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I've noticed a decline in the past year in not only the service, but the prices as well. During my visit yesterday to the Louisville, KY store (Taylorsville Rd.), I noticed that several unworn items were on the rack with original store price tags still attached (clearance stickers), but OUAC had them for sale for a couple of dollars more! I am a bargain/clearance shopper and in my experience, I am better off shopping in the clearance section of any department store to find better deals than what OUAC can offer. I did find a "few" good deals, but their pricing is random and doesn't make sense. Also, I find that other items such as gear and toys are way overpriced. I do much better at yard sales for those things. I will not be returning, and I am sad about that. I used to really enjoy shopping there.

store in goodyear az is dirty over crowded and an unsfe atmoshphere for the employees to work in. most employees are nice black girl that works there is super sweet and helpful. The owner needs to take some business classes!

I too have experienced poor customer service at OUAC. They certainly do seem preoccupied with other things. It almost makes me wonder if they are actually getting paid or are they volunteers. I have brought in things that my newborn never wore or barely did and they didn't accept them or offered an unacceptable amount for the items. Im not an arrogant unreasonable person. But I know when Im being cheated. Its not the fact that the choose not to accept some things its not being able to understand the policies of what IS acceptable, especially when MY items are in better condition than their stuff on the racks.

I recently visited the Once Upon a Child store located in Canton, Michigan. I actually planned for the day since I had received an email that it was a "bag sale". I have four children ages 13, 10, 2, and 8 months. It snowed the night before so I did not get to the store until 10:45am and I live about 80 miles away from this store. I have been coming to this store for over ten years and usually have a good experience. I was extremly dissappointed to find hardly any items available for the bag sale. I ended up with one half filled bag. As I waited in line for 30 min. as there were only 2 cashiers for this sale; I overheard the employees talking loudly and rudely about the customers. One employee named Melissa who was not wearing a name tag "as the sign clearly says all employees must wear a name tag at all times". Stated that she should paint a picture of a star so that us "dumb customers" would understand what a star looks like! I think these stores need to be reviewed by corporate and reevalauted. It is simple Business Management without customers there is no business. Problem #1 not enough itmes for the bag sale, Problem #2 Staff was rude to customers; rather directly or indirectly as employees you represent the company you work for, Problem #3 There was not enough staff in order to assist customers of course if they were all like Melissa I would not ask for help.

Once upon a child is awesome! Every one who complains they don't get enough money are fools because, when you sell your items ouac is then the customer. They have the right to buy any thing would like. Just like I have the choice to purchase anything I would like and if it is in bad condition, I will not buy it!

I am extremely upset with the staff and the store in general. I took a box of my daughters clothes in yesterday that easily had 50 items in it and lucky me they took 18 of them, but the others were rejected for the claim they were too worn. First of all my daughter is only 9 months old so really how much could she have worn out brand new clothing or added new wear to already used clothes? Second of all many of the other items were items I had originally purchaced from once upon a child a max of three months earlier. Thirdly many of the items were gifts and by the time they were in season or she grew into them they were out of season. After recieving $25 store credit for the 18 items they did accept I began to browse the racks in hopes of finding a few sleepers for my daughter and was absolutely shocked at what they had for sale. They had rejected my practically brand new items, but on their racks they had clothing with holes, knees that were thread bare, and some were so worn I'm not even sure the Goodwill would accept them! Honestly what is the system for what is accepted and what is rejected, because as far as I've witnessed there is no standard practice. On top of the shock of the discrepancy in what is accepted one day or by one person and what isn't I found the staff to be somewhat rude and preoccupied with their plans for life outside of work than actually acknowledging and helping customers. I can honestly say after my experience yesterday I seriously doubt that I will ever return to this store and I will surely never recommend it again and will continue share my complete and utter disgust with the entire experience.

VERY DISTURBED! NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED! I just left a store at 3584 Hwy 138SE Stockbridge, GA 30281. I returned to get the money for the clothes I left and come to find out someone beat me to it the funny thing is that didn't try to forge my name they signed a different name and signature and that person was able to leave with the money and when I finally returned they realized that the wrong person received the money and I was reimburse but I am still angry because ID should be checked or atleast match the signature. I want that particular worker fired and I will not stop until she is. Thank you Celina Nyack

If I could give the Once Upon a Child store no stars I would. Like many of the other reviews I had the absolutely WORSE experience with them. The store in which I am referring to is in Fredericksburg VA, in Central Park. I brought in an item that was brand new never opened, and as the sales associate was "checking it out" she ripped the box. I was then told that they would pass on it. This item cost me $100. It was a sensor and monitor set for newborns. When the sales associate told me that they would pass on it, I said to her "what am I supposed to do with it now that the box was ripped open". She replied "oh it was brand new". Such an idiot, and thats putting it nicely. This is the worst consignment shop ever! Never ever do business with them. They will buy your item at well below cost and then turn around and sell it for three times as much as they paid for it.

I just recently took a bag full of once worn clothes for example there were Carters, Baby Gap, Osh Kosh, and other name brands and very well kept clothes...and I totally feel that I was RIPPED off they only offered me $7.25 I have paid that much for a pack of socks for my baby and they offered me that for a huge bag of basically brand new clothes. I will never and I repeat I WILL NEVER do business with Once Upon a Child!!!!!! They are the worst when it comes to consigning childrens clothes and they should be shut down, if it wasn't for us the consumers there would be no Once Upon A Child. Please if you are even thinking about doing business with them or consigning with them DO NOT waste your time...its better just to give your clothes to Goodwill for free...!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards A Very Very Upset and Disgusted Ex Customer and Consigner

May 3, 2010 To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to let you know that I have been there a few times to sell baby items. I must say I have very disappointed, and very upset. The women who worked there were snooty, rude, unprofessional and did not appear to enjoy or even like their jobs. I believe they were very biased in the items they were looking at to purchase for the Woodhaven, Mi., Once Upon a Child. They only picked out very few items from many customers we saw there each time we went, just so they would not have much work to do. The clothes, and other items were in poor shape, and we not in any order what so ever. The dollar amount that they said they would give, for example a hundred dollar item came in, it was in mint condition, used maybe five times, and they gave only sixteen dollars for it, not near the forty percent promised. The clothes you do buy, you sell for full price, ripping the customers off. They were not courteous, nor friendly, and we will no longer be doing business with this company. Sincerely, A very disappointed and angry now ex-customer

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