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Jello Chocolate pudding

This does not taste at all like "chocolate"! It had a very bland, synthetic like taste - not real chocolate. Very disappointing.

claussen pickles

Did you have to start making Claussen Kosher Dills with high fructose corn syrup in them? Couldn't we keep pickles like we used to make at home. I loved Claussen but when I read the label, that was the end of Claussen for me. Will find another brand. Very disappointing that for such a little savings Kraft would make this change. Not a customer of Kraft any longer

Blame, Blame, Blame the Customer!

I called to report an allergic reaction (my daughter isn't allergic to anything listed on the product package,) and when I called, the csa told me that it's my fault for not keeping the package at the proper temperature. When I explained how allergies work, he then said that the transportation company didn't keep the product at the proper temperature. Thoroughly frustrated and disgusted with Kraft!

Zesty Italian Man

I just love those commercials please do not take them off. After a long day at work he is refreshing to see and when I see the salad dressing in the store I think of him. You should have a contest to meet him and get a picture with him and sign it. Who ever came up with this commercial is brilliant. Keep them coming.

Zesty AD

I am so upset with the ad I saw for your zesty italian dressing. That is not something I want to see. On my tv and there is no way I would want any child to see it! Has our nation lost all morals? Do we no longer care what we use to sale a product ! I am now never going to buy any kraft product till this is taken off the tv!! This is why our children no longer care what they dress like, they see something like this on tv and feel if they can show it on tv I can look like that! I am going to make sure my family and friends know about this ad too. See there are people who care what they look like, what they watch and what THEY BUY!!!! And I won't be buying Kraft products till you remove this!

kraft mayonaise quart jar

I was happy with the old jars with wide mouths, but now you have gone back to the small opening and it is toooooo much, for people who use your product a lot like I do its difficult to get all the mayonnaise out of the jar without a mess, and I am a tidy cook, as my mother labeled me so I am all the time cleaning the jar and spoon and usually my hands. Please go back the the wide opening jars. Thanks for listening if you really are.

Coffee Rip Off

Your new Flavor Lock Pack for the Maxwell House Coffee is a rip off. The package was changed to the "New Flavor Lock Pack" but when you read the fine print of the weight difference---we now get 10% less coffee for the same price. 28 oz compared to the old container of31.5 oz. What rip off. You corporations have NO morals---only GREED!! Also your website (www-maxwellhouse.com) does not work to contact you, or contact you for a product issue. Not unbelievable for a company not caring about its customers. A dissatisfied customer

Buyer Beware!

Just bought home Baker's Chocolate semi-sweet (now owned by Kraft Foods). We bought the last regular size container for $3.39. Kraft has cut the size of the container in half (yes, that's half as much chocolate now folks) and cut the price to $3.19. Half as much for 20 cents less... No, I am not kidding! Corporate profits should soar next quarter! C'mon Kraft! That's just not fair!

shipping department sucks

Your granite city plant needs some serious changes. The shipping department sucks to no end. And the personel is rude as hell. I was ten minutes late for my appt. And the shippers exact words to me were. Youll pay for being late.sat in dock for 5 and a half hours befere they started loading me. Then took them 2 more hours to do that. You need to get these lazy asses out of here and hire you some real help. And further more. Ill never buy your products again.

I am very disappointed that you have discontinued Mac n cheese topping. This product has become more and more difficult to find and I was happy to be able to purchase on line through Amazon. I just went on line to replenish the supply and was informed the product was discontinued. I hope you reconsider this decison.

Very sad CHEMICALS????

I am disappointed about the food tye in the Maccaroni and Cheese. I will not buy it until you replace it with the one that you sell to other countries that do not want the chemical either!

Crystal Light Beverage Flavoring

Recently over the last few months we have been unable to find, on any grocer shelf, Crystal Light, Antioxidant Natural Cherry Pomegranate Flavoring in the larger size packets. This our favorite flavoring and over the last few months we have had to reply on buying the smaller boxed 0.11 packets which is a bit more expensive in the batches we prepare. Is there a reason for these not being available... are you not making that size product any longer or what? Please advise... we sure would like to know - so we don't waste our time looking for them everywhere. Doesn't anything every stay the same anymore?

Even though Tassimo is a great brewer, Kraft Foods are absolutely horrible in their support of Tassimodirect. For months now the website has been completely broken and outdated. I am a web designer and now exactly that it would only take the smallest amount of work to fix and update the Tassimodirect web page. When you call Tassimodirect, the are clueless to the web page functions. So, I called the Kraft Foods Corp. office only to get a receptions with a horrible attitude and great big sighs when I asked to be transfered to a customer relations agent. I refused the 800 number she offered because it was a call center that were NOT Kraft Foods employees. It is a shame that such a great system like the Tassimo Brewer is being killed by their parent company. Even though this is a great brewer, I highly recommend you buy anything but Tassimo.

dear kraft ,how unconsiderate to remove the big block of cheese in the blue box!now we have had to revisit old recipies and deleate them from our family recipie cook books!when a manurfacturer decides to this w/out reguard to the consumer ,well shame on you

I was buying all Kraft Products until just recently when I saw a disturbing video of the dairy supplier that you use. The way the cows were treated at Deep Creek by their workers was so disturbing to me. I will no longer buy Kraft Products as you have written in response to the video by Mercy that you will stand by the dairy supplier. I wish you were a cow and let me beat and drag you by the neck with a tractor and see how you like it. This is on inhumane and you should be ashame of yourself continuing to deal with this supplier.

Thank you for your pro-LGBT-rights and anti-bullying stances! For every anti-gay, homophobic comment on this bulletin board, I plan to buy one extra of each Kraft product I buy and give the extras away to a local food bank.

I have seriously been looking for KRAFT NOODLE WITH SAVORY CHICKEN. If this product is discontinued, take the advertising out the internet. Please let me know where I can find it, anywhere in the USA.

I spent $31.41 on Kraft products today. with your list in hand I shopped for the ten items I would need to get $10.00 off my next shopping trip. At the counter i rec'd a $5 coupon because "...I did not purchase the right size.." It would have been degrading and time-consuming to stand there--with a long line of customers behind me--and argue with the clerk, so I did not. At home I realized I had the Velveta with rotini wrong and the Pimento cheese spread was not on the list. Ok . My errors. What percentage of shoppers do yiu have who succeed at your challenge? This Kraft experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. I was no capable of meeting the Kraft challenge. Was it designed to deliberately obfuscate the shopping experience?

I am highly disappointed in Kraft Foods; I have been trying to contact them for 3 days as I have a serious medical emergency caused by their products and I can't get anyone to answer the phone!!!!!!! I buy plenty of their products and I need answers!!!!!!

I am disappointed in certain public advertising to promote your products. Appealing to sexually perverted minorities offends the vast majority of Americans who DO NOT support this deviant conduct. Contrary to what self-serving politicians and the Hollywood crowd say (presenting as normal behavior that which is abnormal), most Americans, and I in particular, are offended by such nonsense. Your corporate judgement is lacking; it would seem appropriate to appeal to the majority instead of the minority, and I am not talking about race, religion, etc.; I am addressing explicit sexual deviancy, which any normal person would find offensive. Bottom-line, change your corporate position/policies or lose a good customer. You have a right to your opinion, but I have a right to vote with my checkbook, and I will.

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