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Canceled orders

I confirm what others say about canceled orders. I my case, I had a nice coupon that Wilson's obviously didn't want to honor. Or maybe they just cancel lots of orders, willy-nilly? I placed the same order three times, and all three times it was canceled. Do not order from the company unless you enjoy wasting your time.

Horrendous customer service!

Placed order of Xmas gifts on Dec12th, received confirmation from Wilsons and Paypal. No gifts or shipment notice on the 20th, so emailed to no response. Called and they tried to blame it on Paypal. I could see right online that the Paypal authorization was still open and valid, with payment as "pending". Now claiming I have to reorder, stuff not avail until after Xmas, etc. No apol, rude!!

I tried to go shopping to the Wilson store in Williamsburg Iowa. Store hours are posted right on the window 9 to 9. I showed up about 945AM all the lights are off and the doors are locked. nice to know they care about their customers so much that they keep the doors locked when they're supposed to be opened.


I received a confirmation # of my online order for $323 and have waited two and half weeks for it! Only to call Wilson Leather CSR and they tell me that they cannot locate this online order number!!!!! Also that their website and office lose communication sometimes all the while my Paypal account is pending the amount of money listed above. What can they do about it. NOTHING!! Really come on people where is your customer service?? Look at all of these horrible reviews you are getting - step it up!!!

Braintree mall, ma

I am Very upset I was Trying to purchase a leather jacket and one of the associates Chinese lady tells me what the other associate with taking a moment I step out of line and should take the next customer a black lady the other lady finish she walks away from her register to come back and take another to take a man and he's black nobody Was ringing me up The next I started talking to this lady that's she said wanted to speak to a manager I am the manager she was unprofessional very rude and all she kept threatening me with security she did not care about anything that herself and her associates and asking anybody else Nohopono nothing from nobody else

Poor product support

I purchased a leather coat (retail value $600) in March of 2013. I wore it for a couple of months and put it away for the summer. I started wearing it again this fall and now the leather is disintegrating and the coat is falling apart. I took it back to the store for a replacement and was told they wouldn't honor any returns after 90 days - YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! Also, the store manager said she didn't stock them anymore and I reminded her about the ones hanging on the rack in back - a bold faced lie. Spread the word - stay away from Wilsons Leather. Please tell everyone and maybe this lousy company will fold up and go away.

BAD Place to buy Leather

Use to go to the mall and purchase my leather from Wilson's Not in the mall any more so I go online to purchase my coat and first off it took over a week to get here then their size chart is way off. So i call customer service and they tell me its going to take 3 to 5 weeks to get a refund now what the ---- is up with that So I decide to give them one more chance and ordered another jacket well had to cancel the order because after I placed and paid for the order found out it only comes in black yet they show it on their website in brown which is the color I wanted. NEVER EVER GOING TO SHOW AT WILSON"S LEATHER AGAIN

Nicole from Wrentham, MA outlet assured me 3 times on Sat. 10/12/13 that if I came back the next day before 10am I would get another 30% off of my purchase ($188). I drove 35 mi there and she said the 30% was already taken off on Saturday. She is either lying or extremely incompetent and stupid. There must be a video showing her telling me 3 times "Yup, another 30% off your entire purchase before 10am tomorrow". I will never shop there again, and based on these reviews, I will tell everyone I know they Wilsons Leather is not to be trusted.

Albertvilles store was horrible

I went into the store for the first time for the first time a few days ago. One of the managers would not leave me alone. They pestered me every two minutes about buying. They seemed very pushy. Also my wife went in who doesn't speak English very well yet and she told me how rude they were. She felt stupid because of the way she got treated. I will not be spending any more money there.


Wilson's Leather in Albertville, Minnesota is the worst store i have ever been too. I do not speak very well English and one of the managers whose name is Laura made me feel dumb and i did not like how i was treated. Just because someone is different than you does not mean you should treat them any different from anyone else. I hope she gets talked to, that was not a good experience for me, I was embarrassed.

Rude Managers

I was in Destiny USA earlier today, walked by Wilson Leather after a young man with physical limitations walked by. The two women (I use this term loosely) were mocking is walk and speech. I have never been a fan of this store. When I called the store, the manager could have cared less and was rude, I will be calling corporate.

worst store to shop at poor service

This is a poor store to shop at assoicates store. Managers are rude the prices are not true.they have the same sales and try to get over on you. I will never shop here again.and corporate. Doesnt do anythongr but lie lie lie.somebody needs to close this busuness

An answer from an exrept! Thanks for contributing.

Good Morning Kieth,Its been a while since I've been on the Miramichi River. I've been away for some time and now I'm back home to stay in Saint John. We still talk about the Comstock Fishing Trips . If there was a chance that I would catch a fish this weneekd I would be on my way Ha Ha !!! Great Video Buddy. Take Care.Gary Gallant

I went to a Wilsons Leather store in Northern VA the other day (woodbridge area) and saw someone I knew from H.S. that was arrested for multiple felonies on ROBBERY for credit cards a few years ago working there as some kind of manager OMG, and a bunch of other crimes connected to a home invasion where they taped or tied up someone in their home in Williamsburg, VA, beat him , stole credit cards and other stuff, and used them. She spent years in prison and saw her working at Wilsons leather there after. I will never ever shop there again knowing they employee convicted felons at their stores that steel credit card info from people. This is how they CHOOSE to represent their company after 100 years of business! Especially when Im giving my financial information to someone who was convicted of these crimes when I hand over a card (around 10 crimes). The girls name is Katherine Lyndsey Selwaeh or known as Lyndsey Selwaeh for anyone at Wilsons Leather who cares about keeping their good name. None of my girl friends will shop there anymore either. I guess they don't care or don't do background checks on people even though they lie about their record on the application obviously. I'm not sure how she got this job without lies about her credentials or arrest record. She was known for being that type of girl. Poor judgement on Wilsons behalf. Must be desperate for security risk! Link to image of record, stay safe with your information people!! Know where you shop and who they employ! Be smart! I will be calling local news agencies to let them know for consumer affairs and local reporting about local businesses issues. I can imagine if this serious convicted felon that was plastered all over the papers can work for them they could have worse! http://s11.postimage.org/xmioh2sgz/php9l_LJJC.jpg

I agree with the review about false advertising , I'm an employee at Tanger Outlets in Riverhead , N.Y. . wilsons went around giveing mall employees a green savings card that represented it self as a additional 40% off clearance and liquidation . The card even has a bar code on it and an exp. date . When going to wilsons they tell you it,s already marked down . even though the card states an addional 40%. When i asked what the sense of the card was,their response was that(it,s just to get the employees there) to make them aware of the sale. I call that very,very poor marketing and advertising I will never shop there again. Also the same product is online for the same price for weeks. SHAME ON YOU WILSONS !

Purchased a coat at the Branson store and they called up to Wisconsin to get my coat to me. They were very nice and accommodating at the store, I expressed some reservation about it because I knew if it didn't fit me I would have to pay shipping charges. They shipped it to me with out a receipt and I have been through quite a bit trying to resolve the situation. Finally someone just called and said they found my receipt and are sending it to me. But, I literally had to throw a fit....hate doing that. Will not purchase again from this store.

Do not try to return an item at Wilson Leather,I returned a purse on Aug 1,2011 and they were suppose to credit my account,well needless to say it is now Sept 15th and still have not received my money back for the purse I returned,I have made several trips to the store,spoke with 2 different managers,promised several times to return my phone call and of course no return call received,was told at one point to go to my bank and see why I had not received my money,they laughed and said why would Wilson send you to us? I said I dont know,they replied never has a company sent a customer to the bank when it is their responsiblity to figure out why I hadnt received my refund,I am so frustrated with Wilson's,I dont know who to talk to,anyone have any ideas? Dissatisfied customer in Petaluma California

DO NOT EVER GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, either by opening an account with them online or through a purchase. They flood your email box with junk mail and no matter how hard you try they will NEVER TAKE YOU OFF THEIR LIST. I can only speak from my experience. I bought one item from them that is fine, but it is WAY not worth the headache I've had trying to get off their mailing list, which I am STILL ON.

hello Wilsons I can tell from your disclaimer that you don't want any of your customers to e-mail you directly at corp. thanks for that. Hay that would be to easy right? I'm a Canadian finding out how U.S.A Does buisiness. I DON'T LIKE IT. I bought a coat on black friday from Wilsons outlet in syracuse N.Y BRITTNEY THE STORE CLERK DIDNT TAKE THE EAS TAG OFF. It is now a nightmare for as I can't ware the winter COAT in winter? I called the store. They basically told me to bad so sad. Nice way to treat tourists.Well I know this VIEW is going no Where and your not very eager to help us out So who ever reads this. Don't buy at wilsons, because after the sale to bad so sad?

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