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Polo Shirts

They are the worse. Purchased 2 for my husband and both have pulls on front of shirt. Paid good money but not worth it. He cannot even wear them anymore

Under Armor

I like your stuff

Please add wide sizes to shoes so I can buy more.


Just wanted to say thanks, we purchased my son an under armour baseball helmet and the very first pitch of the year my son got hit in the side of the head close to his temple, if it wasn't for this helmet he would have been in serious trouble.. Thanks again

Best brand

Everything I've ever bought under armour is The best quality

FUCK under armor balls

So I was playing catch and we dropped the ball and It blew up I'm pissed

boys under armour shoes

I bought my son under armour shoes for school not even 2 months ago. I paid $80 for them. I suspect them to still be in good shape not being that old. He is in 7th grade and from him doing push up in P.E. they are tearing. I am not satisfied with these shoes. Not I'm going to have to go buy him another pair of shoes for school. Trust me when I say I will not buy under armour. I will also let all my family and friends know about this to. Don't want the same thing happing to them. Thank you for your time. Karla


My family and I play hard and when I spend big bucks on clothing I expect them to last and expect to get some wear out them! Thank you for having clothing that holds up to everyday use and normal wear and tear! You know teenagers.....my son pretty much will only wear your stuff! From coats to underwear and everything in between buy it! We are extremely happy with it and hope the quality lasts!

make more collages clothes

you guys are great.But i think you should make collages clothes.thank you for what you do

no greeting from one associate

Tánger outlet near galveston allowed me to walk in and after 20 minsof shopping, not a single soul ever said hello or can I help you. A far cry from your cypress store where you can feel the CS and I spend $1000 every two weeks. These folks at this location where I received no greeting, needs to under stand CS is so important.

Applaud You

I applaud you for sticking to the endorsement of Duck Dynasty and not caving to pressure and political correctness and believing in freedom of speech. I will continue to buy your product. Thank you for doing the right thing.

Boxer shorts

They are the most comfortable underwear ever, but I can't find them anymore did you quite making them?

Online Customer Service Teams needs better customer service!!!

From two separate returns I made to Under Armour I am waiting for the gift card on one exchange, and one of the reps apparently twisted my story around and cancelled my other gift card, contradicting what she told me earlier. I called at least 7 times afterwards, was put on hold for 10 minutes average each time, and spoke to a supervisor finally, who was not very helpful either. I will call corporate and hope they they can straighten things out for me. I am, or at least was, a loyal customer of Under Armour gear and buy most of the brand retail. Hopefully corporate can make this right and restore justice. To be continued...

I bought a pair of your under armour athletic shoes. I work 8 hours a day on a cement floor. I am telling you that they save my back, and I will be purchasing the shoe from now on..all the ladies I work with are getting a pair!! Thank you Jo

underarmour fails miserable

recently order under armour direct online paid for the quick ship what a mistake that was its been over a week now still don't have my delivery they said it was shipped there are just not sure to where so I ask them to reship the item the following day and they said they would so then I called back to see if it was shipped and it was not they made the discussion for me not to ship it since it did not make it on time anyway what a joke they are I will never do business with them again

Bryan, are you planning on doing a full rieevw of these? I currently play in the Create Pro I and am really happy with them, so I'm curious to see what sort of new things UA did with the Create II.

, can make a huge difference. Another thing often oveorolked by Americans (esp in Latin America) is greeting others properly. Taking a moment to greet someone establishes the relationship and if you don't greet then the other person is offended. I have to constantly apologize to the Mexicans when Americans come here and don't greet.And how many youtube videos have I seen where U.S. soldiers touch Iraqis with their LEFT HANDS! Don't they instruct you guys in cultural basics before you deploy???! :-XGreg in Mexico

I am a wounded warrior and I belong to an organization Wounded Warrior Project and I am in love with under armor equipment I am absollutly happy with under armour and I would like to know if I can be used to model your clothing as a wounded warrior.Thank you

Just today I purchased a pair of your Fleet Gry/Red shoes and within 30 minutes of use, the finish was starting to wear to the point you see the white material underneath about the size of a dime. Extremely disappointed since I've owned another UA pair of cross-training shoes for the last 3 years and those were just fine and these cost $90.00. I can understand them wearing out like that eventually, but not at all in the time frame this issue has occurred. I was on a indoor basketball court at the Tempe Rec Center. I was very excited because they seemed to perform well, but again, they have already began to wear within the hour. More so my girlfriend had treated me to them so she is quite mad at the situation. I'd like some help to make this situation have a good outcome. It is 4:08pm here now and I had purchased them at the Arizona Mills Mall Footlocker at 1:28pm. I will send an email to "customerservice@underarmour.com" with photos of the purchase receipt and the evidence of shoe wear since the email link on your website will not load according to Cox.net. I would greatly appreciate a quick response and will kindly await your word. Thank you.

Bought a pair of running shoes 6 months ago and the back has worn athrough to a hard apiece of rubber causing a blister. Shoes used mostly for walking. Have to back to Nikes if they wear out that soon

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