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I'm on my 2nd purchase from your store. Unfortunately, I purcheased a tv. The delivery was 2 hours late. I go to work the following morning I get home my tv is gone (wtf). The manager at this store in Shreveport has no customer service about him. He wasn't apologetic about what happened he only wanted to know when was I going to make a payment. I also purchased a stand & dvd blue ray player. I've asked that they come pick up there merchandise that I no longer want. They never showed up and they constantly call wanting to know when am I going to make a payment. I've told them when they pick up the merchandise and adjust my bill then they will get a payment. He tells me they're not going to come pick it up because I'm not making a payment on that day (wtfa). I've never heard of such unprofessionalism until I started dealing with them. Hope your merchandise stays in good condition.

Here is a good one for you. I went into an Aaron's here in Dallas, TX. The line you are pre approved is pure BULL!!!! I went in for a computer. Picked the one I wanted. Paid the first full 1 month rent. Set up a delivery time. Since they HAD to deliver it. It was supposed to have been delivered between 4 and 8. I call them at 1:30 pm to have them deliver any time after 6 pm. at 5 minutes to 9 I call the store and I am told....Get this.....ou were not approved for THAT computer by our GM. You can call Marcus tomorrow. Why could they of not told me when I called at 1:30 so I could of gone up there. I personally think one of their friends came in and wanted the computer that I picked out. So Be very leery of going to Aarons for anything!!!!! I will go back to Rent a Center where my money is good and they stand behind their products!!!!!!!

I am buying some furniture from your store and I know exactly what the other people are talking about. I am in the process of turning it over to the attorney general's office. When I first purchase my merchandise IO had to wait over 3 months for a dryer and then it couldn't be hooked up the sofa is ripped at the bottom. I fell behind and allof a sudden corporate started calling me. When I contacted them about the merchandise and I was paying almost four hundred dollars no response. I am late on the second payment and the people at the office have contacted my job almost everyday. they also threatened and said that corporate told them they have to pick up the merchandise. I told them that I will be contacting the headquarters to let them know that I will pay by the first of the month, but they did not want to get off the phone. Something needs to be address about how the employees for this company calls customers.Next will be the newspaper and to the Better Business Bureau.

I am in Duncan Oklahoma i rent a 44 inch JVC television that has been sent to get fixed three times, today i got the T.V. back after three months of it being gone to service and it is still broken. the delivery guy told me they put 544.26 into fixing the T.V. not a couple hours after being delivered it is doing the same thing it was sent to get fixed for.when i call my local aarons dealership they make it sound like i am crazy. all i want is a working T.V. that i made every payment on time for. i am almost finished paying for this T.V. and am reluctant to do so.now along the lines of me being crazy,aarons gave me a loaner T.V. that was the make and model as the one that was being fixed. we had no problems with it at all that sucker would work anytime we wanted to use it. now when i have talked to the regional manager he has stated that aarons is not going to give me a new T.V. and even if they were to give a different one it would be a previously rented one that they had taken back from someone who didnt pay there bill.even though the one i bought came right out of a box brand new never been used.so who is crazy? all i want is a T.V. a new one like the one i made every payment on time for. what do i do? who do i talk to because when i call corporate offices they say i need to talk to same regional manager shmuck that was "taking care of the situation" before! if he would of took care of the situation my T.V. that i paid 3300.00 and some odd cents for on time every payment remember would work!thanks for nothing except TAKING MY MONEY!

I am in the lonodn ky store (F-738). I just want u to know that there is alot of Favortisim there Tommy and Brandon takes 2hr lunches and there delivery drivers are lucky if they get to eat at work every day. For an example the A/C in the delivery drivers truck is out and they wont have it fixed and another thing there was a instance that brandon told me that tommy let him use the truck on a sunday to move his girlfriends furniture also. I think that someone kneeds to go in there and clean that place up because its not right to everyone else there that tommy and brandon can kiss one anothers ass and do what they want. Also how is that Brandon and tommy can take long lunch breaks and leave work early to go watch boxing matches. Tommy and Brandon are doing the other people realy bad its agona be real funny when a few of them walk out. If u all dont do something im agona find somebody that will

I purchased a TV from a store in houston.I had made about 14 payments toward the TV.Then we decided to move to GA. I called Aarrons to have them to pick the tv up and was told I would have my credit at the store in snellville GA.They told me I had to get the same tv Or lose my credit.All I wanted was a smaller tv for my bedroom for the money I payed.But I see now what a sorryass company you are and I will tell everyone how awful your stores are and the way you do people and I will be getting a lawyer to resolve this issue if it kills me.7704668555 is my phone number

You guys need to stand behind your promises. I found it advertised lower(almost 275 lower and for a brand new item the one i got from you was a used item) Well they didnt want to do that. It was to much off I was told. So they told me I could bring the TV back. I did. Now they want to charge me over 400 dollars for brining it back.

I'm writing this response regarding a issue I'm having with the Aaron store in west palm beach fl. on military trail and the corner of west gate, i bought a lap top and something went wrong with it before my contract was up, they were suppose to sent it in to be fixed and every time i call its either not in yet or someone will call me back, they gave me a loner to use until my lap top come in, when i get threw i will have paid over 1200.00 dollars for a lap to that was suppose to have been new, I've always purchase things from Aaron's bed room sets, living room sets and i never had any problems, my last payment is a little over 80 bucks and is due 6/15/2010, Aaron's needs to wave my last payment and make sure my lap top is fixed, besides i was still paying on it while it was suppose to have been sent off for repair, i need to hear from someone from this office asap, i would hate to take my complaint to channel 12 news, that's why I'm sending this to your office to be resolve, i like dealing with aaron's i just don't like the way they are treating a value customer, i'll be waiting to hear from someone, my phone number is 561-385-1358 thank you,

i am renting a tv standand, 42 inch flat screen and a sectional from your store.it was rented in oct of 09 i have beeen late maybe three times with a payment due to things beyond my control. i just suffered a stroke three weeks ago and fell behind one payment now all hell has broken lose because of that. i get three phone calls a day average of 15 calls in one week for one week late. i am in the process of buying another sectional from big lots furniture store which is located right next door to your store seaford de. The so called GM of your store came to my home AND UPSET MY SON BY THREATING TO TAKE HIS TV she has an attitude about my payment which i had just made one on 5/19 she saw it noted. i said i would pay the balace on fri but she got smart with me anyway. if this is how your people conduct business i dont want any part of it. i bought from this store five years ago and and did not get treated like this. i have also seen so many employees come and go so that means your turn over rate is bad which tells me that you have problems within your co and need to fix it or your seaford store will go out of business. I AM GIVING BACK EVERYTHING I HAVE RENTED FROM YOU AND WILL NEVER BUY FROM YOU AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT I NEED. I WILL BE PURCHASING MY FURNITURE FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE FROM NOW ON OR ANOTHER STORE.EVERYBODY I KNOW WILL NOW KNOW WHAT TYPE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU GIVE IF I HAVE TO PUT UP A SIGN OUTSIDE YOUR STORE TELLING PEOPLE WHO YOU ARE I WILL.I HAVE BEEN DOING RETAIL FOR ALMOST TWENTY YEARS AND HAVE NEVER SEEN A STORE LIKE YOURS. THEY ARE GIVING YOUR COMPANY A BAD REPUTATION IN SEAFORD ALOT OF PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE THEM BECAUSE OF THERE BUSINESS PRACTICE. I ALSO HAVE BEEN TALKING TO THE B.B.B ABOUT YOUR CO THEY ALREADY HAVE SEVERAL COMPLAINTS BESIDES MINE ABOUT YOUR STORE LOCATION AND THE THREATHING CALLS PLUS YOUR GMS NASTY ATTITUDE TOWARD CUSTOMERS. YOUR STORE WILL BE GETTING A PHONE CALL AND OR VISIT FROM THEM THIS WEEK. THIS HAS BEEN AN ONGOING PROBLEM FROM WHAT I WAS TOLD AND SOMEONE IS FINALLY GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. IM SORRY WE HAD TO MEET UNDER THESE CONDITIONS BUT WHEN THEY MESS WITH MY CHILDREN WHICH HAVE AUTISUM AND ANGER ME FOR A ONE WEEK PAYMENT LATE I AM NOT HAPPY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

When you go into Aarons in Union City GA it looks absolutley terrible, the beds they sell have no sheets on them, they are selling broken merchandise on the sales floor, including couches, table sets, scratched tables, its just rediculous!!!Never purchase anything from them because they are over priced and they make false promises. If you dont have the cash to buy it, you may not need it.

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