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Wachovia absolutely sucks. They started tacking on fluff fees and clearly could care less about their customers. It is now all about money, money, money. I tried dealing with their customer service 800#...don't bother, a complete waste of time. They just spew some rhetoric (read from a script) and have no authority to do anything. The customer service managers are confrontive and argumentative. This is NOT the way I want my money handled. I finally threw up my hands and switched to my local credit union today. Don't know why I did not do that months ago. They actually greet you with a smile and thank you for your business. I guess I am old school, sort of expect that from a bank. Wells Fargo, ala Wachovia, can go piss on itself....

It is Saturday morning. I am having my coffee and watching Fox News enjoying the start of my week-end until I see a report about Wachovia Bank. A little information about me - I have a home mortgage, 3 checking accounts and a savings account with Wachovia and Wells Fargo. I learn from the news Wachovia refuses to put up a Christmas tree this year so no one will be offended. Well you did not accomplish your goal. Since when did Wachovia become a political institution? Wachovia Corporation does not mind putting up a menorah in some branches. I fully support allowing all faiths including Christianity to display their celebration of their religious holidays regardless of what my personal faith is. In my personal branch in Cape Coral Florida the branch at which I USED to do business with, only displayed magazines written in Spanish and the customer sales manager could not speak fluent English. What about all of your customers who are not Spanish? Do you think they believe Wachovia is trying to accommodate their needs? I have three checking accounts, a savings account and a mortgage with Wachovia and Wells Fargo. I am not wealthy but I have a comfortable living and I am one of those customers that are able to pay their mortgage and pay to use your services. And I am only one of thousands who will move their assets to another branch that embraces all people instead of a chosen few. Your corporation needs to stop trying to do what is politically correct and do what is right for all customers. I have sent the same information to Fox News so your cusotmers will become better informed of your behavior. I will be watching closely and if your behavior continues I will move my mortgage and all of my accounts. The few thousand that it would cost to refinance my home would be a small price to pay to voice my dissatisfaction with your corporation. Robin Martin

I am very disapointed that your company has decided to have Christmas trees removed from your branches. I am seriously thinking about taking my assets out of your bank.I do not want to hear your exlpanation about diversity. Maybe you should open your banks on Christmas

what is going on at the fairmount branch in hackensack???i have been using this bank for 30 years,even through all the name changes....everytime i go there is something else they will not do for me..all they say is its policy now,and may i add not to pleasant....i asked if they would inform customers of policy changes prior to doing banking......i have always rated this bank with the highest numbers when surveyed on the phone, but now i could only rate your fairmount office with the poorest marks...please respond,as i would like to work this out

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