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I belong to the Lewisiville, TX gym. The insurance through my company offers me a reimbursement if I attend the gym several times a month. I sent all of the info to this gym so they could participate with my insurance company and they wouldn't do it. I think the owner was just to lazy to and I was the one always calling and following up since the manager very rarely returned my calls. Not impressed with the owner or management. Other gyms in the area participate with my insurance company but they wouldn't.

money hungry

I would never recommend this gym to anyone, and if you are a member do not buy personal training sessions. I purchased some then my sciatica flared up and I could not use the gym or the training sessions. I asked for a refund for the sessions not used because I would never be able to use them and was told there was a no refund policy. I have since cancelled my membership and am out over 400 dollars because of this policy which no other gym has.

identity theft

I sign up with World Gym in March and I only went there twice. the customer service was horrible, the place is dirty and they dont even clean the machine they leave a towel for every person to clean the machine. when I sign up the office staff called me 3 times to go give them my credit card information, the first time they said that they did not recorded the numbers correct the seconf time the said that the had lost the information and the 3rd time that they never received it from me. after I fanally gave them my credit card information a month letter I found out that someone that works or used to words there went shopping online with my credit card after i summited a fraud report with my bank now i have cancelled my policy 2 times and they are still charging me every month. honestly this place is tha wost gym i ever being to..

bad customer service

a personal trainer at my gym puts their equipment right in the way of people and also uses the machines for her personal desk when going to management to complain I was told 'too bad that's how it is" I told him that I had tripped over her equipment while getting off machine he said" next time you need to watch were you are going"

OMG, its the same everywhere

Most trainers do very similar workouts for their clients. They don't say anything to customers using equipment improperly, they rarely smile at you or say hello. Equipment stays down for weeks at a time, rules are not enforced, manager seems mostly clueless more often than not. cannot believe this is allowed to happen, and the owners have been in the gym recently and notice nothing......big surprise. the only reason I stay is because its really close to where I live.

Outdated equipment

I relocated to Montgomery, Al and went to World's gym only to find the equipment is broken and outdated-- It looks 20 years old and I was in shocked that Corporate allowed this franchise owner operate in this manner. I had previously been a member of World's gym for over 10 years but now i have moved onto Gold's gym in this region of the country. Corporate really needs to investigate the status of its Montgomery, AL location-- it is shameful that this location looks like this, poor quality and management--

Harrassment and Insults!

I expressed that I was set in a professional manner that when I canceled my gym membership the fees were not explained to me when I signed up. I received an insulting email posted below, I asked them to not email me again or I will contact an attorny and they emailed me a second time harrassing me. They also stated I will NEVER be able to contact the owner. Please read below from bottom to top. They begin at the bottom. FORT MYERS, FLORIDA WORLD GYM FROM:WORLD GYM All emails you send this way get sent to the gym staff at each location. You wont ever be able to contact an owner. And your first email was still not acceptable. The entire gym staff read it and all said the same thing. Everything was in writing and you signed your name in 4 places on your contract. 1 signature next to everything we would be charging you. So you look like the fool. Look at your contract and see for yourself how ridiculous your emails were. Its not ok to take your anger out on the gym staff and our policy is that we will treat you however you treat us! Your emails are posted at the front desk. You will never be permitted to return to the gym ever again. Sent from my Verizon Wireless Droid FROM:WORLD GYM Great, Contact your lawyer. What he going to do for you. Tell you to read what you sign. Sent from my Verizon Wireless Droid FROM:ME I will be posting your email on every review board I can find. Very unprofessional. If you email me again I will contact my lawyer. Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android FROM:WORLD GYM Its in writing you signed next to each one. Nothing is hidden. Its all in writing. I am pretty sure people would still join its only $10. The cancellation policy is quite simple and still very cheap. Much cheaper than a gym than charges $30 a month and still makes you pay upon cancellation. We are very cheap. Next time join somewhere else and read what you sign. Maybe you should learn how to read. I would blame your teachers for not helping you more with reading comprehension. Sent from my Verizon Wireless Droid -----Original message----- FROM:ME Not a single person explained anything to me. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Nobody would sign up if they actually knew your sneaky hidden fees. That is why you don't advertise it. Have a wonderful holiday! Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

Terrible Customer Service

I signed up with this gym last year and unfortunately I faced some medical issues which prevented me from going to the gym. During the past year I have made several attempts to go to the gym and cancel my membership but I was told it's too early or the person in charge is not there. Now that I cancelled my account they still charged me AFTER i cancelled my account, the full membership fee plus a $9.99 maintenance fee. This company is very unprofessional and disgusting since when I tried to call and talked to the person in charge (Steve/Brian) he yelled at me which I should have recorded since that's like harassment and verbal abuse but I was just in shock.... I don't recommend this gym to nobody... I have read even more bad reviews for this gym on Yelp.com and they are still billing me and threatening me to send me to collection and this is all after my membership is been cancelled back in October. You would think the fact that I never used their gym and I brought in two family members to sign up with me would give them a reason to just not charge me those fees that they charged me but that doesn't mean nothing to those thieves....

I left the WG in April of this year. They have still been charging my credit card every month, although I folks at the La Quinta Gym knew I was leaving, and never told me what to do to end my membership. This is no way to run a business.

I work out at the World Gym in the same building as the movie theater in Tainan, Taiwan. The machines are all falling into disrepair. There are only five recumbent bikes and one of them has been broken for months. It is still ride-able but terrible for your joints because the peddles pop. The water machines are always broken. The staff are terrible. Half of their trainers are in terrible shape themselves and spend most of their time teaching dangerous techniques to new members who have no business doing those exercises in the first place. I can't imagine how many people they injure. The rest of the trainers spend most of their time taking photos of each other instead of doing something useful like cleaning. Others, like one guy named Shawn, has never seen a mirror he hasn't liked. He spends half his time walking by them and checking himself out. Who wants to be trained by out of shape people? The gym is terrible!

i have been e member for over there years ,in 2010 move from saskatchwan to langly bc,then i transfer my member ship to their,since then every think was good then i was even help out other member to teaching them boxing and ECt,until they one ening i show the member ship manger mister shower man with femail inside the mans shower facillty, i was shock by then i relize that that germy guy it is the new manger,any becuse his age i try to gave him friendlly reminder that is totally rong that he bring femail in to single mans shower room ,so he got upset then coupile day latter he revke my member ship even i did past on my consern to the main manger and owner of the club,its fany and the mean time said for the gym,keep in mind i still have a reward litter for the gym but diffrent manger back when that indicat that gold gym in langly do apricatied my time that put in to train their member for free coast, i just want to say it pery said that every one could bee a menger just becuse he or she my bee good $$$$ saver for the gym that all care about nothing ... good job gold gym langly location bring on ,i hope you keep your door open,pery soon we call it high school,kam

I enjoy my workout classes of Zumba. My instructors are fantastic and the classes are jammed pack. My complaint to headquarters is that the other trainers are jealous of the number participating in the Zumba classes, so an employee, Meghan @ the Cheektowaga Gym decided to print Tee Shirts with vulgarity to mock and offend the PAYING customers and wear them in the gym. My question is this policy of such a large and established fitness center or just a lack of leadership on the part of the owner? The many incidents of harassing has gone on far too long. I am a professional and would not allow this behavior in my workplace.

I have had this membership for a year and a half now and have tryed canceling at least 3 times this is my 4th. I have been living in a different state for 5 months now and there are no world gyms in oklahoma and have not even been in the gym for over a year. I dont think its right to have to keep paying for something when you want to get it canceled.

I was a member at California Gym in Taipei. Then World Gym bought them. I went to see if I could reactivate my account or get some special consideration because I was a long time member before. Their staff are nasty, rude, and stupid. They offered me a special deal and then I came later and they changed it. World Gym Taipei is a terrible organization and I will never work out there with their current staff. Their "World Gym Elite" location on Min Sen Road in the financial district is the worst! Their staff are con men and liars. I expect them to go out of business soon. When another buys them out, I will be happy.

Anyone having a problem with the corporation? Is having the collection agency calling you requesting money for a cancelled membership 4 years back? I just received a call last week from the collection agency that I owe 590 bucks for world gym. I canceled my membership back in 2008. Ever since I never received a bill or a letter or anything stating that I owe anything. This is ridiculous and they always promise that they will call back or they yell me to call a different number. Or I leave voicemails. Enough is enough. Im not saying i dont have money to pay this amount. But it is ridiculous the way they are slamming us. I will do whatever it takes. Spend as much as I need just to sue them. I need a group of people who have a similar problem. My father is great friends with one of the best lawyers in Chicago. Please send me an email at grkmagaki@comcast.net and I will reply back. I will wait for a group of 10-15 people before proceeding. Explain your situation and we will go from there. Thanks.

I have had a horrible experience with this gym! I was also charged 350% for changing my credit card. When I asked for the charge to be taken off the manager refused stating "that it is not his problem that I can not pay my bills" at this time I had never been late on my membership fee. I said that I would cancel my membership and he said go ahead and hung up the phone on me. That very day I went in and cancelled my membership they continued to be rude and very disrespectful, I was almost in tears! I cancelled my membership and asked for my credit card information back and the manger refused stating that " I was being ridiculous and that my membership did not have any type of impact on this gym and to go ahead to contact corporate because he would just get my compliant " at this point I left and u have encouraged all if my friends to cancel their membership, althought this gym maybe cheap but being treated so disrespectful is not worth theoney saved. To anyone who is considering this gym, please educate yourself.

I was 9 years member for this address: 3F,No.6, Sec.4,Hsin Yi road, Da An District,Taipei city, Taiwan. This address owner 9 years ago is Golden gym, then sell to California Fitness CO. Last year sold to World Gym. On Oct.17th(Monday),2011. I finish work out and took a shower in their shower room an their shower room floor have glass. My left feet hurt by the glass and bleeding a lot. I asked for USD700 for compensation for my painful and can not go to work for 5 days. But Taiwan, World gym HQ refuse and only want pay me my health insurance hospital receipt and taxi fee USD35 and one month extension. This is ridiculous. YOUR Feet get glass hurt in shower room (they did not clean competely glass pieces)and I only asked USD 700(which is samll compensation). and they refuse . My health insurance is I paid each month and it is not pay by you World Gym. How can you only agree to pay my hospital insurance paper handing receipt ? WORLD GYM HQ top management--If you step on the glass and bleeding and hurt, Don't your Taiwan company need to pay it? WHen they asked me joining, they sweet talk, After I paid my 2 years membership fee and hurt, they do not care. USA World Gym HQ , please ask your Taiwan office to pay me. Tel886-2-23258888. Every one is watching how your World Gym Taiwan will pay me? Taiwan all media and CNN will see the Result......Thank you for your ATTENTION>

I cannot understand how this company is still in business, they must hire and train the nasty of nasty of people. i own a business and would never think of hiring any one i have ever came in contact with. they try to put a credit on my card days before then try to charge me 350% late fee. yes i said 350% late fee. world gym is nothing but a scam//////////////// stay as far away as you can... OH.. BY THE WAY THEIR (TRAINERS) ARE NOT REAL TRAINERS... THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS ARENA. IVE SPOKEN TO 3 OF THEM AND THEY KNOW ...NOTHING....

I have tried cancelling this account at least 7 times. I was first told that I could do it by email, then recently had to send registered mail, and still over a year later hear we are....still being FUCKING CHARGED!!! DO NOT use this gym!

I work out at the Dale City, VA World Gym. It's okay, nothing special. For the price ($14.99 mo.), you really can't beat it. However, I do have an issue with some of their staff and the size of the complex. Most of the staff barely speak English (primarily Hispanic). This is disappointing, especially when I ask them questions about their billing policy or if they have plans to move to a bigger location. They've been advertising for almost a year that they are moving to a new BIGGER location. However, I haven't heard or seen any progress on this project. If they don't move within the next month or two, I'm putting in my 30 day notice to cancel.

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