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sterling IL our sauna steam room has been out service for over three weeks , over the year it goes out 3 to 4 times a year the whole facility is becoming run down and my membership keeps going up I hope corporate puts pressure on this y to maintains on a timely bases I hate to see it go down hill a member since 1969

paper towel

North brooklynY just remove paper towels From it gym that just wrong

A dangerous place to be!

I have been a member of the Y for many years. I am 81 yrs. old. Today, I felt funny while I was in the treadmill. I stopped exercising and approached a lady for assistance. I wanted to check on my blood pressure. The machine was not available to the public either the person who can check on that. This place represents a dangerous place to be. Blanchard Park at Orlando, Florida

Silver Sneakers

Our YMCA in Shelby, NC is threatening to end the silver sneakers benefits provided from our insurance company if we don't start coming more often. They claim they are losing money but from what my insurance company told me they get paid everytime someone swipes their card. This is pure GREED on behalf of the YMCA in Shelby, NC. Has any one else had this happen to them at their local YMCA? It doesn't sound like we are welcome and the CEO is only pushing for more money to support his Y. The letter had a "ugly tone to it too." Maybe our insurance companies can get a contract with other gym facilities. Our local Y isn't losing money from this program...in fact without they would lose money. Doesn't sound very CHRISTIAN to us!

Pro life rebuke

If the policy of the YMCA nationally is going to support the decision of the Y in Austin, Texas to not allow the pro life students to use the Y facilities you are going to loose a lot of members. I would be interested to know how the pro lifers intimidated the pro deathers. Was it because the pro deathers were outnumbered? That should tell you something.


I went to new YMCA facility at down town Wichita, the staff's awful service they needs more training to become more professional fitness. I was sign in and ask for check out basketball the girl asked me to trade in my personal item as phones, keys, or different personal item i refuse because every time i was check out basketball from different facility their never ask for personal item as long you give them anything could trade to the ball but the girl at down town facility told me that 's their policy different. I was explain with them every time i was in different facility they aren't ask for personal item, then the guy name Arron Pew jump in asking my last name and first name look like he try to dominate and investigating me for some reason that make me so uncomfortable i do asked sign in for my daughter just stop by first visit YMCA facility my intention if she like facility i will open family membership, Aaron asking for $10.00 fee for my daughter just stop by take look facility that's weird. Final though i was feeling being treat awful in this facility.

More than disappointed

This was son's 3rd year playing summer sports through the YMCA at CB Pennington in Baton Rouge. The director, Steve Ryan, NEVER responds to emails OR returns your phone calls. I paid $100 for my son to play sports and you won't give me 1 minute of your time to respond to my questions? Staff knows nothing; Sits around talking while Parents to organize the team meetings and practices Bathrooms are not cleaned. I could go on but needless to say, this will be our LAST event with the Y.


I went to the YMCA in Bozeman Montana. The girl at the desk said she had no place for me to workout. What the hell. The Y has always treated me nice and fair all over these USA. She said it was because of a bunch of turn over no one wanted to make a decision. Please be a BOSS and get the feet under these people here. Thanks

Southside YMCA Chicago

My experience at the Southside YMCA was always great! They extended my service without my permission, raised my fees and took money from my account unknowly! When I found out about it six months later the coordinator staffer acted as if it was my fault! I been waiting 6 months for 296 to refunded back to me! Now every time I call it's the same run around! Smh I'm still waiting

YMCA at San Gabriel city next to Alhambra city in California poor management have update the place the men bathroom n changing room are so old and germs dirty place the pool are so old too. Plases be careful for cleanness.

The Osawatomie YMCA pool is not very old,I say about 5yrs old. Many times I have gone to do therapy for my weight and all my joints, and the water is cold. I spoke to the manager and He said they don't have to keep it but 80- 88 degrees. That is not a therapeutic pool!!! If you cant get it at least where it was, I will withdraw my membership and honestly it's not worth going to get more pain. I know there are a lot others that feel that way too.If I have to I will get a petition up to have the manager fired and get the so called therapeutic pool the way it is suppose to be. this is important for our citizens of Osawatomie. There are a lot of people that have trouble with mobility and their joints. AND we don't need anymore pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name us Harold Carson, whom right now is seriously considering calling myself a former member of the YMCA in Orangeburg SC. I told Mr. Todd Heinecke, whom is the director there, I guess, on last Monday morning around 7am about my issues and he told me that the problem would be taken care of no later than the day after which would be Tuesday. THERE HAS BEEN NOTHING DONE. The basketball goals are pulled up to the ceiling and have been like this for about TWO MONTHS OR MORE. Kids are in camp, they have the side of the gym floor where the GOOD GOALS are. I just need the Y in Orangeburg to do what they gave their word to do. Your word is who you are. If you don't follow up, then it means NOTHING. ALL I NEED IS TO HAVE THE RIME FIXED... THATS ALL! IS IT REALLY THAT HARD? IF IT IS, I WILL FORFEIT MY MEMBERSHIP NEXT WEEK. HAVE A BLESSED DAY...

I joined our Florida YMCA after much encouragement from the staff due to a promotion that was going on. My main concern was getting my kids into swim lessons which were free for members. I asked repeatedly, "if I sign up and get locked into this contract, will I get the free swim lessons for the next 16 months of my contract?". And, over and over I was assured that yes, I would get the free swim lessons for the next 16 months. About 2 weeks later I see a notice posted in the gym that all members will now be required to pay $20 for swim lessons on top of the membership fee. When I asked the staff about it, they said that yes, they promoted the free swim lessons to encourage people to sign up in spite of the fact they knew they would be changing their policy soon. When I asked them to honor their contract with me they wouldn't do it. So, now I am locked in to a 16 month contract and will have to pay for my 2 kids swim lessons on top of the membership fee. I am livid! They lied and then showed no sympathy or willingness to honor their contract. Many of us have put in complaints to change this new policy, but have been ignored. They YMCA staff should be ashamed of themselves.

I use to work at the YMCA in Florida but I resigned my position because my manager and supervisor had a problem against me and went on FB to find things that was said out of anger such as me calling them a meany. Long story short they gotaway with posting children and their infromation onine on social networks and still kept their positions.

my stap son austin taylor-smith cut his foot open in ymca pool of iron mountain mi.. gat three stitches and was immobilized for ten days. they didnt call or care. mcontact me please. danny cowling 906 396 6436

YMCA staff and lifeguards abuse their positions and push members around. Lifeguards especially enjoy provoking arguments. I have been a member at the local YMCA for years. Recently, the lifeguards have started closing the pool early and the jacuzzi too. There are no signs posted that list this new closing time. Their website does not list the altered closing tiime. If you argue with the staff, there are false complaints lodged against you with very serious allegations. There is no official review. The YMCA management believes the false complaints even if there are other witnesses present during the incident. It is humiliating and shameful. The issues do not stop with the blessed lifeguards, there are managers, coordinators, executive directors who cannot do their job properly and blame the member. It is a sad turn of events for such a positive place for families. Don't be a member at the YMCA...the staff is always right, and the member is always wrong. This should be the YMCA's motto.

I go to the YMCA a few times a wk and often bring my yr old along to let him swim. WEll this past wk He said he had to use the restroom so I took him to the nearest restroom which was connected to the womens locker room. While he was finishing up I heard two ladies LOUDLY talking about how there was a boy in the womens bathroom. And their were family rooms for that. Yes, there is 2 family rooms which were further away and are always full!!! The ladies clearly wanted me to hear their conversation! They were about 5 ft from us. I walked up to the ladies and asked them if my 3 yr old really made them feel uncomfortable? I was as rude as they were because I was furious that they were talking about my 3 yr old son loud enough for him to hear every word. I was furious when leaving the restroom. Any human being who has a small child takes them into the restroom with them. WEll then to top it off the manager came up to me and said you can't take boys into the bathroom and told me I had 2 complaints on me from the two very rude ladies! I will be closing my account this month! There are plenty of gyms in my area that are way cheaper. And the sports programs are out of order and you do not get what you pay for!

I live in kansas. We are members of the south wichita YMCA. I decided to put my 9 year old daughter in summer camp. I go to the YMCA to sign her up but noone knows how to sign kid up for summer camp. I asked to talk to a manager but i got she is to busy to take care of anything she has paper work to do. So i come back two days later and the tell me a price. I go to the bank and come back and the price has gone up double what it was 15 minutes before. I ask to speak to someone who knows how this camp thing goes, and i was told that none of them really know how it works they just take the money. If we decide to do this again next year i would like for ALL the front desk employees to know whats going on. It would also be nice if a manager knew also.

I have been a member and volunteer for the SALEM FAMILY YMCA for almost four years. I never got a thank you once for volunteering in the childwatch!!! NEVER! And So one day I came into work out and manager of childwatch SHANNON LIGHT in front of everyone says she cancelled my membership! I said why? she says that I didnt pay my couple month late womens fitness membership(which she told me the day before and had it in writing so we paid that day!) so she talked to HER SISTER head of memberships and fired me so she told me that it was JAMIES decision so I talked with JAMIE and she told me it was up to shannon. So Jamie says the reason Shannon let me go was because I had two hours to make up Which i made up the day before as well! And that was from one week prior that I called in not that it was sooo outstanding that it wouldve risked my being a member in the first place! So honestly I believe those sisters had something against me for absolutely no reason. I was treated very poorly and I honestly believe that everyone at the gym does not like either of them due to their rudeness and poor customer service skills Im not really sure why they would be working at this supposed family friendly gym! Ive never been soo humiliated and not only did they humiliate my family but the whole staff even knew of this!

the mgr. of our Y in Kearney, Ne. has a personal vendetta against me. I have also caught him in 2 lies. He is now telling me that I can't talk to the lifeguards because they can't focus. He sure isn't giving his staff any credit. Mean while other swimmers communicate with the lifeguards. I am having a meeting with an attorney to bring a discriminating suit against the Y.

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