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Customer service at local store

I visited a Krispy Kreme store this morning and it sucked! I didn't receive donuts the employer was rude and the manager wasn't in yet. Wurst customer service ever!

insignificant questions on app

its pretty sad that the online app doesnt ask the questions about the part of job that your applying for and makes a decision on if you qualify or not with out an person looking at your app to see in person what your really like you know i had over 10 years in baking and route experience and you dont forget how to do the job once you have the knowledge people now a days dont take time for it or to train for it and its sad it comes to this besides dunking doughnuts are better anyway there doughnuts arent flat looking like krispy kreme .......

Thank you!

I recently saw in the newspaper that if you brought a school supply to Krispy Kreme, you could get a free glazed doughnut. I loaded up my grandsons, ages 2 and 5, and we went to the KK on Broadway in Knoxville, Tennessee. There we learned that the promotion was only for 1 location in Farragut. I was prepared to just buy a doughnut for the boys when the manager came to the front. He not only took the school supplies, but let my grandsons choose any doughnut they wanted. They were thrilled, and I was impressed with the courtesy of the young man. Thank you, Krispy Kreme on Broadway in Knoxville, Tennessee!

iced coffee

Horrible management she was there today sunday oct. 13. Pretty pathetic that one can't get an iced coffee in 2013. They want to pour scolding hot coffee on a few ice cubs. Pathetic in pensacola. I plan on telling everyone. This is a joke. Watched manager and others in back while a line for donuts. Im in the restaurant Industry and your Corporate folks should be looking at this horribly runned place!! If I could give a negative rating I would.

My Insulting Night at Location #364 Lexington, KY

Stop to purchase donughts as a treat for our family at location #364 on Richmond Rd, in Lexington, Ky. Order # 1986235. Consisted of s dozen asst, cup of donut holes and milk. Was in process of making selection, employee said " do you think you have enough money for sll that?" Which was insulting and rude. Then when we arrived bac k to our Hotel, my husband's donut was stsle (chocolate iced creme filled) and mine was also I had the glaze creme filled and the filling was not to the standards and quality we srs use too it tasted greasy and s little sour. Donut hole in cup and milk was a success with teen daughter. Order # 1986235 on 4/13/2013

Poor customer service

I just went to store#364 on richmond road lexington ky, and the guy at the window was rude, he slammed the drive thru window closed while I was in the middle of asking a question. He took my money and didn't give me a receipt, then when I beeped my horn to try and get his attention he ignored me and walked away laughing. I finally waved down another employee who gave me the store information. I am extremely disappointed in the customer service I recieved just 5 minutes ago!

Poor customer service

I just went to store#364 on richmond road lexington ky, and the guy at the window was rude, he slammed the drive thru window closed while I was in the middle of asking a question. He took my money and didn't give me a receipt, then when I beeped my horn to try and get his attention he ignored me and walked away laughing. I finally waved down another employee who gave me the store information. I am extremely disappointed in the customer service I recieved just 5 minutes ago!


I visited your location on Elvis Presley 3/17/2012 and the manager, Andrew would not accept my coupon from retail me not. He refused to come to the window to see the coupon. He told the young lady working the window that Krispy Kreme does not accept the coupon.


i love your donuts!!!

The only time that I get your doughhnuts is through a fundraisers. I wish that the coporate headquarters would build a store in Olympia,Washington. I would be there every chance I got. Thank you. Connie

I have been a customer at Krispy Kreme for many years at many locations. I was just treated more rudely by the employees at the Pigeon Forge, TN location than I have ever been treated anywhere. First, the cashier taking my order was curt and never smiled. Then I ordered hot donuts and decaf coffee. I was told it would take 5 mins. for the coffee to make. I was handed the donuts and was waiting on the coffee. Since it was going to take 5 mins., I asked if I could get hot donuts when the coffee was ready so we could eat them hot. The guy making the coffee acted like I was crazy, tossed the donuts to the guy getting them in boxes, told him they weren't hot enough and then the other employee threw them in the garbage. Within 1 minute, coffee was ready (too strong to drink so I poured it out) and as the employee put them in the box, and I saw him mouth "stupid" after he handed them over. I will never to back to this location when on vacation. I will also tell all of our friends how rude and unprofessional these employees were. The Huntsville, Al. location, near us, has employees who are always helpful and courteous. If the Pigeon Forge, TN location employees are not happy working there, then they should be working somewhere else. There's no excuse for their behavior.

I felt like a criminal,because I went to a krispy keener store,with a coupon,and they hold me in there 4 some min,and then tell me I can't use d coupon,4 some bogus excuse

I am being sexually harrassed by my black manager marcus at shop 245,he has a lover there named Syretta Betts they havebeen outside in the car having relations she is bi-sexual, and I already take them shrimp etc, I really need my job,hong has given him a blow-job before camneras were installed, he already messed with janies'roomate from second shift,i am a white female and need my job,please help me pleaseshop 245 pensacola florida 32501the white females are under-age,respond soon,Hong the korean was blackmailed to give him blow-jobs at work.

On Numerous occasions I have gone in to get donuts, and the associate that gets the donuts puts in the wrong kind of donuts. I specifically tell them the name and when I get home I have different kinds of donuts. They need to get associates them speak English fluently. This was the Chula Vista, Ca. store. It is frustrating and I am debating not going to Crispy Creme again.

I love Krispy Kreme, just moved to Grand Rapids, MI from St. Louis (where there is only one shop). I live close and frequently use the drive through for coffee n donut. So close to my house I have walked there before. However noticed you are using styrofoam cups-says a 6 on recycling label--does that mean they are bio-degradable and if not--can't you use paper cups like a lot of the larger chains are doing? Thanks so much, Cynthia

i am a very un happy employee. one manager said that i can switch my days off with another employee on a sunday and then on a monday i called back to make sure of the arangments and the main manager said that it would not be fair to let the other guy work on his days off. all i wanted was to switch days because i got hurt on one of my days off and the main manager said that i can not switch days, if i miss work i can not make up the time. this is a very bad place to work and the place that i work at needs to be looked into and investigated.

i would never go to the krispy kreme im metairie louisiana again. the employees are rude and the manager ( mike ) cursed me out because i was upset that i had a hair in my donuts. there was 4 employees working and no other customer and i couldnt get help.so when i asked to speak to the manager the employee that had no hat on gave me attuide. i own my own business and i would never keep a manager that cursed at my customers for any reason. my proablem could of been handled just with an im sorry and new dozon of donuts but now you have lost a customer for life.

I,love krispy kream doughnuts so much they have the best doughnuts ever I dont eat dunkin doughnuts... I been,wanting doughnuts for a while now I just didnt have time ti get to them ,Today after work I happen to be in the area and Iimmediatly said I,was going long story short I went through the drive thru at the one on north main street in high point nc (3~14~2012 The cashier was very nice and had a good attitude I left the location and as I say I love krisp kream I got.about two.streets away and couldn resist the box on.my.lap so, I opened it to dive straight in and there you.have it ......ANTS INSIDE MY.BOX FOR ONE IM SO AFRAID OF ANY KIND OF BUG THEY MAKE MY.SKIN.CRAWL THERE WASNT ONE ANT THERE WERE ABOUT 5 I immediatly.turned around and went on the.inside of the.store I didnt cause a seen due to.the fact they had customes inside with.children and ali didnt want to.spoil anyones appetite.like.mine had just been .. as soon.as I got inside the.same.drive thru cashier asked.so.nicely.wats.wrong sweetie I replied look in my.box I dont belive.she heard me so I said ant in.my.box.she.opend the box and frowned just as I.had when I did.... She threw them away.and.returned and asked if I.would.like.something else normally.if my.order was wrong I wouldnt mind but critters in my food I just cant cope.wit that... I said no.thanks ill take a refund she also apologized as she did the manager on duty was returning on the inside she explained I.needed a refund and wispered.why it was needed! The manager went to tbe drawer gave the cashier my money to bring to me ... Now WHAT MAKES THINGS.EVEN WORSER IM SGANDING IN.YOUR STORE.ON.YOUR SHIFT IN A UNIFORM.AND MY.NAME TAG READS SHIFT SUPERVISOR WHICH MEANS.YOU AND I.BOTH.NO.THAT THATS NOT HOW YOU HANDLE.A SITUATION.SUCH AS MINE EVEN THOUGH YOUR CASHIER DID APOLOGIZE AND OFFER ME DOMETHING ELSE THATS NOT HER JOB THATS THE.MANAGER ON.DUTYS JOB !!! WHAT IF I WOULD HAVE CAME INSIDE YELLING AND SCREAMING MAKING A SCEAN UPSETING CUSTOMES THEY HAD OR EVEN CONTACTING FOX 8 NEWS IK EVEN BEEN THINKING ABOUT CONTACTING THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT TO GO CHECK THE BUILDING.... I CONTACTED THE COPARTE NUMBER I WAS GIVEN BY SOMEONE AT THE STORE WHEN.I.GOT.HOME TO.CALL.AND HAVE A WORD.WITH THE MANAGER DUE TO.THE FACT I COUPDNT THE.PERSON.STATED SHE HAD STEPED OUT AGAIN .. THE MAN.AT THE CORPRATE NUMBER TOOK.DOWN.MY NAME AND NUMBER AND APOLOGIZED.HE.WAS ALSO.NICE HE.STATED THAT SOMEONE AT THE STORE.WOULD.CONTACT.ME AS SOON.AS POSSIBLE IT HAS BEEN ABOUT 3hours.AGO.AND STILL.NO.CONTACT REMIND YOU.IM.A.RESTAURANT MANAGER AS WELL.THAT MOT THE.PROPER WAY TO.HANDLE.THIS..... HONESTLY I.FEEL.THAG.MANAGER SHOULD.LOOSE HER JOB.THEY.SHOULD.PROMOTE.THE..GIRL.IN DRIVE.THRU. SOMEONE BETTER CONTACT ME AND SEE WHAT THEY CAN DO.TO.PLEASE ME AND IM STILL.CONTACTING THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT.DUE.TO.THE.LACK OF.THERE.MANAGER

I have been a diabetic for 20 years and one thing I love is KrispyKreme Donuts. However I can't have them. Its the worst thing, to be deprived of eating such delicious delights. I went so far as to go into a donut shop at Nolensville road in Nashville, and asked them if they could sell me a dozen donuts without the glaze because I am diabetic. They said no. Do you realize how many diabetics there are in this country. This is a demographic that should not be overlooked. Please get this voted in by your share holders. Thank you , Pat Smith

You have an employee by the name of Tyrone Hudson at the 14747 So. Cicero Ave., Midlothian, IL. 60445, location. Store# 922. Every time I go into that location, he's always up beat, friendly and just overall kind! Always has a smile on his face. You guys are luck to have him, with so much bad customer service out there! Sincerely, Carl Campbell carlcc54@yahoo.com

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