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the name of next champion

My dream is so small people has rimamber me this is a great wwe champion I not say I am better than avery bat i tray and proved i am better than all..

diva tag teams

With the emergence of women tag team,#Bella twins & #Funk a delics; when can we expect a woman's tag team title? This would create more opportunities for the ever growing and popular Diva's division. Thank you for your time and consideration.

HI my name is Bradley Paterson i want to become a wwe super stare i have watching wwe raw when i was Yong my best was DX they were funny as hall anther i watch thme it made me want to join the wwe but i don't were to start so plaze help or this let me have my dream.This grive me a ch to show u want i can do

Hi my name is diamond and my dream is to be a wwe diva. When I was 7 years old I always wanted to be one someday my parents was training me since I was 8 now I am 12 and I want to.be a wwe. Diva so bad can u do this can u put all of the kids tht is 10 years to 14 years to go aganist each other so the kids can live their dreams please do tht for me and all of the other kids PLEASE WE ARE BEGGING YOU! !ยก!!!!!!!??

hi i am imran from afghanistan and i am wwe bigest fan i want to be a wwe super star i can do every thing to become a wwe super star even i am ready to challenge evry one how want to be a wwe super star i thank that i am the one this is my email (jalaliimrankhan@gmail.com)thank you i love wwe

Helo dear sir my name is muhammd farooq and watching wwe from 5 years jhon cena randy and the sheamus is my favort super stars and iam the big fan of him. I like wwe and al wwe staff. Iwan to join wwe as super star plz sir cotact me. My cel nmber is.00923447363065

good morning sir i am deekshith i am 16yrs old i like to be wwe superstar i like john cena i also like to be like john cena plz sir give me one chance my mobile number is: 8197706856 and my email is: dkshthlove159@gmail.com plz give me one chance plz sir

I am very very big fan wwe randy.the rock.kane.sheamuse.stone gold.cena.and more.pls one chance tell me superstars my no.<8968789853>pls......thanks!

hey im antonio from Atlanta goergia im in weightlifting training busting my ass 24 7 so i can be the next wrestler that can get wwe notice by a orginazations wether i get ur help or not rest asure ull see me soon wrestling in tht wwe ring weather it takes me 5 more years or less but u best believe IM coming

Hello I just wanted to let u know that I am very interested to become a wwe superstar I am 13years of age when I'm 16 i wish I could be in the wwe because since I was 2years old it was my passion to be in the wwe my best wwe character is John cena I loved him since he started he's caree in 2002 I loved him since then so please give me a chance I live in south Africa cape town just like Justine Gabriel please give me a chance please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!! I will work my but off for that company so much I love it please call me on 0216330809

Hey... Diz is future Wwe superstar SAGAR DUBEY..or u can also call me Mr.WRONG, i'hv been watching wwe since I was 8.., wwe is evry thing for me, i'm nt having enough money yet..to come their, bt still i hope,dat 1 day i'll b the face of wwe, god is gr8... He will make my drmz comes true

WWE im going to be the next stone cold steve austin. I have been watching wwe since i was 6 years old, i love it. I think i have the intinsity to join. WWE get ready because in 6 years im coming to bring the pain.

I forgot. my cell number is 252-902-7339, i really need this opportunity to prove myself. I live in North Carolina plzz give me a plce to go to train so i can bring the pain to the wwe, thank you, from your future wwe champ, and legend

Hellow every body im Rohan and im biggest fan of Brock lesnar now i want to be a next brock lesnar im comming after 14 years in wwe to bring the pain

I love the wwe and have been watching it since I was 8 years old and i'm currently 26. I would love to be a wrestler but I know that's far fetched but i'am a truck driver and would love to have a driving career with the wwe.

I am wwe biggest fan!!!!!!!!!! i am a 12 year old girl, who is interested in becoming a wwe diva when im older please keep the show running until im like 23. I LOVE YOU WWE!!!!!!!!

I am Big Huge & SO Biggest fan of stone cold steve austin but i am a pakistani so how can i become a wwe superstar plz tell me someone thenks all my brothers

i'm RANDY ORTON biggest fan ever and forever.i wanna meet to randy orton this is my life dreem.if you pleace give me the one chance to talk to randy.please send me randy orton number.my email is ashokrandyorton@gmail.com.

I have been watching WWE for many years but what happen on Monday night raw Mr. Johnny doesn't fit to be Manager so please do us favor and give us another manager this entertment show and we can't spend our time watching him runing this show to the ground, for few weeks I feel like I have been watching trash show thanks.

I am from Providence RI. I am 19 years old. I live in Burrillville. I am a former Burrillville middle and high school wrestler. I am a two time state champion. my email is chrisskerrett@ymail.com my house number is 401-568-1631. Thank you so much

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