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tried to call corparate HQ concerning my retirement . the only # I could find is for pick up. could not get passed the machine!


I paid for the Ship and Pack guarantee and insurance for a one of a kind heirloom I sent for Christmas. It arrived damaged. I am getting the run around with the UPS store and their corporate retail customer service. Does anyone have a phone number for the UPS Corporate office? This is the worst experience I have had

poor delivery service

drivers sitting in trucks not delivering packages, mainly female drivers!!!!!!!! my review of female drivers is so low I can not rate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does any one know how to get a hold of world headquarters or corporate headquarters?? I need to go above local anything!

HORRIBLE service

I will NEVER order anything ever again that is shipped via UPS. Even with a tracking number when an item gets lost even the corporate headquarters can not help the customer!!! Incompetent and unhelpful!!!!!


UPS has horrible service! My package was thrown over my back gate into the snow where it layed for hours! No body knocked on the door or anything. I live in the north and the package laid in the snow and got snowed and sleeted on. When I called my call was sent to someone overseas who couldn't speak good english and had no clue what I was talking about and refused to send me to a US person. I was supposed to recieve a call and no body ever called.

switching to fedex

very poor phone service, they could not answer my questions & refused to transfer me or give me direct phone numbers to locations i needed to speak with. i will be cancelling my business account with ups & switching to fedex who were excellent on the phone & could give me information that i requested. the only reason i rated them 1 is because i could not go any lower

The worst

They lost my letter they said have no idea where it is than you hear them in the back saying how stupid customers are and disrespect ful and we r to confusing and customers r to nerve acting


The worst I spoke to suvpisor and said it would be hear never came don't know what it is

Production manager

The most incredibly pathetic people I have ever met, who has done nothing right with our important UPS packages. DONT USE UPS EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!! USE FED EX ( and I don't work for FED Ex )

Veterans pain medicine

Waited for pain meds from VA administration a whole weekend and then had to go to the hub to pick up. "What can brown do for me?" Not a damn thing....


My package was supposed to be delivered to Harlingen, TX on 12/10/13, it is now 12/16/13 and the package has not arrived. I keep getting told "there is a back-up because of adverse weather in Mesquite, TX". Yet when I check weather online, it's fine. Finally someone told me the truth. On 12/2 adverse weather damaged the facility and now there is a huge backlog. Oh no, but wait, the lies continue from UPS and I'm fed up! Package is now 1 wk late. I'm calling corporate offc! Will give update.

A $322.49 Lesson

It is never fun to wait for something that will never come. The worse of this is the service with a smile or rather...how about a laugh and a shoulder shrug from the employees that suppose to try to help you located the item. It's not their problem but mines. This must happen all the time for them to have a ready answer and a laugh. What ever happened between the company to UPS and the delivery to my house may happen more often than not. I can not accuse their driver of anything, but UPS is unwilling to investigate what happened to my item from the local venue. Let us see what happens when I call the corporate office. I have no confidence there either if their employees are not held accountable for the missing item. Mari

Grateful UPS Customer

I want to take this opportunity to thank Michael Lane, Margie Fishback and Sanda Rharker for stopping a potential financial disaster for my Mother. My 87 year old Mother was the victim of a scam and sent money to Miami overnight via UPS. Michael and his team were able to intercept the package and stop this disaster from happening. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Michael, Margie, Sanda and all the other UPS employees responsible for intercepting the package and sending it back to me. Thank you to all, what a great team you have at UPS. Catherine D. von Unwerth,

Can't Help, Call Corporate Office

I signed up to get better tracking. I've waited the entire day for a package needing my signature to be delivered; well past the window I was given for delivery. I did a live chat. Then I received a call from my "local" office. Long story short, I was told to call the corporate offices of UPS and suggest "they correct the website information because the drivers have over 200 packages and they will still be delivering at 10 PM". To say I'm frustrated doesn't begin to cover my dismay.

Beyond Air Suport

Unbelievable that they drop an aviation part worth $23k and gave us only $100 due to us not checking a box where it states to put warranty on it. But not only did they drop the box, they got rid of it along with the paper work inside, rewrapped it in their plastic wrapping paper, stuck the stickers on it and made believe nothing ever happened. Now im stuck with a $23k bill from my customer. They were extremely rude also!

Really piss poor service

Sent out a package to my daughter at local UPS store on 1/16/13. The delivery was the 3rd one I've sent to my daughter with no problem with 1st two deliveries. Now all of a sudden, 3rd delivery, delivery driver wouldn't even try hard enough to get the package to her, took package back to warehouse and that warehouse sent it to another one and her package was delivered to a total strangers house, who has stolen it and won't return it. How stupid can a driver be, and that driver should be FIRED and anyone connected in the warehouse that just assumed it was to go to a different address. Really stupid.

Overworked and unappreciated

As a previous employee of 15 years and the wife of a current driver, I am ashamed of the treatment of employees since the company has gone public. This company overworks their driver at a rate of 10-12 hours a day , everyday! Maybe someone in corporate should figure out a plan to provide a decent schedule for these drivers. I think 8:45 am- 8pm daily is a little abusive since they are performing physically demanding job duties. My husband is forced to work this many hours with no option. If he signs the 9.5 list than he gets harassed and micromanaged and supervision finds a way to abuse the rules anyway .The pay is not worth the missing husband and father for ALL family events. UPS makes it impossible for their drivers to have any life outside of the brown truck during the week. UPS is not a people's company but a greedy mega shipping company that underpays the part timers and helper ( come on, I started at 8.50 an hour in 1990) and overworks their long time drivers to the point of physically handicapped by retirement. I certainly hope this company changes its priorities or no one will have to worry about a job because other shipping companies will put them out of business .


UPS treats their employees as if they are not human, the supervisiors harass employees all the time. Anyone who tries to hold the company accountable for the harassment becomes the company's target to GET RID of. They falsly accuse the employee of wrong doing then fire them, the union does not help the employee . This behavior comes close to criminal by threats, intimidation, pay losses (they don't pay you for the time you worked) they even fire their employees when they are out sick or disabled, even when they are hurt on the job. It doesn't matter how many years of service if they feel you are going to do something about this "culture" they foster, if you report them for anything even OSHA violations they will get rid of you. UPS will lower an employees pay, take away entitlements, make unworkable scheduals that you must work, remove you from your job and give it to another employee, make employees work in freezing temperatures, rain, and heat that is unbearable. The buildings are dirty and full of exhaust fumes and cluttered to the point if there was a fire the employees could not get out.They are the most dispicable company, The CEO made 13 million while most of the workers at UPS live in poverty. Part timers are sent home before their shift is over so not to make even half of what they are supose to. Drivers are forced to work longer to cover routes that are not theirs, alot work off the clock to make sure their trucks are loaded right so they can get done. I can't tell you how many free hours UPS got from me, either by coming in before start time or paycheck wrip offs that are impossible to get paid. Boycott UPS I am ashamed of this company and that I ever worked for them.


This past Monday, November 5th, 2012 I stopped by your Kernersville store to ship a package. I was rather surprised when your clerk, insisted that I had to present identification. When questioned the reason why, the explanation was that your company required this for security reasons when people have not shipped before with UPS; I have here and there used your company's service, but this woman did not take the time to find out, and I rather than continue listening to the senseless explanation, gave her my driver's license. In view of this experience, please advise by return if this is a UPS worldwide policy, in which case is should be posted for everyone to see; on the other hand, if this was the result of a persons reaction when dealing with someone who either appears or sounds as foreign born, that in my book would be considered blatant prejudice, in which case, perhaps your company should endeavour in educating your agents in that aspect of doing business and reminding them that the USA is comprised of immigrants from all over the world, who are not only laborers, or housekeepers, etc, but educated people who contribute and do not expect a handout.

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