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Customer Service

Very helpful and sweet


You should pull out all Kraft Macaroni and cheese commercials from the Price is Right especially when you're recalling your product today April 8/15

Kraft string cheese

This is abosolutley horrble!!! how can you let something go out your doors when it is clearly not up to par! when purchasing a your scring cheese, very watery, and moldy. cant take back to store because i didnt get a resiept. there ws air in that package so instantly got mold on the product. I used to love eating this. But this is just unacceptable.

Rounds no salt crackers

Live in Sandy, Utah. Cannot find the Rounds crackers that are no salt and no hydrogenated fats. They are wonderful. Stores aren't carrying them anymore...Like Fresh Market or Reams. Please do a promotional on television or whatever to get them out there. These stores were the only ones that even had them on their shelves here. No other grocery stores even tried selling them. Thanks

Shake N Bake Pork

I like the Shake N Bake especially Pork, recently I purchased a box of Original Pork but it contained Chicken Shake N Bake and had the directions on how to fix Chicken Shake n Bake was on the box. Very disappointed, the box was dated 21 Jan 2016 01-01-07.

Terrible Customer Service. I called a first time, was continuously shut up with the expression "one moment." And then, in the middle of a sentence, I was transferred to somebody's cell phone, who I have no idea what the man does. On my second call, I simply asked that if they were going to transfer me to let me know that I was about to be transferred. She said "one moment" and then I was sent to a non-working number. I'm really looking forward to my third call...

stove top stuffing

Burnt bread with plastic n other foreign objects in it

Unreadable "use by" dates

Don't you wonder why Kraft makes their use by dates almost impossible to read. Looks to me as if they would want their customers to dispose of old products but evidentially they prefer they get sick from them. SHAME ON YOU - HOW IGNORANT.

Athenos feta cheese

I have been searching for cheese with out CELLULOSE!!! Found it!! Please do not change this cheese!!! Please put your other cheese back to no wood filler. It makes the teeth grit together I hate it . Please please leave this feta alone . Rich and creamy texture. Thank you.

Belvita is Bad

Belvita does not stand behind their products. Got a bad batch, four calls to HQ brought empty promises. Customer service reps are friendly, helpful, but Executive arrogance is staggering.

Advertising Jingles

Yes i would like to submit dozens of jingles i make up and create everyday. I have several Jello jingles that i favor and sing around all the time. Anyone care?

Miracle Whip

Your Miracle Whip ad is disgusting. Whoever hired that dirty, unkempt person who sticks their dirty hand into the dip that he had made. I usually buy most store brands but when it came to salad dressing, I had always bought Miracle Whip. Well, no more. For all I know, the people making this are dirty and unkempt.


So I call for two of your senior VP's to follow up on their request for services. Ok I lost the direct number on one but call the direct on the other and You tell me they don't work there? Seriously?????? I just spoke to them yesterday!!!!! OMG you people are unbelievable!!!!!

Romano Grated Cheese

Why can I not purchase 100% Grated Romano Cheese any longer? I cannot find it anywhere, just the blend. I do not want the blend. I want the plain "Romano"?????

mozzarella string chees

can't even eat it. just awful 2014PD1 is the code on the back. I will never but this again, and from reading the other reviews there willbe a few more things I will not but. This "cheese" was absolutely disgusting

the new icecream tacos and the new cinnamon chips and icecream

Well i thought they were ok but i was very disappointed when i opened both the boxes the shells were all broke and the chips looked like the bottom of a bag of chips all broken. think if im ganna pay almost $5 for each box i could atleast get it with out it being like that. i will say that i will never buy any thing like that from kraft ever again and i will let ppl now how i got mine before they waste their money on it.

You closed the Bentonville, Arkansas Kraft Plant and laid everyone off. Shame on you that you didn't even acknowledge the three people who retired. Not to say that they gave 20-37 years of their life and missed family functions and holidays to make sure your product hit the shelves. One worked 37 years without using one sick day. Shame on you Kraft!

more of a comment....a huge company that you are and your employees get nothing for Christmas...at least the Kendallville Indiana plant. It is a shame to treat employees like machines and not family..maybe if you started showing that you actually care about them your company might not have so many customer complaints as read on this page. Just because your a huge company doesnt mran you have to lose touch with your employees. Thank you

I recently purchased a jar of kraft mayonaise. UPC code 21000-02632. The best by date is 07FEB2014C16:59. The product was completely sealed when I removed the lid. After I removed the protective paper/foil cover I noticed a foul odor coming from the jar. After tasting a tiny bit of the mayo, it confirmed my suspicion that it was rancid. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that I have had problems with Kraft products. After this, it will be highly unlikely that I will be purchasing any Kraft food products again

terrible customer service

I wrote to the CEO of the company regarding a horrific incident that happened when eating Kraft Cottage Cheese. I received no reply then sent same letter to VP of customer service,again no reply. There was a piece of glass in the cottage cheese unbeknown to me and my mouth was cut and bleeding. I spit out the glass and mailed it with the packaging code to the CEO. I want an explanation! none given. Thank God this did not enter the mouth of a child or swallowed by myself. This incident was terrible and my trust with Kraft is none.

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