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Terrible company

Terrible management

One check per day?

My husband went to AutoZone and wrote a check for parts. He is a farmer and has to work on equipment. He needed more parts so went back to AutoZone wrote another check it was declined. Called TeleCheck from the store and was told that because he had not wrote a check since December that it was considered high risk. Both checks totaled less than $200. Like I said he is a farmer and writes up to $5,000 in one check to pay for equipment or live stock. Because these companies do not use TeleCheck he does not have enough activity. How can a company tell you how many checks you can write in one day.

do not trust them

In violation of US law this company is denying citizens rights to use their checks to purchase at public stores etc. they paid a big settlement in WV following years of litigation by the State Attorney General.I am filing with everyone including the Better Business Bureau and federal and state regulators...the business has a web of affiliated businesses and persons and must be stopped. It si unclear what the International means..off-shore and finance..how scary.

I had a check declined in July at a merchant in Pennsylvania. I came home and around 8/25 or 8/26, I sent a letter to Telecheck including all the information that their website requested so that I could understand what is in my file that would justify anyone refusing my check. I have not received any reply from Telecheck even to acknowledge that they have received my letter. Could someone at Telecheck PLEASE let me know what is going on???


Let me clear up some complaints. When you get a code 3 this is a decline code basically stating there is somee type of risk factor involved. This happens when there is an increase of the number of checks written over a small timeframe, or if you had to report your atm/debit card as lost or stolen, sincee your checking acct is linked to your info in the system it will be denied because if the bank sends us an alert of possible account compromise we are going to assume it will effect your checks as well. A code 3 also happens if you have recently bounced a check and have yet to pay telecheck the return check fee (which you agreed to pay for by signing the reciept. It even says it at the bottom) now a code 4 is a flat out decline either to bad check writing history, your drivers license is linked to another checking acct that has bounced checks (this happens a lot with spouses using their id with a different checking acct) but most importantly, and I cannot stress this enough TELECHHECK DOES NOT CHECK OR LOOK AT HOW MUCH YOU HAVE IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. THEY DO NOT CHECK FOR AVAILABLE FUNDS!!!! Telecheck takes the drivers license and the micr number (all thoes numbers at the bottom of the check) and runs that info through telechecks database. If your info is linked to multiple checking accts such as the marriage sce

You guys are the worst company in the world I filed bkr and all debt including yours was discharged but the retards you have working for you wont fix it so now on a Saturday night when my car has broke down and the bank is closed and my debit caed was stolen I am unable to write a check to fix it I have notified my lawyer and you will be hearing from us soon with a violation of rules to a bkr law and we will also be filing a suit for compensation

These guys at telecheck are the biggest idiots in the world I experienced the same situation as most, poor customer service was frustrating the humIiation of having check denied was awful, they were clueless when I called them, as to why my check was declined there is plenty of funds available, I'm going to the corporate office of the merchant today to let them know that their check verification is basically losing them sales, I usually use my debit card but had lost it so I had to use a check because it was the fourth of July and there were no banks available telecheck you are practicing unfair and discriminatory business based on little or no information, I'm also contacting my financial institution to see what legal ramifications this could bring for them, this situation depicts antics of a company going out of business, sayonara you stupid idiots at the telecheck, it's been one of the worst experiences doing business, or lack there of with, you losers

Before today I had never heard of TeleCheck. That changed when I went to CVS to fill a prescription and my check was denied. There was plent of money in my account. The register printed off a note explaining that my check was denied and gave me TeleCheck's phone number. After a long and heated discussion with the TeleCheck representative, it was clear that the neither the employee at the call center nor their supervisor are paid to do anything besides say they are sorry and they understand my concern. Since when do companies allow their computer to make decisions about people's personal business, based on little or no information (I was told their system did not have any information on me), and not allow that to be overridden by a human? If it was actually a real fraudulent transaction the person trying to cash the check would not call to get it cleared up. If there is no remedy to having your check denied, then why is there a call center? I left without my prescription.

Telecheck has denied my check with thousands in the bank. When I called it was all automated and said the checks I wrote were out of their specified limits, but couldn't say what those were. It is the holiday's and people write many checks for more than they usually spend. That's what happens when you leave a computer to do the work instead of real people. Telecheck is a joke. During the holiday we had to leave the store and come back days later (bank closed because of the holiday) with cash to buy the item.

I have A-1 credit, had to cancell my ATM card and order another one. So, I wrote three checks that was declined and it was not for no funds in our account. It was a security risk. Phone calls did not help and it seemed to make it worse. Sent a complaint to the Alabama Attorney Generals office but did not get any responce. Looking for an attorney to file a civil lawsuit. I agree that this company is a COMMUNIST ACT TO TRY TO CONTROL OUR MONEY. IF THEY CONTROL THE MONEY THEY CAN CONTROL YOUR LIFE.

I have been declined numerous times on writing or cashing a check. sometimes it says code 3 and sometimes it says code 4. get it right either i do or i do not have bad activity but DO NOT HANG UP ON ME when i call to ask about it, I am seeking legal action

Sue Telecheck for profiling innocent people. What kind of people get to decided that you no longer have the right to use your own bank account to access your own money.....Communist (telecheck) What kind of people are allowed to place themselves between you and your money, then make the decision whether you are allowed to use it to buy medication and food.......Communist (telecheck) Fact:::....telecheck "does not" make its decision to deny you use of your checking account(your money)based on your real account balance..... They make this decision by profiling, if they don't have your info in their system because you have never written a check to a merchant that uses telecrap, they will deny you! and continue to deny you the use of you checking account at any store or business that uses this service......... Having this kind of control over people is called what????..... Communistic. How do the Communist have so much control over the people, they control the money and how you are allowed to use it, they control you by controlling your money... Sounds nuts right? Think about it......Really think about it....

I had one of your "customer service" operators, "Travis" probably from an off shore office, hang up on me Sept 2, 2011 @ 1015am EDT when I asked to speak to someone who could answer a question that he could not. Nice 'customer service'

I called your customerservice & asked them not to access mt account till Aug 1,2011 you have now accessed it 4 times since my calls I am reporting this to the Mass.AG's office

This company doesnt even deserve 1 star!! I need an actual human to call me not a robot at 918-688-8807.. I have no clue how you peolple are in business, this bs blows me away!

I have tried every number known to man for Telecheck just trying to get a human on the phone. I purchased an item at a store and wrote a check. The register timed out before my check could clear, this happened twice...after 20 minutes I decided to charge the items instead. I asked and was assured that my check did not go through and my check was handed back to me, but if by chance the check was posted to my account I was advised to place a stop payment on the check. Well, 3 days later after my purchase was charged, the check was posted to my account. I called the business and was assured all was fine and they refunded me the stop payment fee charged to my account. The corporate offices of the same company phoned two days later and went over all this with me as well and said all was fine. Enter Telecheck - Now 16 days later I get a collection letter from Telecheck for an item I have already paid for. I have called the business where all this occured and they have been trying to clear this up with Telecheck as well and can not seem to get help either. I can not seem to find a number for Telecheck to speak to a human, just recordings that send me to another recording and so on and so on...I have dialed at least 5 Houston numbers that all send me back to the seven 800 numbers I have called, to listen to all the same recordings again. This is very frustrating and very poor business practice. I want this cleared up ASAP!! TELECHECK, this is not rocket science!

All those having problems because Telechex can't get their information correct should contact their congress representative, both state and federal. It is time the check approving companies are reined in. How about them having to pay you a fine everytime they decline a check that is good? How about making them write a letter the store the check was declined at? How about them paying another fine to the state and federal government for giving out false information? If you want the abuse stopped use your email, write a letter or call and complain to your legislators. If we all do it something will be done.

I went into a store that I go into every weekend to purchase my groceries. My check was declined. In all the years I have been writing checks in that store and others I have never had that happen. I used to think that this system was a good thing. Thought that people who are bad check writers couldn't get away with it anymore and that would help the rest of us who are responsible and honor bond, but I was wrong. My husband and I went to our bank to make sure everything was as it should be. Frightened that someone may have stolen our account info, money, or everything. We then contact Telecheck and after frustrating time and so much personal info to give that it's almost a violation,we learn that it was because there is someone else who has a number similar to ours whether it was our bank account or the store account I still do not know because they would not clarify that with us. We were told it would take 72 hours to fix this situation. To me that is unacceptable. It was humiliating and stressing to go through. Honest, good people should not have to worry about using their checking accounts at stores or any place. There must be better safe guards to prevent this to happening. Anyone who has a number similar to a person who is a bad check writer is branded along with them. That is unacceptable!Fix it! It makes me want to use cash only. Then if everyone has to go to that, where will your company end up? Or if there is enough complaints on your company? Monica Diaz Texas

I use to work for this restaurant who could not pay their employee's soI stop working there. I went back to get two checks that they owed me which they gave me. I went to go cash the checks and everywhere I went to cash those checks I was told that I couldnt get them cashed because previous employee's had cashed their checks and they all bounced, so what do I do????

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