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Went to sign up a year ago. Service was shitty from the first day. Sent 2 certified letters to cancel membership. Manager conned me into not canceling and giving the another try. Year later I'm still being billed.

ya the gym in norridge IL closed down on july 17th and i do not see why you canmnot cancel my memebership right away why i half to wait 30 days .

i want my gym memebership to cancel

ya you guys world gym closed up now cancel my memebership asap or you will have alawsuite som far up your fucking ass you will jump when i saty how high mothetr fuker

howcome there is no phone number for you guys

I am disgusted with World Gym. As an older person, I joined hoping to get in shape and lose a few lbs. I don't know how to use all the machines and equiptment and I asked if someone could assist me, show me the proper way so I didn't injure myself etc. I talked to the desk, I talked to several other people who claimed they were trainers, I received a phone call from the manager asking if anyone showed me the gym etc. Everytime I had a scheduled time, no one was there. The "trainers" only wanted someone who was interested in paying them, needless to say, after a year I still have not been taught/shown anything. I called to cancel, I was told I had to go in and sign forms and it still would take 60 days to cancel. I didn't want to go in so I sent an email, I got the nastiest response possible. I am shocked that they hire such incompetent and rude personel. but reading all the other posts I guess I shouldn't be.

This is not even the corporate office, that address was a franchise office, you need to contact worldgym.com or planet fitness who bought the world gym Corp out a few years back

I hate this gym! The customer service is the worst I have ever experianced. I joined only to take classes and since I joined (2 months ago) I have already walked into 9 cancelled classes. I spoke with the manager and requested a membership cancellation based on that I only take classes and they ARE ALWAYS CANCELLED, and she was very rude to me and said NO! She never never once even applogized! I hate this gym and I plan on working very hard to let everyone know what a joke they are!

This number doesn't work, does anyone have a number for their corporate office that actually works? Trying to cancel my membership because I moved out of state and I just called the local branch that I was a part of and they told me I had to come in to the gym and fill out a cancellation form. I live over 400 miles one way, from that gym. I don't want to make a special trip home just to cancel my gym membership. That is absurd. Please help with a number to corporate!!!

Starting in January, I went looking to tan and came across World Gym in Peachtree City GA. I will never recommend anyone to this gym, i now tell everyone i know about how rude they treated me. Anyways, i saw they had monthly tanning memberships so i asked how much and the lady working at the time, Ms. Gay, informed me that they had a new special $65 a year for tanning. I asked multiple times if she was sure that was right and she kept saying yes, so i paid and she wrote on a card the date exactly a year from then saying it would expire. I called a few of my friends telling them what a great deal i had just received. So i went for a week and i always signed that sheet that said a year so people must have seen that, but a couple weeks later i brought my friend Kayla up there to get the same deal as me but a different lady informed me that they didnt have that deal and she had no idea how i received it. I left my number and kaylas to call and see what would happen. i asked if i would be keeping my year membership and she said yes, that is what was sold to me and i paid already. They called me the next day and i talked to Ms. Gay and she kept saying i misunderstood. I asked her to bring out the card saying how long i had the membership but she refused and said she cant let me have the membership so long. It is not my fault they sold it to me like that so i said i would come and talk to the manager. When i went the manager couldnt find the sheet that said how long i had it, so we just settled it with me and Kayla getting two months of tanning, only HALF OFF.. but Leslie the manager on site was sweet so i didnt mind. Now the always let me and Kayla go in the room together and if there was a wait they let us use the sona. This went off perfectly fine for just about two months. Last night i went in and before i reached the desk with the worst tone of voice was a lady asking if i had a card, i said no i just tan, and she rudely asked for my name and how long i would tan. She said there would be a wait, so i went to the bathroom and then went into the sona. After 5min, she stormed in yelling at me that i wasnt aloud in there because im not a club member i informed her ive never had an issue with using this facility so why is there now.. she kept yelling and told me to get out so i did, and she said i shouldnt even be aloud in the restrooms. I sat by the chairs by the tanning beds, and she came yelling telling me to sit in the lobby and i asked why cant i sit here and wait, she kept yelling and said i was disobedient and rude. she threatened to call the police and cancel my membership. I asked what i was doing that was so wrong and she kept yelling. so i went to the lobby and she called her manager. After waiting for 10 min, she came over yelling and saying shes not allowing me to tan because im was the rudest and most disobedient person shes ever met, and she would refund me less than half of my money back. I said no i just would like to tan, and i asked why she was so angry but she kept yelling so when she asked for my ID i tossed it onto her desk already upset, and she THREW IT IN MY FACE!! yelling at me. im 17 years old shes an older adult.. how can a manager whom i found out shes the superintendent of the store, how can she speak to me and treat me this way?? Unreal. Never will i ever go back or will any of the people i know. i told everyone. i was told to leave or the cops would be called. so i told them to keep their money and business.

i would rate them lower if i could. I signed up in 2007. service was so terible i was canceled early 2008. They wont let you just say i want to cancel. You have to fax written documentation to paramount acceptance-there billing companie. I did this and paid my final bill. I never herd a thing again till 2 weeks ago 4 years later i get a call from a collection agency saying they are collecting on a 60 dollar past due amount and late fees for 4 years totaling 290$. This was never reported to my credit---ever. I never received a call, a letter , a bill anything. Now they have put me into a write off. Sent me to a outside colelctions agency. You cant call a corporate office try- you cant even find a working number on the internet-tehre all disconnected-in my oppinion its cause there so crooked they dont want anyone calling them and telling them so. I filled a bbb complaint--of course they dont care they never answered it.You cant call they say we have no records but you still owe it work with the collection agency--wich everyone knwos there a colelctions agency they dont ahve the records --worlds gym does-but they just play dumb-theres no supervisors to talk to its only a sup line that lets you leave a message. They never call back. I am a upset consumer no one in the company will talk to me or help me. I have proof of all stated info -they wont take it. the fair credit reporting act requires reporting of delinquent accounts within 90 days- Ya that didnt happen -they dont care-this company is one giant crook. DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH THEm----of course these are only my opinions and even though this info i beleive to be factual --it doesnt matter some people like to gamble on a unsure thing-if your a glutton for punishment-this is your company to get it from.

I work out at the WORLD GYM in BUFFALO, NY off of Dick Rd....... Yes I know there has been a fight or two in the basketball gym part, but they PROSECUTED those people(weren't members) and now they close the gym part at 9 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a BIG SELLING POINT for me and MANY MANY OTHERS because of my/our work schedules!! They have cameras in their to watch the gym........ SO DON'T make EVERYONE ELSE SUFFER because of someone ELSE!!! THAT'S NOT RIGHT!

I worked at a World Gym and I'm trying to collect $80 that I believe they owe from my payroll. I should have left in August when I $40 was missing from my check, but I kept thinking it woulf get resolved after my manager faxed my payroll in every next pay period, but here I am. I don't work there any longer and the manager is sick of me calling asking about the missing check. I'm going to follow Shawshank Redemption style and mail the Chicago headquarters, where my payroll went, a letter every week asking for my lost $80 (and the cost of stamps). Honestly, when I worked there and saw how stressed out and angry the manager sometimes was, I knew it wasn't the best gym to work for. I predicted there were angry members afloat and, well, the manager is there to keep the business afloat and will do it any way that isn't illegal, or at least won't go to court. A lot of gyms have these problems. This is how the gym business is run I'm convinced. Pretty shoddy. Which is also why I've never done electronic debit. Just don't use that feature.


This club is a complete joke!! They ripped me off and the new manager told me hes not there to fix the old managers mistakes.

well you took my money now you closed the doors i'm out of a gym and out of my money!! please refund me or tell new owners to honor my contract!!

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