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Rude Customer Service Reps

Amazon does not care about their customers. The representatives are rude, not knowledgeable and inconsistent.


I have repeatedly tried to get my money back and I am getting no where. Someone out there should care. Do you?

shipped wrong parts

I ordered two front quick strut assemblies one left and one right they are two different part numbers and I received 2 left assemblies, I contacted Amazon and requested that they send the correct right hand side strut assembly, they stated they would be happy to ship the correct part that I already paid for for an additional cost due to the fact that they did not have the correct part for the price I was quoted. I asked that they honor the contract they had with me for the price quoted. They said they could not honor the contract for that price and would happily refund my money to my account. I paid with gift cards because I do not have nor want a credit card. I found the parts locally and would like my money back so I can't purchase them, they stated that they would not be able to help me with that for it is not their policy to refund cash when a gift card was used. They said that the money in my account will never expire and that they hoped that I would give him another chance, I have no choice but to give him another chance because they have my money. I am a disabled minimum wage employee who does not make a lot of money to just have it sitting around on the off chance that I may need something from Amazon.

Return Policy

Extremely strict and not customerfriendly return policy. Think twice about buying from Amazon.

Why Dont They Care?

Customer service could not be any worse weather is Customer Support or Corporate Offices, they don't fix and tech issues, they lie to you over the phone, We need to boycott/petition Amazon away!

The worse customer information and help I have ever experienced. I have never dealt with a company that can't simply answer a question. Horrible.

Just that I am expressing my appreciation of your fine service. I am really impressed. Don't see how it could be any better. Lois Freeman

No Service

Tried 6 times to order from Baby Gift Registry. Would not accept and keeps looping to a customer service form that blanks out. What a joke - do not bother

Amazon Fresh

Just found out that Amazon Fresh is coming to the Uk!

Customer service has been outsourced and trying to communicate is impossible. When a person answers the phone, you can request a U.S. representative, but good luck with getting help with third party issues!


Bad customer service I am a disabled person and they use every excuse too just hang up on individuals I chose amazon because of what they say they can do and they did nothing but hang up on me at the customer service department

Poor customer service

Ordered Cowboy seat covers, floor mats, and steering wheel cover. when they arrived, the seat covers did not fit. Had to pay 19.01 to send them back, because Amazon was not willing to pay for the return, because I opened the package.


I am advising anyone with problems as buyers or sellers where you have been scammed out of your money and/or items from this site to please file a complaint with BBB!!!! Lets help make these online corporations be held to their own rules!!!!!

Poor customr service and refund policy

order a hdtv on 1/27/15 it never shipped from third party seller. Opened a-z claim only to be told three days later I would have to wait another two weeks for a refund? Back up what you sell amazon.


I have truly enjoyed ordering from Amazon. Anytime I need to buy things I check with Amazon first and have gotten a better price. Even my grand children will call and as me to check for them. When they are out shopping and most of the time you have a better price.


Order dog food; get a fan. When I called I was told I would get a refund of my money, reorder the dog food and send the fan back via UPS. Another company supplies the products but they place the labels on the products. They screwed up and expect me to pay more to get it right. They should say sorry, keep the fan or send return label and ship me my merchandise over night at no extra cost

Navigating Amazon website

Trying to find the link for selling books on Amazon is challenging and time-consuming. The webmaster for this website is not skillful. Using Google to find the right page is unacceptable.

Strange Billing Practices

Amazon billed my credit card company for items I purchased, but described them as coming from the book store. I attempted to question them why they're billing herbs and a variety of other items as books; but they shut the site down for me, so I couldn't check the purchase validity on the site. The credit card company refused payments and changed the card. After a week, no call from account specialists.

More like A-F

After years of ordering through Amazon I will no longer be ordering from them I will from now on go directly through the companys them self I have better luck dealing with them. Amazon has got too big too quick I dont see them being needed much longer Customer Service has become much better with the individual companys and Amazon has seemed to forgotten what that is BYE

How To Steal At Amazon

One: buy something and wait. Two: whine about 'not getting it'. You got it. Three: A to Z will ALWAYS give you your (the merchant's) money. Does not matter how much proof the other guy can pony up, Amazon LOVES thieves!!! Four : Enjoy your new prosperity

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