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My 40 Year Old Kirby

I bought a Kirby in 1974 and used it to 2014.It would still be going if my daughter hadnt vacumed a rug that came apart and locked the brush down. This caused the moter to burn out. the price in 1974 was 700 dollars I think.

SVK=S.nakes V.ery K.unning

To everyone who is complaining about the Kirby vacuum, and the terrible customer service experience, the actual company went out of business sometime ago. I checked the Better Business Bureau for Kirby company, and found that the SVK disturbing company that I was complaining about, owns all of those businesses. So get the word out, this company it's filled with money hungry snakes! By the way, they pay for the BBB rating.

Take advantage of old ladies

These people came to my 79 yr.old mother's house and talked her into buying a vacuum that she could not afford! Our neighborhood clearly has a sign that says "no solicitors". We decided to return the vacuum. They brought her old vacuum back with the top broken. Now they won't return her $50.00. We've called & wrote letters to no avail. Next step BBB, Attorney General and maybe small claims court. Scammers is what they are! They will have to answer to God on judgment day.

well considering we are writing this review to no one. the above number is for a boat and barge corporation! this company sucks! just like their vaccums. they suck well

Seriously unhappy consumer

Conveniently my letter came back With return to sender wrong company written on it. I know for a fact I have the address right and after all the complaints that I've read, I'm sure that this is just another stall Tactic! As this letter also has gone to the States Attorney's Office, As well as the Better Business Bureau Maybe you should have accepted and read the letter!

My new Kirby

We purchased a Kirby first time in November 2012. Great demonstration and sales pitch. I was impressed with the function of the machine and the sales person doing the demonstration. They broke a part of the shampooer and promised to replace it within a week. Here it is March already and not replaced as of yet. I guess my next step is to go to the Better Business Bureau to get some action for the part so I am able to shampoo my carpets. Didn't want to go this route but what else does a person do to get an answer around here. We have called and talked to them on 5 different occassions and been promised time and time again it would be at my house. After paying $2500.00 I expect results.. Next step the BBB for answers.

they lied to me

three men came into my home and offered to show me how the Kirby worked at first they said it was on sale when we told them we would like to buy one after the holidays they said it would be more money if we waited I put my info on the paper they gave me then they told me that they needed a reference so I filled out another piece of paper with my dads info on it to use just as a reference two of the men left for two hours and left the one guy at my house they then returned and came in sat down on my couch and my son said he was hungry they asked what was for dinner and they would stay and eat i said no they then told us since my dad could not take the call to act like we was him the whole time I thought it was for A reference but after they left and came back two more times taking personal calls on my couch talking inappropriate on the phone in front of my kids they then started to leave and ripped up the first contract I singed weeks latter my dad started to get mail they put the contract in his name and not mine because I didn't have any credit they lied to me told me I was the one that everything was going to come to when I called to cancel and tell them I didn't want it I could not make payments on it she was rude to me telling me they cant and wont take it back and the money would come out of my dads account no matter what I said I only had three days to return it I tried to explain to her they read the contract to me and every time I tried to ask something about they avoided the question and changed the subject they are rude and very bad people to do business with I am going to be taking them to court if they keep giving me the run around

ZERO STARS.. bought a kirby, returned cancellation notice in a timely manner to the address provided by "M & G Marketing" Chambersburg. The address turned out to be wrong, got a return to sender and still have not been able to get my money back. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS!..biggest mistake I have made in a long time and will be taking ANY and ALL action I need to to get my money back.

I had a kirby representative come to my house because I wanted to check my vacuum, it was not picking up the dirt properly. He charged me $45.00 for the trip and also charged me $80.00 dollars for the brush piece and the belt. What a rip off, My wife showed me that the belt was $1.89 and the brush around $20.00. This is bad business for your company, I never thought that your company was in the process of ripping people off. I will never again deal with anything related to Kirby.

I want to hear from someone at Kirby Headquarters. 3 Salesmen came to my door (Rob, Audrey & Jason), and sold a Sentria. They told me they would take my G4 to be refurbished; and offered to give me another refurbished G4. At first, I didn't want another one; but then, decided to take one that they had already been refurbished. When I got it, it was not near the quality of my original; G4. I, immediately, contacted the salespeople and told them I wanted my original G4 back; and they said they would bring it to me. When the salesperson brought a G4 back to me, it was not my original. The serial numbers didn't match up. Now they won't answer any of my calls. I have called the office of the number, which is on my sales transaction, and the lady there says she has been reaching out to Rob, (who was supposed to be over the team), regarding this matter; but no one calls me back. This has been terrible business relations. These people came to my house and took my model which is much better in appearance and performance, than either of the 2 models they have dropped off at my home; and wont return it. They are either using it for their own benefit, or profit, or don't care enough about satisfying a customer, because the money exchange of the deal for the Sentria is done. Maybe I should call law enforcement, better business bureau, or the city chamber of commerce to stop these people from bothering us and knocking on our doorsteps; after, nothing was wrong, before they came.

If i give my kirby back will go bad on my credit?? Help!!

we are 75 year old oaps living in england we were talked into buying a new kirby and have been loyal customers for 20 yrs we paid 1400 pounds which to us is a lot of money we now find we could have bought it for 700 pounds and this information came from one of your own salesmen youve been done he said try complaining i will not reccomend kirby to anyone else disgusted pensioner

In 2007-2008 I was very happy with my kirby vacuum but, I had a while that I Din't ran my credit and had and emergency, The distributed never report to the United con. fin, That I paid and I Been calling the distributed number 714-923-9711and Cristina the manager answer and was like in a rush said that computer were down on July 10,2012 she was so rush to get me off the phone, I keep on calling to obtain a proof of pay off account, as of today 7/26/2012 have not obtain a call and I Whent to the office in la Mirada, ca the secretary said no one in the office and i have no telephone number to call them I Couldn't believe it what kind of company is this. TODAY I Let the phone ring and ring and no one is picing it up how can I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM..Can some one call me... Thank's

I have entire nightmare story too!!!! but guess what if you call and try to complain they will in fact HANG UP ON YOU!

i work for kirby and they are very bad at paying there employees, i was told i would make 250 for selling a kirby and my customer bought one but i was told after i would only get 25.00, REALLY!!!! kirby is a great vacuum but the people who run it suck and make you believe things that arent true

On May 23, 2012 my husband and I were taking our customary evening walk with our two dogs. My husband had a quintuple bypass one year ago and must take this nightly walk for his exercise. We had just reached the top of our hill when I saw a man walking toward us. As he started to pass us, he stopped and tried to hand us a red piece of paper. At the same time, he told us that he was in the neighborhood offering some kind of free service. We told him we were not interested. I started to walk on but, when I looked back for my husband, this man was still trying to give him the flyer and wouldn't let him pass. My husband stepped back to try to get away from him, lost his balance and fell backwards striking the back of his head on the cement. The man just stood there staring at us as I tried to help my husband who could not get up. Two neighbors came out of their house and put a pillow under my husban's head. Suddenly, three or four men were there and asked what had happened. They were with the man who had caused my husband's fall. I had one of them call 911 and saw that he was wearing a badge that said KIRBY. The paramedics took my husband to the hospital where he had to have an EKG and a Catscan. This accident happened at 7:15 pm and we did not leave the ER until after 11 pm. My husband's arm and head is still hurting a few days later. As you can see, these Kirby people won't take no for an answer and even accost people who are out for an evening walk. I plan to call the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney General about this company and their practices.

HAD the same terrible experience here in indiana as those above me. the quick demo turned into a 3 HOUR pad producing scam.......finally when the man came back to pick up the girl doing my demo he started grabbing everything and throwing stuff in my garbage and rinsing crap down my bathroom sink and toilet.....the shampooing job really "sucked".....she only did a middle area , not the whole room as promised or small area in from of stairs.....it look 10 x worse than it did before they came...and of course my "free" furniture cleaning was never done.....what scammers....i wouldnt buy one of these if they were the only vacuum on earth! learned never to let anyone in again! corpus deum

They r soooo poor with there customer service I called them to give them back there machine because we cannot afford it we thought we could but u know how the economy is people loosing jobs etc. Well anyways we called and they said there is nothing we can do for u and I asked to talk to a manager or the owner and all the Guy could do was hang up on me. WHAT A COMPANY!!! so husband called told him it was unprofessional of him and he hung up on my husband we tried calling several times after that he kept hanging up or letting it go to voicemail. I will never every buy anything from them again nothing but rude I wish I never even gave them a chance I should have shut the door but what can u do now they wont even work with us to make things right

Yes, I "won" the free carpet cleaning as well. I made sure BEFORE they came that I could not buy a Kirby at this time. The woman on the phone assured me that there was NO sales pitch and they just wanted to send this woman out to show me how clean she can make my home-- and at the same time she gets credits and Kirby gets the word of mouth advertising they thrive from. Here's a word from MY mouth: LIES. The contest is a scam. The free carpet "cleaning" is a scam. I was told my sofa would be cleaned, but I ended up vacuuming it myself with the Kirby. They told me it would be and hour and a half, 2 at the most. After 2 1/2 hours I had missed my reservations and they had yet to do any free "cleaning". When they found out I would not be purchasing a Kirby the man became hostile and very condescending -- made the comment "Oh, I didn't realize you couldn't make any family decisions. Some women can". And my PRIZE: a sticky wet (which has yet to dry after 12 hours) path through my bedroom that looks worse than it did before they came. I will NEVER be buying a KIRBY. I don't doubt the machine is amazing, but the company behind it has no morals.

This is the WORST company in America!! Nobody in this company has any customer service. Thier product does not work up to the potential they claim it does and they try and screw you at every turn. Like the above comment says you only have three days to bring it back if you don't like it then you are SCREWED!It wouldn't be so bad only haveing the three days to give it back or not but no one freaking tells you that information. Oh and the scum thati dealt with included weekends as part of the three days an didn't return any of my phone calls during the saturday or sunday i tired to get the issue resolve. So since no one in this company has help me out it has put a crazy amount of pressure on my family. I can't wait for this company to go out of business because they have no customr serivce and do not care about you one bit. When they do i will throw a huge party to celebrate

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