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that is not harland sanders kfc

it is my familys opinion to stop having a guy dressed as and pretending to be our beloved late colonel harland sanders this is simply in bad taste

chicken prices

While I love your original, why would anyone want chicken for more that 50 cents a piece?

exec chef

worst customer svc just wrote email the store number isK077133

Told me they not serving things while still in business

Ordered food they told me they where out of Mac n Chz and the to-go cups and potatoes wedges its only 9:00pm can email me back


Every-time I go to KFC in Chicago at store # 3973 there is something incorrect or missing in my order. Unfortunately I don't find out until I get home. What's going on with your employees?


Why are you putting a quarter or half inch less in every quart of coleslaw you sell to your customers?

worst chicken ever

I ordered 8 chicken tenders fresh i agreed to wait 10 minutes. I was there a half an hour and got old chicken that was cold and dried out and no coslaw.


ok i was driving home with a bucket of kfc and i found a batwing while trying to eat some chicken idk what it was so i threw it out the window with the bucket i had nothing to do with any kfc store again

Service is DISCUSTING. 5 (five) young girls behind the register and another one walks in and they spend 15 min gossiping instead of waiting on the customers!! NOT! I walked out.

Worst Place Ever!!

This is the worst place ever for getting orders correct, something so simple, and NO KFC we don't want free coupons in place of screwed up orders, start hiring people with at least high school ed, this is not rocket science... I will hold up drive thru from now on until im satisfied my order is correct

mashed potatoes

They are the worst instant potatoes

Shelbyville Ky location. The buffet was not good...nothing organized it was messy and unappetizing. The workers seemed to not know what they were doing or just did't care.


First of all I love your chicken...but the KFC's here in thunderbay ontario need an up grade..the buildings are very tired looking...nothing has been upgraded in years...they need to be freshened up BIG TIME...I'm sure im not the only one thinking this..again love the chicken but buildings have to be fixed up.

Cold food

Just went to KFC on burnside ave east Hartford. Took me 2 minutes and minimal seconds to get home and food was cold. Cheese wasn't melted and chicken was so cold that water came out when I bit into it. NOT HAPPY!!

msg in food

how much msg is in your fried chicken and other products .If you were really concerned with quality food you would prepare it with less salt and msg .

to much msg in your food

lower the amount of salt and msg in your food .the food is not what it was like when i was child in the 60's

Rules of employee's

I would like to know when did they start the rule of no piercings on their employee's? Most have them, but they are telling one employee out of all them, that they can't have them. How fair is this?


I have a question for the business, but not sure where I should go to ask it. I currently work at a kfc, and my main question involves payroll. Who do I speak with? My manager isn't giving us any information on payroll, which is illegal in my state. I have no number, no email, nothing.


We live in Prince Frederick, MD and three times we have ordered 20 plus hot wings! They tell us 10 minutes and after a half and hour we have to walk in and retrieve our wings because they forgot about us! This is a Saturday night at 5:31pm on12/13/14 and they forgot? They were not that busy! We do not frequent this KFC because of their inoffenstantly to accommodate our order!

hazzardous conditions

You cut off two of your customers fingers through neglect conditions in your lobby. How are you still in bussiness? Your local branch should be shut down. (31326)

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