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no stars

I chose to get dinner for my family at a KFC location in espanola,nm. When I got home my chicken was not cooked. The inside of my chicken was pink!! I was not the only customer who spoke to the manager. Another customer eating there spoke up.

A Disgusting Disgraceful KFC Incident

It was an action at one of your fine Restaurants! A family + little scarred girl was told to leave..... Well, I know this wasn't an honest mistake by an employee, but I wish that it was...... I understand your company has taken proper actions to see "nothing like this would ever happen again?" And I would like to see you make a bigger show of concern....... By offering that little girl a lifetime of KFC combo meals once a week!

Done With KFC

Thank you KFC for giving me the reason to stop eating your food. Before your heartless staff evicted the little girl, I had long ago got tired of receiving chicken that was not cooked completely. Church's, Chick-fil-lay are now my chicken stops. RIP Col. Sanders.

You should ALL be ashamed or youselves!

Go and read this article about a 3 year old girl who was asked to leave a KFC in Jackson Miss. because she had scars on her face from being attacked by dogs. Really? KFC needs to teach their employees RESPECT! I am glad I am not a KFC eater! Your restaurants suck anyways! That poor girl! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!!


I will no longer go to a KFC because of the story i read about a little girl that was asked to leave because of her scars. That absolutely disgusts me and your chain should be ashamed of yourselves.

Never Again

I just read that story on Victoria. I will never step foot in a KFC again. I urge everyone else to share this story on their facebook and social media sites. To think KFC believe a $30000 donation for medical bills will make this go away. I say to the family dont accept this bribe and sue for millions. This little girl will never forget that day, and nor will I.


the person who told that little girl to leave the store needs to be fired

my experience at kfc

I visited the kfc located at 320 w. beverly rd, montebello, ca 90640 and ordered the bucket meal (legs & thighs) 12 piece, cole slaw, bisquits and mashed potatoes. the chicken was soaked in grease and not crispy at all. the worse EVER and I've been to other locations and never this bad, corporate needs to visit this location and do something before they ruin the good name of KFC. the party of 6 people I was with also agreed.

bad service

My parents went to the KFC on 24th St. and Indian School in Phoenix, AZ 2 separate times in the past 2 months and had the most awful service ever both times. They had to tell the order at least 3 times, even then the order was wrong. One part of order was ready to serve and wanted them to wait another 10 min. for the other half. The service workers showed no concern for good customer service.

Benwood wv store at 9:49pm on 6/4/14 Drive thru clerk refused to make empanadas we order told us they took 6 minutes to make and they closed in 5 and she was sorry about that Very disappointed. We frequent this particular restaurant.

What kinda @#$%?

I live in Paradise, CA. Why is it that you allow your franchises the ability to no follow national adds? You're $2.99 Monday specail is $3.99 here. This is so wrong, I'm thinking of never visiting your establishments ever again!


I'm an enployee I tryed calling work 79 diffrent times to tell them I'm sick and throwing up and had dirrea. And juan still wanted me to come in


I am not happy about going into kfc and always being told I have to wait 15 minutes or there is no chicken, how do you have no chicken.


The KFC in Oak Ridge, TN is "nasty" in all regards. Went there yesterday and the chicken was dried out, the whole restaurant looked like it had never been cleaned and the employees didn't even know that that they worked for KFC-

hot wings

I ordered 20 hot wings tasted like crispy chicken without the sauce when i eat hot chicken wings i like to taste the hot sauce horrible would never order again does not deserve a star

Order not accurate, gave me fried instead of baked chicken, out of green beans, food was bad. Threw away half of it. Cole slaw was warm and tasted spoiled. You guys are a far cry from the KFC I knew from the 1960's best thing I can suggest is just to avoid the place..I did a drive through and discover the mess after I got home.


the food is great. but thier being "enviromentally responible" is a joke. using styrofoam buffet plates is a waste and is horrible for the enviroment. not to mention all those cardboard boxes that comes in to the store gets throw in the garbage, not recycled. it needs to be stopped

Food Concerns

First, I love the food, the chicken and the other condiments, BUT the biscuits leave a lot to be desired. The frozen things shipped to each store are not the great biscuits I used to eat coming up as a child and believe me KFC was a big part of my life. Please please return to the homemade (store-made) of old...

They have very poor service. They dont treat there employees fair.They hire family relations.

Missing W2

I have called the Kearney NE store 2x now for a missing W2. I was never called back regarding getting a replacement W2. I was denied the corp number by the manager/supervisor. Really?! What kind of service is this? Only 1 star due to having to leave at least one...boo!

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