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Still no reply

I bought the 18 piece ... After one year the rivets rusted... This is unacceptable as they have a lifetime warranty.... If I don't hear back soon I'll report this to the BBB.


We ate at the Wolfman Puck restaurant just south of West Charleston in Las Vegas, NV. My wife's chicken salad was as dry as a bone and the chicken was too tough to eat. My turkey burger was dry as well. They had no salad dressing to speak of and no salt or pepper on the table.

Rivot on Frying Pan

I was frying eggs ( Not High heat ) and heard a noise like a Rifle shot. It turned to be one of the rivets on the frying pan. The revot only slightly expanded.It was small 8 or 9 inch pan. I just wanted your department to no just in case that it may be a safety factor.


So I ate at Wolfgang puck EXPRESS the other day. Let me start by saying they should take down the word EXPRESS! Timing is really bad(35 mins for a salad). When I went to grab a fork and knife for my food, this man came out of no where literally took it out of my hand( big white man). Not to mention his breath was so bad. Really bad!!!! He needs to change his attitude.


Have been getting a runaround with wrong numbers and no response for years. Trying to replace my 1qt and 3qt bistro sauce pans that did not hold up. The others are all ok. My entire kitchen is wolfy. Trying to avoid costly losses by reporting calibration errors but no one to help so far. I love Wolfy and will try again. He needs to know when stuff is not made right and I need my warranties honored.


I bought the 7 qt electric pressure cooker off HSN maybe a year ago and the handle on the lid broke, I waited on the phone for 45minutes, which that right there tells me the products suck. I got a sorry about your luck attitude and I will never buy Wolfgang puck again that's for sure. She said there's no replacement for the lid and good luck finding one, well good luck selling his products, if I had read these reviews before I bought this I never would have bought it.

product was a food processor which I used and was very satisfied however spindle broke called for replacement 2 months ago have received nothing and it is impossible to reach customer service

I have purchased almost each and every product made by this organization and have subsequently been disappointed each and every time. They either broke down shortly after the warranty or were just plain useless. I do not even watch the shopping channel anymore. Had I known this site was available I would never have purchased anything because I have had most of the problems that have been reviewed. My money is important to me and obviously not to Wolfgang Puck.


I finally recieved the WRONG size and style lid that we paid for OVER 6 MONTHS AGO! Customer service laughs when they speak with you, and no wonder, they have no one that cares above them. Apparently Wolfgang Puck is more concerned about his royalties than quality.

four pcs. wine opening kit

Received the kit as a gift and loved it. Soon after, the plastic airrator piece broke off and and I almost choke on it while drinking my wine. In addition, the part that cuts the foil on the bottle broke shortly after the airrator chipped. Considering it was a gift I called Wolfgang custumet service, and was met with the worst service ever. When I asked to speak to the supervisor I was accused of shouting profanities at the custumer service person, which was a total lie. They had total disregard for custumer safety and insisted that withaut a receipt they would not do anything about it. Even though it was a gift for which i did not have the receipt.Will never again buy anything from this company

poor service

I have a convection oven purchased from HSN. After less than 9 months it stopped working with only the pizza section keeping warm. Callng the 800 number and trying to get service has resulted in only being on hold for almost 30 minutes - and that does not work either. The one star is not even deserved. Wolfgang, you should honor your promises to your HSN customers, and get your employees to clean up their act.

Customer No Service

Ordered a replace ment bowl for a 7 cup Bistro processor. Several weeks later it arrived without a new, changed spindle. The new bowl does not fir on my processor's original spindle. Was told that a new bowl with the correct spindle would be sent within a few days. Threek weeks later...no bowl/spindle. Called to find out status and was given an incorrect phone number to trace order. Called back and oput on hold for 20 mins and stil waiting. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

Wolfgang Puck Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

I received these as a christmas gift and after les than one month they crapped out. Impossible to contact customer service. I will NEVER purchase anything from this company for myself...... Richmond Va

Multi Cooker

Customer Support/Warranty (1800-275-8273)

no stars

I ordered the colored salt and pepper grinders off the HSN, the battery operated ones. They didn't last long before they didn't work. I called Wolfgang Puck and was told to contact HSN network. They had me contact Wolfgang Puck. I did again. I was told the guts of the shakers were an issue with alot of people and they were going to send me the parts. Many months later, I still have no received them. Second phone call to let them know I had not received them yet. They put it in the system again and said I would receive them, that they were on back order, they never told me that on the phone call. 3rd phone call about a month ago, told the story they were going to just send me a different color, have not yet to receive them.... This is terrible customer service............. Very disappointed in Wolf Gang Puck

am still sitting here on hold now it is 40 minutes have a problem with my stainless steel cookware - the bolts inside that hold the handles on are all corroding and rusting - they have finally answered so the outcome of our converstion will madebe have some sort of outcome soon whether it be good or bad we will see.-what a bunch of garbage will certainly never buy anything from wolfgang again did not realize until now just how important it is to do reseach on a product before buying it o well live and learn o my

gryphernDecember 17, 2011 @koolkat104 In reply to you re. support. If you make a piece thick eogunh it WILL stand up on its own. If you have a long, thin part, take a hot glue gun and make lines of glue inside the prosthetic. The hot glue will cool and form supportive beams, holding the long thin parts up stiffly. A big werewolf face, about 8 inches long, will only need 3 lines of glue and one across. Very light weight and flexible solution, better than making a half inch thick piece to stand up at extreme lengths.

You received 1 star because I couldnt give a 0, I seen you on HSN and purchased the rapid food streamer and was eager to use it. I used it once and was somewhat pleased. I go to use it again and It would not steam. I call HSN for a replacement and was told it was passed the one month so I needed to contact Wolfgang Puck, I have tried for the pasted month and half can not get thru. Once I spoke to someone and they said i was really calling the wrong place but she would pass it on to the supervisor and have they call me back within 24 hours, guess what no one called back. So it tried calling that so called customer service number stayed on the line 45 mins then I was disconnected. I tried emailing NO response, Called HSN back and they still could not help me. At this point I dont know who had me more disappointed, But Wolfgang Puck as big as your are YOU BY FAR HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. And to top it off I am not even finish paying for the dang thing.

Wolfgang Puck Express in Orlando doesn't have a good management team, they too races & General manager love to sexing her employee to much for hours. Allot of people is suffering because all 3 managers are races & greety. We need to fix this problem, general manager sheinena keep having sex with employees (server), With Alex & she don't like some other people that black in the Company.. If you not hispanic she won't give you hours, she keep taking people raise every year. Some people been there for more than 15yrs they get paid less than new people who don't even been in the company for 4yrs. If the hired a good looking Girl, she'll get jealous about it because she doesn't want Alex the chief kitchen talk to her... The general manager is not a good person, about the sex scandal couple months ago with.the employee was true but she keep on making shit for the management team do not said nothing about but they all know & they don't do they job...

If I could give 0 stars, that is what it would be. I too am a victim of the cut the cord off your tri-grill/griddle and NEVER received my refund as was promised. I've was actually able to get one person to call me back last month (she didn't know why I was calling and returned the call), and she guaranteed me that they were now JUST sending refunds and it would be any day. Still waiting and it's mid-March. I own a lot of WP small appliances and this is the first one I have had a problem with, and obviously am reluctant to ever purchase these types of products again with such a poor experience and loss of quite a bit of money!

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