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It seems now that Tigerdirect is closed the past employes are NOT getting their full last paychecks

Worst Company Ever!

Boycott this store! They do not care about treating customers right.They will lie on top of lies! They will never get my business again unless it free with shipping included ! It's really that bad! Alan

customer satisfaction

Didnt get my money baxk eventhough i had the receipt. Poor customer satisfaction. Need more educated who are willing to win over customers.

Never Again.




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they will try to steal your rebate money don't believe that you will receive a rebate

Lousy Customer Service

The worst company to deal with. Ordered a large screen TV that was delivered broken. Replacement never came and they held $1,000 from me for 55 days before returning it. Never again!!


Worst customer service ever. Lies, lies and more lies. Placed an order 3 weeks ago and I still don't have a ship date and nobody knows when it will ship. They just blow you off if you call. Never again.

Lousy Service

I called the corporate office and asked to speak to a manager. The call was disconnect so I called back. I was told that if the hold time was to long the call was automatically dropped. I was hold for maybe 1 minute. I reached a manager who helped me as best he could. This all boils down to an item I tried to purchase. It was in my cart and I was paying for it and they sold it to someone else. Do not assume that once you place an item in your cart it is yours. The manager said at times there is a 2 day delay in the website catching up to sales.

Terrible Sales and Resolve

This company improperly sales products and then does not care or resolve issues. Unbelievable service, long hold times, untrained agents, continually getting disconnected and so frustrated. Never have dealt with a company that is so out of sorts and doesn't know what other depts. are doing within their own company. Terrible,,terrible,,terrible.

No commitment to customer

It's Pre-Black Friday and they're already saying that my order is out of stock. If you want a good deal with commitment, respect and appreciation to client trust... TigerDirect is not the place. See more tomorrow on National TV. This company should be out of business.

Customer Service

I would rate this company the lowest rating possible. I purchased home electronic from them for a total of $463. I returned cartridges that I did not need for $111.22. I was told since I paid with check, I will have a check refund. The return was done 10/26. I'm still waiting for my money. I called John Jacobe the manager of the store at Vernon Hills, Illinois four times to check on my refund and he gave me a different story each time. I had to file a case with BBB against them waiting to hear back from their headquarter. Stay away from buying at TigerDirect. Stick with legit company like BestBuy.

TigerTiger Direct lost my 156 cell phone contacts

Tiger Direct Employee lost 156 cell phone contacts and then acted like "oh well" and asst mgr offers a couple of dollars off of accessory to compensate. Then on top of that, I I was going to purchase a blue tooth for wireless phone but when they lost my contacts. I asked to to cancel transaction and they said they would. I got my credit card bill with the charge and no credit. I sent email to General MGR and haven't got a reply..

I have been nothing but disappointed with tiger direct. Their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered and forget trying to talk to anyone in the corporate office!!!!! I am surprised that this company is still in business. If you are thinking of buying anything do yourself a favor and find it some place else.

Disgusted, Cheated,

I took my computer in to the store on Saturday, and they were to take the data off my computer as there was a virus I suspected and then put it back. I have had this done in the past and always got my stuff back. I also asked them to check and see why I was not able to open the door to insert discs. I'm told on Sunday that the motherboard is gone in my computer of which I didn't know what they were talking about, but I had no problem with that before I took my computer in. They now want an additional $300 plus to the $119 I have already given them I could have bought a new computer for that price. and would have considered that had they offered to move my data to the new computer and to give me credit for what I had already spent. I got home and connected my computer and none of the files documents or pictures could be found. If I wanted a hatchet job done, I could have taken it to someone else, but I took to what I thought were professionals, but yet it was the least professional service I have received anywhere. I just want my money back, as I have lost documents and pictures I will never be able to get back, not to mention all the programs that were on my computer that I lost and I have to purchase again.

Tell everyone you know!!

On 2/13/13 I arrived at your Orland park.IL store. I purchased a H24-14118 computor I was told there were rebates,so far I havnt found them. Now around 6 hours after my purchase I called this store after 25 minutes of listening to Jazz,I hung up whent to there location to be told " oh its corprites fault the phones are turned off " hell of a way to treat customers,I wont be back..Thanks ,Oh and before I forget they completly dismantled my old computor to supposedly retrieve my old files,that never happened either.

got to the BBB

I am afraid the only way to deal with people like this is to report them to the Better Business Bureau. They can reach the senior management people that hide behind the customer service reps.

Computer Order

This company is a nightmare to deal with. Never ever will I order anything from them again. They have my money and I have been chasing the computer that I ordered now for over 2 weeks. You can't even get anybody from Corporate Headquarters to talk to you. This company is the biggest scam!!! DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!

Gerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Enough said look at all the other reviews same old same old wish I had checked this web site first

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