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Product GREAT!, but I am very disappointed in the Parma Hts. Ohio store. I witnessed and employee get completely degraded and talked to as if she were a child... as a matter of fact not even a parent should talk to their child the way I heard this manager talk to her employee. I come in here ALL the time and this is not the first time that I have heard unprofessional yelling across registers (MANAGEMENT TO EMPLOYEE)but this was the first time that I witnessed and employee hurt to the point of crying. This is unprofessional and some type of training should be given to management on how to deliver a message in private. I have been in management for years and would NEVER talk to my employees at this manager did especially in front of customers! I wanted to hire the poor girl myself. Something has got to be done ... this store is out of control. Word of mouth can kill your customer base, and cause your business to go out of business. Just words of advise. NEW MANAGEMENT NEEDED!

About three weeks ago, I returned a gift to the Old Time Pottery store in Greensboro (Holden Road), and because I did not have a receipt, I was given a gift card. When I returned to use the gift card, there were no funds allocated to the card. I was not offered assistance in trying to rectify the situation at all. I was simply told "I'm sorry". This is not what I consider good customer service. What is worse, is that when I told the manager on duty that I had witnessed another customer have a similar problem with a gift card, the person at the register stated that the gift card issue is a common problem. I am not trying to have someone fired, but I am saying that the store in Greensboro has a systematic problem with issuing gift cards, and if employees are going to be responsible for issuing them, they should be properly trainined. I walked out of that store with the strong conviction that I will not shop there or any other of their stores again, because store personnel could not resolve a problem more efficiently. In addition, the merchandise was returned, but there has never been an offical refund. I think more training is needed, and an accounting system that can trace transactions more efficiently would also be helpful in that store.

Very disappointed in the Surfside Beach, S.C. store and its manager, Dave. Purchased an all weather, vinyl wicker 4-pc set in June, 2009. Never sat on, ever. Been on my patio for 15 mos. Brought inside to my sunroom two days ago. All three pieces (2 chairs, 1 setee) are rotten inside the vinyl. Each piece "crunches" when sat on and under each we find crumbles and flakes of wood. Shouldn't this wood be treated during construction?? I've owned outdoor wicker in the past and sold it after 12 yrs of oceanfront use... was STILL in like new condition. This garbage I paid $350 for (have receipt too) didn't last 15 mos. Heck, it could have rotted in two months for all I know, since we never sat on it outside.. used it for looks and to fill up a vacant patio. Surfside Beach manager told me there's nothing they can do since it's been "so long". My opinion is that Old Time Pottery should purchase better quality products. I can't be the only person whose outdoor furniture, purchased at OTP, rotted so quickly. I used to shop at OTP often, since I live so nearby, but never again. I will also tell all my vacationing friends and relatives to take their business elsewhere. Yes, I would like the email address for corporate. Signed, A very disappointed non-returning customer.

I sure wish you guys would open a store at Panama City Beach. The closest store is 50 miles away in Ft.Walton/Destin Florida. There's a vacant Publix Grocery store available on middle Beach Road which is in the middle of EVERYTHING at Panama City Beach. With the Spring and summer traffic, along with the snow birds in the winter, I'm certain your store would really do good. We love your store; but, getting a little tired of having to drive that far. I mentioned this to a floor manager at your Ft.Walton/Destin store and he said, "I've heard that suggestion hundreds of times". Give it some thought ! clifton tomes

The Store in Pelham Alabama has poor customer Service very rude, Manager's need more training. Everytime i shop their i spend $400-500 but i refuse to keep spending my money at the store and alli get is poor service i tink you all need new manager's that has more experience and know how to treat the customer's.

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