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poor svc

why the aol show the news for 40sec the jump for mensages

wtf, why do I pay for a faulty aol connection

A few weeks ago I had no problem using Poker Texas Holdem and Bevnet job board. Now I can't play and send resumes on bevnet. Am I being penalized? Do I owe money?


I am paying for service and I am not getting service. All I am getting is techs claim they can fix problem but after so called repairing the problem is worse and then they claim they can not fix problem. As to rating I would give them a -10 but on how to take your money plus 10.

Too many news articles on Brtish royals Kate,William,George and all members of Brish Royalty

AOL is spending too much time on all members of British royal family members. Way too much time on William,Kate and Baby George!!!!!!!! Stop writing and having videos on British royalty!!!!!!!

concerning telephone communication

I attempted to reach a professional representative of America Online toll free at telephone number 1.888.218.1777 after several attempts to communicate with the technical support department the message was not conveyed to me clearly enough such that I know exactly what is going on with my account as well as what to expect with regards to America Online service. I highly suggest an improvement be made in this department for an optimal level of customer satisfaction.


unkown person opened aol e -mail account with my name (Identity theft) wanted to speak with person at security dept/I do not have an aol account.The aol people answering the phone did not know security or corporate headquarters telephone number,kept asking me for my account #They could not care because I was not customer.Then switched to Phillipines that was an insult.This company really sucks ,they have the worst service and I am glad I do not use them. Just wanted to speak with a person at security dept. Waste of time.

Executive Director

I have read these complaints of poor service and agree 110%. I'm a college professor and give extra credit to all AOL users and over the 100% highest grade. I thought I phoned AOL and get some chap in India who is a proven scam man and I'm the poor American SOB who gets whacked. AOL = Always Oppressively Lost

My FeedBack

i love AOL its my e-mail address and im doing a report on you guys. thanx :p

I wish I could rate AOL a -1000, the service was terrible and it took them seven years to finally honor my request to cancel my service and would only reimburse me two months. They are crooks, be sure when you cancel that they actually cancel your service.

Serious Pop-up Problem,

I would like a corporate phone numbe where I can e to rid my computer of two AOL inconvveniences. One is a persistently insistance of "You are no longer on AOL, please log in again". The other is a block that says "Message from the webpage? and then "object error" then a small box to click "OK". Thesse pop-up consistently and are a real inconvenience and cause of losing immportant information as well as an inability tomake important contacts. Please advise. Wanda Wiedman


they keep sending spam to there people. You ask them to stop sending spam email and they say that it is not spam. They harass there own customers

AOL Calendar

I have been an AOL customer for the past 17 years and as long as you have had a calendar, it has been horrid. Finally I thought you figured it out, but no, everytime I input something on my calendar and want a one day reminder, I have to do it at least four (4) times before it will work. How stupid are the people who work there? For Gods sake fix the SOB. It can't be rocket science? G-mail, Yahoo & everyother browser has an easy to work calendar, but not AOL. I love AOL, but I own two businesses and need a calendar that works the first time, not the fourth, fifth, or sixth time. Sorry, but how stupid are these people?

Horrible service

If I could give this company a negative 5 stars, I would AOL's service is by far the worse I have ever experienced from a company. I have been contacting them with the same complaint about hackers gaining access their chat rooms and causing customer's computers to lock up, for about 3-4 yrs now.. The only live help I can will listen then tell me there is nothing they can do since it's not their dept. The dept that does handle the complaints, only sends a form letter in response, that clearly shows they have not even read the complaint, but rather triggered an auto response from the email sent to them. I strongly believe that AOL doesn't want to deal with this issues because the higher the number of screen names/ accounts, the more they can charge for advertising.


I have contacted AOL in a variety of ways. No one seems to care that stationary is spelled incorrectly, "stationery," throughout the website. Your book learnin' was sorely deficient! If you care about the dumming down of this society, please make the necessary corrections!

ridiculous company

AOL is the absolute worst service provider. I sincerely hope they go bankrupt. I've had my AOL account since I was 16; I'm 28 now and because last week someone hacked into my email and sent out fraudulent emails, my account was cancelled. I appreciate the security steps taken, but because I cannot "verify a pet" and the last 4 digits of the credit card used when our family did pay for AOL 12 years ago, my email has been cancelled indefinitely. According to the guy I spoke to in India, because of their secure system and tight security measures, this is the only way to retrieve my account. Well AOL, where were your security measures when my account was hacked into? You guys suck. And stop outsourcing, bring jobs back to America. Doesn't AOL stand for AMERICA online? Creeps.

Yeah AOL sucks. They are so left wing biased its amazing. I left the company a long time ago. They are slowly going the way of the New York Times.....broke, nobody reads and in the gutter. Have a great time AOL cause you are now insignificant !

AOL has married Huntingtonpost; this network communication is unprofessional and bias relentlessly and aggressively attack conservative groups with their radical psychotic liberal beliefs. I am ready to exist this communist publication! I am tired of their deceptive prapaganda filled publications ( the more I do the research on the news, the more their lies are disclosed. I am very suprised they can get away with all the lies that they published)they consistently cover-up, lie and attack of others that does not hold have the same believe. I need to find out who are their sponsors and boycott them!

I am SICK SICK SICK of all the obama ads and commercials in my face each and every time I want to use my computer, not to mention, the incredible left wing BIAS that is spewed from Huffington Post daily! Reminds me of the book "1984" with all the minute by minute political propaganda blasting in your face. WE GET IT........YOU WANT OBAMA IN THE WHITE HOUSE. But, I have my own newsflash.........I DO NOT!!!!! Helen

I am fed up with the Huff it is in violation of the freedom of speech as laid down in the US constitution. As I have been with AOL for 15 years now I am in the position of knowing what it was like before Huffy became the thought police, Huffy is an abomination and needs some serious reflection on who they are answerable to.

Lots of verbal abuse, sarcasm, disrespect to readers on the TECHCRUNCH comment area from your columnist MG Seigler on Techcrunch. This guy is known for his sarcasm and disrespect to readers and its amazing how he is still contributing, Techcrunch has absolutely no filter for posts being made by him, I hope you take some sort of action for the respect to the readers which happens to be your customers. Take a look at it yourself. http://techcrunch.com/2012/09/18/iphone-5-review/

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