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I agree with the problem that your website is terrible.....Besides, I cannot find a live person to talk to in customer service @ Valley West or any location!!!! Perhaps my answer is to refuse to pay my bill. What do you think??? Do you suppose you would like to hear my answering machine like I listen to your recorded messages?? HELP ME!!! Fred Long A loyal Younkers customer for many years, but considering stopping the coninuation of this business relationship. It is up to younkers to make that decison for me.

I have such difficulty getting on to your website. At first i thought that it was my computer, but when I try other websites there is no problem. I was just wondering if anyone else was having the same problem? A few times I got to the part where I needed to enter my password and then it froze up again. I am always impressed with your merchandise and the great sales, it is just that I am so frustrated at getting to the website. Thanks for listening.

I, too, want to express my dissatisfaction with Younkers bogus advertising and especially with a website that is of absolutely no help whatsoever. A few day ago I received in the mail a brochure showing a very nice white/cream color Rafaella top and crop black pants. I went to Younkers.com and tried to look threw all Rafaella tops. NOTHING. Then I put the "web ID # in that accompanied the brochure information and 15000 plus items came up. So I tried calling our local Younkers store and the lady was so nice. She went to the office and found the brochure and told me that she'd had several other calls pertaining to this same item. They had called around to larger stores but no one has seen the top. So my question is - Why do you advertise something that no one has and/or if the item is going to be marketed in a select location, then why not just advertise it there? Not nice!!! I've always stuck for YOunkers, but this isn't a good way of doing business.

About three weeks ago, we went to the LIncoln Nebraska store to look at the luggage on sale in your ad. The clerk said that they had not had any for a few days. A week ago, you included in your ad columbia fleece jackets. I went to the store as soon as it opened the next morning and asked the clerk where the fleece jackets on sale were. She said they hadn't had any for a couple weeks. She probably the "big stores" had them. Again on Friday the 17th your ad came out with columbia fleece jackets and this time it said choose from a great selection. I called the store and talked to the clerk in the men's department and again was told they haven't had any of these for weeks! I know your ads come out from some place other than Lincoln, but it seems very foolish to keep putting out ads for things that you don't have. I recall years ago a store by the name of Montgomery Wards that had this same policy of advertising things that they didn't have. They are now out of business. Just a thought.

During Younkers furniture sale the first of the year you offered 50% off plus another 10% off, I purchased two lane recliners in a saddle color. The two came to $2,250. When they were delivered two weeks later the chairs were brown. I called the store immediately to advise them. I decided at that time to go to another store to check on the color. Theirs were the saddle colored I wanted. I thought I was going to check out color only but rather got an eye opener and shock about how Younkers raped me on price. They would of sold me the same chair for $867. Being in disbelieve, I went to another store to find out that they too had a lower starting price then what I paid with this great sales price from Younkers. What gives you people the right to up a price more than 100% to offer a sales price of 60% which still is more than your competitors or more than the suggested price that Lane has on their web site. I feel you took advantage of me, are not trustworthy and will never buy another thing from Younkers due to your dishonest pricing practice.

I will no longer shop at Younkers Stores. While the sale prices and coupons are very attractive, they are very frustrating and almost impossible to use at times. I purchased a "Community Days" coupon book, and then struggled for well over an hour wondering around the store trying to find a worthwhile item to buy that the coupon can apply to. I finally found a pair of gloves, but was then told they did not apply to my coupon because the blank green piece of paper indicated that it was a bonus buy. They had apparently run out of bonus buy signs and I was not aware of the the color codes they were using. I'm also incredibly tired of the hard sell on using/opening a store charge card. One no should be sufficient. No means no.... The final straw was with a Christmas return issue for a Younkers gift I gave my daughter. The item didn't fit, and because I used my debit card to pay for it, they would not give her cash back for the item, only store credit. No I will have to return the item myself, get the money applied back to my card, pull additional money out of my account to giver her so that she is not out of a Christmas gift. My shopping experience has been become frustrating and too much work. I will instead choose to shop at local smaller stores where I pay more money for the item, but my shopping experience is much easier and by far more pleasant.

I feel the need to comment on Younkers online phone Online customer service. First all I received the wrong item which appeared to be a return that was used and dirty. I called customer service and spoke to person I could hardly understand who continued to put me on hold and proceeded to tell me I needed to reorder the item and that I wasn't able to speak to a manager. Finally I spoke to someone else who put my on hold for 10 minutes longer then finally getting a manager who asked the same questions repeatedly, this was a simple order mistake that turned into a 30 minute headache. This was my first online order with Younkers and I can say its one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. Please do your customers a favor and review your customer service quality control its is extremely disappointing. This was on 12/9/11. Update as of 12/11/11: When I spoke to a manager I was told the correct item would ship out immediately and was e-mailed the pre-paid postage to return the incorrect item. However I received this today. Is this really how Younkers handles their customer service issues, so basically I am being withheld the correct item which I payed for until the incorrect item is received by the your Distribution Center? Hi Brandy, We apologize for the inconvenience; you may return the wrong item in one of our local stores or mail it back to us. Once we have received the item in our Distribution Center, we will send a replacement for the correct one. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience,

Jobs at Yonkers were posted in their store and on the exit doors. Made application for PT which was advertised. Was interviewed, received a job offer, went to new employee orientation and then started training only to find out that I was not hired for PT as advertised (false advertisement) but for "short hour" and was expected to be available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.--7 days/week. They are liars. The hours were never discussed--the people in H.R are liars and unprofessional. Will never shop at a Yonkers ever again. Also, I have over 8 yrs of retail experience. They give their pt jobs to college kids with no experience.

I shop at Younkers alot and after what I heard while shopping around the store made me really stop and think if this is what they think of all their customers. At one of the checks outs there were two of your reps working they were talking about a customer that had been in earlier and the one rep repeated over and over again that she does not get paid enough to deal with people like this customer. She did not say it once but several times,she really made me stop and think if I really wanted to purchase anything from this store. I am in retail for myself and deal with upset people but I would never ever say anything in front of another customer. I did purchase something that day and while I was checking out a rep came from home decor department caring a box of dishes that a customer wanted to return. The customer did not have the receipt on her but was in her car the store is two story so she asked the rep from home decor to carry them downstair while she went and got the receipt. This rep acted so put out by the customer asking her to do this. I just can't believe that the sales people could say these things in front of other customers. I am very upset and will think twice about buying anything that might need to be returned or may need your reps may have to take an extra step to help me cause that might be me next time they are talking about. This happened at your Valley West Mall store. Saturday March 26th at 6:00p.m.

I am very dissatisfied with your online service. During Christmas of this year I had order a number of things, I had about three items canceled because they was not available for shipping, One item was a pair of sketchers, I was going to buy the shoes from a store put decided to order them from you, I then got a notice 2 weeks later that they was not going to be shipped, the shoes in the store was gone and I was not able to find my size. Well I called and was given the excuse that it was because of Christmas and that usually is not the case. Well I got an email from Yonkers and I order the shoes again,0n the 29th, today the 3rd I receive an email saying that only part of my order was shipped. The shoes was not shipped again, I only order the other 2 items because I was ordering the shoes, I feel that this is false advertising , if you cannot meet orders than don’t put items on your site. I do not want the other items I have order, I would rather give my money to a store that cares about their customers.

Very poor service regarding web order last Saturday. I finally got another form email today and want to send it to headquarters along with the responses and notes from my phone calls. Very disappointed.

My previous email was sent before I completed. Wanted to be sure that June in Green Bay WI, named in my email gets a 4 star. Younkers policy gets a 1 star for not picking up the shipping charge. Patricia Roblee Younkers customer

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