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shannonnunn / November 11, 2011 Part Two: they had to say six people, they have been apepovrd and the last person who told them they were not. their house goes on the auction in less than three weeks and they still have no firm idea of ​​their bank and could be evicted from the house. they only had four months behind in the past year. Bankers, lawyers and politicians of the disease, the erosion of the social fabric of America. You should not your wealth at the expense of others. We bail u out, and this is how we thank u.

Yes, the main way of becoming too big to fail is to buy out your coptitemion so that you become/ or try to become the sole supplier, also known as the monopoly seller. Failure of that supplier would result in the loss of that product in the economy. Hence if that product is important enough, the government would save it regardless of the financial difficulties it experiences.Another way to become too big to fail is through mergers. Horizontal Mergers or mergers within the same industry would be result in increased market share of the company in the industry. As long as you control majority of the market in an important industry, you become too big to fail. This is why top banks that dominate the oligopoly market tend to become over confident and engage in high risk, knowing that the government will bail them out. This is commonly seen in banks nowadays and also dependent on the country's legislation.

I went into the hospital three weeks ago. My account was overdrawn wheni got home. I called the bank to make sure nothing is coming out of this account. That never seemed to be a problem. I went in for more testing and came out to $280.00 in fees! I called the bank and spoke to a representitive who helped me get to the claim department. The nasty, arrogant women I spoke to said it was not the banks problem. I explained that as a single parent this was alot of money. I was returning to the hospital Friday and needed my child support to feed the kids and I was told, not the banks problem. Really!, I have been with this bank since 2004 and this is what I get for being a loyal customer that is very confused over why the bank had no problem helping me and now it is "Not the bank's fault". I am pressed for time since I need to return for more testing. I called back the bank after speaking to a few patients that come to my office and said to call a supervisor. Even though they were very helpful with there words, nothing came of it. Cannot believe that I am putting my money away somewhere that is not only non caring about it but in my time of need of fixing this, I get "Not the banks fault". I feel like someone should hear this story. Of all the things in the world I do not need right now is a bank taking this much money away from me. As a single mom and someone who is in my situation of being sick this is what I get?? I am so upset and disappointed that I trusted this bank and again after being a customer since 2004. So if anyone really cares at this bank for your customers then call 732-966-3509. If noone is able to take the time out to help with this situation, I will be sure to make a wise decision from there.

I've been on hold for days with the charge off department of Wells Fargo. I hate them. They never return my calls. This is terrible. And there seems to be nothing that can be done.

I got a call from a restitution agency for Wachovia today. Which my daughter apparently took out a loan and never paid it back. As she so often does so well, put my name down as a contact. She is 40 years old and had the bank done its home work, they could see a pattern with her. My complaint is the lady whom I told that we are estranged twice, at the end of our conversation made the statement in a very sarcastic tone "What a great mother you are" and immediately hung up. She knows nothing about me or my values, which are defineatly not to have a daughter who conitinually uses people including her "great mother". So yes if it takes sending someone to her door have at it, with my blessing.

I have been a wells fargo costumer for awhile now, and I overdrafted my account 64cents, not even a dollar! and now out of nowhere they have sent me a letter in the mail saying i owe wachovia 125$ FOR ON OVERDRAFT OF 64cents. and when i called to try and fix the problem the person i talked to said they charged me an extra 124.36 for service fees, when i asked him what services fees and why... nobody could then answer any questions! i went on for three days trying to talk to SEVERAL people to fix the situation and they all said they couldnt take away the service fees, then i had someone tell me he "kyle bryd" could take it down to 100, which still makes no sense. if i over drafted 64cent where is the extra coming from.... then he wanted to go down 5 more dollars..... so it 95$.... but from the get go, they couldnt take anything off........ this bank is so twisted and f**ked up that none of them our on the same page and none of them no what they are talking about, none the less they all slack in costumer service... I work in customer service, and ive never treated anyone as shitty as they treated me... i need and want this problem fixed now..... so if corporate can call me asap that would be fantastic... before i bring CNN bay news 9 and every other news channel in this that nobody will ever want to back with WACHOVIA ever!

During the transition from Wachovia to Wells Fargo my ENTIRE SAVINGS ACCOUNT HAS GONE MISSING! No one seems to know what is going on. Wachovia tells me to call Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo tells me to call Wachovia. Will Someone from corporate call me immediately at 434.305.5822

I am very dissapointed in the customer service skill with the manager behind the tellers at your 1770 n 50th st. branch in Tampa fl. he has Very poor and i mean very very poor CSR and managerial skills. I am a every day regular costumer at that branch and i always received cheerful greetings and happy smiles from the tellers. I do not know what the name of this manager is but this has been the worst i have seen yet. He does not let the tellers interact with the costumers at all they are all so serious now that it makes you think twice about having an account with wells fargo. After all isn't it a policy at wells fargo as well as everywhere else to have great customer service skills and be able to interact with customers thats the way that you bring in business. If there is a district Manager that handles the area of 33619 he or she should look into that. I my self was looking forward to open an account with you guys but with his poor managerial skills and as rude as he is it makes me wonder how many other managers out in other branches are the same. And to even go further my employer is thinking about taking his payroll and his company checking account to B&B Bank he himself has seen the change and not for the better..... P.S. IF HE DOES NOT LIKE HIS JOB THERE ARE ALWAYS OTHER OPTIONS....

I am disppointed with the Wells Fargo Customer service department. I was told what I needed to have done had to be handled at the branch, went to the branch and was told they could not do anything... Therefore, I have to wait for my Direct Deposit from my employer to be sent back (which I was told from Wells Fargo will take 3-4 business days, still wondering why so long) to have my employer give me a paper check. Not to mention, my debit card was not link to my account(when I used the card two days prior). Make any sense?? I'm lost too. I have already contacted "New's on Your Side" to investigate this situation.. Opening an account with this bank is the worst mistake I have every made...

I am highly disappointed with the customer service. They can not do ANYTHING over the phone. What good is a telephone customer service that can not assist you no matter how much information you give them? After trying for 3.5 hours today to transfer money from my account to my friends account (both card holders present with all the needed information) still with no success (because our accounts are not linked) I have given up on their customer services completely and I am honestly considering changing banks completely

First there is a break up of the programs so that each Director is fearful the Corp Executives find out what a lousy job they are doing via staff. The online services shows it is a sub contracted part of Wachovia Wells Fargo under Diana Starcher, Group Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo Customer Connection. So you are not speaking to Wells Fargo per say, but to a subcontract group who only want the money from the contract, not your customer service requests. This online group has been ordered not to let you through to corporate thus preventing the leaking of the abuse they measure out knowing you will never reach corporate or the Stock holders. When you are sent to the so called Executive Customer service you have been royally had. They are the same as the customer service but pretending under contract to be the Corp connections to the Executive Branch. Gets better. The Dispute office is run the same way, they are not Wachovia anymore, this is Wells Fargo sub contracted branch. The immediate Director overseeing the program, is Ryan Grecus, 'supposedly' remember the name of the game is sub contracts, keep the contracts or you loose your jobs. That my friends is why there are the huge complications. I doubt if even the Courts, where the huge cases have been filed for what is complained about here, know what has developed under Wells Fargo, nor do the SEC completely comprehend the magnitude. Where you could file against Wells Fargo, it is the sub contracted companies who are really the culprits in many cases.

This bank prides itself on destroying peoples live. They have turned collection of debt information over to the IRS. Now that we need a copy of the 1099 that they sent to the IRS they cannot find it. No one cares, no one ever calls back and when you do get through to a person they just transfer you. I have left multiple messages, but you never get a return call back. NO ONE CARES; this bank is only about profit and stealing money for disabled vets. Thank you for making us realizes we are worth more dead than alive. Good job with your profit and may the greed stay with your company.

I have been banking with you for about 6 mths. and out of the time I have banked with you your financial institution has not cashed one check for me, not even a legitimate payroll check from my employer. I do private duty and I work for an agency. I am on-call for work so when I do work and get a check I go to my local wachovia bank located on university and lockwood ridge rd. in sarasota and they turn me down every time. I had a 2 hour check for $19.00, they would not cash it for me but the oh so pleasant teller offered to deposit it in my account which would only be available within another week. $19.00, come on. You mean to tell me your bank can't cover a $19.00 check. That's ridiculous! I also do private care and when I go to cash a local personal check there they have to deposit it which I can understand that being that it is a personal check but they have hold the check for 2 weeks because oh your account is still new. I called the customer service number which is a complete waste of your time and they told me they couldn't give me a straight answer on rather or not my checks would be placed on hold after my 6 mths. with banking with them. They said I would have to go to a local branch and talk with an individual manager to find out. Well that's a convenient way to get a result when there's only plenty of local branches in sarasota, fl. He also said that it was on a case to case matter and I would have to form a relationship with the bank. Well, how can I form a relationship with a bank that tells me no every time I need to make a transaction. It seems like a stereotyping policy that only benefits you if you have money in your account. I am mad and I am closing my account on April 29th when my 6 mths. are up otherwise they will charge me $25.00 of money that I don't have in my account. Thank you Wachovia for being so understanding.

Let's get started. Your bank stinks. You set up all these charges to make money off of people anyway you can at a time when people are struggling. I have recently had my account closed by you because of a dumb stupid reason. I was told that I am not beneficial to your bank. But I seem to remember when I had two accounts and my stock portfolio in your bank I was all of a sudden beneficial to you. When I transfered my stocks to another bank and closed one of my other account, things started to happen. Then when I put a check in to be deposited from another person which bounced, you decided I wasn't as you corporate pros say, I wasn't beneficial to you. Well everyone I know including family memebers will be closing their accounts shortly. I have spoken to many of the already. You remind me of the bullies on the block, but eventually they got theirs and so will you. Bialouts won't come again, and those big bonuses "PUFF". You all deserve nothing and maybe just maybe all of your account holders will see the light.

Oh yes by the way, you take your fees out right away. Well since you closed my account I would like my money that is in that account returned immediately, not next week or the week after or in 3 days but right now like you take them. I'd like to see where it says as I was told it takes 10 days BS.you have my account send me my money so I can deposit it in a good bank like, TD BANK here in Florida

I agree with all of the above comments about Wachovia. Since they changed to Well's Fargo the service is terrible. Calling the customer service # is useless. I can use my debit card sometimes and my checks sometimes. Most times I'm someplace trying to use the debit card or checks and end up embarrased when the merchants will not take either. When I check in with Well's Fargo I'm told what I already know, there is money in my accounts and there shouldn't have been a problem. called and spoke with a manager who told me to come into the bank (Inglewood, Ca), so that he could check my account and see if there were problems, was given the run-around when I got to the bank, the manager was at lunch a 3:30 pm. I could go on with this dilema but needless to say I will be closing this account with Wachovia.

Can you have someone from your corporate dept. that handles Home mortgage loans call me ASAP. Thank you Al Martin 415 559 9400

This bank has major personel problems...good luck getting THEIR mistakes cleared up...no CAN DO attitude, they would rather blow smoke up my ass then complete something...and it's systemic...the bank, Customer Service, Faud, Dispute, claims...no one knows what they are doing. I wasted hours on the phone trying to get them to close an account that I had already closed, I hated my experince overall since I signed on in November last year. Never got the bonus they promised, they kept my claim after it was refunded by an internet company that tried to rip me off. And now everyone I call gives me the run around...passes the buck and I wind up going in circles. I have been on the phone three hours today alone getting them to close my account. I had already closed it months ago and they reopened it when the claim went through and then never paid me the refund.

So, I called on 2/24/2011 and spoke with a Rep (gave me the wrong information), called again on 3/1/2011 and was hung up on by a Rep named Malon (very rude). Called back again and spoke to a lovely young lady named LaTanji (she explained everything) very helpful. I wanted to inform Adrienne Lee (Supervisor) that LaTanji was great and that I really didn't appreciate Ms. Malon hanging up on me and what did I get.... "I apologize fot the interruption in your call". Are you serious? Wachovia please train your staff better than you have, because you just lost another customer of almost 11 years. I am closing my account today and I will NEVER refer you all to any of my clients, friends, family or even my worse enemy. To: Ms. Adrienne, had you made me feel important enough to continue to bank with Wachovia, maybe I would have kept my account open, but because you nonchalantly brushed me off...

My wife called in a truck payment and was refused .what kinda crap is that and then they took more money out of her account then they were suppose to .After she made them put the money back into her account which they overdrated they are repossesing the pickup.Wachovia has gone to the toilet and this employee is not only being sued by us but the branch where he workes and wachovia now face charges from wells fargo for illegally taking money out of her account .

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