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Phone Service

Dear Sir, I have used On Star for four years. $20+ for 200 minute's. When I ran out of time I would add more time. It was convenient and worked. Now you want me to buy minute's for the month!!! and if I don't use them I loose them. Converted that is $144 per year., or 12.50 for 30 min' $25 for 60 min. I just phoned a few of my friends and family that have Cadillac's and they said they will cancel their service and use their cells if you do that to them. I need to have a full explanation of the changes for Canadian drivers before I go public with this. I also think this is discriminatory from U.S. I do not want a service that treats me like I cannot control my time. I want use with no restrictions and no monthly cut off. People who cannot afford their phones buy phone cards for limits. Please let me know what is going on. Thank you Katie Johnston CEO.

Empty Promises!

Door unlock didn't work twice and promised a call back to follow up, didn't happen and never called regarding service.

I purchased phone minutes during the trial period with my credit card. I did not authorize Onstar service after the free six month trial period. They charged my credit card anyway!!!!! I had no idea I was charged!!! They don't care.

as a 100% service connected disabled veteran I am disgusted that a company that takes call minutes already paid for are taken away because I will not make a small purchase. I will not be held hostage by a company who will unjustly take from the American people. This is not what your freedom is about. No person should have to call to be told they can have what they paid for returned. I have cancelled my OnStar and hope a more honest company will replace your company. Let us see if a refund comes as promised. This company ought to be ashamed.

Not good company practices

I prepaid this company for two years, starting 9/9/2013, and after receiving poor service, I cancelled, 7/24/2014, and was told they would send me a refund check in the amount of $200.65. This is now Sept. 8, 2014, and I am still trying to get my refund. I have spoken to countless number of people, including General Motors Executive Office, and still cannot get this handled. I am filing a claim today in small claims court. What does this tell you about this company?

Review of the Reviews!

I saw one 'two star' review and one (apparently) real 5 star review. Reading the remaining 'five star' reviews only let me know that those poor people had checked a box at the wrong end of the scale! All of the other reviews were 'one stars'. I have never seen such a parade of terrible reviews!


I am looking for a competitor. On Star sucks!! Could not open a door if under an overhang of any sort. Takes 3-4 days to get a refund (they float my money), and finally they changed my plan without my knowledge doubling my charges. DO NOT USE ON STAR!!!!

Don't Bother

Every time I call OnStar I get the runaround, this can take one to seven days to resolve instead of taking care of your issue on the spot. I think OnStar is the worst thing that GM uses in their cars and trucks. Don't pay for this service, their call centers are in India and they have the worst customer service ever. Who has time to spend calls after calls with no results.

Unbelievably BAD service!!

Too many issues to write about. Basically, they pass the buck...have had an issue which they are not resolving and I am being passed around. I gave them a "1" because there is nothing lower!

Service Stinks

Purchased new vehicle a month ago. Received 3 free months with purchase of GMC vehicle. When the salesman and myself set up account the moron that was on Onstar put me on my sons already established account. It took several calls and about 3 hours to try and straighted out their mistake, My new account was finally established and separated from my sons. However, in the process they deleted all my sons credit card info and put mine on his account. Threatened to file suit because fraudulant use of my credit card. Supposenly refunded amount they charged my card and took card number off of his account. These people are by far the most ignorant individuals I've ever dealt with in my entire life.

Customer Service

Customer Service is horrible. I spoke with 5 different people on the same issue and got 5 different answers. Every time I've had a problem and had to contact Onstar its been a headache and very fustrating. Know two people are every on the same page or in agreement.

Onstar Tenacity

On February 26th, after having Onstar on my vehicle for 1 & 1/2 years (6 months free w/purchase and 1 year paid) I called to have the service terminated (stopped, finale, goodbye, adios, etc.) for lack of worth. During my paid subscription, they terminated my 300 paid cell minutes despite the fact their "terms of agreement" stipulate the minutes were good for as long as I had a subscription and their android phone app is slow as molasses. They were very cordial and stated my service would terminate effective midnight on March 6, 2013. On March 12, 2013, they charged my VISA for $20.18 for services. Calling Onstar back on March 21, 2103, the agent stated that I only cancelled my subscription and not the service, so they charged my credit card for monthly service. I asked them "What part of I don't want your service do you not understand"? Only after I raised holy cain with them did they agree to cancel the service entirely and refund the charge. As I was hanging up the phone, the agent was still trying desperately to get me to agree to some "free" service or something. Trying to discontinue Onstar service is as difficult or more than trying to disconnect from AOL internet providers in the 1990's. Scammers, scammers, scammers!!!


after several years with onstar on several vehicles i will be calling it quits. Billing procedures are poor at best and i am unable to depend on what I am told as the way things will be billed.


it is impossible to speak to someone in the U.S.A they rather outsource all the jobs within the company to another country. then here in the U.S.A. to keep Americans working.

onstar dispute

Nine months after buying a new vehicle, I am still trying to get my onstar account straightened out. Their customer service is horrible!!!!! First they could not activate my vehicle diagnostics so after 4 months of calls they finally determined that the account number that they gave me would not connect so they issued a new account number which corrected that issue and promised me 2 years of the directions and connections plan at the safe and sound plane price as compensation for all my problems along with 100 minutes of hands free calling which were supposed to be good for a year. Last month I got a bill at the directions and connections price and immediately called and talked to Lester from Onstar who promissed that they would look into it and call me back in a couple of days. That was 2 weeks ago so I logged onto my online account to see if it had been corrected and found out that not only had that issue not been addressed but my 100 minutes of hands free calling was gone. Called again and talked to Dana and she promised that they would correct the problems and call me tomorrow. Some how I seriously doubt it will happen based on my previous experience with their customer service department. Maybe by the time that my vehicle is a year old they will finally get everything corrected OR NOT!!!!!!!!!

bad service

on star is wrong in many ways i got my 2009 chevy impala i push the blue on star button activ my act they just termenated my acct because the last owner abused the sevice i brought the car dec 3 2012 i talik with this rude guy from lost control greg sup he needs too learn how too talk with people needs traning dont trust on star

Bait and Switch

I purchased a new GM vehicle during July of 2011. At that time the salesperson and I used the vehicle’s OnStar device to activate the service and I purchased 200 minutes of telephone talk time. I was told that, if after the free-trail period, I subscribed to OnStar the 200 minutes I had purchased would remain credited to my account as long as I had a subscription if not otherwise used. For this reason I later subscribed. I have been paying $28 a month ever since. Today I discovered, quite by accident, that my 200 minutes expired in August of this year. I was using the OnStar application on my smart phone when I found this disturbing news. Sure it was an error, I called OnStar. What I encountered surprised me greatly. I spoke with four OnStar employees in various departments. They confirmed my minutes had expired. I explained what I had been promised when I purchased the vehicle. Their collective response extended only to wanting to sell me another plan, or reinstating what I had already paid for (200 minutes of talk time) as a “courtesy”. I finally reached a manager in your Customer Loyalty department. She was quick to only make the same offers the lesser staff had, and was not interested in discussing the terms of my agreement with OnStar when I purchased my vehicle. Her only fix was to tell me I needed to buy more minutes in order to get back what I had already paid for (200 minutes of talk time). She was quick to take my cancellation. Very rude! You see, I wanted OnStar for the peace-of-mind. I never used the service, less only one phone call I made to my own celphone company. I was under the impression I had “talk time” should I ever need it. But, unbeknownst to me, I’ve been driving around without that protection since August of this year.

i have not been happy with Onstar for about 2 months now but today I was ready to quit your service all together. I called for directions to be sent to my navigation system and when the rep went to send them my entire screen turned black. I had just used it so I know it was working prior. The girl did not seem to know what she was doing in the first place. I called back to let them know what happened and after speaking to a girl and having her ask me the same question 3 times she said it is not Onstar but GM and she would transfer me. I waited and when I finally got thru to GM I was told it was not GM problem but Onstars... Really? So they transferred me back and the guy who answered could not hear me so I shouted to him my phone number and he said he got it and to this minute I have not heard from him..So I called back again and asked to speak to a supervisor and she was the only one who did not read from a script and actually tried to help me. She gave me manual intructions on where I was going but I lost her in the mountains but made my destination. I was on the phone for about 25-30 minutes and missed 1 appt because of this and was in tears I was so mad...I called cust service and I had to actually ask them to compensate me something and she offered me 1 month free..again REALLY? So when I was not satisfied she asked her supervisor and they gave me a whopping 2 months.. I do not pay 300 a year to get such poor service and such incompetent people that just read from a script and annoy the crap out of me. Have you recently outsourced because i do not remember getting so many people from other countries answering the phone. I am mad as heck and ready to quit my service...VERY VERY dissatisfied...

OnStar is vicious if you get into a billing dispute with them, such as paying for three years of coverage for an aging parent age 87 and when a car crosses the double line, whacks your aging senior and all the air bags blow, Non-Star will FAIL TO NOTIFY you! When you find your senior in the ER, contact Non-Star, they claim "our emergency notifications screen has no names on it, and this is your fault, and we will not refund one dime of your subscription fee". Keep in mind he NEVER uses his phone or minutes, making it obvious that this is only for emergency benefits Non-Star PROMISES, and, oh by the way, THEY SEEM TO HAVE NO TROUBLE LOCATING MY BILLING CONTACT INFORMATION EACH MONTH ! I have paid them montly for roughly three years. The car is totaled so I presume I can dump the Non-Star worthless coverage anyway. I would rate On-Star with zero stars if such a low rating was offered on this site!

DO NOT activate Onstar on your new vehicle. Refuse. Tell them you will walk away from the deal. IF they activate anyway, DO NOT give them your CC number. This gives them no options when your "free" trial is up.

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