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I agree about the coupons I was really upset they put things a little bit on sale and then they don't let you use these terrific coupons that they put out the line went through very quickly though


I emailed with a very valid concern about Younkers return policy and I have not heard anything from this company. How disappointing.

Coupons are a joke

I will not be going back to Younkers. You issue coupons and then exclude everything. This is the second time this has happened. I stood in line for over 20 minutes, listening to customer after customer being told their coupon did not apply for one reason or another. Also there were not enough cashiers.


What on earth are you doing to Younkers? It has not been good for several years but now it is worse than bargain basement. It has become a junk store. What a shame. It was such a nice store many years ago.

Amazed at Store Mess

We visited the Jordan Creek store - men's clothing department on 12/29/2013. The aisles were strewn with merchandise on the floor, the men's changing rooms each had somewhere between 40-50 pieces of clothing apparently tried on and thrown on the floor ... the piles prevented the use of the seat to try on clothing. When I mentioned this to the sales associate at checkout - his response was "yeah, it's a mess isn't it?" Wow.... if that is how Younkers takes care of their store, I don't want to shop there anymore. It was an awful mess.


I am unhappy to see that after I just got my Younkers credit card that you support cancer research for breast cancer. The type of research Susan G. Komen organization as well as the American Cancer Society supports is embryonic stem cell research which is immoral. They haven't had any cures from this type of research but they still pursue it. Why? Not all of us women are for this. I will not be using my credit card again or shopping at your store. Judy

Miss My Local Store

The store in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin closed recently. This is such a disapointment because everyone was so nice and helpful. It was more than just a store, it was a part of our community. I always supported the community days fundraisers and felt it provided local organizations with extra funds that are truely needed. I moved here 3 years ago and purchased most of my home items here not only because of the deals but because the staff were helpful in finding the deals. I understand there are other Younker stores in neighboring towns but not everyone has the means of transportation to get to them. We now have nothing that compares to Younkers in the town. Hope you reconsider in the future. I star down for this move.

Coupons/Reward Cards

I'm tired of your tactics to lure shoppers into your store with useless Reward cards. I had two $20 Reward cards from my previous card purchases plus $10 and 20% off cards for my birthday. I spent over $200 and used my 20% off on one item and the rest could not be used too many exclusions and a short expiration date. Imagine my disappointment. Next week most of my purchases will be returned. It would probably be easier and take less space, if you printed what is included with your card rewards/coupons. Your policy has been around for a long time and I have expressed my disappointment before so I feel you really don't value your customers. JC Penney and Kohls even Christopher Banks really give their shoppers valuable coupons and birthday money gifts. They will be getting my future shopping dollars.

Store Condition

I have always considered Younkers a high end store compared to others in the mall. Well no more! I went to the store at the Westroads Mall in Omaha last night. I took my selections into the dressing room and was shocked. I had to breathe through my mouth as the carpet smelled like wet and moldy basement carpeting. They had fans blowing in there so I don't know what happened. I went into my room and it was literally falling apart. I tried on a couple of things but ended up leaving and felt dirty by the time I got out of there. You should send in an undercover shopper and check it out yourself. It's disgusting and I won't be back. I should have stuck with Penneys like I normally do.

I agree with a lot of the people that have wrote about Younkers coupons. They are false and the price of their products are out of this world. Why have coupons when you don't honor them. I went to buy with my ($10.00 off coupon) and was told not on Bonus Buy. This is stupid. I have decided not to shop at Younkers any more. You misrepresent good retail stores, like Kohl's. At least they honor their reward $10.00 on everything.

I don't know what has happen to the Yonkers I've known for years. When you look at the clothing racks it looks like they took all the Goodwill promotion and put them on their racks. The clothing is poorly made and the material is chinzy. The racks of clothing are a hogpoge of different cheap selections that are not appealing at all. For years I have never walked out of Yonkers without at least one item. Now I have left three different stores with nothing that I would even consider purchasing. This is such a disappointment and I find myself at Dress Barn more often than Younkers.

Deciptive Advertising

Younkers uses deceptive advertising. Their buster promotion promised 40% off retail. However, they listed a Cuisinart coffee maker for $165 when I can buy it directly from Cusinart for $89.95. Watch out for their promotions.

I will never shop at Younkers again. I go to the Green Bay store and am very sick of all your coupon scams. This coupon is good for this but not for that. You lure people in with the unusable coupons with all the fine print. I was there last Saturday, and I assure you that I was not the only irate shopper. The waiting lines were long because the poor clerks had to explain to people why their coupons were not good for certain items. No one was happy, it was a big mess. If I could give you minus stars, I would. It might behoove you to stop the dishonest advertising and coupons before you lose ALL your customers. You used to be a reputable store, but, not any more.

Awful service

Your service is awful in Omaha Nebraska at oak view mall. You also try to lie on the prices and see if you can get away with it. I will never shop there again. Left there very unhappy.

Shopping experience and review

To: Younkers President and Board of Directors: I am 62 years of age and have always considered Younkers my favorite store in the Des Moines, IA area. However, during the last 10 years your store has gone downhill in every way possible! It looks like K-Mart or Wal Mart now. When I walk into the front of the store, everything looks so disorganized and sloppy! There used to be a Younkers Teen Board and fashion shows on weekends, and of course the wonderful Tea Room, which no longer exists! The clothing offered to middle aged women now is another sad story. I have plenty of money to spend on clothes at this stage in my life, as I'm sure many other women do in my age group. But, there is not one item available in your store that appeals to me!! What is going on? You really need a few people in my age group to make sensible decisions on the items offered for sale. You are missing out on a huge group of potential buyers due to this oversight! I feel like I need to go back to my sewing machine just to have something decent to wear these days! I was in the Jordan Creek store a couple of days ago and walked by a Justin Biever statue with obnoxious rock music in the background. The clothing racks were crowded together with clothing on the floor and not one salesperson in sight to assist me! Just awful, and I am so sad for your store as it was once considered the nicest store in Des Moines. I would be happy to help you get back on track if you would like to contact me. Have a great day and hope your store improves soon!

Online ordering/customer service is AWFUL!

Tried to place an $85 order online tonight. IMPOSSIBLE! I called the 800 number that popped up when my payment wouldn't go through, and not once did any of the 3 people I talked to offer to try the order for me or to help me get the order placed. The only answer I got was to call back tomorrow. I'm not wasting 2 days to place an order, not to mention the offer code ends today. I asked to talk to a manager and was told one would call me back. It's over an hour later and still no call. I have a feeling the website is down and instead of admitting that it isn't working, I was just told it was my fault and I'd have to try tomorrow. I found everything I wanted to order on Amazon.com, for cheaper, and placed my order in 5 minutes. I wasted 2 hours and 3 phone calls with Younkers, and now there's multiple "pending" charges on my credit cards for the order that supposedly didn't go through. If any of these charges actually apply, or if any of these orders show up on my doorstep, I'll be beyond livid. DON'T BOTHER WITH YOUNKERS.COM!!! Enormous waste of time and horrible website!

What a mess!!!!!

I and my husband went to Younkers today at the Rivertown Crossings mall in Grandville Michigan. We were so appauled at the messy store, we left. Now granted, yesterday was black Friday. But the tables were heaping with messy clothing, we couldn' t even begin to shop.The workers were just standing around doing nothing. How about getting your --- in gear and start folding! ? We then proceeded to JCPenney where everything was in it's place. So I complimented the woman and she said they are not allowed to go home until the store is perfect for next day opening. THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE! ! I dont think to highly of Younkers anymore. We tben proceeded to JCPenny where everything was

I have never worked a place that took over 8 weeks to get my check direct deposited, I was told that for some reason mine and a few others never went through, DONT LIE TO ME! I know better than that, they didnt put the information in the system to get it direct deposited. I call corporate and they tell me to talk to the HR. As far as I know we dont have one, the girl that does these things is only in part time!I have never worked for a store that is so filthy, the managers dont care. I have been to garage sales that look better than this store! Training sucks! I will not be working here long!!!

My Mother has been a Younkers customer since I was a child. My wife has been a Younkers card holder since we came back to Nebraska 40 years ago. We have been a loyal customer and use their credit card. Today we received a letter from Comenity World Financial Network Bank as the new for future purchases on our account. Rarely have we ever carried balances over on our Younkers Card. However, the letter from Comenity says purchases will now be charged 24.99% - I presume this is after a billing has been made - but I would consider 24.99% apr for Purchase to be usery. We called to cancel our card - to an electronic voice that said THANK YOU & GOODBYE. It is likely we will not be shopping at Youngers again.

I am a new customer, this spring. My first billing statement arrived after all bills were paid and moneys allocated...so I called and arranged for my statement to come with a due date at the beginning of the month and not 3 weeks into the month. I was assured this would happen. But I waited two months before using the card to make sure the changes were made. Then I use the card...and get another delayed bill, I have paid on the first...however I am still mystified about that payment is included or not...not real clear....So I call in and ask if there are notes on my account...No ...no notes because they have changed billing handlers...and it will be impossible for them to change the billing date...(what kind of archaic billing system is this new company using???) They have no notes on previous issues and they can not handle a simple request to change the billing date...Humm why would I even do buisness with such a place...???? Do you want me as a customer???? I think not..because I have used this card for the last time...unless they can show me that they are a company that cares about their customers and not bottom line of a billing company that has such a low grade billing system going on that the can not flex due dates!! thats so 60's...not today.

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