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I purchased the WGP Tri Grill in April of 2011. I received the recall notice and sent it back as per the instructions, this was in November of 2011. I allowed the 4-6 weeks refund and never saw or heard anything. I began calling and as just like the other person, I left a message and I'm still waiting on a response. I've been calling every other week for my money back and nothing. They're so quick to take our money electronically, why can't they reimburse us in the same fashion? This is ridiculous! I shouldn't have to chase this company for my $99 plus taxes and shipping. I WILL NEVER ORDER ANY WOLF GANG PUCK ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!!! So disappointed!

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!! You would think after all these complaints they would at least try to help the customer's. I bought a WP 5PC Immersion blender thru HSN ..didnt even last 2 months so I went to the wolfgang puck website and of course NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER LISTED...ONLY EMAIL. So I called HSN and they gave me the number. I called and the rep. was very short and cold..Completely rude and refused to give me a refund. They told me I had to take the blender apart myself to send in the part that needed to be fixed , the worst part about all this..THE PART IS ON BACKORDER FOR 2 MONTHS..which means 3 Months by the time they get it, fix it and send back to me. Longer then I even owned the damn thing. I requested to speak to a manager and they too refused to help me. I was so frustrated I hung up..I will NEVER buy anything again from this company. Bottom line I have a 2 month old blender I cant use ??????

Count me in as one of the DISSATISFIED & UPSET customers who purchased the Recalled Tri-Griddle/Grill from HSN...followed the instructions listed in a letter/automated phone message..and STILL waiting & waiting & waiting for the REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After repeated calls to the AUTOMATED NUMBER (does a live human being exist in the Wolfgang Puck Organization???) along with repeated calls to HSN (where I was told it's out of their hands)...absolutely NOTHING is being done to REIMBURSE your customers!!! Judging by all the 1-Star Ratings there seems to be an ONGOING PROBLEM with issues such as mine!!! Am now waiting for a RETURN CALL from Heather in Consumer Affairs..wonder if that will ever happen either??? SHAME ON YOU WOLFGANG PUCK & YOUR COMPANY...WHAT A LOUSY WAY TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS!!

Brought Tri-Grill/Griddle which Wolf Gang recommended on HSN, it was recalled after a few months. I returned the Grill several months ago and have not received a refund. I have called several times and told refund is still in process. Never again will I buy a Wolf Gang recommended product. With him and HSN grab the money and run policy. Then forget customer service.

SHAME ON YOU!!! Your customer service is absolutely the worst we have encountered. In October 2011 we purchased a Wolfgang Puck bread maker. At the time we already owned a Pillsbury bread maker that we had purchased in 1995. Living in a remote area we depend on the bread maker to provide our "daily bread". The Pillsbury was still working but because of it's age, we bought the Wolfgang unit to make sure our needs were covered. In less than two months the Wolfgang Puck bread maker just quit working. After contacting customer service we were told we would receive a new housing if a copy of the receipt was e-mailed to them. So we scanned and e-mailed the copy of the receipt and received an e-mail reply that they would be sending us new housing. Several weeks passed and then we received an e-mail telling us that it would be 5-6 weeks longer because the item was on back order. In the meantime as luck would have it, the Pillsbury unit broke down. We contacted Wolfgang customer service again and asked if there was anything that could be done to speed things along as we were now without a bread maker. We were told to send in the cord, which we immediately did. We are now getting the run around. But thank heaven for that old Pillsbury unit. We went on the internet found an inexpensive part, installed it ourselves and the old Pillsbury is back in business. The beautiful stainless and black Wolfgang Puck unit sits in the corner... useless. BUT IT'S PRETTY!!! Never again will we buy Wolfgang Puck. We suggest you check with Pillsbury or some of the other companies out there and see how their customer service is run. You sure could learn alot!!! Thanks for the lesson you have taught us!!!

I bought the WolfGang Puck Multi Chopper in May 2011. It did not work properly from the get go. After trying to use it to chop some cheese, the gears stripped out. I called HSN who gave me the phone number of WGP corporate office. I talked to a rep who said that they would send out a new housing unit. After about a month and nothing received, I called again and was then told I needed to cut the cord off the original housing unit. A month wasted after not being told to return the cord at the first call. I mailed the cord and after about another month called them again. Rep says the replacement unit is waiting to be sent as soon as they receive the cord back from me. I told him that I had mailed it over a month ago. He told me I should have sent the cord certified mail. He gave me the option of taking a picture of the unit whith cord cut off and email it to them and to call back in a couple days. I emailed the picture to them and got confirmation back via email that they had received the picture . I called back in a couple days and was told that they would be sending out the unit in a few days. I called again a couple weeks before Thanksgiving to see if I would have the unit as I really wanted to be able to use it for preparing dinner. At that time I was told that it was on back order. Really????? All along I had been told that the unit was just waiting on me to return the cut off cord. After thanksgiving, when I did not have the chopper to use, I called and asked for a refund. The rep said that the supervisor was not there that day to submit a refund to and that it would be taken care of the next business day. The next week after thanksgiving I got an email stating that a refund was NOT AN OPTION AND IF I WOULD LIKE THEY COULD SEND ME A REPLACEMENT. IT IS NOW THE 2 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND I STILL DO NOT HAVE EITHER A REPLACEMENT OR A REFUND. I WILL NEVER BUT ANOTHER WOLFGANG PUCK PRODUCT AGAIN.. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE AND THEY ARE RIPPING PEOPLE OFF

Zero stars should be an option... I purchased the 1.6 Horsepower COMMERCIALLY Rated Blender as a gift for my mother in June 2011 from HSN. It was used 2-3 times a week at most to make a smoothie, or light blending(blender did a good job). After a month and a half it crapped out. I called Wolfgang Puck customers service and was told a replacement would be sent out, was not instructed that the cord of the defective unite had to be cut and sent out. Called back after months of waiting and was then told to send the cord. It has been over three and a half weeks since doing so. I called customer service again, only to find out they have already received the cord but it will still take WEEKS longer for my delivery to come. It is the end of November and I have not had a blender since about mid-summer... For an item that I spent over $160 and $5 to send a stupid cord, this is absolutely absurd!!!!! First and LAST Wolfgang Puck item. I really hope I can deter at least one person from making the same horrible mistake I have. Good Luck if your brave enough to buy one of his products.

I rate Five Sixty in Dallas a 1 since there is nothing lower. The manager is a total and absolute jerk!! His attitude is the worst I have ever seen! I tried to make a special reservation for my daughter's birthday, and he was the rudest ass I have ever encountered. Dallas is fickle, greater empires have fallen.

I purchased two WGP Immersion Sticks, one for me and one for a gift. While making a smoothid, the button on the motor housing fell into the yogurt without my knowledge.When eating the smoothie I discarded the lump thinking it was a chunk of ice. Later I discovered I was missing a button. Then only using the chopping bowls approximately 2 times each the cross section of the blade and the lids were stripped out. In my call to customer service, I gave all the pertinent information only to be told "My purchase from EBAY" warranty would not be covered for this item." Ebay is not an authorized seller for Wolf Gang Puck. The second time I called, I told #1112, Erica, CSR- this was a gift from 2010 Christmas. She wanted me to produce a receipt. I asked how would someone do that if it were a gift from a dirty Santa party? She responded with, "We have to have a receipt before we can honor the warranty." I NEVER BY a WOLF GANG PUCK product or visit a company owned by them. Reviews are HORRIBLE. cjtod@yahoo.com

My son and I visited your Express restaurant in Downtown Disney on March 23,2011 and I ordered the half chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Shortly (within 1 hour) after leaving your restaurant I became very ill. Throughout the day I developed stomach pains/cramping and a low grade fever which was later diagnosed as food poisoning/bacteria. It was the only place I had eaten at for the day (11am) so we were able to narrow it down. Luckily, my son did not share the meal with me but instead ordered the "mac and cheese" which was nothing like mac and cheese but instead mostaccioli noodles with alfredo sauce. He was disappointed but not as disappointed as I was with missing out on an evening that could have been better spent with my 2 year old in Disney's Magic Kingdom. We have eaten at your restaurant before and were very satisfied with the service and food. This time, it left us with a horrible gift that kept on giving for 48 hours. Sadly, we won't be recommending this restaurant to our friends. Better check the chicken and make sure that your employees are washing their hands properly and keeping the place clean for future patrons. Hopefully you take care of this situation because I could see this not ending well for your establishment if people have paid lots of money to spend days in Disney only to have the trip ruined by improper food handling and preparation by your restaurant.

I purchased a Wolfgang Puck Pizza Oven from HSH in November. I used it once, and had a problem with it. I e-mailed HSN who gave me a Wolfgang Puck Customer Service Number. I spoke to a rep November 17th, explained the problem, and she said she would get back to me. Someone did, on November 24th. They arranged to pick up the oven on November 26th. I heard nothing from them and on December 10th, I called. They had made no plans to send a replacement. I told them I wanted my money back. No replacement, just refund my account. Today, December 14th, I called again and was told, there had been no progress and that a refund was not an option. I find this unacceptable. The rep would not give me a phone number for the Corporate Headquarters. I find this unacceptable. I received a defective product and I can't get a replacement or a refund. I will never buy a Wolfgang Puck product anywhere. I e-mailed HSN and they were responsive, but I was told to deal with Wolfgang Puck directly. I've never had a problem with HSN and I think this issue is out of their hands. Customers need to be aware that when Wolfgang Puck is on the air and talks about contacting him if there is a problem with the product he is peddling, he's blowing smoke. Customer Service is unresponsive and he can't be reached.

To whom it may concern: Last night we had a reservations for 6 people at Jai for 6:30 PM. They knew we were going to a play at 8. If we should have been there earlier we should have been told when we made our reservations. The meal was served between 7:45-7:50PM. We had to swallow our food quickly and didn’t have time to enjoy it. Or digest it; my husband became ill. The service was sloppy and the excuse was the kitchen was backed up. NOT OUR PROBLEM. At the end the waiter said to come back because they were starting a new after theater service and coffee and biscotti was half price. It was clearly heard by several people at the table. We came back and they charged us full price. We told the manager and he was extremely rude. We were sitting near the bar where the waiters and bar tender were eating and they were clearly looking over at us and making jokes about us. We had looked forward to our dinner with you and have enjoyed many of your restaurants in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We have loved the Aipac events that you’ve catered and were sadly disappointed last night. We have season’s ticket to La Jolla theaters and had hoped to make Jai our regular pre theater restaurant. Best regards, Arlene Rose 7931 Doug Hill San Diego, CA 929217 858-759-4962 arlene@melroseind.com

Wolfgang Puck your commitment to your customers are disgusting, I purchased a Deep Fryer after watching you on HSN...that was the first mistake! The fryer arrived, and never worked moreover, I called and was told I likely need to purchase a replace power cord at the cost of $24.00, after I've nearly spent $150.00 on the fryer. It's easy to see why there's so many negative comments posted, this isn't a good representing of you or your products in a way that a consumer would want to return again. I'll be watching for you to reappear on HSN, maybe then I'll have my chance to voice my sheer anger over the products and customer service. You may not even care that you have many unhappy customers, however word travels fast especially when you have friends like OPRAH!!!!!!! No longer a fan of Wolfgang Puck or any of his products!!!!!

Dear Mr. Puck, Kudos to your staff at the Forum Shops Spago. On July 12 five of us were planning on having lunch when one of the men in our group suddenly felt ill. Your staff immediately provided us with what we needed and called security and the paramedics. The ill person was embarrassed to have this problem, and your staff treated him with great dignity.The staff provided moral support and assisted the paramedics while they prepared to take him to the hospital.The good news was that he was only dehydrated. When the check arrived they had removed his charges. A CLASS ACT throughout.

Thank you for a ruined honeymoon, Wolfgang Puck. On 6-10-10, my wife and I received a horrible case of food poisoning from the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the Chicago Airport. I ordered a pizza and she ordered a sandwich. We both ate half of each others meal. We were connecting in Chicago from Tulsa to Alaska for our honeymoon which was planned for over a year and cost us thousands of dollars. We began feeling sick shortly after our meal. On the airplane to Alaska, we both threw up. Immediately after we got off the plane we both threw up in the Anchorage airport. We then again both threw up in the hotel that night. We were so weak and dehydrated with no sleep, the first half of our honeymoon was ruined. We did not get to go on two excursions that we paid for, which were both to see wildlife. We were so weak the rest of the trip that we were barely able to eat anything. We spent most of the trip trying to recover from your food. I felt so sorry for the people in your restaurant on our connecting flight back. I will make sure to never eat at any of your restaurants again and I will also make sure to spread the word that you have some serious health code violations going on. Thanks for nothing. Ty Wolfe

I was travelling through Chicago's O'Hare Airport last Thursday afternoon. At approximately 2pm CDT I purchased a pepperoni mushroom pizza at Wolfgang Pucks. The pizza was a reheated pizza as evidenced by the bottom of the pizza which was as hard as a book cover. I debated bringing the pizza back to the counter to complain, but had little time be3fore my flight back here. At approximately 8pm, while back home here in DC, I experienced severe stomach pains with vomiting and diarrhea which lasted intermittently for the next five hours. I had food poisoning !! The Chicago Wolfgang Puck was the sourse, my only eating source, after a bland breakfast 61/2 hourse earlier in the day. The "Recycled" pizza I was served made me sick. I won't eat at Wolfgang Puck's again. Kevin W Concannon, Washington, D.C.

Dear: Mr.Wolfgang Puck My family experienced the most horrible birthday dinner in your restaurant in Orlando Florida,it was for my wife's dream dinner and all this happen on the 11 of April 2010,the dinner reservations was for 9:30 PM. It first started when entered your restaurant and the hostess was snippy and impolite.My told her about our reservations and res. #. She did not bother to look it up, all she did was directed my family to the worst section of the restaurant, next to the doors were dirty dishes and people are going in and out. Then she processed by tossing our menus and told us to that she did not have enough menus and told us to share them.......SO WRONG ,,,,SO VERY WRONG,,,, an if you do not agree with me to this moment,, do not read any more because there is much more. my wife was so very disappointed by now that she excuse herself with my daughter. Our waitress showed up and I mentioned the reservations we had for the dinning room but not at the cafe section. At this time she told me all about the an up-stairs dinning room. OK! so why didn't the hostess tell us about the dinning section upstairs in the first place. We got up processed to go up-stairs, my wife and daughter met us by the elevator and we got there they told us they had no reservations neither and that resort ( Shades Of Green in Walt Disney resort) were we made our reservation DID NOT know what they were doing ,.......BAM! I will make this short, we were place under the air conditioner vents and got cold we did mention it to our server and she brought our son a table cloth to wear on him wrong,,,,they should have moved us to another table. Our food was under done and steak was dry mash potatoes were cold even colder under the vent and my son's duck had the fat con jell on his table. My wife asked about the cake that came with birthday dinner package and We were told that was no such thing and again blamed on the resort,,I guess your restaurant doesn't need the business from DISNEY RESORTS. We were told that they had a cake for sale for $35,,,,,the cake tasted great.. We send $298.32 tip included. I know you have a lot a money and I'm sure you earned it too,, but we don't have that kind of money. We saved enough money for one in a life time birthday dinner, just to dine in your restaurant AND what A disappointment for my wife's 40th. MY WIFE CRIED,,,,,,I WAS MAD AS HELL AND STILL AM,,,,,,I WOULD LIKE YOU TO MAKE RIGHT FOR MY WIFE,,,PLEASE,,,,,,here is the ticket information 0230 table 50 #party5 HIEN N SvrkCk;27 21:53 04/10/10.

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