon worships Telecheck. They allow Telecheck to make their decisions for them. It is an established legal fact that they are a dishonest and unreliable company. But they love control! And Amazon gives it to them.

Horrible customer service

I had issues setting up subscribe and save items. I called customer service. First person could not speak English; second person didn't have a computer that worked. So, I emailed customer service. Several emails back and forth later, they still don't understand what my problem is and keep telling me that I need to add more items to the subscription. That was not my problem, nor my issue. Amazon customer service apparently cannot read nor speak English. Extremely dissatisfied.


Amazon is fantastic. They are the best merchandiser I have ever purchased a variety of items from.

this place is a big rip off they took my money and treat me bad.

i have been shopping with them for a long time.money came out of my bank with out me knowing.some one there steals people cash but dony know who.i get yreated bad when i order items they get the orders mix up all the time.there is never a boss there in case a problem.

A to Z claim

I never got my phone or a refund on a flashing service bought the phone from amazon it's bin a year and I never got a call back I spoke with them many am any time explain send papers that they ask and still nothing I don't shop there any more

Kindle Fire Issues

I have been trying for about six months to get help for the technical issues that I had with my kindle. Each time I try to charge it, it shuts down. Someone finally got in touch with me after the warrantee expired to tell me I am not eligible for a replacement because my warrantee expired. Figure that. My complaints started before the warrantee ended. All I received was a replacement charger that did not solve the issues.


I have had a kindle that keeps freezing on me. When you call you get someone that hardly speaks English and they want you to try everything under the sun with the kindle that keeps you on the phone for at least 45 minutes only to be told you have to send it back on your own dime. NO customer service what so ever.

Lied to by Customer Service

I called customer service to ask if I could purchase other Amazon gift cards using an Amazon gift card. When I went online to purchase the cards, I could not. I called and asked for assistance and was told that I can't use the gift card to buy the gift cards. They did not care that I was given the wrong information and said that I could use a credit card to buy them. Wally A from the Philippians was the "manager" that said he would not do anything for me.

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