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I have been with quest for 30 years and the customer service is so piss poor That I will not ever recomend any person i am in contact with to use there service. I am an office manager and I would fire all the employees and the ceo due to the poor quality of service I have had in the last 6 months. I am chaging my phone company and will be talking to a lawyer to see what i can do to sue quest and their ceo.

I am on disability, I get one check a month, I have done everything I can to work with the company regarding my payments and getting it to them on time. We have gone as far as adjusting my due date to be the same date as I receive my check and making payment by phone. I was told when choosing to make my payment by phone that it would show posted that day so I wouldn't have to worry about late fees as I am on a fixed income. Now I am being told it will take up to 5 days to post my payment and because of that I could be charged an internet late fee... back in April when they sent out the postcard discussing the internet late fee I called to ask about this because I was concerned as I really cannot afford extra unseen expenses.. I was told at that time (April) that I don't have to be worried about a late fee being attached because my payment is not considered late (past due) until the 10th of the month.. now I am being told that if they do not have my payment posted by the due date ( the 3rd of the month) that I will be charged the internet late fee. So.... 1. I was told I wouldn't be charged an internet late fee if I made my payment before the "past due date" ( 10th) ....But now they say oh well you will be charged a late fee if payment is not posted by due date ( 3rd) 2 When I arranged and discussed making my payment by phone I was told my payment would be posted the day I called it in ( 3rd) ......But now they are saying it takes 3 to 5 days for my payment to post So they misrepresented themselves and I will end up paying for their misrepresentation. How can I trust a company that tells me one thing one day and something else another? Ever since Qwest went to CenturyLink their customer service has been horrible and what I was guaranteed can no longer be relied on. And they offered me the "Centurylink Executive Office" address and it is different than the one shown here. I am about done with this company....Oh wait it's the only service offered in this area !!!! So I see it this way they don't give a hoot because they know this and know I need my services

Sprint is MUCH better now for cutmesor service. Call quality isn't always perfect, but their cutmesor service is nearly perfect -- never a problem they didn't resolve and do what ...

CenturyLink makes promises they do not intend to give you

I was lied to by the sales rep!!! Unless you want to give QuestLink lots of money for under-delivered, overpriced services, make sure you read the fine print in your contract. Better yet - buy from a reputable company in the first place. Just sayin----

i hate qwest and century link. they suck. i paid off some bill for $186 two monthe AFTER i cancelled phone, long distance, and cable. now they coming after me for an amout of $136 that appearently i owe from 6 mo ago....bullsh*t! anyone know the corporate office #??? they conviently have every 1-800 # go to a fax mach or centurylink main recording...cant ever talk to a human that speaks english!

very poor service ;after 12 years giving them business we are going to go to different companies;we gave them amny chances ;employee retention is poor ;service is terrible ;I ve been overcharged over and over again;got disconnectd without notice twice;shame on you ....my next step will be writing to fcc and thats a promise.

1. Qwest changed their name to Century Link. 2. Advertised on tv to offer Internet for $19.95 3. I call to get Internet Service. 4. Its only sold at that price for a bundle purchase. 5. I take the cheapest i could get per month, which was $25.00 dollars and the modem cost $6.00 per month they offer, my total is $31.00 Per Month. 6. My FIRST BILL IS $69.39 DOLLARS. 7. Hidden Costs, nobody mentioned and install fee of $40.00 , where they come out and hook up the wires outside. when i asked the People i originally ordered it from they said i wouldnt have to pay to hook it up outside. Here is the scenario; I called they said no hidden costs, no extra fees of hooking it up. Next, They gave me two passwords, didnt say what exactly they were for, except one is for the modem. Second, I got the Modem in the mail as planned on the Friday, i had the service guy come out and cut my outside line to the house, because the message he got was it was hanging down, had he bothered to knock at verify at the door, he would have known to read the rest of his message, rather than pass the buck to the next guy to come out and do his job for him, and hook up the phone line to the home, in order to get internet. The wind had torn down the phone line due to heavy winds earlier. Third, Called back and got a new tech out there, who gladly did his job and the last guys job for him , which left a ciggerette butt for me to clean up on my driveway where he showed up to help the original guy who wouldnt help or do his job in the first place, and had to have another tech do it for him. Then that original tech, was making jokes and smart alech comments in the ear of the other tech that did his job, at my expense to turn him against me for asking for help, it was on a sunday, so i got cheated out two days of internet service, no pro rated on the bill. And Now i got a Bill that has a $40 Dollar extra Install Charge, the girl at customer service said, its like an activation fee... which i dont have to pay for on my # AT&T Phone Service , because its pay as you go... and i bought my phone outright. so i dont need home phone service, because i use it . Now, the customer service said, we don't have a number for Corporate office , they wont give it to us even. This hidden cost, which i feel is ripping off customers. 8013934097641R I do however , like the internet service, its quality, but the customer service is destroying it with the hidden cost of install charge that is not told at time of advertisement nor, at time of purchasing it and setting internet up with the office to be installed at the home or lease of modem either. Not Cool at all.

Qwest-- totally incompetent!!! Stole my money and refuse to return it!!! DON'T GET QWEST!!!

Qwest is not a company that cares about it's customers only the money. I have been off line sence 7/15/11 with no releaf or help from them. I have called everyday to Qwest sence 7/15/11 to seek help and all i get from there customer service rep.s the a dead line when ever i try to explain that my Internet is down but they send me a monthly statement for service. I will not pay them a Dime and if i can see just one of there Techs it will get ****** for him. No matter where i am if someone was to say that thay were employed as a Tech for Qwest it will be hard for that person to eat for sometime. Qwest is a JOKE and No-One i mean No-One should ever request service though them. I have meet some Shaddy people in my 53yr.s on the plant but None Worse that the Employee's of Qwest.It is so sad that anyone would lower them-selfs so low to work for a company like Qwest No Matter how Bad the Economy is, i'dd rather sale DoDo then to sale a service for them. I guess some people don't care who they sale there souls to. Shame Shame Shame!But when it all comes back on them (Tech's and Rep's) they will ask what thay did in life to deserve such a endless torment, it will come to light. Best of Luck Qwest family, You Get What You Give. Thanks for Nothing. Sencerly yours: RIP....

Why I am getting QWEST PHONE when I get back from vacation!! I have 2 magic jacks, 3 cell phones but pay the most for my land line through Mediacom which I thought I could rely on. I'm away on vacation. I start getting panicked emails from tenants that my phone is disconnected. I call my home phone from across the country to hear a message that the phone service is interrupted "call back later." I call Medicom and I am told that yes my phone is not working. Then they tell me I can cut my vacation short and fly back home to meet a service technition who will get my phone working again. I AM GOING BACK TO QWEST!!!

Checked the internet site, no service in the area. Both my neighbors have Qwest. The connect box is located in my yard. Called the number. "We do not cover your area.". I walked outside looked at the box on the side of the house "Qwest". Tell the costumer service. They do some checking, 10 min wait. Yes we do cover your area. "Great sign me up". Teck will be out in 5 days modem in the mail. No severice call the costumer service "Teck could not find the fiberoptic". No phone call. I eplained it is in my yard 15 feet from the box on the side of the house. I hang a pink ribbon on it this time and message to call me please. No service so I call costumer service "Tec can not find the cable again" and no phone call. It has been 15 days and still no internet. So I ask to talk to the the tec supervisor or a manager. "we can not do that".

I ordered a bundle package from quest on july 14th of 2010,which consisted of phone, internet and cable. I was told that my services would cost me around $120 dollers per month. On August 1st I recieved two bills from quest. The first one was for $97.74 which I paid in full. Another billed arrived a day later requesting a payment of $231.07 which was dated August 1st also. After contacting quest, I notice that I was billed under two different account no, and was told that they had not recieved a payment from me. They told me that my $97 went to direct t.v. and as of now they sware that I have missed a payment. The question is how can my first month bill for one-half of a month total $328. for a bundle package. Every month I have to argue with quest about my bill which have increased without making any changes to my account,nor have I ever purchased any orders. My last month bill was $425 and I never missed a payment. Quest is a fraud and continue to treaten to disconnect my services if I don't pay them $245. I would like for the director to review my account and credit me all the money that I have been bogusly charged. I believe that It is time for everyone to address this issue to the chambers of commerce and even file a class action suit.

Has anyone with a bundle with Qwest ever received the same amount every month for 12months , that is excluding the promotions? I am going to report them to the Attorney General's office in Arizona! This last month, they forgot to include the phone and internet service on my bill, so this month, it is 70.00 more than it should be! so much for trying to keep a budget! I want to know why the bills vary as much as 15.00-30.00 a month!

I ordered service from qwest, got my order confirmation saying my service would be installed by Jun 16, 2011, my card was charged and we were good to go. I hung out all day waiting for the modem to arrive. When it didn't show up I called customer service and was told "Oh I'm sorry, someone should have called you. We are not going to be able to complete your order. All web orders go through and checked by a human." However any other time I try to order the service it says not available, now qwest is not willing to follow through with the order because now they are out of capacity. I am so tired of this company not willing to take responsibility for its actions. Its unreal what they try to get away with.

Went back to qwest to give second chance big mistake. This company picked the bad habit of misleading customers. Wosrt tech support ever not only does this company export our jobs to india u can bearly understand them and they do is say I am sorry. I would prefer not to have this service than to deal with qwest. Big mistake goin back to them.

I'm not posting as a customer but rather as a former employee of Qwest in Dublin, Ohio. Based on my experience as to what the company became after Qwest bought LCI, I would recommend that no one use any of their services be it Internet, wireline or wireless. LCI was the long distance carrier that Qwest bought so we could run their long distance network for them. At one time LCI had an industry award winning customer service. They worked on the same floor as I did and I saw them in action all day and they were very good. Here's what happened to customer service after Qwest bought LCI. The company continued to grow so the company invested in a new building for them. I think it was called Lakewood. One day in 1997 or 1998 while in the main building, I saw all of our security people running out the door and heading to their cars. Come to find out Qwest had gathered all of the still decent customer service reps in an auditorium, told them their jobs no longer existed and then gave them a box to clear out their desks. No prior warning, rumours, nothing. As well they should have they went back to their desks and rioted. They were throwing chairs, monitors, whatever would break. I think the customer service was outsourced to Canada after that and it has sucked ever since. You can tell by that incident that Qwest didn't even care for it's own employees so it's not surprising that they don't have any customer service people that care one bit about customers. As far as Qwest goes the bad attitudes have always started at the top and trickled down. I left that company in 2001 and by the time I left the mantra of people I tried to deal with in my own company was "It's not my job" even though the "job" was in their title and job description. Trust me, the customer service reps, engineers and anybody else who cared about customers are long, long gone. Whatever your telecom needs are choos

Well, as Jafar said numerous times in the movie "Aladdin," "Why am I not surprised.!" I race marathons but don't think that I have the energy or time to detail my experience with Qwest Communications located in Salt Lake City, Utah regarding Internet Service that I ordered. I will voice parts however. Service was delayed due to pairing in teh wires, delayed because no line working in a duplex rental (not Qwest's fault), problem with speed (told 5 Mps) and we end up with 1.5 Mps, Problem with first bill being overcharged and the rep didn't see it nor understand, The supervisor did however but could not figure out how to account for the adjusting journal entry therefore just gave us more money back that they should have (I explained I didn't want more than what was due, but again, she did not understand debit and credits for each line item), problems in accessing the website page needed due to excessive unwanted advertising that was more important than a "Log Off" Button and the inattention to having to re-input the same billing phone number and zip code after already being logged into the site, then asking for the security words (now who is going to go and create an account with Qwest and access that account for the fun of it and inundate Qwest with spam E-mail messages through that account?. I'll take a break and YES, this is short for what I have gone through just like many of you have, we all don't detail as much due to lack of time because we have other more pressing issues to deal with. Also notice that I left out times and dates and names and a bunch of other items that normally would be important in describing this poor customer service. Back to the grind here, the second bill was incorrect too. Talking with the CS Rep resolved the bill and they started the new billing amount for another six month's, and I was not about to decline the offer. Tried to pay the bill, yet thought that I would just click on one of those enticing offers and well from $14.95 per month for what was supposed to be 5 Mps but ended up 1.5 Mps and then to upgrade to 3 Mps, the new rate (don't laugh) and Iago again, "Why am I not surprised," $59.95. New rates for six months for 40 Mbs are $29.99 and then revert to $70 if no home phone service, otherwise $59.99. Now, it is not rocket science here. Why would I upgrade? So now, I am a loyal customer and they offer me $29.99 for 3 Mps. I ask the question if I can talk with an expert that can come to my home and review everything, wires, connections, etc., to determine that 3 Mps is in fact going to work without any unnecessary costs so that I can be sure that this is a sure thing, because I don't want the following. I say yes, and sign up. But when the guy gets here, he says, well... and I have wasted all of this time and effort and still must deal with the 1.5 Mps because they just can't help me here. I also asked if they had an overall master plan that detailed when Qwest was planning on having the contracted company to upgrade the Yale area of Salt Lake City (expensive homes just a half mile south of the University of Utah - a very affluent area) to provide the 12, 20 and 40 Mps Internet speeds. Then answer back is that they don't know and certainly not in the next four months. Now they could not provide me with a corporate headquarters number for me to discuss anything and well looking up their number, I found 303.992.1400 and yes this is the number. However, the caveat, We as consumers need to push 8 (eight) and well, "Why am I not surprised," it rings to voice mail and you must leave a voice mail message for Qwest to call you back. The question now is, Do I dare call the number and leave a message to call them back, because well, will they really call me back and will my number just be a number that they ignore? Will one of you above my post be willing to also try? And will you have the same outcome, they ignore you too? I WILL call the number and leave a message, and I will take this stand. I hope that many of you above this post will take the time and energy and (money to some degree - usage of cell phone minutes etc...) call and leave a message for them to call you back. I am not going to leave a rude message. I just would like to receive a call back at your convenience to discuss so matters of business with you. I look forward to your call. It would be nice if businesses like this (most in America) would just get it.

I was told by a Qwest representative that I could get my internet speed updated for 29.99 for the next six months and then it would go up $10. This was Feb 11,2011. Noww for the last two months I have had to call the loyalty dept. In April of 2011 a supervisor in Sioux City, Ia fixed my bill by kicking me out of the price for life package. She did not tell me this was how she was fixing the amount that I was overcharged. this month Joe, Des Moines, Ia said that was only a one month prom and rgued with y that I did not chat with someone online and that promo was for new customers only. Kody J new I was an existing cutomer as he asked for all my info. Joe said he would try to fix it but it probably will happen again next month. i have had Qwest for 17 years and everytime you offer me a loyalty promo it never gets put in correctly and i have to spend more time talking to a Qwest person whhom everytime I call in gives me a different reason for the screw up. Get it right or getr rid of Qwest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONE VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER! You do not even deserve a one and should have a zero for the worst customer service ever. Also give them the corporate number to call and file a complaint.

What a mess qwest has made they tell you one amount and you look at tour account on line and you see that Direct TV through qwest has charged me $260.00 instead of $19.99. Neither party can help you. i was on the phone for 3 hours between both parties. Qwest and dtv claim that i have no account. How can i not have an account but they can surely charge me with no problems and now 3 days later and 5 hours on the phone i have to wait even longer to get my money. I have 2 friends that work for Qwest and i thought my job sucked. thank god we have choices and i don't choose Qwest or Direct TV and if you are in the spot were you need to choose a communication co. DON'T CHOOSE QWEST OR DIRECT TV

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