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Worst place ever! The woodlands location is a complete rip off! I issued my problems with corporate office I literally got the same exact answer each time like it was a computer not a person


The store location in speedway Indiana is very very rude The corporate office need to send a silent shopper to see how dirty and unprofessional the people are in there especially the managers Need to dress like a worker not like they have just woke up and wearing head scarves (not professional) Please take control of your store rather rude and mean NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN OR SENDING FRIENDS

OUAC No Longer Honoring Discounts for Disabled or any othe Veterans

I went to the Westerville, OH location and told the cashier that I would be using my Military Discount and she asked if I was Active Duty. When I said No, that I was a Disabled Veteran she said that the District Manager has discontinued the discounts for Veterans. It's all about making money for this DM because Columbus, Oh area does not have a large active base. Therefore, the military discounts will basically be down to nothing! I am going to start shopping at other stores where my Military Service is Valued!

Never Shopping Again

I have shopped in the Naples and Fort Meyers Stores, The employees and owner are very rude, they do have a nice selection of clothes but the way they treat their customers is terrible. I herd the owner yelling at one of her employee's right in front of the customers, this could be why the employees seem to be so miserable.


So we packed up the truck and went to the once upon a child store in Gilbert, Arizona. We walk in with out stuff and we signed in, at 6:06pm. The girl that was looking at the stuff was training, and was actually super nice. I asked her how long it would take for the 3 items that we brought in and she said about 10 minutes and asked that we do not leave the store, which was completely fine. However the entire time another girl that was there with a clip board asking her questions while she was looking at the stuff. A lady with a bassinet came in after me , and was helped by the same lady and left with in ten minutes, they looked at the swing and had us replace the batteries, run home to the tray that we did forget, and then they we looking it up online and said never mind, which was fine that they didn't want he stuff, but the took forever and keep talking and dint seem to know what the heck they were doing! Needless to say they wasted 40 minutes of my life that I can never get back! I wish they would have just said no from the beginning! I was a pretty loyal customer and actually used to refer lots of people to this store, but not anymore... Pretty disappointed!

ouac in goodyear az is the worst store i have ever been to they are rude and unprofessional if i were you i would never shop there thier owners are really rude and dont know what they are doing and they rip you off and they bought some items from me and when i went back they made the price higher than they told me so they owe me some more money. its the worst place ever i will never shop there again or give them a dime. i will go to the surprise location for now on even though its 30 miles out of my way

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I just recieved a call of Once Upon a Child in Mesquite, TX . This is was very nasty and unclean. Things where everywhere and all over the place. I was never greeted when I walked throuh the door. I stood there for about ten minutes before anyone said anything to me. Then she porceeded to let me know, in a very dry voice that, they would not be excepting my little girls beautiful clean clothes on hangers. She let me know it had to be n a basket. Thank the Lord that there was one in the trunk of my car. It took time to take the clothes off the hangers and placed tem nicely in the basket. She came over and was like "did you fill out the form" I said no, and filled it out. She filled out her paper handed it to me and throw my things over with the other pile of things that where everywhere behind the counter. I figured because it was back to school, maybe they where not crowded the most times. Took my paper and left. Then I get a phone call today orm Jan the Asst. Manager to let me know that my clother smell and to go back home and wash them, and they would look over them again. I'm pissed!!!!!!!! I did was the clothes, I did iron the clother, I did put them on hangers. I did everything I was supposed to do. When I told her all of this, she hung up in my face. I dont want those stinky clothes the same you you guys don't. This problem needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!! I'm going over everybody head. This is crazy my baby's clothes don't stink and if they do, it was from the Mesquits Location, not from me.

Just returned from a horrible trip to Once Upon A Child in Bristol, CT. I had a huge tote and several plastic bags full of my twin daughters outgrown clothes. There was no room directly in front of the store so I parked in a spot far away. Next to my car was a cart from the neighboring grocery store so i grabbed it and put all my stuff in it and walked in the door. Immediately I had a snotty employee run over and tell me I needed to get the cart out asap. I explained that I only used it to get all the clothes inside and I had no intention of keeping it in the store. I got dirty looks from the other employees as I unloaded everything and quickly got the cart outside. They hadn't realized that I re-entered the store to look around while they went through the clothes. I could hear them talking loudly about me and laughing in front of other customers. One girl said, "i don't understand people! Why would you bring a cart in? Don't they see how small it is in here?? If we had room we'd have our own carts!!" I walked around the corner and said, "well when someone has to carry a ton of stuff across a parking lot, it's a lot easier to make one trip in with a cart. It's not like I was going to stay and shop with it." One of the customers even joined forces with the snotty employees and said she'd NEVER had trouble bringing in clothes because she unloads right in front of the store. I started to explain that there was no room at the time I came in, but then I just walked away instead of starting a scene. Then as they went through the clothes they they picked out the brand name stuff and never explained that they don't accept clothes from Walmart or Target. They were obviously annoyed that i had so many non-brand items bc they kept doing an annoyed sigh with each piece of clothing they looked at. Near the end they came across another walmart dress and through it on the floor. I made $25 which is better than nothing, but the unkind treatment I received was not worth it. I will never buy nor sell there again.

I'm thinking Arlett is an employee posing as a customer. The snotty tone gives him/her (?) away.

Everytime I go in the flower mound location I have they worst experience! This last time is the last time! For sure!! I would rather give my clothes to goodwill and not get any money than put up with the awful costumer service for a few bucks! I dropped off clothes one hour ago and she told me it would be done in an hour. At this time there were 6 people working all girls. They were standing around takking about other employees and how they don't like them and why it took a long time for them to even acknowledge me. I dont see how u can sort clothes and price them properly when I are talking laughing and sinking beverages at the same time!I have two kids one I have to lug around in a car seat. And if u have kids u know how heavy they can be and annoying to get in and out of the car. I left and came back in an hour to see if they were done to of course not get acknowledged again and they of course were not done! So she was like we said we would call u! And I was like okay well when might that be then? And she said well there are two people in front of u so an hour and a half ,like I said! I was like what!? Well it has been an hour and an hour layer now an hour and a half? I didn't say that I just said okay and walked out but she was so rude and had a huge attitude about "what she had told me before" even though she was clearly Off! I could give many stories! Hoe do I get the corporate office number?

You guys are just winning. If you dont like it keep it to yourself. No one wants to hear you. And maybe they didn't give money for your things because they were worn out or ugly.

The store we visited 30mi from our country home has gone way downhill. It was dirty & most of the clothing looked dingy & well-worn. I really had to pick through to find anything I would put on my kids. Once I found a few items for each of my four kids (felt I had to make the commute/gas worth it somehow), we went to try on clothes. There are no dressing rooms. (What?!?!) The one-person restroom was it. It was revolting--sight & smell! I walked my four kids up front to ask if we could please change somewhere else due to the nasty, diarrhea-contaminated bathroom. The teen girl, on an obvious personal call with her back to us, said she didn't really know. I asked if we could use the hallway inside the back room door located in front of the restroom. She said that was fine & abruptly continued her call. I really wanted to just leave, but had put in the time & travel (& associated cost), so tried to make the best of a dismal situation. I went in to help my daughters (9, 6, & 3) while my teen son stood by (manned) the back room door. He pulled it enough (though still leaving it ajar) to make sure noone came through, allotting the girls' privacy. Suddenly a young "manager" of sorts opened the door, barged in, & rudely said it was a fire hazard & couldn't be closed. I explained that it wasn't closed & we had permission under the unacceptable "changing room" circumstances. She wouldn't budge...my girls were half dressed!!!...Very embarrassing for my sweet 9yo. :( She insisted she wasn't up there when I asked (not my problem!) & was repeatedly very defensive rather than apologetic & trying to rectify the horrible situation. She made it very clear that the filthy, unsanitary bathroom condition was other customers' fault, not hers!!!! She went on to say they only check the bathroom (aka dressing room--*gag*) ONCE at the end of the day!!!! Seriously?! The young girl, Ashley (so she said--neither girl wore a nametag), got a management position how? Really?! I am not an unreasonable person, but c'mon! Doesn't the OUAC want better representation than so many of these similarly unsatisfying reviews have shown? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Hire professionals! Both my husband (of 16.5 years!) & I have BTDT working in retail/customer service & never treated customers so poorly. My husband is now a highly sought after healthcare professional who treats his upset patients with the utmost care & compassion everyday. That is noted to illustrate how educated, hardworking, & dedicated professionals should...& are PAID to...serve. We are done with OUAC! We thought the Arnold, MO one was the better of the two nearest us, but it's now even worse than the Kirkwood, MO one. I slathered my kids in hand sanitizer when we got to our van, I kid you not. What a disgusting experience all-around!!! I admit I caved for my kids & reluctantly gave them $31 for merchandise. It was tough, but again, we commute & had spent an hour-&-a-half in there dealing with picking through worn clothing (looked mostly like overpriced play clothes, regardless of brand) & the whole dressing fiasco. I didn't feel right taking from my kids what they had carefully chosen & literally painstakingly tried on. I plan to have a discussion with them, let them choose one item, & have my husband return the rest when in the area in a couple of days. It sickens me that we gave that horrid place any business at all. BLECK! Please don't shop there! You'll be treated like a secondhand citizen by uninterested, mere teens...& exposed to who the heck knows what?! -Grossed out, disgusted customer-

Today I had an awful experience with the Once Upon A Child store located in North Jacksonville FL we arrived at noon time and had two large bags of clothes all clean and neatly folded. They were either hardly used, or brand new some with tags and some without. First they didn't even want to take the stuff because they were in bags but told us it would take them 45 minutes to look at the stuff. I went back in at 2:00pm and it still was not done. We had to make the 1/2 hour drive back home so my 2 and 1 year old could nap. I had to call them at 3:30pm to see if they were done and they were. We made the 1/2 hour drive back I had to wait 15min before someone would even acknowlage my existence. Then they were going to offer me 17.00 for a handful of clothing. They claimed they couldn't take the rest because of stains or being wrinkled. I won't even donate things with stains on them and I had my bags organized very well. This experience was insulting and hurtful. So the slight wrinkles the clothes have now is from them rummaging threw the bags to claim the looked it all over when I garentee you they did not. The staff was rude and unprofessional. The sad thing is that I've bought many clothes from there and I am 5 months pregnant and would have come back another day and used the money I earned today for more clothes. I took my stuff back and will have a yard sale or eBay it. It's truely their loss because they have officially lost my respect as well as my business.

I dont have anything good to say about Once upon child the store is located on 5075 Morganton rd in fayteville nc i had the worst customer service with the manager she was rude disrespectful she did not represent the company she worked for i purchased a stroller on tuesday from the store it was 35 dollars which was overpriced but as expensive as it was i brought it n i started having problems with it the nxt day so i reviewed their policy and i purchased a brandnew stroller for my son the same day for 49.00 @ walmart went back to the store the nxt day and the manager would not refund me my money bc she said the sticker was not attach but i have my receipt i didnt think the stroller wouldnt work so of course my kids peeled it off but why would i keep a sticker on for 35 dollars thats ghetto n i dont want anybody knowing how much i paid for my son's stroller at this point i jus want my money back for the stroller and its a lesson learned not to do businees there again i think the place is garbage and that the clothes should be given away instead of purchased whoever own this place need to be mindful how u treat people your customers are your business and u can't do wrong and get by god dont like ugly......

Took some item into Maple Grove store and was disappointed in what they decided to buy. I had many items from Gap, and hardly anything was taken. Although I spent time looking for items myself, I noticed many were from Target, Old Navy and not near the condition of what I'd brought in. Some of the stores only pick out brand names. I was told some were too worn and they might of been worn 2-3 times yet what I found hanging for purchase were in dire condition. Most of the employees seem to be young girls and are somewhat rude both at Maple Grove and Minnetonka store. To be honest they kept what I thought they would return and returned all the name brand clothes. I am not sure the employees of that particular store knew childrens clothing or any items associated with a child .It's very confusing trying to figure out just what they are looking for. They don't want prefectly good jeans (not stains, hole or badly worn) but hanging on the racks are faded, torn and sometimes torn. Go figure. I'm thinking of strictly donating from here on out because it isn't worth the gas money to drive the distance for a couple of dollars.

I visited the Spring Lake Park, MN store and was appalled to see one of the employees inside the store with a cigarette hanging out her mouth. Regardless that the cigarette was not lit, it is still a location where parents bring in their children. As I stood there I watched the employee walk out of the store, light up her cigarette and have a seat on the side walk and go about her business, when I asked her if that was an appropriate location to smoke she told me that she was outside and that was good enough. I don’t think that my child and I should be covered in cigarette smoke entering your establishment, and what type of management is at this store that would allow their employees of a CHILDRENS store to smoke in front/side of the building in plain sight of kids. I am thinking that something like this should be taken very seriously, and rules of not smoking on the property should be enforced. Remember smoking is not a disease it is a CHOICE and my child and I should not be subjected to such a disgusting habit.

Don't waste your time. Donate clothes to a shelter rather than get paid pennies from this place. Everyone has to make money but the stuff they have for sale is over priced and they offer next to nothing on the stuff they buy.

As manager of Customer Services Representatives and working with the public well over 25 years, I can say that the service I received at Once Upon A Child in Greensboro NC was horriable. The lady waiting on me was very rude upon greeting me as well as not explaining the procedures. I left my merchandise as instructed and returned in 2 l/2 hours as I was told that was the waiting time only to be told my merchandise was still not ready, after waiting 30 more minutes I was further disappointed at the items that were being bought. To be honest they kept what I thought they would return and returned all the name brand clothes. In looking around the store the inventory was that of a Salvation Army Thrift store with retail prices. I am not sure the employees of that particular store knew childrens clothing or any items associated with a child. I will not be returning to this store and will not recommend it to anyone. I know each store is a franchise, but Once Upon A Child Corporate Offices should look into this store, as they are giving the company a bad name. On one more note, my daughter, manages a consignment store in Virginia and was appalled at what I told and described to her.

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