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get rid of that jerk in your commercials and get the real Col. Sanders back

ad man

I hate your new ad man.He creeps me out! please quit showing the ads.

awful advertisement

The commercials being shown are a deterrent for your product. That creepy laugh, that annoying guy. I turn the tv everytime they come on.

New colonel

The new colonel is a creep and whoever hired him should be fired along with him!

please please

Ok , please please remove that nasty,creepy,perverted guy off tv.I'd rather listen to finger nails on a chalk board

New Colonel Sanders

This man is no way representative of a Kentucky Colonel and is totally creepy. He needs to have no speaking parts and he is not funny.

The anti-Sanders

Seriously, this guy has to go, and the advertising agency and the people that approved this atrocity! I've been eating original recipe for about 50 years, but this guy may force me to consider other options.

Please take those awful commercials off the air. That man is terrible.


Please stop showing those horrible commercials for your product. This man is terrible.

Get rid if the "new" Colonel. His voice grates on your nerves and he's a disgrace to the real Colonel Sanders.

Customer service/Food Quality

Really, the Colonel, Absolutely not the KFC I remember growing up. KFC customer service & Food Quality is absolutely horrible anymore. Will definitely be going to the competitor(BJ).

So called Colonel Sanders

The new "Colonel Sanders" is a ridiculous caricature of a country hick.


Your new ads are disgustingly terrible. The new Colonel comes off as a sleazy little pervert. His voice is totally annoying. Whoever approved these ads is incompetent and out of touch with the american people.


really bringing back a dead man to be your new spokesman - I find this disturbing did this pass a review by a focus group - you really need to go in another direction!

Commercial Superintendent

I dont know what your advertising department is thinking. I guess everyone in America is an idiot including the man that began the business that pays them a salary.

Terrible new commercials

I think you should choose a new ad agency. the new commercials are terrible and are disrespectful of Col Sanders.

New Commercials

I think the new commercials terrible. The "actor" is terrible, and the commercials themselves are very disrespectful of Col Sanders.


Your commercial is very disrespectful to the col.

Bad Ad

I am not sure who choose the new Col., but they should be disciplined harshly!!!! The ad seems to be making fun of the original Col. or he was chosen because he is someone's friend/relative. The ad is a total turn off and says nothing for KFC.

lousy commercials

get rid of the new guy playing Col. Sanders. He looks and sounds stupid. I wouldn't go to KFC if I knew he is representing your products. Bad Bad Bad commercials

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