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i got a letter from TRS RECOVERY SERVICES for my husband stating that we owe Aron rents. we dont do business with these sorts of businesses and i have not been able to speak to a live person. we are frustrated because we want this issue to go away. my husband and i have fill time jobs and 5 kids. we dont have time to deal with something that we didnt do or the funds to pay for the process they want us to follow. if i had the time and money i would sue telecheck for all the trouble this issue has caused us.

Writing bad checks and I want to knaow who and the bank thats letting the checks go througe please write me back and let me know whats going on i want it to stop They opened the bank account in Danny Justus name i draw SSI and have no current bank acc. Po Box 393 Brenton WV 24818 Thank You Phone #304-732-6990 call asap

I have paid this service to telecheck, back in October,2006 and these charges are still showing upaid. Please doubloe check the information that I sent to you explaining the payment to Bank of America for BankAtlantin in the amount of $150.00 please clear this matter asap.I fax all this info. to you in Dec.

I have been trying for two years to have Telecheck quite denying my checks at certain Merchant. Every time I've contact customer service all I get is go back to the store and we will approve the transaction. There's nothing wrong with your account it's the frequency of how often you write one. They will refuse one for under ten dollars then accept on for 100 dollars. This is not a good way to treat the customer. I understand the policies but if a customer calls for two years with the same concern you would think it would have been corrected. It is NOT as of 2010, and customer service tells me that it will continue to happen. How is this protection the consumers??? Sounds like the only ones that are protected is the Merchant that have had issues excepting checks that they should have. Telecheck needs to work to protect both consumer and merchants. I am going to discuss this issue with my lawyers to see what exactly are my rights in this. And also issue a report to BBB in my area to ensure that the merchant see's that Telecheck will cost them business!!!!

Your Company is stopping payment in my checks frequently, I am a Builder and this problem has caused a lost of wages and creating hardship for me and my Company, I have talked with several of your employees and nobody can give me a good reason why you people are doing this, I have to send my associates to purchase materials to a difrent stores at difrent times of the day, and when they can not get the materials they can't work and I have to pay for all of that time, my bank account has more than enough funds and is a travesty that you people are not making my check valuable, I need to talk with somebody that can help me to fix this big problem, in the last 4 o 5 days I have had 3 o 4 checks rejected, if I don't have any answer soon I will sue your company for damages, last week alone I lost $900.00 in lost labor because I could not get the materials in the job site on time because you people stop the payment in the materials. This needs to stop right now, I talk with Jen and Charles (5622) they can not help me, I need to talk with the owner or the president of this company, I have enough money in my account and I need to pay with checks, your employee suggested that I need to stop writing check for a week so your system can re-set, I can't shut down my company for a week and stop 3 job sites so you can pay my checks, I did not choose to use your company for this, I am stock with this problems I depend of my Company I need to work and this issue is causing me a lots of problems. PLEASE STOP, you are killing my company.I need to talk with the owner. call me at 703 598 1446 Humberto J. Vazquez Studio HTO Design Build LLC 11555 North Shore Dr. Aptm. 11 Reston VA, 20190

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