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They are sad! Pitful

Shopping trip

Looked at my ad thought a found the right gift for my brother-in-law went to your store to get it, only to be told you did not have it or never had it in the store. If you are not going to carry it you should not have it in your ad then we would not have wasted our time and gas.


Got fired after 6mo was never counseled on time clock correctly was never told what day they had me for no show no call since I never ever recalled taking a day. They . Let me rack up seven points before telling me of my status when the handbook stated discuss employee status no later than 5 . Thanks for nothing !!!!!


I fell in love with Old Time Pottery when living in Nashville. This past weekend my sister, a friend and I took a road trip to Nashville and I took them there. It was great!! They both loved it too.

Location in Texas

I wish you would open a store in the Fort Hood (Killeen) Texas area. I would even assist with running the store, I was stationed in Illinois for a time period, I got use to being able to find great deals on items. I miss shopping in your store.

Royal Sheets

Tried to buy sheets at Old Time Pottery on US 19 New Port Richey Fl this am, no $25.00 white queen sheets as advertised, only awful colors left, decided to buy a queen size fitted sheet instead. Chose Royal sheets made in India. Wanted to see the the thickness, so we opened one....IT WAS FILTHY! Opened another, filthy also, looked at all the white ones, they were all filthy. What else could be in those sheets? The man (lead) cashier said ...probably comes from a sweat shop??? This is the type of merchandise you people sell????? Word of mouth is the best advertising. Shame, Shame Shame! This is the USA???

Rude Manager and Madison, TN store

Recently attemped to return an item and the manager named Juston or Justin was very disrepectful and rude. I contacted corporate about my ordeal and they assured me it would be handled promptly. Please do not shop at Old Time Pottery in Madison, TN if you expect good service. I guess you get what you pay for...cheap items plus employees that are not being paid much...equals poor service.

Customer Service Casselberry

I bought an item on the clearance table and there was not sign to indicate that it was not returnable. The clerk never mention that it was not returnable. The lamp shades do not fit my lamps. I went into the store and the clerk tells me that even though it wasn't disclosed to me at the time of purchase, it is written on my receipt; the same receipt that I do not get until after I have paid for the product. That makes absolutely no sense at all. Another clerk steps in and gives me a sarcastic have a great day when I walked away. I will tell everyone I know to avoid that Old Time Pottery and all stores whenever possible. These places fail to realize that we don't have to spend our money there and they aren't doing us a favor by giving lousy service. There were 5 employees standing there staring at me like idiots as if I was speaking French. The policy is ridiculous.

corporate needs to invest into new technology a.k.a the piece of crap cash registers. If your an employee then you know exactly what im talking about. These cash registers have cost several good employees their jobs and district managers and corporate blame it on the worker. typical big business BS!! they cant even afford to keep the A/C running during summer months. They offer poor poor benefits and dont give two shits about there loyal workers. and for the people who shop there you know our attitudes wouldnt be so poor if you showed us some respect for offering you our services we wouldnt be so rude or disrespectful. Take the extra initiative to show some respect and show us a good attitude, its common courtesy anyway. But back to corporate stop being so stingy with the money we are making you, take the time and effort to make sure we as your employees are comfortable, safe, and secure in your workforce. I mean shit its the one job you have it cant be that hard for you to do the simplest thing as that.

I just moved to NH and was very disappointed that there isn't an Old Time Pottery. You should consider taking online orders.

We really wish you would open up a store in the Omaha, Nebraska area. The closest one is in Kansas City area. The Omaha area has a large population with several surrounding areas growing all the time. We love OTP and really NEED one in this area.

This letter is to complain about the service I recently received from your customer service manager named Patricia at the Old Time Pottery store in Mobile, AL. I purchased a sponge mop on 6/25/12. When I began to use it on 7/6/12, the sponge came unglued from the end. I finished cleaning my small kitchen floor, on my hands and knees. I was very disappointed the mop failed in only ½ use of a small kitchen. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated. I bagged up the mop and returned it the next chance I was able to stop by the store. I entered the Mobile, Alabama store on 7/13/12 at approximately 4:40pm. The customer service representative called for the manager for assistance. Patricia/manager looked at the mop and offered me an exchange or something of equal value. I did not want another mop and did not feel like shopping, I asked for my money back or a store credit. She stated she could not refund by money because “you brought it back damaged”. In addition, she could not take it back because it was damaged and used and could not resell it. I told her it was defective and that it fell apart during one use. She looked at the receipt and said “Well you’ve had it since June 25 and you could have used it several times.” She said she could not give me a store credit because the purchase was under $10.00. She said “If you want to add another $1.00 to the purchase, I can give you a store credit”. I was highly offended by her remarks. She insulted me by insinuating that I damaged the mop and was trying to return it. Her demeanor was stoic, unprofessional, lacked verbal customer service skills and displayed no empathy toward the issue with a purchase I made at her/your store. I picked up my damaged mop and told her I was going to contact corporate. She turned toward the register with the customer service representative and was mumbling. I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed.

Old Time Pottery is a very good concept and I have been shopping in the Orlando area with the first opening of the one that was in Altamonte Springs. Over the years it seems they have propped the ball and put no emphasis on management training or employee training in general. I am sure it is a base minimum wage paid to everyone with the exception of management. The service has steadily declined and has become so relaxed, it feels like you owe them to be there so you can shop. The service I received in the Ocoee, FL store last evening was probably the worst customer service I have ever had in any retail establishment. I stood there for at least 45 min and abserved the dollar amounts that the cashiers were ringing up (except for my cashier, she was an idiot as well as the manager on duty!). They really need to step up and start paying fair wages to get better employees on the front end of these stores, it is the first and last impression the consumer will be exposed to. I will never shop the OLD TIME POTTERY sweat box again after my 35 minute check out experience. I also left empty handed, due to the fact they couldn't ring it up.

I wish you would consider opening a store in Mentor,Ohio. I know there is one in Cleveland. But that is 40 Miles to the west of us, and with them closing the freeway you cant get off the exit half the time. So we make a trip to Columbus once a year, and make an outing of it.I have never had a bad experience at the Columbus, or Cleveland stores. But I know how much business you would receive from more of Eastern Ohio, if we had one closer. Have someone look at the demographics of this location,especially off Heisley Rd. Mentor Ohio 44060.There is no other store like yours around, Just a Home Depot,Sams Club, Gander Mountain, Dollar Store, Some eating venues,and an Atlas Movie Place. Plenty of available open property, the City of Mentor is more than happy to work with business'. I don't work for, or represent the city in anyway.Just a customer who would like to be able to visit your store more often. Thank You, Linda

I visited the Destin yesterday on my birthday. One of the items I brought was tagged $9.99 and was on clearance for 40% off. When I got home I noticed the item didnt ring up right in the computer. I called and nicely ask about it to find out if the computer was wrong or the item was tagged wrong to see what I should do about it. A lady answer the phone and put me on hold for awhile then a man got on the phone,I am guessing it was the mgt. He was so rude. I was telling him what happen and he told me what do you want me to do about it. You got charge the right price and it was just tagged wrong. He then tried to said it may have just picked up yellow clearance tags and a reg. tag. I told him it had two clearance tag on it, one on the top and on the front and it says no where on it $19.99, only $9.99. He kept trying to act like I was wrong and he was being rude in the process of me asking questions. I told him he was being rude for no reason. All i was doing was asking a question about a product that i was charged wrong for. The mgt then tells me he is busy and I called him at a busy time and he didnt have time to talk to me. I was so shocked how he acted and in the tone he acted in. In all my 31 years I have never had a mgt tell me that or act in the way that he did. I spent $90 dollars there yesterday and I will never spend another dime in a old time pottery store. This company really needs to do something about its mgt and employees.

You have a cashier in your Tampa, fl store that is extremely rude to her guests.  After waiting in a huge line that moved much slower than the others, I was then treated horrible from a woman that should never be allowed around your guests. She chomped on gum like a cow chewing cud, she demanded to know and have personal information I didn't feel comfortable giving her, she has an accent that is so thick I  had to ask her to repeat herself several times and then she became even more rude after that. She started to bang, slam and treat the items I just purchase like trash. She needs to be fired/told she cannot treat customers that way 

Seems as if you have a run on bad experiences at your stores and this is only those who 1.) looked for the corporate office site adn 2.) took the trouble to voice a complaint. How many people have you lost who did not voice a complaint. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES. I bought a discounted fountain from your kennesaw, GA store. When one of the clerks on the floor said "shouldn't we test it to see if it works?" The manager said, "oh it works" and looked straight at me in a way that I thought to myself, that is a strange look. I didn't insist to make sure it worked as I had checked the thing out 1 day prior. When I got home and took it out of the box I realized that when the manager was packing it up he inadvertantly snapped the hose. The reason I know that he knows he did this besides the look...it was rolled up separately in the box...no pretense to it being connected prior to packing. It worked 1 day before. I can probably guarantee that is the first time it got moved in a 24 hour period. Yes, I got it on clearance...which does not mean it should be beaten up and broken. I still paid $80 for it...At a minimum wage job that is a little more than 2 days wages after taxes....2 DAYS!!! Add to it that your store is 45 minutes away...gas prices are 3.50 a gallon...plus time wasted!!! What the heck is the matter with your managers?

VERY DISSAPOINTED and Very Mad , Old Time Pottery in Casselberry Florida , Managers name is Dave.Bought a pop up gazzebo for $79.99 used 3 times within 3 weeks and it broke took it back with reciept exchanged it for new one . Had that one for 2 weeks and it broke in same fashion as the last one. Called back and spoke to Dave (manager)and was told since I didnt have reciept , due to the fact that they kept the first one when I returned it the first time and never gave my original reciept back, tha t I could only get a gift card because they dont have any gazzebos left and I had to take last sale price which was $40.00 . Got ripped off . He (Dave) wouldnt even give a gift card back with my full amount that I paid for the garbage . He was very rude and nasty and lied to me said that there wasnt a phone number to call only an email . I came across this site looking for the corporate phone numbers . FUNNY the corporate number is (615) 890-2100

great store (Melbourne, FL #39); but assistant night mannager (connie?) sucks. she's loud, rude and insulting. Flower blooms available to customers, but she refuses. I was accused of stealing, and had the police escort me out. They laughed and tore up the complaint. Old Time Pottery, you need to do something about your managers!

Old Time Pottery-Madison, AL I went to old time pottery on 9 Mar 2011, the customer service manager and store manager were extremely rude. Prior to me leaving the store, the customer service manager came over to the lane that I was ringing up my merchandise and whispered into the cashiers ear that I was attempting to leave with $10 dollars worth of merchandise. I had just paid for $74 dollars of items. The (2) items that totalled $10 was underneath the buggy. It was under the merchandise that just had been bagged and placed back into my buggy. The customer service manager could have aksed me politely if I had forgotten any items but she went directly to the cashier infront of me and acted as if I was attempting to Steal. I had to explain to her that I had not left the lane and if she thought I had forgotten something she should have brought it to me attention instead of assuming that I wanted to steal the low price items. As a regular customer of this location, this unprofessional act has caused me to never go to this location again. All the managers need training on customer relations.

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