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I do alot of ordering from Tigerdirect.com and have always had quality service and never have any problems what so ever with doa products or slow shipping and have always gotten exactly what I ordered from Pc parts to phones to video cards.Tigerdirect is by far the best online site for pc parts and the best deals on the web! Sincerely Chris Kissinger

This company is the master of bait and switch. list products for unbelievable prices with free giveaways, then say everything is back ordered.

This company is the master of bait and switch.They list products for unbelievable prices with free giveaways, then say everything is back ordered. Their customer service is based in India, which makes it impossible to communicate correctly what your issues are. The only way, it seems, to resolve an issue is to contact corporate directly. which leaves you on hold for a half an hour or more. generally though, they will cancel your order without ever giving you a chance to contact them first. wasting your time, and having to file a case with PayPal or your credit card company to get your money back. A total scam.

I repair and build custom pc's and have for the last 16 yrs, my mission statement is to bring computer repair down to a fair rate for my community(as there are a few shadey places here that will pull your pants dow) in doing so I have sacrificed my own equipment upgrades over the years and manage to get by with a P5 we're talking old tech just to let you know that I do what I can to save my customers money. In this time I've dealt with tigerdirect for most parts I get and have customers use tiger as well and what finally broke my spirit with this company was one of my customers spent 500-1000 or more and had to place the last order by phone and after spending that kind of money the salesman badgered this guy till he bought a crappy piece of software 29.99 that we could not even get to run when he got his order. From now on all my customers and of course myself will be dealing with a company with a better focus on the reality of whats being bought over a long time span should nulify the quick need for a buck.

Hi....oh my God I WISH I would never have gone to this site! Thank GOD I am not out of a ton of money, as many are! I ordered 4 couplers, to expand a Revo Surveillance System-I explained to the guy at TigerDirect.com EXACTLY what I needed-he said the couplers he was sending out would work. They DIDN'T. I called back, was very nice and explained that they were the wrong ones...he didn't understand why they wouldn't work(I needed a 'Straight' coupler & HE sent me a 'Crossed' one-can't work!)...but he was nice. (but a lot of good THAT does!) He told me that he would 'e-mail me, with a label that I would download, attach to a pkg. in which a Fed Ex man would pick up, free of charge & that I would be refunded. What bull! I have been waiting-NO e-mail showed up. I e-mail back-no response! So I decided to call (AGAIN!)...I'm a patient person but I know by now I have been SCAMMED & LIED TO. I spoke with another Cust. Rep.-FIRST he tells me that I will get a refund, but it may take up to 3 weeks-I say that is fine, I can wait. Well, then when he realizes that I'm fine on waiting, he tells me that I might as well know something up front...that I WON'T receive a refund from them! WHAT KIND OF A HALF-ASS COMPANY IS THIS?! I then call AGAIN and am told there is NOTHING they can do & to contact the manufacturer...also told me they have a 'policy' where it states that there is no refund on the items I ordered. HEY....THEY are the ones who said the couplers would work on my Revo system-I explained exactly what I needed & they said "Yes, these are what you need." Sending me the WRONG ITEMS was THEIR MISTAKE-NOT MINE! Well, in the end I contact the manufacturer..CTG (Cables To Go)...I e-mailed. I have received a very nice phone message & an e-mail from a 'Scott', who works there. So far I have missed him, but he DID say that hopefully we can get this straightened out, plus WOW...he sounds intelligent! He really sounds like he wants to help me. Hopefully, I will talk with him tomorrow. I am thankful I found out how TigerDirect scams people-I actually had 5 friends looking at Revo Systems on their site...there were some very good prices so I suggested they check them out, but after this happened, I called all of them & told them to get as far from that site as possible...to not throw their money down the toilet! I let them know that this company was not reputable, nor were they honest. CTG sounds like a very reputable company so maybe they can help. I feel bad for all the people SCAMMED by TigerDirect. If I could give this company a lower rating I would! What I CANNOT understand is that THEY are the ones who mailed me the WRONG product, so why not refund me when it was THEIR fault? Crazy. All I can say is: NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM TIGER.DIRECT-I realize people do & maybe have had no problems, but when the sales people screw up an order, they should be honest about it and give the person their refund. This is a very poor excuse for a 'company'! jerrigreen@att.net

My first ever order with Tiger direct and problems already. I ordered a Polaroid camera # 1237. Waited 6 days and checked my shipping status only to find out it’s back ordered . (Gets better !) I inquired as to when I would receive my camera and then was told they are no long going to receive any shipments for my camera… Do I want to choose another or refund……………… God knows how long I would t have waited had I not asked and checked my order. I paid with Paypal instantly and now they tell me that it’s going take 3 to 5 business days before my Paypal account will be credited . I don’t see how I could ever order anything from Tiger again knowing that this could happen ………………again. It’s to bad because they have a lot of good products and up until now I thought was a reputable good company. They need to clean up their act. I will try to contact their corporate headquarters. When you loose one customer……… you loose ten people that I tell about my experience . Those ten , tell ten more . Now you have 100 people that have been told……………..and guess what …… they all tell ten more people.. Now we’re at a thousand……..10 more each again…. Etc, etc.. So …one customer matters………… I matter ! That’s the message that I will convey to Tigers headquarters… All that I want is an apology and assure me that my problem was being taken care of…. It won’t happen again… Thank you for reading. RS Illinois.

i placed an order from tiger direct online the still to this say the money is being shown as taken from my bank the order has not been shipped i get the run around from their sales people i just assume file a class action suit against tiger direct an call Homeland Security an put the whole business under a federal investigation

I took my computer in for repairs. The virus was removed, but they screwed up my operating system...I had both 32 and 64bit internet explorer/vsta...now I only have 32bit. plus they bent the cover plate on my computer.

i order samsung 55" tv on 12/5. tv work for 3 week and when blank and call Tiger direct to change/swap i was told they only do refund since it was online order. i was giving a RA#, i been calling for the past two week and just getting the running around, no one seen to care or to pay attention i ask for manager and i get told their isnt any, I just call this morning 1/12 to ask why i havent received a call on when the tv is getting pick up to get my money back as always they said sending another requested and another 48hrs on standby...these people are sorry and fricking crap of worthless company. I call the corp office 305-415-2200 and ask for manager or VP and i was told they are out for the week. Which company on earth doesnt have manager or VP out for the week at the same time, only fricking sorry asses Tiger Direct, bounches sorry people.

I ordered a $850 TV on Tues. 12/20 from Tiger direct's website with 2 day shipping. It was a Christmas present. On Fri. 12/23 I was told I would not receive it until Tues. 12/27. I asked what happened to the 2 day shipping and they didn't know. I told them to cancel the order as it was a Christmas present and obviously wasn't going to get it in time for Christmas. They said they would notify the shipping co. and as soon as it was on they way back to them I would receive my refund. WELL, IT IS 2 WEEKS LATER AND I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY MONEY. THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS!!! I contacted the delivery co. today and they said they notified Tiger Direct that they have it and they need to come and pick it up. Tiger direct said they are doing inventory and too busy!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. JUST STEAL MY MONEY!!! Called the corporate office today and asked to speak to the president. Was put on hold several times and then disconnected. Started calling at 420pm. and by 5pm they had closed. I am going to call the BBB on Monday am and also the police to notify them about the theft of my money. I will post this all over FB and Twitter and ask all friends to repost.

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on 9/16/2012 for a great price of $279.99 from TIGER DIRECT as a seller on ebay. On 9/19/201, I email TIGERDIRECT for stastus of my order. The respond email I got back."Thank you for your email.Our records indicate that your order has been cancelled on 09/18/2011 due to the item is currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Refunds should reflect on your account within 3-5 business days. We would recommend that you place a new order once the item is relisted in our Ebay store. Thank you for contacting us and your understanding.Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your business. If you have further inquiries and reply to this email, please make sure to include your entire message, so we can address it appropriately" I don't mind reordering it again, but now its listed at $449. Saying "item is currently unavailable" is not true. As of today ,TIGERDIRECT still has item listed for sale. Only different is the price. Seems to me its more like a bait and switch tactic on TIGERDIRECT side. All I want is to be able to purchase my item at agreed price. Is this too much to ask? steve95391@att.net

i am a new customer to tiger direct, i in 2 days spent 800 dollars. and naturally they need to contact my bank for verification, they could not get the info they need.. they wanted me to fax my photo ID to them, i spent 45 before work looking for a store to fax them my ID. faxed it finally ! .. called 3 hours later to verify receipt, and they didnt get it. i faxed one more time from my work fax that im not supposed to do. and they still did not get it after another 2 hrs, me holding my fax confirmation letter in hand say otherwise. i called to speak with a manager and he told me he would handle it personally, i emailed him my .JPG Photo ID, i emailed him 5 hours later only asking if he got my email so i can feel that they got it. and my issue settle... he assured me he checked his email every hour. i have yet to hear a response.... as a one time customer.. a new customer.. your services suck. i will never buy from you again.. i am calling to refund every penny at sunrise next morning. before this company shafts me of my money ... like 30 other reviews i read to late

On July 13th, I order a computer from CompUSA which is Tiger Direct. The Paypal account sent the payment and included my Florida address (billing address) instead of the delivery address. I immediately called and corrected the address and was assured it was corrected. On July 21st, I received a call from my neighbor in Florida advising that UPS attempted to deliver the computer to my billing address. I called Tiger Direct and they confirmed that the correct address was the delivery address and they would immediately re-direct the shipment to the correct address. This is Monday and no computer and I checked the UPS status to fine it was now back at Tiger Direct! I called Tiger Direct again and was told that the attempted to contact me via telephone to arrange delivery. I have not received any calls or missed call/voice mail on the number they indicated they attempted to call. I asked for the Tiger direct manager (Steve)to discuss my disappointment only to be told that they get their order from Google and address can not be changed! I explained I wasn't changing an address that they had sent it to the wrong address! Steve still insisted that the address could not be changed and since I could not get him to understand I wasn't changing the address, I asked that they just credit my account and I would not do business with them again. Now he explains that they credit Google and Google will credit me. I don't understand when I went to CompUSA to place my order it was CompUSA website and I use Yahoo to get there!! What does Google have to do with my order??? No answers from Tiger Direct!!!

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